Friday, June 27, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1275 1275 1268 1263 spx 1287 1290 1294 1300
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14:30 ET, this little rally here, mostly in financials, maybe ending next 15 minutes.
15:08 ET, if you pay attention , you see that top has indeed occurred within 15 from the above statement for SPX


Hopper said...

Hi Boris,
thinking of dumping some longs on this bounce. more down coming...?
presurvation of capital could mean ride this out or dump longs asap...?

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
I wish I knew exactly what will happen.

I do not, but we do have some tools that tell us what the risks are.

If your position is small you can efford to wait for good bounce. If it is too big, need to lighten up.

There are needs to be bounce , in my opinion.

GOod Trading

mlytle said...

My guess is the bounce should materialize more come Monday, since traditionally it's the last day of a month that shows higher Mutual fund inflows. The decline reached my price targets this morning, rather than Monday morning as I originally expected, so it does not yet have the support of these inflows. That is why it probably appears so weak..

On daily RSI you can also see some pretty low numbers, market is highly oversold at this "A" = "C" point. That said, be careful, as we are more or less really in the middle of a crash really anything is possible, expecially with oil acting as it is...

Mark L.

Robert said...


i just saw an article on the net from rick's pioks on Selling no panic, in reference to today's stocks and stock indexes.

The same seems true with the dollar and the reverse of buying but no panic buying on oil, gold and silver.

So what do you make of the slow movements so far today Boris? IS it taming down to being flat or is this the lull before the storm?


sharon said...


boris said...

Dear Robert,
We deveided ANTIDOLLAR
in groups you remember.

So, again,
GOLD/OIL may last for a while
will go before.

This means that Dollar is close to bounce, perhpase only couple days or so, Moving higher together with GOLD and OIL for a while? Then next 2-4 weeks gold OIL should break and Dollar will be , alone rising for a while, til SPT or so.

Stocks marke tmay not like this either, being one of the ANTIDOLLARS.

That is what we saw and still see. coming
Possible dates are given to subscribers.
Weekest group of antidollar, GBP/JPY should show some deceptive stong action for a week or so, but then they should go hard down joining the EURO/SWISSY

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Mark,

sharon said...

the FED enables private equity funds to invest in financial institutes . this is a major change in the FED policy which was very conservative regarding unsupervised money (sometimes terror money) flowing into the backbone of its financials.

but this is a good news for market.

lagscrew said...


Cashed in a small account for remodel of kitchen and flooring in home. Going to enjoy some before the inflation storm

lagscrew said...

2/3 of indicators are saying bounce with the rest close.

dont think it will last to long tho

boris said...

Dear Sharon,

"FED policy which was very conservative regarding unsupervised money (sometimes terror money) flowing into the backbone of its financials"

Dear Sharon, a Joke... Comes to mind.

"It is a perfect fit. BANDITS team UP WITH TERRORISTS"

Dream Team if the purpose is to "suck more blood out of ordinary citizens"

Goor Trading

Blaine said...

Good for you. Go spend some money and help your country ;)


lagscrew said...

ISEE getting bullish again

#'s say they may get spanked again for a day or so

lagscrew said...

Im doing what I can but need help from everyone here to cash out and spend

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Dear Blaine,
Looks like everybody is in HAMPTONS

Have they halted trading On Wall Sttreet( Welfare Street sorry)?

Good Trading

lagscrew said...

SLV looking good here

boris said...

Dear Lag, You were not asleep when we put out the GOLDENPROJECTIONS couple weeks ago , right?

Of course, SLV/GLD/USO look good that is what we predicted did not it?

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

I wanted to bring an etf to everyone's attention, if and when we see a top in oil there is this etf that is double the inverse to oil. It is DTO. Just wanted my friends to know. waldo

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Thanks a lot.
GOod To know.
YOu are definitely our ETFmaster!

GOod Trading

John said...


Thanx, oil will have its day, every dog does.

old john

Blaine said...

Would you advise buying some worthless puts today for a Monday crash? Everything looks to be setting up for a crash on Monday, 5% down or more... Thoughts?


boris said...

Dear blaine,
Could not hurt at all.

I mean, really worthless...

Sounds good

Good Trading

sharon said...

Dear all

are we expecting a crash?

should we close all longs today?


Blaine said...

I don't know, but Monday crashes happen after a bad Thursday and Friday in oversold conditions. We certainly had that. It also looks weird with the VIX down, P/C ratio down slightly and ISEE up. Those do not say bottom. However, new lows are spiking on heavy volume. That signals we are near a bottom, but could still get worse.

Also rumors of Indymac Bank going bankrupt over the weekend. Could set-up a selling climax Monday.

No idea what happens Monday. But it will be interesting...

sharon said...

thanks blaine,

thankk you for the input, indeed all options are open.

I allways preffer to look on a sequence of down days as a good opportunity to add stocks to my portfolio.

still, you are right, we should be very carefull here.