Sunday, August 31, 2008

this kind of accomplishment

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Vacations will be, not so pretty

Thieves Company came in and when all were on or getting ready for the trip to last summer vacation, shorted the hell out of the market. I hope that included you! We humbly tried to do our part. Good Vacations.

If I did not answer, I owe you apologies

Dear Subscriber, Readers,
IF I did not answer your emails, Please remind and/or resend those to me. I was so bombed out this week that I did not know where my head was(:- that bad. But that is no reason to consider me deaf. Which by the way, as my great RUSSIAN language teacher (in school) used to say.

"for deaf, they do not ring the bell twice".

Enough said. I am not like that, even though I could appear that way(:-

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1286 1283 1277 1269 spx 1302 1306 1312 1320
3.76 3.73 3.68 3.62 tnx 3.89 3.92 3.97 4.03

11:14 ET, OK, it is time to put the trade of today on cruse control. If you shorted yesterday or today, you must have 50-70c profits on Q positions. Place the break even stop loss and go watch baseball(:-

I am a "free trader", As I said, I love all FREE TRADES I make(:-

12:42 ET, For Currency Lovers, YEN is still at it. As we suggested YEN would trounce the EUROS in this period and that is exactly what happened. It has all but annihilated GBP and beaten severely SWISSY and EURO, the time is coming for payback and watch for that announcement.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE


Thursday, August 28, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

152.97 152.34 151.31 150.04 xag 155.62 156.25 157.27 158.55
837.98 835.98 832.73 828.70 xau 843.20 844.42 846.42 849.66 853.70
108.716 108.546 108.269 107.927 jpy 109.433 109.603 109.879 110.2225

Excuse me for a disaster day I am having.
email was not send, but intra is on the protected site
and Important Items missing are here

I have send complete tables, IN XLS and JPG format.
And populated the Protected site with a new copy. Again
A stupid operator error has caused
me to mix up my lines in the EXCEL as macro was accidentally triggered and I just was unable to regroup fast enough to finish the lower part of the table.


11:20 ET, I said small risk, That means hardly the Lunch break money. OK, wherever you take lunches , just figure it out. If you risk more you are on your own. Not with me. Remember, you can reshort the market always at your leasure.

11:42 ET, Ok lower stops 48.12 Q bases. Free trade for all , should be
12:01 ET, Out and back in at the Second IHAP of the day on ESMINI, action ON Qs

12:20 ET, Q's Potential Danger up to 47.43

12:44 ET, Protected site has my Q stop.

13:35 ET, out at this time will look for re short chance

Dear Readers, I do not want to be confused. I am not either bullish or bearish at this juncture. I do not know, I go day by day on patterns until the situation resolves, like the highs above 1333 SPX are taken out or the pivot at 1259 is taken out on the downside.
The suggestions to prefer the short, today , come from YBR, And other historical patterns. Yes, next week the buying dips today may look good, but we know, what the criteria are for us to become either short term bullish or bearish and that is that. Also, please look at asset allocation and you will see how to handle uncertainties. It is called Asset Rotation.

15:52 ET, My preference to handle the day like this is as follows: Get out today, and take a short position on tomorrows open if it is Sharp low open. Now, as I said , This is me.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Sorry, Still trying the APs for ASIA/EUROPE

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Sorry a bit late
1269 1266 1262 1257 spx 1279 1281 1285 1290

As, I stated in my update of the ANTIDOLLAR and GOLD, Next couple weeks these disagree, which is a cause FOR concern. One would , Ideally, like when everything goes in one direction. Well, not the case now. Who do you give the preference. I think I give the prefereence to the "HEISENBGER UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE" , Yes Dear Einstein , God Does Throw The Dice. That is what YBR is built on anyway.

10:29 ET, This morning AntiDollar started with a broad attack , but now all members are on retreat. General Dollar, has only EURO to quell, as the only Member of The AntiDollar Holding the Pride A bit UP.

11:04 ET, Ok, next week or so ( 4-6 trading days), we may get see sick. As the markets do total nonsense out of confusion. So, please be careful. Lock everything down that you do not want to get away.


Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

My Apologies to the Australian and British Readers and Readers all across the world, for letting the disaster come onto their currencies versus Dollar(:-, Especially hurt are the AUD/NZD/GBP all the currencies that were "played and managed" For "carry-traders"

1258 1253 1245 1235 spx 1279 1283 1292 1302
Everybody, please be careful. The benchmark for stocks, or in ENGLISH the short exit point is the high of yesterday. Bear market should not top that next couple days.
13:12 ET, So far uneventful, we like it that way.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Spectacular Call By YBR

YBR , YELLOW BRICK ROAD ( and WBR, WHITE BRICK ROAD), have done it again. After picking the 16 July as a bottom with perfection, they have called another perfect top at 26th of August +-2 trading days. Unbelievable, but available for $1000/year subscription

attraction points(Apoints)

1279 1277 1273 1268 spx 1289 1291 1294 1299

10:12 ET, well, was this all ANTIDOLLAR could do for today? Could be, could very well be. Remember though, this week maybe the first time in few weeks where AntiDollar has a fighting chance for starting formation of bottom. Not the bottom but bottom.

11:32 ET, this move in stock market, especially the depth of the move lower, was not really expected today , even as I said the 26+-2 days which covers today. It was more hope that 26-27 will do the job. It still could. But this underscores the fact that when "in No mans Land" ( According to Dear John) you try to stay out of it. I say "when in doubt but out".

11:39 ET, At this time it seems to be all YEN in play and if it stops at 4th it could help the stock market start rally.

12:42 ET, YEN is approached the fifthDLAP from the lower side(HUH). If it can penetrate into the APS it could again restart the stock market. If it fails around 109.17 then we could see a really bad day in the stock market today.
heading higher( lower in quote) again. Stock market could tank today. This is EE
12:45 ET, YEN breaks fifth upside from bottom.

12:48 ET, Yen Approach the fourth 109.30, market not reacting yet.
12:51 ET, SILVER , GOLD unable to get any traction here and while the USO is up a bit the stocks look lethargic.
12:54 ET, YEN rejected at fourth and RIE
my Dear Friends. If it breaks 1259, and then 1947, all pretence of "all is fine" will melt in no time. And bearish alternative into 16th of September will turn out into a slow moving nightmare.

If/when 1259 break , need to start looking for entry points. Does not have to be today. It could be tomorrow, does not matter.

13:05 ET, Notice though that Dollar is , coming back, slowly but surely? That would be more in line with my first/preferred scenario as discussed with Dear James.
13:07 ET, YEN getting screwed breaks fourth, approaching thirdDLAP, what a fake this could be!
13:10 ET, YEN could go to first DLAP from below , that is where the important moving averages cross too. Is 109.55 coming up?
Stock Market is not very responsive at this point though it stopped looking suicidal

Do we see the GHOST OF THE PAST, FAKE OF THE YEAR, EVERYBODY REMEMBERS THAT? just search here in the search Box. This could be the third FAKE OF THE YEAR. We name them for three STOOGES, Bernanke, Paulsen, Cox

14:08 ET, unless we recover towards the end of the day the pattern here would have nailed another disaster in making for the markets.

14:25 ET, Dear INVESTOR, I will , absent the recovery in the stock indices towards the close, lighten up by 5-10% on the stock Portfolio portion of the Assets. The only time then I would purchase it back will be either as announced or when the market goes back up above today's high, after the close of today.

15:08 ET, barring the miracle, this market exhibits all the signs of one going for suicide. Market had all the reasons to go higher today. PCRATIO was fine and looking down and Sell Pressure was not high and the Momentum was indicating that the 50% retrace and 100% ABC projection of the base of July 16th will produce higher high around 1333. Yet the market chose the obvious ( only if we look at the intermediate pressure chart) to go down as prescribed by the elevated AverageBuyPressure Oscillator. Sooner or later that pressure curve must come down to the natural buy zone. Market chose SOONER.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

The Beasts are Unchanged

06:57 ET, Dear Subscriber, This is your chance to tell me what Big Picture Item Are you missing. The first set has JPY/SPX/EUR/USOoil, Second One I suggest will have GLD/SLV/QQQQ/CAD. Third is up for grabs. Only 4 additional choices will be included. Please vote here with your choices. So, in the end there will be 3 Big Picture Items and will have total 12 Items. 4 are left to choose. One week will be given for members to make the choices and most popular 4 will end up in the bigpicture3. These will be placed on protected site only and will not be emailed.

On the shakers output the following 5 stocks attracted my attention. There is over 60 new stocks, but these are highest dividend payers. This is not a recommendation at all. Just thinking that one or more of these maybe great stocks eventually with some upside potential and YIELD that can not be denied.

CDR 6.70% SHOPPING CENTERS( DRUG Stores, Supermarkets)

Ok, this shows where USA is today. We consume ENERGY, for sure, mostly cooking in house(:-, Grow the trees, Somebody must be taking to Peak-Oil, seriously(:- , Bread And Circuses Roman style(:-, I thought Builders Were dead(:-, and no matter what, we need to eat and take DRUGS, it could all mean the same thing anyway!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

IS MDS BACK? Shota Rustavely in 12th Century Said.. Free Translation from Georgian.

"As long as it is lions CUB it does not matter if it is male or female".

Yes, this genius from 12 century was already hinting , indirectly ( he could not do it otherwise), that Man and Woman are equal (he had to add the animal context, lest be suspect of modernity, while he was hinting that Tamar the ruler of Georgian Empire was a women, love for whom he secretly carried to his grave, buried in Jerusalem) was just as good as any man could have been as a ruler of the EMPIRE.

So, why is that important for us?. Well, we still need to live up to that equality Shota was talking about, but it maybe happening in MDS world. This SISTER MDS is, actually , doing better ( please do not want to jinx this one also) than the Brother that was doing so well just couple months ago and degraded( temporarily I hope).

Friday, August 22, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)


1263 1261 1258 1253 spx 1272 1274 1278 1282
13346 13309 13249 13175 tsx 13503 13540 13600 13674

11:19 ET, Anybody Cares where BRUTISH CENT(:- is? Yes 1.85 I said around 2.06 2.12 would be top. Top it did and I said it will be going down 2-3% at a time and here it is. I said this is the most stupid currency in the majors and here it is. Sorry Dear Britt's, I have nothing against you. Just the way your currency is managed (er' manipulated)
this chart of Dollar was never sent to anybody. Just a Text Message was sent. You are not discriminated . Nobody received the chart. Just the text!
EXACT TEXT OF THE MESSAGE: OK - > "DoNotGetFooledThisAntiDollarRallyOverIn2to3DaysAnd2to3PercentForCurrenciesNoText"

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having Problems , Please read here, no email

1263.7 1261.7 1258.5 1254.5 $spx 1272.0 1274.0 1277.2 1281.2

46.5 46.3 46.1 45.8 qqqq 47.0 47.1 47.3 47.6

108.687 108.747 108.844 108.965 jpy 108.433 108.373 108.276 108.155

810.3 806.2 799.4 791.1 xau 823.7 827.8 834.5 842.9

Trying to recover My Computer, with you in few minutes I hope

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

1256 1250 1241 1230 spx 1279 1285 1294 1306
This is wrong in the emails and protective site, PLEASE TAKE IT FROM HERE

11:21 ET, Euro Currencies( SWISSY, EURO,GBP) are pushed hard down here, espectially in that order. Which goes with we told you "wait before you buy EUROS against Yen" but that time is coming and it will be followed by YEN crash. By then though the EUROS would have had a crash of their own complete. Stay tuned.


With these Mega Calls I am willing to compare my record with anybody, I mean anybody, Individual and or organisation. From GOLDMAN to UBS from SOROS to FABER to ROGERS. Just anybody. I am willing to put my financial swords on test with anybodies. REMEMBER MANY OF THESE CALLS WERE MADE WITH 2 WEEKS TO 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE. Hallelujah!
"they do not ring the bells at the top" HA!

This is a forecast of Yuan made one year ago. while it is not perfect, it has caught major sell points and that is what one needed with this currency as the direction was down and nobody in their right mind would sell RENMINBI. Am I satisfied with this forecast? to my way of trading this best i could be given by anybody

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1266 1263 1258 1252 spx 1278 1281 1286 1292

10:13 ET, Dollar is chocking everything in its sight, but I think the 78 +- few pips, the first stage stops.

11:23 ET, King in the morning, Slave in the afternoon. Well, all streaks come to close and this one by the Dollar was too strong. Needed some rest as suggested couple hours ago. We are just about getting it.

11:55 ET, Ok , is ANTIDOLLAR BACK? sure looks like it for a while.

12:36 ET, Folks, this silence means one of the two things. Either I lost a touch and nothing I say makes any sense, or everybody has become so good at this staff that they do not need my consultation. In either case I am happy(:- !

Annual Reports

Dear Readers/Subscribers,
As my work has progressed, a lot of clients asked to produce and provide the Annual Reports, Like YBR, for currencies and Gold and OIL ( Yearly, not just Quarterly) etc.

As subscribers know, I have never promised them the Quarterly SEEFUTURE reports, but because so many of them have subscribed for Yearly Tailored Service, I decided to help them and provide these Reports FREE. This will continue to be the case and even the quarterly subscribers will receive the Quarterly SEEFUTURE reports, but we can not provide YEARLY REPORT to the quarterly Subscribers. The Yearly Reports are $1000 each and can be obtained free with the Annual $1000 subscription to Tailored Service. We had clients that have made multiple Millions on just our GOLD/OIL predictions this July. The new subscribers or those who would renew and will be prorated, can receive These Yearly reports. By its nature these reports are priceless ( if correct , I hope) as they allow planning for a longer term investment horizon. There is no way we can give them away easy. So, far it has been institutional investors, mostly, who went for these reports.
Thanks For Inquiries.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Monday, August 18, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1294 1293 1291 1289 spx 1300 1301 1303 1305

10 57 ET, around 10:40 ET. ES MINI has hit the FILAP (First Intraday Low Attraction Point) and bounced from 1290 area.

8:45 ET, ( I thought I better put the time in here just in case I turn out to be right for this one time(:- ) I believe we may have started on the road of decline lasting few weeks in the market, but it could be a slow moving torture train to nowhere, but downward slanted for a while( couple months maybe?). I will change my mind if we are going to see new highs in SPX any time next 10 days.

12:38 ET, GOLD just hit the FIHAP and the SMP mini is fighting for its life at the SecondILAP

Bear On The Prowl

The video on the right addresses the issues of Recent Russia's Invasion of Georgia and puts it in the context. Find out what is the context. The Text Below:

In this program, we raise the issue of Russia's invasion of Georgia as well as, the Economic and Political basis of emergence of RUSSIA as a new aggressor, along with Venezuela and Iran.

Let us remember, as much as Russians may not like either Ahmedin Jihad or Chavez , they like the money and that makes them ally of Iranian mullahs and Venezuelan Dictator. USA efforts to acquiesce Russia, as USA entered IRAQ are a part and parcel of the mistakes that lead to Re-creation of Russian Bear. From the bankrupt country to powerful military and economic power.

Looks like we may look with nostalgia at CHAVEZ and AHMEDIN JIHAD as mischief as we see the RUSSIAN Bear On the PROWL again.
Unfortunately USA forgot the lesson that Grand Old Man Ronald Reagan has thought us.
If you want to keep Russians and all others Neutral one needs to bring the OIL prices down not up. It was the lowering of OIL prices that brought RUSSIA to its knees. Misguided USA polices of last few years made Trillioners out of OUR enemies and now we face RICH mischief instead of poor despots.

Russia's actions in Georgia indicate that Russia is back dreaming big. It needs Naval access in the South as its waterways in the North are frozen for the good part of the yearly season. Baltics, watching very carefully the events in Georgia, wonder if they are next on Russia's Agenda. Naval presence and exit through Baltic see and Black See and Mediterranean are what Russia has its sights on. They couldn't care less about OSETIA and/or Abchasia if it was not for these reasons.

So, we come back calling to USA leaders old and new. Let's go back to Reagan Polices of keeping the Russia and Related Axis of mischief down. Even if it takes slowdown in the USA and world economies it is worth to make the PUTIN/MEDVEDEV/AHMEDINJIHAD/CHAVEZ fight for market share instead of becoming mega Trillioners and more and more aggressive in challenging USA.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Anybody looking at the URANIUM asset below can not believe that Cleanest, and one of the cheapest Energy on earth, NUCLEAR is going unused, while Peak OILERS are running rampant.

Peak Oil/Snake Oil, has been a good way to fleece the world population out of more than Quarter Trillion Dollars. That is how sopiatlist operate. If we do the back of the envelope calculation of the 2 Trillion/year Dollars spent on 12% of taxes would give us Quarter Trillion that SOPITALISTS have collected and that is way too much conservative. In USA alone taxes are above 18%, I think. But Of course, PUTIN is not satisfied.