Friday, October 31, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

Dear Readers, Subscribers, Today will be the last day Will publish the market outlook before market opens. The information will still be published, but only on Psite (Protected, Subscriber accessed site).

We may from time to time, provide a glimpse again into this valuable service, for free, but not daily for sure.

Ok, so today is looking like a V(inverted) shaped day, where market has a chance to rise into 11-14 ET time frame and make the bases at the open and close. If I had to narrow down the top it would come out around 12:00 ET. Enjoy

937 932 923 913 $spx
959 965 973 984

31.65 31.36 30.89 30.31 qqqq
32.88 33.17 33.63 34.22

933.29 926.79 916.22 903.13 es
960.72 967.22 977.75 990.88

97.76 97.53 97.16 96.69 jpy
98.73 98.96 99.33 99.80

730.72 726.32 719.16 710.30 xau
744.88 749.28 756.41 765.30

boris said...
OK Dear Readers,I knew from the get go that it was difficult to figure out the top of the Inverted V thus the wide range of 11-14. Well guess of the 12:00 ET as a center of the V was obviously incorrect, that is why my suggestion was to take 1/2 of the profits and trail the rest. Now it remains to see if the top will indeed end up to be no later than 14:00 ET.
PLEASE NOTE the 12:00 top was at 3rd IHAP and top at 13:40 ET ( few minutes ago) was at around 4th IHAP!
10/31/2008 1:40 PM
boris said...
Dear Readers,I have been wrong before ( in short term JPY trading crashet), but the 10 point correction in last 5 days can certain be qualified as a mini "chrashet" and it coincided with the rising market. So, you may say I was vindicated after a big runup in JPY, which I expected only after the "crashet". Now, the question is? Are we in the crashet that will turn into crash in next 2-3 days? which may be able to carry this market even higher.To that I would say, that the probability exists for that. Definitely. It could take one of the two shapes. Some more strength in YEN and then 5-7 days of decline or no strength(almost) in YEN and decline within next 3-5 days ( of another 5-10 points).I am not entirely sure about which of these ( if at all) will play out, but I see the parts of what I was predicting all along in place.So, we shall see.
Good Trading
10/31/2008 1:46 PM

15:00 ET, Ok it is hard to see the real V shape and it is hard to see even half V shape to come out of todays market after 14:00 ET. The truth as you all know is that my daily forecasts do not really predict the prices, just a shape of prices and that still may prove to be a token Inverted V. I should perhaps make that clear every time I put the forecast out as people may not remember the caveats that go with these forecasts. Essentially we could consider today as V (inverted) if the price at the close are lower than 14:00, the last time for the market top to have happened. Now, that may still happen and leave me correct(:- ! ... All the way!

If you like to trade like this(at the continuum of price and time), with APoints and Timing, just apply to with my id and give them $250/quarter for Tailored Service. Thanks

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Readers, please look at the outline of today's market before it was even open( post below) and tell me how well did we predict this BS market?

If you like to trade like this(at the continuum of price and time), with APoints and Timing, just apply to with my id and give them $250/quarter for Tailored Service. Thanks

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

I am not entirely thrilled with this market and find it hard to call, but here is what I see. High open, stop of the progress within 1st hour. Meandering at best(perhaps some attempt higher, just before 12:00ET, after that and lower into 14-15 ET period and mixed closing. If we see breakout to new highs(quote, meaning new 5day low in JPY) in JPY, I will reconsider this outlook.
ENJOY your day

943 936 926 913 spx
970 977 987 1000

32.24 31.98 31.56 31.04 qqqq
33.34 33.60 34.02 34.55

939.93 932.43 920.23 905.13 es
971.58 979.08 991.23 1006.38

98.296 98.126 97.850 97.508 jpy
99.014 99.184 99.459 99.803

755.3 752.4 747.7 741.8 xau
764.7 767.6 772.4 778.3

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

I hate to be right again, Looks like the market did everything exactly like we said it would do this morning before it ever opened. I would not want to give this market anything and think that it is time to collect the profits and go home. There is a chance to hit the third at 975 on ES, but only tightest stop should be used to see if we get there.

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Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

Today Looks like a less energetic day with slump around 14:00 ET and higher into close

917 910 897 882 $spx
950 958 970 986

30.97 30.68 30.21 29.63 qqqq
32.20 32.49 32.96 33.54

914.26 905.26 890.63 872.50 es
952.24 961.24 975.82 994.00

96.267 95.967 95.479 94.875 jpy
97.533 97.833 98.319 98.925

752.80 746.65 736.65 724.26 xau
772.60 778.75 788.71 801.14

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

09:08 ET, 10/27/2008. Today , the expectation is for a nice high open and lack of continuation with the retrace into 10:00 ET area, after which the rally should resume into 15:00 ET and close lower than that into 16:00 ET. Remember this is all my dream and it does not always come true. There is no implication that other times will not register lows and highs. This is just what "I KNOW"


Above is what Our Subscribers were reading on our P(rivate)Site this morning.
If you are doing better, congratulations. But this is not the first time, when we almost completely and correctly guessed the shape of the market day.

In any case if you like to trade like this, with APoints and Timing, just apply to with my id and give them $250/quarter for Tailored Service. Thanks

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

Dear Subscriber
in 10 minutes or so, please see the possible market timing outline at psite.





So, far the market has lost momentum as suggested a bit later, but still within time error limits

10:09 ET, My apologies, at the "wrong moment" one my tasks locked up the system and made it hard for me to get the intra numbers

Thanks For Being With Us

I should qualify. These last 3 pairs have been signs of continuation in intermediate term, but they did create immediate jumps up ( Important to note)
03:46 ET, 6 point correction in USD/JPY in 2 days. So, perhaps the SUN is not yet rising on the country of rising sun(:-.
Our opinion in clear, we liked and still like YEN IT/LONG term(although in the shortest run, Yen did a lot better than we thought , as did Dollar ). Due to the carry trade and undervaluation , JPY is a currency to be for next few months at least, but for YEN to appreciate the degree of appreciation against SWISSY is a clearly overdone, which also corrected 4 points. This does not mean the YEN craze is over, but it means it is close.
NOTE:for traders, whenever our prognostications come out incorrect in short term trading, that almost never means ( at least for me) that I lost money on that bet. Short term, one needs to be able to manage the trade and know when to leave the small losses behind and jump back into the trade that, in a long run will reward you. Short term is entirely traders world and I/we never recommend anybody take a short term position if they are not excellent traders. There are not too many of those in the world. So, the approach should be gradual and patient for an IT/LONG investor types. The short term "mistakes" should turn into profits as an investor accumulates positions at "better" prices than initially expected ( look at our approach to stocks market allocation, YES that way!). Example we have tossed out 10% of GOLD allocation and bought stocks when the stocks went up and gold collapsed. Then we dished out 10% of stocks allocation at 1260 on SPX and waited all the way down here to make new purchases in the area of 800-900. We did have a small trade in between which we tossed out at 960 stop loss. More so, we tried, yesterday to steal the positions at unheard of 50% retracement, which I hope we can try again. Now, this was not even a true short term trading, but it shows what I am talking about. One needs to trade around even with IT/LONG term ideas, but Short Trades the trading and trade management is everything.
0804 ET, Everything seems to be up today. So, what is DOWN? YEN and DOLLAR that is what is DOWN

Monday, October 27, 2008

attraction points

855 848 838 825 $spx
882 888 898 911

28.67 28.36 27.86 27.23 qqqq
29.98 30.29 30.79 31.48

849.12 841.12 828.11 812.00 es
882.88 890.88 903.84 920.00

92.746 92.526 92.168 91.725 jpy
93.674 93.894 94.250 94.695

715.55 711.53 704.99 696.90 xau
728.49 732.51 739.02 747.15

Market might find easier time of it till 12-13 and then harder to keep going, we shall see
GOod Trading

10:43 ET, with about 15 minutes left for markets to close, we got exactly the kind of the day we described above. That is not bad! Really, how many people do you know that can, pre-market open, tell what will happen and that happens. I did not know anyone before I met myself(:-
In any case if you like to trade like this, with APoints and Timing, just apply to with my id and give them $250/quarter for Tailored Service. Thanks

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sopitalists Telegraph The Market Bottom


They Say, G20 Will Convene In Washington Mid November! time to bottom?
Ok, Dear Readers, few points about how SOPITALISM works and how it has worked to prove exactly as predicted.

Sopiatlists, wanted to inflate the world. They made Mad Man like AHMEDIN JIHAD OF IRAN and CHAVES of VENEZUELA real man. They made Israelis Threaten Iran And Iran threaten Israel and I said it is all bluff and on and on and on. With America, Tacitly Supporting all of this. I said at that time, this is all BS ( see my articles from that time) and yes, that is what it was. It was a BS of Mafia Run wild to raise the OIL prices. Now Mad Man of IRAN and VENEZUELA and BSers from Israel are either homeless and penniless or SUPER RICH and counting their money. Everybody is quiet. Even Saudia's Oil Minister was saying OIl will/can go to 155-200. Remember all that? That is how SOPITALISM works. They have agents all over the world. Ministers, included. And Central Bankers Included, who will later admit "My Theory did not work", but I am only human(:-. Meanwhile Billions, Trillions have been collected in speculation by likes of GOLDMAN and JPM and others who are connected to all of this. Mafia is rampant my Dear Friends. That is the world you live in. Scared? Hahahaha. You live only once. Do not be scared. In the larger picture of the world you and I are cogs. But we stop being so, once we, at least, understand how the Mafia works. In the history of the mankind the rulers/MAFIA always needed the way to control masses( as they fleece them). So, they threaten and sometimes actually deliver, Nuclear and/or some kind of other Holocaust. I remember building underground Nuclear fortifications , as an young Nuclear Scientist ( Cities underground) in USSR as my then future American Brothers spend evenings under the table fearing that NIKITA may throw few ballistic rockets some day. Well, surprisingly nothing happened and future NIKITAS, became CAPISOPITALISTS after amassing Trillions of Rubles. I am sure American Military complex did just as well(:- with $10000 toilets and $1000 hammers and what else. And for all those years the Social Security savings have been depreciated to enrich the ruling and connected in USA. That is partially the reason Greenspan kept the interest rates low for all those year, besides being invested in bonds and nothing but the bonds, therefore having supreme interest to keep the bond prices going up.
I have no doubt that this was either completely known or was realised very soon after the FDR's new deal, which gave us(US) Social (In)Security. Media never discusses any of this. See no evil, hear no evil. And My former Boss Michael Bloomberg, says we are all to blame. After 20Billion Dollars in the bank it is so easy for him to say that. All those $2000/month terminals spewing worthless propaganda, instead of the true understanding of the world. Being a mega publisher, Mr Mayor, apparently did not see his role and responsibility to tell yo truth. Just to sell more terminals. I have seen it all. I have seen SOVIET SOPITALIST mafia. I have seen American Counterpart. I have seen Israeli Mafia. I see and feel all mafia in this world, be it European Asian, Arab, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and all forms of it. It all comes down to the basic animal nature of rich individuals ( Thank God There are exceptions to what am about to say). Once they are rich they want to be richer and at that time, they have the desire and means to do all they want to do. In USA this is all well legislated, bribes are called contributions. FREE SPEACH IS MUCH FREEIER IF YOU CAN SPEND 100 Thousand Dollars on NYTIMES CENTERFOLD or SUPERBALL 5Million DOllar 30 second Commecial. Financial Crimes do not exist as concept, especially for those controlling and supervising those crimes ( they can only be accused of "honest mistakes", while these people are hailed as the greatest man/women of their generation, while they are feeding the orgy of SOPITALIS party). Do you really think Greenspan cares how he is viewed at 82. Hahaha. Do you remember how carefully Dubia approached him from the day one of his presidency, because he knew all too well, how Greenspan was capable to ruin his presidency like he did of his fathers? The players of Mafia, are not always in agreement with each other, but they always agree that they want to steal as much as possible and as fast as possible, as the time is very important. Remember, USA of last 5 years is like a TITANIC, which is looted profusely by those that run it straight into the ICEBERG. I am sure, some of those are now opening funds to repurchase the distress properties. Hallelujah! they never sleep do they?

Be well, My Dear Friend. My purpose is to learn and teach something and If I have even a bit of a success that is fine. In either case, as far as investments are concerned, without understanding the SOPITALIST inter working, you are dead. Or you are SOPITALIST yourself. I am sure you know who you are.

Do not get me wrong. Sopitalists do not always play. Sometimes they act. And one can, reasonably expect that in an attempt to control the masses they will willingly or accidentally embark on another Holocaust of sorts. I do not know what form it will take at this time. But It does not look like , that the Credit Machine can or will be resurected and then masses may demand real answers, and accountability.

My goal is to leave on the face of this earth mini and maxi Boris's that will generate more and more awareness and growth of ANTI-SOPITALISM to finally leave the SOPITALIST no way to continue their clandestine operations. Hey, I may not be able to accomplish what I want while I am alive, but I will settle for it after I am dead too. I will be glad to hear in my grave that it happened. And believe me, I will. I have ways of being here even after I am gone.

NOTE: if you are not into conspiracies, let me leave you with this. At the end of the day, there is very little difference between the CONSPIRACY and ACT OF POWERFUL GROUPS in self interest, which totally trumps the interest of common man. If you like the, powerful self interest better than the world conspiracy, be my guest. Just know the results are the same.
Dear INVESTOR, On any Print of below 800 on SPX, toss in 2.5% in the market on each 10 point break below that. So, on 800 toss in 2.5% on the break of 790 toss in another 2.5%, on the break of 780% toss in another 2.5% and there it stops for that. Then if/when market rallies back above 860 ( only after it has reached the 780 and below), toss in another 2.5%. And then stop and place the stop loss order for 5% below 770=SPX.
This is a public service from me to you and please see the disclaimers on this page. I am not GOD, not even a half GOD, but I know that market has not been this cheap for a long, long time and while it may go lower, nice YIELDS on stocks will "pay you while you wait". Please make sure these are percentages of your moneys usually dedicated for investments in Assets , such as Bonds, Stocks, Commodities. If you do not understand it, read the ASSET pie charts on the SLIDING window on this page. God Bless you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Well, we got the market do almost all we wanted it do. It rallied nicely into 15:00 ET, as we thought even before markets opened. Now that is not bad for something as unpredictable and volatile as Mr. Market is these days. And if you traded, you could have made money. Nice one at that from -60 deficit to only -26 in SPX terms. Market did not have more to go and fell at the end of the trade. Nevertheless, It appears to be thoroughly washed up. I am sure the pressure charts will show enormous pressure to buy this market, which , usually translates into actual rally in couple days. So, is Tuesday our day?

attraction points(Apoints)

MDS have all flipped to SELL, as they were close to it in previous times. And the rally yesterday was all lit took to turn them into SELL. Sorry, could get data in time early today and had to redo nightly calcs. FOr ThOSE new to us. This could actually mean that rally will come today as the sell is not always an immediate sell. Be careful how you interpret this signal.

849 845 840 833 spx
863 866 871 878

28.19 27.90 27.41 26.85 qqqq
29.42 29.71 30.18 30.76

91.753 91.413 90.860 90.175 jpy
93.187 93.527 94.078 94.765

837.47 829.22 815.80 799.19 es
872.28 880.53 893.90 910.56

Market in a rally at this time, but be careful, unless this rally breaks YEN down to this moves lows, we will go down in markets timeframe 12:30 et +-30 minutes.
15:50 ET, INVESTORs Please, TOSS IN Another 2% into the market. That makes it back upt to 40%
Good Trading

Dear Mr. YEN, We Need Your Currency Injection Not Dollar Injection

Dear Readers,
It is within the powers of today to stop the madness and ask Japanese to INJECT YEN in the markets. Not EURO, not Dollar not anything else. They did it all the time. Now, with their markets at 18 Year lows, they are not injecting YEN. They used to do it any time YEN moved one centime up. In fact, all they have to do is say that they will, they do not even have to do it actually. But they are waiting marching orders from SOPITALIST MAFIA. Where are You Mr. YEN. Where are you world leaders. Do you really want to stop the madness. STOP JP Morgan Torture! I do not care, you are never going to get me, but for the sake of good people on this earth stop this deliberate TORTURE. SOPITALISTS are you hearing me?
We need Brnanke and Paulsen and Trische and Berluscony to be quiet. We need Mr Fuqua to speak only. Ask Japanese to INJECT YENS in the market right now!

Here is the truth, Undiluted and Uncontestable One. If you really want to stop the madness you know the address. TOKYO CENTRAL BANK and JPANESE DAET ( is it called)

My Calculators, DId not get Correct Data.

Wroking Around, Hope to get something out soon.
Data Was Emailed, getting copy placed on Psite. In few minutes.
Sorry for the delay.

Dear ALl, Yen And EUro, APs on the Psite, Good trading

Those that can, this maybe a nice time to risk a little, either in futres and/or options markets. Please understand, especially, futures , encompass the big money. Do not do it, unless your investable capitel, NOT SELF WORTH, is north of Million Dollars and even then. Do not riks more than couple couple points. Deep out of the money calls may do the trick as it will not cost much and strictly limits your loss to small amount. Please, Please, This is not for everybody and I am warning you to neither assume, I know anything, or ever did, Just an idea for super rich amongst us. I totally walk away from this statment, right now. I am not performing this trade myself.

ONE MORE TIME, DO NOT DO IT, Unless you have investable(free ) capital , not self worth, larger than Million Bucks ( PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER on the right side of the screen)

07:56 ET, If YEN does not go down here fast and hard, there is another leg up that will come around 12:30 ET and could be even more devastating. SO, be very careful, in all markets here. Let the YEN break down before you start beating on it(:-

08:23 ET, YEN moving lower as suggested! must make big break down before 9:00ET, if not another bad lag up maybe coming between 12:00 and 13:00 ET.

08:46 ET, looks like we may have exhausted our potential decline in YEN. Forget above statment about market for now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Allen Greenspan, My Model Did Not Work

Dear Greenspan, is troubled. He discovered that his model of "free markets" does not work. That is what he told the Congress Committee investigating what contributed to financial mess. Too bad Anti-Sopitalist started publishing after he finished his term or actually because of his term. Does Bernanke Model Work?
Why does Corrupt Media Hold these people in high esteem, Queen Even gave him title of "knight"? I guess it takes 18 years at FED to understand that "FREE MARKETS" is a fiction only on the tongue of those, who would like us to believe they exist. Does Paulsen Model work? Does American blend of CAPISOPTAILSM work? I am telling you, that in USA today nobody cares. As long as they can get the bread on their table the could not give dam. When one has couple million Dollars worth of mortgage he/she can not afford to seek and serve truth. To look the other way when lies are detected is norm not the excetpion.
Do you really think Media is there to protect you? Think again. They are the part of creating the celebrities like Nicole, Brittany, Michael, Greenspan, Gates , Paulsen, Buffet, Bill Gross etc. The media does not question what they do. Well, if they do, they will be out of jobs as the "celebrity" will not talk to that media person anymore. So why should they? They have needs too. Right? Are you lucky coming here. You have the need too. The need for unbiased information and regular media does not provide it my Dear Reader. Please keep coming for your own sake and for the sake of the future better world.
Good Trading
Note: I hope this gives you idea why I threw all media units out of my room and read very little of "world" opinions. Most of those are not worth the media that carries them to us and I just told you what media is worth itself.

Attraction Points

29.34 28.84 28.03 27.02 qqqq
31.45 31.95 32.76 33.77

866.91 852.41 828.83 799.63 es
928.10 942.60 966.09 995.38

873 861 840 815 spx
926 938 958 984

96.851 96.591 96.168 95.645 jpy
97.948 98.208 98.629 99.155

702.6696.7 687.0 675.0 xau
721.8 727.8 737.4 749.4

Subject: Forest Gump Explains the Mortgage Mess, Presented By Dear Rick This is the best explanation I've heard. Not sure what it says about me to require a Forest Gump explanation to understand this mess… Mortgage Backed Securities are like boxes of chocolates. Criminals on Wall Street stole a few chocolates from the boxes and replaced them with turds. Their criminal buddies at Standard & Poor rated these boxes AAA Investment Grade chocolates. These boxes were then sold all over the world to investors. Eventually somebody bites into a turd and discovers the crime. Suddenly nobody trusts American chocolates anymore worldwide.Hank Paulson now wants the American taxpayers to buy up and hold all these boxes of turd-infested chocolates for $700 billion dollars until the market for turds returns to normal. Meanwhile, Hank's buddies, the Wall Street criminals who stole all the good chocolates are not being investigated, arrested, or indicted.Mama always said: 'Sniff the chocolates first, Forrest'.Quote of the day from a fund manager:'This is worse than a divorce... I've lost half of my net worth and I still have my wife..'

Thanks For Being With Us

Please see the previous post for this oscillator. Yes. It is a marvel of the thing. You can not fool this guy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

attraction points

30.8036 30.5636 30.1734 29.6900 qqqq
31.8164 32.0564 32.4452 32.9300

914 907 896 882 $spx
943 950 961 975

913.44 907.19 897.03 884.44 es
939.81 946.06 956.19 968.81

98.670 98.490 98.197 97.835 jpy
99.429 99.609 99.901 100.265

Dear Subscribers, Readers,
Nothing really to add for me here, except, as long as the YEN is not breaking the levels we spoke about, Market is slowly inching higher. Just repeating myself from this morning

13:13 ET, If there any chances for another rally today in stocks, most opportune time is around 14:30ET +-15 minutes

13:56 ET,Heading straigth into the window. in about 15 minutes or so the aforementioned window starts. Be ready. Whatever you do. Good Luck

14:11 ET, We are almost in the window and ES Second ILAP has been met, third is around 897, 10 point lower, Pay attention, Please, Not suggesting anything, just a possibilities.

14:26 ET, must have free trade now. Just keep stops at breakeven ( mental please)

I AM OUT. This may still work,

Interchange with Sharon, I wish I was less forgiving to Swiss Frank as well

08:28 ET, JPY just completed a giant ABC fro 10/14/2008 to TODAY. correction at 98.61, if held JPY is caput.

You wrote it EXACTTLY one month ago. Take a look on the shekel – 3.82.

Amazing dear Boris!!!

From: boris [] Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 4:26 PMTo: sharon.m99@gmail.comSubject: [ANTI-SOPITALIST] New comment on Yes, You Like What You See.

boris has left a new comment on the post "Yes, You Like What You See": Dear Sharon,Shekel,is not a world standard and I think 3.65 will be good when you will look at 3.82 in Before December.I do not make the forecasts for SHEKEL, for world. For the world the DX is composed ofEURO 57%JPY 13%GBP 11%CAD 9%SEK 4%CHF 3%I may not be 100% here as this is from memory.SHEKEL is not mentioned there.Good Trading Post a comment. Unsubscribe to comments on this post. Posted by boris to ANTI-SOPITALIST at 9/22/2008 6:25 AM

09:24 ET, SISTER ON THE BUY Joined with all. Others hair close to sell. Could spell exactly what I said, huge spike with SELLS all over in couple days

GOod Trading

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How To Not Trade

Dear Readers, It is very unpleasant for me to see that some traders maybe overextended and getting anxious about their positions.

Please remember rule #1 of trading.
1) Do not lose money

This means very simple thing. Trader never commits to a trade that he/she can not carry either a completion or termination via stop. That is not as simple as it sounds. Especially for a longer term trade. By definition the stops must be far and risk is greater for the same amount of money that one may play for a short time. That is why the position size must be chosen very carefully and the mental stop ( anguish stop) must be known apriori. I do not control those things, because they are uncontrollable remotely. Trader does. There is another thing. What if trade goes against you and find that you do not want to leave trade ( fear of missing profits) yet market keep going against you. If you are a trader, you know what you must do. Something must be indicating to you a trend. We all have our favorite indicators. Some use averages and some use MACD and some use Directionals and/or fractal trend indicators. There is as many as there are traders. So, one must abandon the the losing position, but not forget it, watch for another time and place to enter. Let us say at 50% fibo the trade has went against you, natural place for this is to get out and wait for 62% FIBO and/or AP or a reversal on the favorite system to reenter the trade. There is not much anybody else can do. Or if you are very well capitalised and know your long term cycles, you can sit with the trade and allow it even to go deep as fare as 20-30%. Now, I do not like to operate that way. That is a way of SOROS and ROGERS. I am a trader and I think I can do better.

attraction points(Apoints)

32.24 32.03 31.69 31.27 qqqq
33.14 33.34 33.68 34.10

964.3 959.8 952.4 943.4 es
983.3 987.8 995.0 1004.1

966 962 956 948 spx
982 985 992 999

100.767 100.647 100.453 100.210 jpy
101.273 101.393 101.588 101.830

765.5 760.8 753.1 743.7 xau
780.6 785.3 792.9 802.4

Dear Subscribers, you all are now armed and dangerous(:- You are holding the maps of the future SEEFUTURE DOC, to the extent that a Human can construct them. Please be careful though. Act in context. I plead with you and one more thing. More of this you give to somebody, more you will make difficult on yourself and your ANTISOPITALIST friends to make money. So, do not do it. Please


I hope you can see, like Dear Xerxes implied, what makes me calm, when the world is jumping up and down as GOLD goes 50 dollars up one day and 70 down another? I am same human as you are. Nothing artificial in me, be live me(:-. If you had the SEEFUTURE document 6 months ahead, now that you have seen two of them ( 3 months each), would you support all I said before about GOLD or not. What, other conclusion could you come. I am interested if somebody has opinions that would not be able to explain my market opinions. Just curious. Thanks

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will Dollar Collapse, I want to hear from you before I opine on this subject.

I am a link, clickme-> Will Dollar Collapse?
No panic please, source Dear Lag. You know I am not prone to panics. Have seen too much I care about.

Dear Reader, Make sure you understand a very simple principle behind the SEEFUTURE. In its most purest form it implies that when blue line goes up Dollar goes down and when blue goes down Dollar goes up. Opposite sentiment with AntiDollar. This is not a trading chart, this is guideline of where you are. It is not perfect, but I have seen nothing better! Honest. It is unrealistic to expect every twist to be satisfied, especially in the crazy volatile markets like ours and it implies a bit about the size of the move, but not really to be used that way. More timing and general overview.

Thanks for being with us

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...
Hello Dear Boris....Did you see this from this past Saturday's Guardian?"Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout Pay and bonus deals equivalent to 10% of US government bail-out package"The chutzpah of these guys is mindboggling. And where are the apoplectic citizenry?xerxes
10/21/2008 2:02 AM
Do you understand now, why everything you ever consume is 10 times as expensive as it should be? Because theives never sleep
09:31 ET, Anybody looking at the SEEFUTURE Document. Please understand that there are times when the trends are very pronounced, like July Oct period we just lived through. That is not the case always. So, when you look at it, make sure you look for big uninterrupted portions that have chance of being trendy. Even so, considering what happened last couple months. A lot of future may have been borrowed from the futures chart. So, please be intelligent. There is no easy way to riches except sometimes, like JULY-OCT was.

Monday, October 20, 2008

attraction points


31.84 31.53 31.03 30.40 QQQQ
33.15 33.46 33.96 34.59

937 930 918 903 $spx
967 975 986 1001

101.307 101.187 100.992 100.750 jpy
101.813 101.933 102.127 102.370

932.26 923.26 908.63 890.50 es
970.24 979.24 993.82 1012.00

783.53 778.58 770.53 760.56 xau
799.47 804.42 812.44 822.44

We have a major Assault on EURO and SWISSY. Psite has a note

Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Big Pictures Updated On Psite

I have a request! I would like you all to think about the best battery companies, especially the ones that are now, successfully used in cars forklifts etc. and let me know who they are.

Another area is the Air filtration/cleaning companies, the ones that convert nitrogen oxide into harmless gases. These systems are now used by utility companies and oil refiners

These are urgent. If you do not like to place the answer on the board, please send me an email. After I have distilled the info, I would share it to all subscribers. Thanks

Dear Shaker, Not sure why, but my endofdata provider, is having a problem providing me the the data. If they do not come up with it within next hour or so. Shakers will , either be canceled this week or will be done during the week. Sorry to get here, but not much I can do with being on maintenance entire weekend?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Attraction Points

Coming Up

910 902 889 873 $spx
944 952 965 981

31.08 30.73 30.16 29.46 qqqq
32.56 32.91 33.48 34.18

907.6 898.5 883.6 865.1 es
946.2 955.4 970.2 988.6

100.34 100.10 99.60 99.04 jpy
101.52 101.80 102.25 102.82

PLEASE WATCH USO, we are coming from 50% all time record retrace and FALAP/ANNUAL ( ARE YOU WATCHING BIGPICTURE OFTEN ENOUGH?) It could explode, this could be a bear market explostion of epic proportions

13:39 ET, When I wrote above sentence, USO was down 1% now it is up 3% and Some Energy Stocks like PVR/BGR/BTE etc are up in double digits 10-15% . UNBELIEVABLE

Thanks For Being With Us

80 million out of 337 million options expire today.

This Information comes from our good Friend, Subscriber, Dear Joe.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

attraction points

903 896 885 872 spx
931 937 948 961

30.108 29.778 29.242 28.577 qqqq
31.501 31.831 32.365 33.032

898.9 889.6 874.6 855.9 es
937.9 947.1 962.1 980.8

100.488 100.288 99.962 99.560 jpy
101.332 101.532 101.856 102.260

10:26 ET, If YEN holds up in here, we have chance of an excellent rally. It has not broken down and it is poised to pick up as long as 100.50 does not give up.

11:06 ET, If there is going to be rally then this is a great time to start here and now
11:14 ET, YEN is looking for another support point at around 100.1x

11:24 ET, I think market listened to us, we started a rally. Long SSO from 26.70. STp 26.75
12:00 ET, I took some profits here on 1/2 and will let 1/2 ride as a free trade

112:15 ET, this rally started slaggish and without currency support at first. It could be cahnging in here

12:22 ET, Indeed, the character of this rally has, now, changed for the better, still need to clear, 920 area on ESmini for continued trust

One Of our Mega Calls, ON SHEKEL( Just Like ALl CUrrencies) Progressing LIke it should. Hallelujah!
Would you like to know WHat SHEKL will DO next 10 years? Ok Send $1000 to with for my Id

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Dear Subscriber, Please see currency update on Psite

All Beasts remain on the same status as before. Amazing reading I witnessed though is the smallest number ever of Latestayers Under MDS. Which means that, Yesterdays decline, Practically, Totally, Destroyed the leadership that existed till Yesterday. The reading of 28 is Lowest ever,after the previous low reading of 48.

Dear Tim, gave us this info. You already have this information in a more distilled ( only to the relevant Bear Markets , not all of them) version of this , that I send you in my email. It is a bit confusing with too many markets that do not resemble ours. But You can not beat the visual affect of it and one more thing remember Markets, Like Michael Jordan, never fool you the same way more than once. It is always different some ways then it was!!!

With No Further Delay, please go to

Animated BEAR_MARKETS Overlays

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

attraction points

956 950 941 929 spx
980 986 995 1007

32.34 32.12 31.77 31.32 QQQQ
33.27 33.49 33.85 34.29

945.67 932.42 910.87 884.19 es
1001.58 1014.83 1036.30 1063.06

100.878 100.728 100.484 100.182 jpy
101.511 101.661 101.904 102.207

832.69 829.39 824.02 817.38 xau
843.31 846.61 851.96 858.63

1.354 1.352 1.348 1.344 eur
1.362 1.364 1.367 1.371

Slowly, but surely, the accumulation must continue. REmember our goal is 50% , at least, by Nov/Dec 2008, perhaps even faster. So, I would suggest to toss in 2.5% of the 10 we tossed out at 960 back in.

Dear Readers, we stated in the email to you that 1070 was kind of tops for the first dead cat bounce and that hapenned. Now we are correcting again. I would ask you to toss another 1.5% in , so that for now our asset allocation will stand at 34% for stocks. Please make sure you do mostly , nice quality HIGH YIELD stocks. Or just entire market.

Dear Waldo, Readers, 927 area would be a 62% FIbo and second Daily AP, that is a nice place to try something, but remember, if the bounce is not fast and decisive, you need to abandon the position.
14:23 ET, We just hit the above target and are rising. SO did JPY and CHFJPY
14:26 ET, Rallied almost 10 points from there
14:33 ET, Dear Investor Toss in another 1% here.
14:45 ET, Up 14 points from the bottom
15:07 ET, 18 points from the bottom
15:49 ET, not good for a nice rally, out with a nice little change

Thanks For Being With Us

Sorry, Got Badly Delayed with Daily AP's, but they are now at the psite and going in email
Dear Damien, Readers,Subscribers. While I may take vacations more frequently, unless I want to pass out(:-, The APs are here to stay. They just will be automated and better, more useful , to users. I promise.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

attraction points

1005.95 986.20 954.09 914.31 es
1089.30 1109.05 1141.04 1180.94

33.70 33.37 32.12 30.56 qqqq
37.39 38.16 39.41 40.96

101.873 101.533 100.979 100.295 jpy
103.307 103.647 104.198 104.885

955 920 865 795 $spx
1100 1134 1190 1259

826.75 814.70 795.11 770.84 xau
865.55 877.60 897.12 921.46

While we are at it. Here is a second challenge.

If you can find anybody that has given to their subscribers , roadmap, SEEFUTURE type of document and performed as given, I will do the same again. Subscribe to that persons service and bow my head to him/her.

Here is an acid test for a system that is good and workable.

1) Is it given before it happens. That is you do not depend anybody to tell you it happened
2) Is it totally explained usage wise ( not where it comes from, but usage)
3) Is it easy to use
4) Is there a track record people catching bottoms tops with it
5) Is the method universal across all securities and be used as confluence/confirmation mecahnism

While itme 3 requires some work on the traders part. The other 4 are totally met at the get go with AP system. We have a track record of catching all three major bottoms , July, sept, Oct. In fact one of the was caught by student of ours. Ha ( can you show us anybody that did that?)

Ok. As long as any of the above criteria are not met, I do not want to waste anybodies time on this subject. when you find system that has met these 5 criteria then there maybe something to talk about.

And that is a lesson to you. When/If you go some place else and the system given to you does not satisfy these criteria, run aways. Do not stand there run AwAY!

By the way , John, is a perfect example, why and how this system of AP work. Even with his ( own admission) limited computer and NEAR ZERO trading experience he was able to use the system, because it is not that difficult. He makes mistakes , like we all do and I know John has a hard time following confluence, due to the computing power and cognizance needed for that( that is why I watch minimum 3 screens at once), but here he is, with all the deficiencies functioning and willing to put the energy in it , because the system talks to inner JOHN.

What Kind Of A Retest, YBR Knows?

So, If I was a betting man, As if we all are not made as such by our SOPITALIST GOV, what kind of RETEST is more likely. Maybe even a kind that we do not see here, at least, in terms of the retest taking longer? That possibility is not shown here, but it is out there is not it? YBR certainly says so. If his majesty YBR is right then, we could have a longer, EQUAL or BREAKING retest? Frankly I do not know. That is why Xerxes told me that he knows I am not GOD! But, frankly My Dear Friends, I do not have anything better than YBR myself and it has been so predictive. Do I want to argue with YBR, on what grounds? Frankly have no way to fight what YBR says. But we do have tools to dynamically adjust ourselves , the current, best YBR can give us and that is what we will have to do. Now, if you state this differently and put the GAN on my forehead then I would say, we could end up within 2% from the Oct Low on either side ( SHALLOW/BREAK) Divide and it could indeed be longer test than the ones we see on this chart. Like... I will send you my best guesstimate for the retest low. We got time, so do not hurry me, please(:- . Just remember , I could be mistaken. The more I say more faulty I could turn out and more somebody can fall into the trap that would not be there if the dynamics was followed, but this is a risk and responsibility I have been send for to this earth to take with my subscribers and then they can either love or condemn me for it. I am ready either way. Just give few days to send the (G)estimate

Monday, October 13, 2008

attraction points


930.29 923.79 913.22 900.13 es
957.72 964.22 974.75 987.88

31.87 31.46 30.96 qqqq
33.17 33.42 33.83 34.33

99.723 99.433 98.961 98.377 jpy
100.946 101.236 101.706 102.292

857 822 765 695
spx Does not look useful? USE ES
1004 1038 1095 1165

BGR, EPD, KMP, BTE and likes, we kept recommending are up 15-20% each.
It was stupid for these gems to be sold at Friday's prices and they still are incredibly cheap.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Attraction Points - AP Triumph, YBR is flawless

Are There AnyMore Questions How To Use Attraction Points? I sincerely hope not.

Patterns, I looked at, told me that Markets will decline in the area of 35%. I stated this many, many times freely on this board. Now we are there. One thing that stopped me from actually make it absolute, was a REAL versus NOMINAL market. Since the REAL market was 35% down already in July, I was wondering if it is nominal that will go down 35% and real over 50%( which is now). Well, Mr Market has spoken. And it has now taken the levels down 37% on a NOMINAL!!!!! bases

04:36 ET, Please note that the BIG PICTURES have been updated on Psite

09:18 ET, Dear Readers( subscribers already know) nobody, that I read, on the net gives the kind of laser precision turning points like we do. There just is not anybody that even dreams to compare to us. We can not trade for you. You must trade your money. But as far as information. There is ABSOLUTELY NOBODY that has given you the number like up here and real time warning that it maybe transpiring.

Here is my challenge and possible gift to you!

You prove to me that somebody else did come closer than me to yesterday's bottom and I will give you a free subscription for life and I will personally subscribe to the advisor you gave the information from.

Good Trading

Friday, October 10, 2008

SPX could go to 950 today

If broken 900 area, we go to 950/960
We did come close to 950, could not hang though.

Good Trading


HIT THE SUPPORT ZONE ON SPX AND NOW UP 50 points from there.
THis could be a bottom if not the bottom. Stay alert

803.1 767.4 709.3 637.3 es
954.0 989.8 1047.7 1119.9

831 811 780 729 spx
925 944 976 1027

28.8 28.0 26.8 24.8 qqqq
32.4 33.1 34.3 36.3

99.356 99.316 99.251 99.170 jpy
99.500 99.524 99.564 99.629

10:11 ET , As I told you the intradays are almost unimportant in this volatile world, we did hit the ES MINI SUPPORT ZONE RIGHT AT THE OPEN. Now at the resistance. Need to jump over this to place the bottom in, Remember 906 is former bottom, no it is resisting us.

10:21 ET, watch this rally coulr resume if the JPY does not break down before 10:30 ET. here. watch it, Please watch it

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Attraction Point Triumph For SPX They Predict=1008.05-Actual=1007.97!!!

For those who still have not appreciated Attraction Points Power. Please think again for your own and family sake! Some people need words, some people understand the numbers. I Believe, numbers are more reliable and true. Words are deceptive and subject to interpretation. You can quote me on that.

Just a lucky guess ha?

I do not blame you(:- even I can not believe these numbers and I am a creator of this service, but you are welcome to ask any of the regulars on this board if they had these numbers Yesterday before markets opened. Go ahead and make my day(:-, maybe, just maybe I am hallucinating again(:- and it just never happened! Just like my insistence that Dollar will bottom in PASSOVER( APRIL 2008), Maybe just like insistence that GOLD/OIL will top in Mid/late July. Maybe I am all fake, fraud and figment of my own imagination. To answer that question was the purpose I created this site for. I did not want to lie to myself and nobody there to tell me you foolish inflated balloon! You do not know S! from S!
Can one/few members of this board tell these visitors here, how full of it I am?


TAILORED SERVICE NOW IS 250/Quarter. Only those who subscribe Now Are eligible for a BONUS, next 3 months of SEEFUTURE DOCUMENT, which has proven as priceless document, correctly predicting timing of the DOLLAR/ANTIDOLLAR COMPLEX (GOLD/OIL/CURRENCIES) last three months. To subscribe send $250 to with my ID

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Dear Readers, Subscribers.
To concentrate on subscribers, who deserve it, at these critical times, we go into blackout on any information concerning any markets. We gave a lot of information that should be helpful to those who could not subscribe, God Bless You All, but we can not keep giving market information to those who could, but choose not to subscribe at this time and for another 2-3 weeks.

We deeply apologise for this, but the subscribers interests are the paramount at this time I must keep them satisfied on a none compete bases. They have supported readers for a long time and did not complain that their money payed the common interest. But at these critical times it can not continue. Those who can truly prove to me they are in absolute need can email me and I try, time permitting to address their issue. I doubt I will be able to find time, but who knows.
If my subscribers will not keep subscribing and are not satisfied, I doubt I can continue to support the free information sharing. As I said, without subscribers , I do not exist and so does not my free service.

Be well, until we reopen these pages for pubic consumption.

Dear Subscribers, ALl communications will now happen via Psite, till the time comes to go back to public form.

Dear Subscribers, please note , you can, better poke me from here, without specific questions, but notice that you emailed me. Thanks for your cooperation

TAILORED SERVICE NOW IS 250/Quarter. Only those who subscribe Now Are eligible for a BONUS, next 3 months of SEEFUTURE DOCUMENT, which has proven as priceless document, correctly predicting timing of the DOLLAR/ANTIDOLLAR COMPLEX (GOLD/OIL/CURRENCIES) last three months. To subscribe send $250 to with my name Boris Chikvashvili and my ID