Thursday, January 31, 2008

Attraction Points

Heads up, possible turnaround time 10:00ET +-5 minutes.

Having little problem wit AP.s hold on sec!
N SPX 1334 - 1343, 1346
N QQQQ 43.73 - 44.20,44.30,44.42 ,44.65, 44,99

10:29 ET, adding to my portfolio( I am an investor too) some GE, some MO, some some MUB and 5% Total Market
10:30 ET, JPY status 1,1,1,1,1 Have you seen SELL?
11:45 ET, JPY and Q's both at 4th Attraction Points, going for fifth?

12:06 ET, Markets reacting at 5th, so is JPY, YES virginia, 5th is hard
13:49 ET, we are at the fifth again for Q's we will break up ,I believe,then we reach 45.41, we need to pass the 50.3 first though
14:26 ET, a lot of reisstance above 45.xx, remember 45.25 was an important support, now it is resistance.
14:39 ET, 5th appears failing, careful here!

breakout or breakdown, frankly I do not know here... Just protect your longs or shorts or whatever. This is fifth after all
Wathch YEN it will decide...
15:13 ET, there is a war for Q's around 45.25. I do not want to be in it, We are now sitting around 45.25 for 45 minutes WOW!
08:57 ET(Feb 1)spike! in JPY see the graph,and comments about spike, BP down,EURO up little? GOLD pathetic!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Economic Data For Today
Updated(Thanks Ivan) ASSET GROUPTATION.

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. Ok We traded today, John reports 70c gains on QID I had an average of 48c on three lots. What can we say. Anything could have happened today, but none of mattered when I placed the trade... It was a winner. That is the way I like it to be. I do forecasting for fun. Trading for the living though(:-

OK what was the high today on Q's ? 45.32 , what was the fifth Attraction point? 45.31... Hallelujah!

03:52 ET, So, are you still reading 24 hours a day , company reports, guru reports, talking heads and what not.. Would not you like to switch to M(illion)D(ollar)S(ystem)? Talk to friends(enemies), neighbors( you do not hate), relatives ( you still talk to) and PUBLIC AT LARGE. Do them the favor, tell them, that ANTI-SOPITALIST exists
09:03 ET, MDS EMPIRE strikes again. Yes, it said we should wait for buy and it is coming is not it?, meanwhile MDS is grabbing profits.
09:14 ET, Dear Readers, the MDS buy signals come in two ways. With Market being up strong or with the maket being down strong. I do not know which one we are going to get, but I tilt towards market closing sharply lower today and creating the MDS buy. On the other hand we can not rule out the low early morning and then runup, which may translate into MDS buy signal with market being sharply up today. So, start protecting profits right now!
09:18 ET , Watch GOLD is it geetting Idea that ECONOMY is going into deep DODO and time to retract? We did get the exhaustion bar and daily sell signal on GOLD. Do not recommend shorts except via deeply discounted options, but protect the longs right now!

Attraction Points

Dear Readers, Preliminary attraction ( daily) points are
1343,1341 - 1372.3,1374 (FOR SPX)

N QQQQ 44.08 - 44.54,44.59,44.80 ,45.02
N SPX 1351 - 1361,1364,1369

10:23 ET, Q's at second Attraction Point
10:32 ET, should be scratch no momentum down
02:54 ET, JPY status 1,1,1,0,0 , ST na, LT sell, while Hourly (mid bit) indicates the weakness in YEN , if it was to change to 0(BUY YEN) we could have a good chance of JPY spike up today. We stated before that this scenario , leading to Stock market sharp decline ( not necessarily new lows) would probably put MDS into the BUY mode.

Let me remind INVESTORS. They should be less concerned with daily gyrations of the market and should have been already up to 30-40% invested in stocks ( some from higher levels and some from lower levels). Most of these investments should be in either total market(spx and/or wilshire) or high quality, good yield stocks. ( I am mostly in MUNI bonds with a nice Yield and NAV improvement potential)

11:55 ET, after a little fake move from our short entry point Q's printed exhaustion bar and went down, well we are not the one to chase the market, just interesting.

Dear Readers for all the same Reasons that Dear Greenie and myself have discussed, for as long as we are writing this blog, we advised to buy the core holdings of GOLD as a insurance for 1929 type of calamity. 10% is just about right amount of your total capital in the GOLD, to protect the against such outcomes.

It is time to tell some of these people , just take a hike. OK here it goes. I am giving sentences without being exact: ( you can go and see Paul McCulley interview with Bloomberg).
Bloomberg: Paul, Steven Roach says in Davos that FED should not be printing money, cause they will create another bubble...
Paul: I respect Steve's opinion but I am not sure what Assets are getting into bubble...

Let us stop here and see what Boris says.

Dear Paul, from PIMPO( sorry PIMCO)... How about the bubble in BONDS? How about the Bubble in CHINA stocks. How about the BUBBLE in REAL ESTATE in ISRAEL, BRAZIL,RUSSIA, SINGAPORE?
HOW ABOUT THE BUBBLE IN GOLD. Is Paul Blind or SOPITALIST, wanting our money to make him rich as his bond holdings advance but our $dollar/pensions lose purchase power? ,Yes how about the "earnings" of Microsoft , Berkshire coming from "depreciated Dollars" ( bubble in Buffet/Gates Earnings?) you should be the judge.

Dear Readers this is as simple as 2 year old child will understand. Any time money ( real or electronic) is printed, it is not doing the work, cause the handlers( banks, brokers, politicians, skim the dough). And do not forget the SOOPTALIST CASINO, where your frail nerves are tested everyday to fleece you out of what you already have ( by scaring you into actions you do not want and do not understand?) Kapish! it never works for real folks like you and me.

DO you think Paul or Bill(Gross, his PIMPO buddy) will come and discuss with me right or wrong of this issue. Do not hold the breath. SOPITALISTS are not that stupid

These people are so discredited...
Yes, and do you think BLOOMBERG is impartial to BILL's /Paul's views. How many times they interview them?
Almost everyday, until everybody is brainwashed to death

14:31 ET, we just hit the 4th on Q's could be the top
14:31 ET, 45.31 is fifth, we are going there it looks like, good place to risk a little and see what comes out. Ony 10c risk please.
15:08 ET, short from 45.29 sopt 45.32(mental)
15:09 ET, stop at 45.29 break even
15:13 ET, stop down to 45. 26
15:14 ET, taking 25 c profit on 1/3 of positions, rest stop 45.32
15:16 ET, stop down 45.17 1/3 and 45.26 1/3
15:24 ET, stop down 45.14 on 1/3 rd and 45.26 on 1/3 rd. 1/3rd we collected 20c.
15:34 ET, stop down 45.01 on 1/3rd, collect profits at44. 74 (55cents) on 1/3rd
15:47 ET, collect the 1/3 rd at 44.59 ( 70cents)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We are, like others waiting for FED and take it from there.

Good Trading

The dates of 31 Jan and 1 Feb are very important days all currency turnaround and it could also prove to be very important for Stocks. Below you will see the status of many currencies and some currency crosses.

02:54 ET, JPY status 1,1,0,1,1 , ST na, LT sell
for JPY numbers are inverted
02:54 ET, GBP status 0,1,0,0,0 ST na, LT sell
02:55 ET, AUD status 0,1,1,1,1 ST buy, LT sell
03:13 ET, EUR status 0,0,1,1,1 ST na, LT sell
03:32 ET, GBPCHF 1,1,0,0,1 ST na,LT na
03:52 ET, SHEKEL/ils 1,1,1,1,1ST sell, LT sell
For ILS numbers are inverted

See updated( Thanks Ivan) ASSET GROUPTATION link, Dollar is showing signs of approaching a local low. The way to read the status of the currencies is that in the short term anything can happen and it is possible that we will witness intraday spike low for a Dollar with corresponding spike high in foreign currencies, but there is a preponderance of signs indicating and imminent upturn in Dollar. Let us remember Dollar lows from Novemeber have not, since, violated. For the stock market this means that As soon as JPY starts going lower stocks will recover. Now that should happen either today on the SPIKE high of JPY or witnin next couple days. It would be nice to see the positive turn in MillionDollarSsystem with that!

So, stay tuned for Attraction Points next couple days and you and I may be able to catch Dollar and/or Stock Market lows at once?
08:37 ET, Net result of ADP payroll and GDB numbers announcment is a bit of an advnce in $USDollar

Attraction Points

Dear Readers,Markets are waiting for Consumer confidence 10:00 ET.
N QQQQ 44.37,44.26,44.13,43.85, 43.60 - 44.81,44,91,45.04

N SPX 1356,1353,1349, 1343 - 1367

10:05 ET, We see exactly what we expected so far , high early morning and lower move. Let's see what develops
10:06 ET, SPX hits the tirhd AttractionPoint Support

11:28 ET, We hope that everybody remembers , world is waiting for FED, why? no matter what they say in EUROPE/ASIA/SOUTHAMERICA and anywhere else, they are all eating from the SocialSecurity money stolen from USA seniors by Depreciation of Dollar. So well are they trained that they have their EYES glued to WASHINGTON, Hallelujah!

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Hi JD, Aspect Chart indicates:

Low Feb 1
High Mar 7
Low April 22
Short 12545 DOW and 2377 NAZ
Best Regards,Jim,Same to you JIm

This schedule is a bit out of YBR's way, but it has as much merit. Dear Readers, please note these dates.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

As you see there are many ECO numbers coming out today. So, stay tuned , please note 15:30 ( Israeli time , is actually 8:33 ET)

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I did not trade today and am about 15% invested mostly in Municipal Bond Funds with high Yield. This was a typical day before FED meeting and it could be even more anticipated FED day Wednesday as the stakes are high. So, we had strong up day even though it feels like nothing much happened, cause we got so used to these volatile days(200-400 point swings a day).Lag reported going short in SRS ( REIT anti ETF).Gold had a stellar day and until Gold Oscillator really deteriorates it could make a trip above 1000 (our possible target 1121). Dollar was lower today due to the anticipation of interest rate reduction by FED, which in our estimation may well be the last gain by EUROcurrencies against Dollar.
Good Trading

03:49 ET, Please visit updated ( Thanks Ivan) GROUPTATION , ASSET OSCILLATORS link, My day starts, so should yours.
06:16 ET, MDS did not generate the buy signal yesterday, that does not mean market can not go higher though, but if are long, you would want MDS to be on your side.

We may have a better opening than closing. Kind of a similar to Friday's pattern on a smaller scale

Attraction Points, coming up

Do not hurry here, we could have Friday Ugly game played upon us again. Where the high of the morning was it... But there is a difference, at this point JPY is not really oversold, so it would be hard to expect kind of a rally it staged on Friday
N QQQQ 43.20,43.36 - 43.98,44.11,44.35
N SPX 1319,1316 - 1333,1336, 1340

10:12 ET, NAZ showing better than SPX strength, is encouraging for bulls
10:13 ET, YEN support on second so far, trend UP in prices, maybe nearing an end with the exhaustion close
10:23 ET, did not get to any of our Apoints as the wide range created the big distance to cover down there. Just as well. We may not catch the bus, but market could at least catch a breath

Dear John, you mean we hit the High Apoint, Yes, I was looking for low Apoint. Thanks a lot. Soooooo it is hitting the highs OK, I can live with that.
10:32 ET, So, is the market playing half of Friday with us where the beginning is the same but the end different. If YEN keep moving lower that would be the scenario, but not sure yet. Unless YEN makes new lows of the day soon, the Friday will return, How Awful.
10:37 ET, Pattern looks decidedly different from last Friday. Considering cyclical low was expected around 20 Jan, we definitely must not go to new lows in the stocks market if some cyclical rally is still viable prognostication. After that rally supported by FED ( among other things) we expect YBR road to be followed DOWN into FEB/MARCH
10:47 ET, if momentum lost, right here, then more selling in the stocks will follow, so it is a critical possible buy with tight stop point. NAZ leads from the morning... very important fact on the bulls side.
10:52 ET, Dollar is getting beat up today and that is part of the meandering process(against European currencies) I eluded to for few weeks now, which should be followed by $US strength into mid-Year.
11:58 ET, we are at a dangerous juncture here, If YEN was to break up in here, Market will follow with its own down move
12:08 ET, YEN breaking up, not good for advances in the stock market today. Unless the move is big and strong, this might just be the lunch time doldrums in the markets to be remedied later on today
12:38 ET, Ok, you guessed it, I think we may have some volatility, but not much movement till Dr. Bernanke delivers the Message About interest rates. So, relax... just watch that larger limits are not violated.
14:21 ET, Turnaround time around 13:35 +-5 minutes
14:22 ET, OK the 13:35 High lasted only 25 minutes, but we are still not much higher than that point.
15:12 ET, After that fake strength around 13:35 where market made believers that it is going to hold up there , it turned and moving lower. So, the third high AttractionPoint would have been a good sell. But I am not in the mood to play before FED.
15:44 ET, Actually I had 15.35 another turn point, but I fell asleep, so telling you late. Sorry!


04:00 ET, JPY status is 1,1,1,1,0, which is sell,sell,sell,sell, buy on the week,day,60m,15m,5min system. It is possible that MDS will turn into buy, as we are in the high frequency turn zone of the MDS internal oscillator. Do not get carried away with, stock market shorts and protect them as JPY may renew decline from here. Upon intraday Attraction point signals(wait) there may even be a place to go long tocks.
04:08 ET, JPY status is 1,1,1,,0

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Please see the updated(Thanks Ivan) GROUPTATION, ASSET CLASS , Oscillators. My day starts there, make it your starter too.

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I traded today multiple times, scratched many trades (8) won three ( 17c+3c+45c). Pitiful results from the pitiful market. The best trade was early short as I suggested before open, except I was otherwise engaged with currencies(JPY , of course). So, are WBR/YBR correct and this market is going to hell faster than even MDS realizes? Possible, what do those stupid machines know?
( of course they have been programmed by stupid humans like me, what do you expect?). I hope you enjoyed with us today. Main takeaway, I hope, is that trading is work, while being the best fun work at that. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. We got small gains or scratches reported by members... as well. One more item, I definitely hope , you noticed that when I trade during the day, I may have general idea what market may do today, but , really, I forget everything as soon as I put the trade on. The mechanics/execution and risk management take over and I am in LALA land. Not to be disturbed with forecasts of anybody , including my own! It can be noticed that any forecasting info received during or just before or after trading seems to make me angry, as I fight this info not to influence me. I have no such reactions when people post forecasts ideas at idle times.

I apologize to Pattern_Solver for calling him Problem_Solver, totally unintentionally( i think the name stuck in my mind due to he was calling himself once Analyser?). Nemaste, Peace Dear Pattern_Solver. Dear Ivan, Yes, the short answer is that YEN will be , at least, not weak, while and if Stock Markets move to lows in spring.

Attraction Points

N QQQQ 45.13,45.09 - 45.70,45.79
N SPX 1359,1358,1354.5 - 1368,1371,1374
10:13 ET, hit the first on SPX, I would not buy, but it may work for somebody.
10:17 ET, Q hits the first and second APoint, could have temporary rally from this support, As I said , not for me
10:21 ET, As Dear Danno, pointed as well, we have assumed that the day will be strong on the open and down thereafter. We will see...
10:37 ET, Markets are doing what Doctor ( ANTI-SOPITALIST ) ordered this morning ( sorry, do not take me seriously, if I was so precise...). OK
above see the Movers function On Bloomberg LLC terminal. 5 stocks account to the entire gain on NAZ ( at a time we took snapshot) MSFT/GOOG/AMGN/RIMM/ORCL, usual suspects, but believe it or not this is ok compared what we used to see 3-5 months ago.
10:46 ET, we will rebound here temporarily, Stay short if you are. There maybe no time to reshort
10:50 ET, 44.83 is third for Q's 44.45 and 44.17 are 4th and 5th
11:04 ET, do we all remember today is 25th YBR high? +-2 days?
11:19 ET, Careful with longs do not get suckered in. It maybe better to wait 20 more minutes.
12:50 ET, Q's are gliding across the 4th Apoint(low), and JPY is below that of its own.
13:00 ET, JPY on fifth Apoint, Q at around 4th still, One can carefully probe longs, do not risk more than 4-10c If you do forget my friendship.
Wait for a sign of turnaround ( upper Candle for example do not catch the falling knife).
Stopps to breakeven 13:20 ET, Mine is 44.46 on Q's , SCRATCHED THE TRADE.
Q's at 5th try again 13:37, my purchase 43.21. stops even
13:53 one more try at 5th 44.12 stop 44.09
13:55 breakeven at 44.12 stop
13:56 ET, stops 44.15, Mental did not trigger, new the suckers are reading my notes! Will exit though without loss.
14:11 ET, exited no loss caught another one. Stop at 44.12
14:12 ET, this one may have legs
14:23 ET, new stop 44.15, no alterations.
14:30 ET, stopping at 44.19 Stop is actually in! Sick of this market
Dear Readers, Friends, do you see why the Trading is a glamorous work?
Cause, while you eat the S like at any other type of work. Here you can decide, when you trade, what you trade and what are wearing or not when you trade. Besides that you sweat just like in any other work! There is no substitute for action. Only actual trading gives you what I do. Like a blind, with a brute force , I challenge the markets to take me out with a loss and win 90% of the time ( come out without loss). Lose 5% of the time no More than 10c at a time and when I win I win on the average above 25-30c. Is it is a dirty work, but somebody has to do it.
14:42 ET, Took myself out 44.29 +17c will monitor for repurchase above 44.41. Until then tea time.
14:45 ET, market has another turnaround time 15:00 +-5 min
14:56 ET, Riding BUS again from 44.07. Stop there
15:16 ET, I scratched 8 trades today, all with $1.5c +- about even. Made 17c+3c in two trades and riding another one from 44.19. Now who/what does that remind you dear readers. Yes Michael Jordan operated exactly this way. He used to toss in 50 points per game easy, but did you know his accuracy?... Not very good , often under 45%. So, what made him good. Hassle! Trading is hassling, you hassle the markets and on one of those trades you get rewarded. I got 50c so far on this one.
15:20 got 61, 58.5 64, 67.5, 73.50 67.50 etc... ( this is 300 lot).
15:29 Not getting out will scratch or make big.
15:45 Ok enough is enough of this pitiful market! out 45c

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We took some profits today on BC,CS,WFC,USB etc. Left the rest untouched especially the MUNI funds. keep them to pay dividends. John reported some gains on a very, very slow inside day. Q's/SPX hit the first Apoints twice. We expect the rally to continue into 26-28 of Jan and lower thereafter. It will all be conditioned by MDS and other friends though. Speaking of which that son of a gun MDS is making money again. It is now in profit on the last buy signal. Hallelujah! INVESTORS who wee advised to invest 10% additional money in stocks are also ahead at this time. Even though in total could slightly 1-2% losing on a total of 30% being invested in Stocks. Considering 12% SPX loss that is not bad. Besides these stocks are quality high Yield stocks and one can wait loooong time with them.
Dollar should/will meander for a while, before taking off into mid year and GOLD will play the game along till Dollar takes off at which time it will go lower and it is possible that high is in place, but shorter term we are giving it the benefit of doubt( not selling it and not buying it at this time, ditto energy). FIXED INCOME(BOND) securities should be slowly, but surely sold off. When we favor Stocks, Bonds should be sold.

16:30 ET, JPY the weekly and hourly are overwhelming the hourly signal and YEN is moving lower in evening trading
16:55 ET, current JPY status 1,1,0,0,0 that is all short term signals say BUY Yen and longer term signals say SELL...
17:09 ET, Dear Greenie, Day was so not hectic that I neglected to answer your message. Sorry. Ok here it is I expect the GBP to rally couple more days you could look up the FIB numbers and it gives something like 1.97 and 2.00 I think we will not go to 62% fib 2.03 or so. On EURO, as I mentioned I expect some meandering between 1.44 and 1.47 before dollar takes off in March.
06:57 ET, This could be day when market starts to slow down and/or close down as YEN seems to have already reached the today's prescribed Limit(high).

Attraction Points, coming up

N QQQQ 43.92,43.70 - 44.86,45.05, 45.18
N SPX 1336 - 1353, 1357,
10:02 ET, warning , possible sell on 5min and exhaustion bar on Q's, exactly at First, just trail close
10:14 ET, SPX AND Q's dead both at 1st Attraction Points! JPY is not falling apart though
10:18 ET, Lot of people taking nice 10-15% profits, no surprise int 2 days. I know I took some profits myself, but watch YEN it s trending so far.
10:20 ET, YEN Exhaustion on 5/15 min and sell on 5min(sorry correction 2min), must hold 106.40, and must aim and break 107 on the other side today
10:25 ET, JPY status 1,1,0,1,1, this is still conducive to jpy decline-stock rally mode, but must hold levels
10:35 ET, this is a turn time , will YEN break 106.40 and we go down in the market?
10:38 ET, Q, hits the lows 10c from projected, YEN may have better ideas? Still watch the air pockets, it is like flying the first time again! Have the stops in and/or keep your fingers on the pistol
it is very possible that we have a bit inside day today, like the one that stays between the first or second AP's on both sides?
11:37 ET, are we watching the paint dry or what?
12:45 ET, Market is coiling as a spring and will break out?
13:26 ET, 13:45 is a turnaround time of sorts, 106.60, 106.50 and 106.40 are the levels to watch for the break up on YEN. At this moment the market is paying the CHINESE TORTURE with traders. Break up more likely now(in price), stops tighter, Stock Market could sell off here!
14:27 ET, OK JPY has broken none of the levels we asked to watch and moved lower. Just as well! Now at the First AP having problems
15:07 Et, they spiked JPY to first and rejected , status now 1,1,0,1,0(hourly just flipped, to by JPY) JPY could rally with this status, needs watching both JPY and Stocks
15:28 ET, Q's have been rejected twice today at FIRST! it should have been possible to make few Penney's
15:30 ET, it is good that JPY broken yesterday's low price, but it may need to do some digestion before going lower.
15:41 ET, If I am going to be right ( only 20 min remains) this will be indeed an inside day, Beautiful.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Please visit GROUPTATION link( this is where my morning starts, thanks Ivan keeping it up) to see the ASSET ALLOCATION Perspective

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I could not trade today. Was positioned before in JPY ( yes , short). Due to the circumstances, I decided to devote my time to you Dear Readers. I hope you got the best of today and enjoyed presence with us. Please come back.

What a day, NAZ is still sitting after the close still thinking to do or not to do it. It is now -.25, oh no, no w it is +150, +250... Here she goes!


System Problems

Please be patient, I had computer malfunction last night and besides not having had a good sleep. Do not have Computer results.

Nevertheless, Not a lot has changed in therms of the outlook. I will provide what I can. Please note that the JPY status will be used to guide

9:37 ET, JPY status 1,1,0,1,1 Hourly signals is what is supporting JPY rally from about 15 minutes ago. When that changes, the prAdd Videoessure should diminish on all assets. Please note, it is not necessary for hourly to go positive( negative for YEN price) for the YEN to start declining.
We are like a pilost without many electronic tools shut, still need to land today
09:46 ET, YEN unable to sustain new breakout, good sign
YEN first AP at 105.52, next APs 105.62, 105.77
09:58 ET, YEN at FIRST
10:00 ET, IF yen doing ABC correction 105.68 is minimum
10:02 ET, we now have trend exhaustion bar on hourly, means turn down(price)
10:05 ET, YEN struggling at first AP, but looks like will break it
10:07 ET, YEN at second approaching 100% abc retrace. and that is close to third as well
10:11 ET, YEN 4th Apoint at 106.05
10:20 ET, we may not have landed yet, but I think we know now that we will.
10:22 ET, YEN at third and we will have reaction here. But 15 mine and hourly counts looks supportive
10:25 ET, we have 5 min upside exhaustion, but no such on 15 or 60 min. So we are not done by any means, while reacting here. We will move higher in stocks and lower in YEN after this little blip
10:47 ET, we now have a sell on 5 min status, little unstable flying conditions for a while

Now let me ask you this, would not you feel million Dollars if you bought the FIXED income Securities (10 Year Notes) at 5.30( ABSOLUTE TOP, with close to 15% total return, in 6 months) I asked you to do? Who would not? You see there is a season for everything and You needed to act then. Now you would be cruising cool Caribbean, while others sweat in the equities market.

10:58 ET, YEN approaching highs at third APoint. Have you noticed how YEN is between the first and third Apoints almost since open?
12:02 ET, retraced 62 FIB on YEN rally since moring. Hope this holds
12:36 ET, that broke. now waiting for exhaustion on the upside for YEN,
Got that on 2 min basis. if broken will have to wait on 5 min basis
12:51 ET, OK got the exhaustion on the 5 min as well. Unfortunately until the hourly is is not in the SELL(YEN,price) it is hard to call the TOP in YEN. 105 held again, which is the first support for YEN today.
13:50 ET, YEN defeated? need a close above 106 for that
14:27 ET, Japanese YEN Surrenders!
14:30 ET, YEN almost hit fourth Apoint, deserves some rest before fifth 106.35, I find it POETIC that 105 long term support and today's first low support were at the same place
14:39 ET, I can only hope that readers, there must have been many new ones, as the profile looks have grown today a lot, knew that YEN was just another way we were telling readers what to do in the STOCK MARKET and did some purchases, at the depth of the market. And if they did, you know next step, TRAILING STOPS! so that you keep some profits, at least.
14:44 ET, JPY status now 1,1,0,1,1 (sell,sell,buy, sell,sell : for JPY PRICE)(Week/Day/60Min/15Min/5Min)
14:49 ET, Perhaps it is GOD's way of rewarding those that came to this site today, cause I/We do not usually give JPY Attraction Points on the net . These are reserved for paying subscribers. But as I lost usage of some of my computing power and that included the Stock Index computers, I decided to work with YEN( which we , often, view as a proxy for the stock market. ENJOY!
14:54 ET, We just hit a 5min status bar sell ( on last bar). SO the status is 1,1,0,1,0 , we are supporting on second AP at this time
15:06 ET, HALLELUJAH! all Major indices minus NAZ are up!
15:08 ET, 4th is giving YEN problem here, I think it will break it sooner or later before 16PM ET.
15:09 ET, BROKEN the fourth AP
16:00 ET, HOUSTON, we have lost NAZ, close Negative!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. No trading today... Short and sweet. Got a turnaround we "hoped" and/or "predicted". Looks strange though. Usually this should have ended with the close higher than the last close... I am not yet sure what if anything this means.

04:24 ET, JPY on the offensive. the (quote) status is 1,1,0,0,0, which means very strong buy on all short term scales(60,15,5 min ).
15:31 ET, JPY Dear Dave to answer your question the area around 105.50 is forbidden are for JPY. If it drops beyond that, it would spell new collapse in stock market as well.
06:14 ET, JPY status 1,1,0,0,1 , sitting on the 5th
06:14 ET, JPY status 1,1,0,1,1 , sitting on the 5th

Attraction Points

Dear Readers,
The possible turnaround times today are 12:00pm and 15:00pm.
N QQQQ 43.07 - 44.30,44.56,44.96,45.66,46.46
N SPX 1271 - 1300,1311,1323

So, Did you guys enjoy the circus? O my!

10:23 ET, Q's reacting at first AP
10:24 ET, breaking it.
10:27 ET, Q, approaching second AP
10:28 ET, JPY could be exhausting
10:29 ET, Q, exhausting at first AP
10:41 ET, Q' second try at first AP, looks success?
10:43 ET, Q's still struggling with first AP, looks tired and heading to lows at 12:00 ET.?
10:51 ET, it may support on EXP MA's at 44.00
10:59 ET, JPY at 4th
11:02 ET, Q's attacking first AP again...
11:03 ET, tremendous bounce by BKX around 74 (WFC +8%, BAC +7%)
11:05 ET , Q's break first decisively, almost at second AP(44.56)
11:09 ET, Q's going for 45 ( third AP)?
11:10 ET, JPY going 5th AP ( 107)
11:11 ET, WFC up 10%
11:13 ET, Q' stall at second AP
11:15 ET, Q's exahausted at 2nd ( 5min, sell signals on JPY and Q), but hourly is long way from SELL
12:10 ET, I think we are getting the 12:00 ET kick( see turnaround times announced this morning , above)
12:30 ET, JPY status 0,0,1,0,1 (Price, Intermediate term sell , near term mixed/buy, due to hourly buy)
13:14 ET, Q's could be failing twice on second? down into 15:00pm?
15:35 Ok, Looks like we are getteng the 15:00pm turnaround working this time.

Do not fear, Bottom is Here

Dollar Bears/Gold Bulls Hands UP
OK, we see you. GO back to what you have been doing(:-. Yes, Energy Bulls As well!
Having that said, Those who bought GOLD/SILVER puts, please collect as the rebound may develop any time. Not to new highs ( highly unlikely for this moment). Purchases are not recommended at all, except with totally worthless out of the money Call Options.
Dollar may also look for a bit of a rest from big gains past week.
Ok, should we join the Brutish EURO! with Brutish Pound? Please watch out rebound in Feb is shaping up, though(monitor GROUPTATION link, Yes, my morning starts there too)

04:00 ET, As the above was written, expectation were developing exactly as stated. Gold and Currencies started the rebound. Hallelujah!

07:14 ET, Now , you know by now, that however smart I maybe, I do not really know where the tops and bottoms are right? So, do what I do, get a stick, close the EYES and look for the sopts to enter and exit. Feeling I have we are at or near bottom, but it does not count. Your trading - DOES.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Have You Seen Gold Lately

Dear Readers, We advised, people to buy GOLD PUT options... hardly 10 days ago(GOLD was around 910 that time and Silver 16.5!). Well, if you did then congratulations. I did not, I had other chicken to fry so to speak... and I am kicking myself you know where. GOLD is down $20(862) as we speak and the Silver is down 60c(15.50). Hallelujah!
And Yes, please collect 50/75% now and let the rest ride...

And Yes, tell your friends, too look into those asset OSCILLATORS in the GROUPTATION section. That is what I did to advise you, but you do not need me as long as you have the GROUPTATION. By the way story was the same. While cyclically we called the turn in Dollar for 17 January, the key came from the same... GROUPTATION Dollar Oscillator.
Long live GROUPTATION!(and enourmous thanks to IVAN for maintaining it)

So you want to know how are you doing fellow USA citizen? Sorry here is how ( look at the end of this page, "sorry to blow...")

Yes, if you had a 1 Dollar in the market since July 2007, it now has a purchasing power of 40c