Friday, August 31, 2007

Alexander/Malcolm Thanks

Dear Malcolm, Alexander The Great. Please accept my apologies for not responding to your posts in time. Interesting all over. For Our Readers, Thanks a lot gentlemen. Alexander, I Love you "The Great", but I think the algorithm you gave to us, is not nearly 70% correct, perhaps even not 30% correct. Now, with some filters, it could be, but simply calculating the algorithm you gave does not cut. Now, it is nice to say that during volatile times it does not work, but one often does not know that the volatile period has started or ended, if one watches VIX carefully, there could be some filtering made, but still I do not think the accuracy can improve to 45%. Which is not bad, but not so great. Perhaps I have missed something. You can email me or post again (
Good Trading


N r2k 782.30 - 796.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 46.89 - 47.37
N SPX 1450.00 - 1485.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Thin Currency Trading Volatility Is causing Pandemonium In the Markets. Degenerates In these Currency Markets, Can not they take a day off.

YEN's Good Heart, Has Limits

Dear Readers YEN's Good Heart/Mercy may have the limits, we shell soon find out. JPY has let the markets(in the holiday spirit), including GOLD breathe for few days and that may have day or two to continue, But another downdraft is in the offing as soon as the SELL PRESSURE RISES up a bit, which could complete by today's end
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Bungie Bernanke spike up to RESISTANCE:13341
2588.5, SHORT 2601
8/31/2007 4:54 AM

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sorry, Problems, Working Limits

N r2k 777.30 - 787.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 46.89 - 47.37
N SPX 1444.00 - 1469.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11


Thou Shalt Not Lose Money is the first
Never Regret Possible Gains is Second
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Probable DAY Highs IN.Resistance at:133122588.51464Jim
8/30/2007 9:07 AM

Sorry, Readers, I am not able to respond well today. Please Go On.

Benefit Of the Doubt, UP

Dear Readers, the benefit of the doubt must go to the upside. Due to the same items discussed in yesterday's main post. The buy pressure is low now, but so is the SELL PRESSURE and the last definite thing was a strong BUY PRESSURE. Summation Line indicates that "the market needs to lick its wounds and find the way even higher". If you are long stay so and do not short this market, except for a quick day trade, which may happen, due to one more YEN visit below 115. That does not have to happen today, even as today is the most likely. Good Trading

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


N r2k 766.30 - 780.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 46.89 - 47.37
N SPX 1437.00 - 1447.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

SPX hit the first low 1437. next 1434.63
NYA hit 9290 for the bottom, unless violated forget new lows.

This summer
has been wonderful for those who move YEN/JPY, ( I wonder who that is?). Moving Yen moves markets and every turn some people make money. Is not it nice to be in control of YEN?

It is going off leash again, so the upmove could be done, unless YEN betters 115.57

Bottom Is Now Visible

Dear Readers. the bottom of this move is visible from many of our vistas. 1) Yen is/will be put on the leash today/tomorrow 2) Pressure Gages are In Buy State if not extreme yet, same story today/tomorrow buy 3) Summation Line seems to be approaching the bottom. We do not know the power of this bottom, but the rule is simple when the time comes to buy/sell we do it. No questions asked beyond the risk/reward measurements. So, Even battered Gold may have it better for a while, even though I do not see the real jump until sometime Sept(stay tuned). $ may do a bit better at least for few more days, even though this poor soul is in trouble after Sept. Good Trading

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


O r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 47.49 - 47.81
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1447.00 - 1473.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Careful Q' hit low next low 47.41 , JPY hits Exhausting Bar. Careful, Please, trail stops, stay alert
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,
Approaching BOUNCE POINTS:
6:52 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
NDX100 at support 1915DOW and NAZ Support AT:13111
8/28/2007 12:06 PM

Good Decisions SQROOT/WALDO/DAVE, profits never hurt.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
NAZ 200MA=2507.14Jim
8/28/2007 12:44 PM

Everybody Note YEN/JPY approaching the target. If not stopped 113.77 and next 113.27, God Help, Do not expect though. Gold Sharply Down , $US killing Foreigners, No Presioners, Please

Follow Summation?(correct, look again)

Dear Readers, it looks like the Summation Line often has given the signals when the Pressure Gages, got into confused state. Now, Please understand, Gages do not get into confused state without first visiting an action, more definite state and the last such state was a relatively high Sell Pressure state, so , in a sense they are where they were then and have nothing new to say. In these situations the summation line is the best guide and it has On Friday pushed us into sell, but I could not find low risk entry place and time(weekend...) to get all of us on board. The summation line is still, sort of a leading downside, until it turns up from lower level. That is all we need to know. Are we going to find a nice place to enter, I do not know. Are we going much lower from here? I am not certain, I prefer to get to Sept 18-20 without very sharp corrections here. So, there. So far GOLD/GBP/JPY/STOCKS they have all been confirming the stance, stay tight and collect(ed) profits or trail(ed) stops.
Good Trading

Monday, August 27, 2007


O r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 47.83 - 48.45
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1469.00 - 1483.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Dear Readers, Please to not underestimate the possibility that Summation Line is topped without any delay! Just look at what happened Early August. It came to the price line and BOOM down. In a volatile market this could happen.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Sorry JD could not see this yesterday(boris)
Looks like Wave V Down this week.Test of 13225 probably Tues.Jim
8/27/2007 2:39 PM

Getting Closer To Sell

Dear Readers, please observe the rise in the Sell Pressure ( not extreme yet) and also observe new, almost penetration of the Price line buy the summation line. When the Summation line turns down ( 0-2 days) we will have a clear (1-2 day) warning that we are going down. I would be careful with GOLD/ENERGY(going lower) and JPY( going higher?) within next couple days. So, lock the profits or trail the stops everywhere.
Investors, Stay Put.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

October 21 Again?

Dear Readers, I am almost scared to put this chart up here. Nothing on the chart itself suggests the 1987 style crash, but I can not help it... the dates, the timing, the cycles... Let us pray together that nothing big happens between Mid Sept and Oct 21... Yes my friends it is a prayer time if market stays volatile and follows WHITE line between now and Sept/Oct. If market is week and rolls over. God Help US. Look, I am not Nostradamus, nor am I Jeremiah, I just see future in graphs of Quantum Energy. And I am sorry to see this chart... Something tells me, we will be telling stories of Oct 2007 long time to come, as bad event(political/natural) of gigantic proportions maybe lurking in our near future

I am flattered and amazed with the correlation of dates our Dear JD brings in his text below, cause my method is totally independent of Astrology or Numerology, I find this correlation amazing and scary!
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,
Support and Resistance for Monday:
13341 13399
2563.5 2601 (51sq)
1473.5 1483
Gann observed that planetary oppositions of Mars and Uranus correlated with DOW Tops.
One occurred on 8-23; the next one
is 9-21.
Aspects which correlate with LOWS,
follow until OCTOBER 25.
This CLEARLY correlates with your Most Fascinating Chart to Date.
Best Regards,
8/26/2007 7:35 AM

One more excellent Peace from JD. Really amazing. There must be views of the world
that lead to the same place, no matter where you start... Also, the fact that After Jan 2008 it follows the Gold Line, it just means that We may have a less volatile market at that time( that is my interpretation anyway, so sell VIX? then)
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris.
My Aspect Chart goes out to May 1, 2008. I'm amazed.
It matches Your White Line UNTIL January 21, 2008.
8/26/2007 9:43 AM

Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend Live

Well Dear Readers, ChroicTown's Special. Weekend Live is on. Enjoy your weekend.
Below is the text included in MR. Green Investment University(newsletter) in response to my cititicism that if he can not time market, he should not assume, nobody can. He said.

“This looks like an attempt to justify your own inability to predict the twists and turns of the market,” wrote B. Chikvash.

How right he is. I can’t begin to tell you what the market will do next week or next month. What Mr. Chikvash hasn’t learned, apparently, is that no one else can either.

He writes that “in the last 100 years the GOLD to DOW ratio went between 1 and 35 three times. If you could time, even imperfectly, the ratio changes you would have made billions in the market, alternating between gold and stocks.”

Interesting. However, I checked the Forbes 400 list and not one of the billionaires found there made their fortune this way. Although they could have done so, apparently, even if they timed it (ahem) “imperfectly.”

What do you say Boris & Company Friends, should we give him , FREE access to our blog. Wait A minute, It is free already to everybody... How else can we lure him to us? what can we do? how about members write to him at this address and tell him to come down and enjoy, FREE, market timing and show him, what we have accomplished so far. He claims to have been a hedge fund manager, he ought to find this site interesting.


O r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 47.17 - 47.70
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1459.00 - 1466.10 (1468.55 hit this morning, consider 1473 last stand, our stops should be even lower though)
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

13:48 ET 1472.27 is absolutely critical level, today's high, It is nice to re short against that and the risk is minimal, but HA... Weekend. You must make your decision on this. I can not recommend it though, unless it collapses some today.
I believe YEN is being deceptive, putting people to sleep for this weekend. When the whacking comes it will be swift and will push Stocks/Gold hard down. Monday is likely.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD
At Resistance CLUSTER:
8/24/2007 11:20 AM

Well, we/all should be out with no loss, that was our stop placement. This market has now acceded the expectations set for it buy us and this means following. It looks like the Sell Pressures increased and the Summation Line has made further up. which all not being extreme, suggests, perhaps more of the same for couple more days, as it always is in our Pressure Gage approach. We shell see in the Analysis, but this is a pretty good guess for those who may want to prepare

It's not Whit it is? It is what we make of it

Keep Stops in place and follow the market. Short term I still prefer down move, but intermediate term is up as stated often Here. While the Gages are confused the summation turned down and that could be the hint we need that the short term down likely ( 60%) continues. If we look for definite answers, we are in a wrong business or perhaps wrong site, but the probabilities now favor a short lived correction. This has often not deterred the market to make exactly opposite move, that is why stops have been invented.
Good Trading

No Kidding, timing is everything

Dear Readers, timing is everything, how many times have you heard that? Well in trading this thousand times more important. Cause, when there is time to do something price is not a question. Remember when you send your kinds to University. There was money question, but could you say no? No, you could not. Price was there, but it was only a secondary issue. You knew well, that kids have to go to U. So, When My Gages say it is time, price is unimportant. We must act. Just so that you know importance of time. If time and price cross that is even better though!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok, Wishy/Washy Day

Dear Readers, we got the sell and we are profitable, but can not rest. The day was more of a distribution type day and we may have to have couple like this, one is almost never enough. So, be careful, I hope whatever instruments you are trading have 24 hours access and stops, so that you can protect yourselves, or just get out now if still possible or use stops in any other offsetting markets. Small positions do not matter much, but large ones must always be protected or closed

Apologies for Typos

Dear Readers, please accept my apologies for errors/typos in my comments. Having no time to check my writing and most of the time writing with my eyes closed, to rest/save them, and otherwise not being perfect ( hard to know 9 languages and be perfect in any) results in a lots of errors. Now, you know, the rest of the story(: :)

Limits , could have hit highs

O r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 47.45 - 48.17
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1460.00 - 1478.10
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Very IMportant High In SPX was hit 1472.70 or thereabouts.
Must sell/takeprofits against that.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Short at: (WAVE 4)132832563.5WAVE 5 DOWN ends Sept 3Jim
8/23/2007 6:53 AM
PB said...
SPX,I have another time slot Sept 3/4.PB
8/23/2007 6:58 AM

If short SPX, keep stops above todays high. No ifs and buts, can not afford any losses. Not on this site. Not on my watch.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi JD
Check out the CHARTS for $IRX and the $NIKK, now in a BEAR Market. Rather a close fit.
$IRX High today 37, Last 35.6, -0.05
8/23/2007 7:43 AM

10:52 ET, all stops will be placed at break even or profit. If somebody want to risk some, only coffee money stop loss, nothing else will be accepted here.

While YEN on Leash

Dear Readers, Enjoyed, I hope, while the JPY/YEN was on the leash(we foresaw it 3 days ago). I am afraid, it comes off leash again and it will not be pretty, 114 is possible again and GOLD/GBP/STOCKS will not like it. The pressure gages feel approach of the weakness in the stocks by registering higher sell pressure for SPX and the summation graph is closer to pierce the price line. Repeat, I do not think the world is coming to an end and better than 65% Chances, that lows of the last week will not be seen. Nevertheless we had too good for last few days it is about to get rough. It may take couple days or it may strike today( very likely). So, be on the lookout for limits/announcements from us. Good Trading

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OK, All is well

We did not take the hit in the stock market and frankly the probabilities favored next day or two for such hit. The reason is simple, the sell pressures, while high, are not extreme or near extreme(will be tomorrow) and the summation graph seems to have room to run higher before it would turn lower. Nevertheless Some of the clusters were inviting targets for shorting and we took a shot with less than minimal risk based SPX( others could have tried something else). After grabbing a lot of "things" from our "grab things" post, you may still be trailing, good for you. You could have pocketed incredible profits or are out of the market after losing coffee money today. See you tomorrow and Good Trading. Notice though, MR YEN helped us, yesterday by not going higher and today by actually going lower...

Limits missed due to blogger problems

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi JD...
Projected High (posted Sunday)13208.5
Hit at 07:52 PDT
$IRX Range: Last Friday:<25;Today:38.75
SHORT at 13225 (115sq)
8/22/2007 8:50 AM

12:14 ET I second JD here. and if SPX does not exceed today's high 1462.62, sell it, No regrets. Sell all else you had made profits on and/or immediately place trailing stops , the best you can, Right Now!
12:19ET Investors Stay Put, You are not traders.

12:34 ET SPX(1453.56) melts away 6 points after our (JD/BORIS) announcement! keep your stops right at the entry, for me it was 1459.70

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD...
Bounce off:
Ends by 11:40 PDT
8/22/2007 11:23 AM

15;24 ET, RISK IS infinitesimal, sell/stop/or trail around 1462.62 and let it ride

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Resistance at 2551
8/22/2007 12:20 PM

13:45 ET 1462.62 has been broken, IF you lost more than a coffee money, I do not want to talk to you. If you were trailing you should still be OK and, having profits, may keep it till tomorrow. Let us wait for tomorrow as the markets close and overnighters are not advised at this time.

Tighter Ship

Dear SQROOT, Thanks For Info

Dear Readers, time to run a tighter ship. After "grab things" markets rallied a lot, Which means they are ready for a rest. Tighten the spots and even start looking where the shorting can be done. It maybe today or tomorrow that market takes another hit. I do not expect collapse or repeat of lows, but a downdraft for sure. Watch limits and watch our announcements.

Dear Readers, we would put together our price targets with anybodies in the world. It is clear that we have Superior price limits. But I want you to understand that the sense of timing is more important in trading than pricing. That is why the "grab things" was a time order. It had nothing to do with the price. At any price things needed to be bought at that time. Do not get hung up on price. Know your time. In trading you could know nothing about prices, but if you know time, you are the king. So it is in marriage!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sorry Problems With Limits Calculations

11:12 ET, YEN/JPY must make the low/high at 114.20 or so before the 11:59 ET OR we could be looking for another bad/indecision day

12:06 ET Sorry I am not able to converse with you. YEN situation is too delicate, but Stock market is guessing that YEN will decline, price will rally. That is good.

Thanks To all Leading the Forum JD especially

14:25 ET, So far not so good. YEN refusing to go down, or up, keeping markets guessing/uncertain

Speculative Fuel , JPY flows well

Dear Readers, I can not emphasize enough the importance of the world financial system for the world economy. Simply, the animal spirits do not, almost, exist without new, cheap money and do not anybody deceive you that SOPITALISM is anything but about new money. Now, fellow Americans, let's swallow our pride and admit that since early 2000 it was Japanese YEN/JPY that fueled the world speculation and economy. That is why I pay so much attention to it. The size of the carry-trade is of no interest to me. It is on the margin that the YEN can affect anything and YEN has been more than "marginally" used. You want the markets to stabilize? forget Bernanke and forget Pool and forget, certainly, Paulsen, Just beg Mr. TOSHIHIRO FUKUI to be kind to our markets and let the YEN flow, if you know what I mean. Yesterday the markets were held hostage to YEN and closed unchanged as did the YEN?! TOday I expect MR YEN to help us go higher.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Limits, watch Kamikaze YEN

O r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 46.14 - 46.73
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
O SPX 1442.00 - 1463.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Markets strong before KAMIKAZE YEN!
12:28 ET GOD WILLING YEN KAMIKAZE IS NOW DOWNED, THIS DOG IS ON THE LEASH, All we need for 114.20 not to be broken. I do not know what animal will be used by central bankers next time to subdue the speculation, but frankly I would have preferred these casino markets have never been created at all. It is all pain even for those who know, to see them being manipulated the way they are. Sad Fact


Major Direction Is UP

Dear Readers, the state of the Stock market is good , until Pressure Gages change their mind. As it stands, the Summation Graph is also favorable and FED seems to be getting softer hour by hour. So what can stop stocks from going up? Our Gages Only(: :). Now, this is not time to jump in. That time was when I posted "grab things". Now stand a side and enjoy profits or just watch for next direction change. Please note things could be volatile. YEN can make one more Kamikaze run and be careful/aware.
INVESTORS/BEGINNERS, stay put... Good Trading

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Live

Dear Chronictown said...
Lets try to keep this blog alive over the week end. Come by while you are doing your market research and leave your thoughts! Thanks Boris for a great place to come and exchange thoughts about the market!

Well I almost cried (: : ) when I saw this. Seriously People need to exchange Ideas on many things financial and related. So shell it be. We shell have what is from now to eternity called "Weekend Live".

Vamos Las Ramblas Amigos!

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD

Huge Range Days Continue.
Range This Week:
Projected Highs:
Projected Lows!!!
8/19/2007 10:58 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
PH: 793; PL 729
PH 1917.5; PL 1776.5
8/19/2007 3:32 PM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Short RIMM at: 225 (15 sq)


8/20/2007 5:32 AM

Friday, August 17, 2007

From Al's Put To Ben's PutDown

Dear Readers, Crybabies, SOPITALISTS ( search vocabulary ,on this site), have shown their permanent and gutless cowardliness. From Easy Al's Put we have come to see The Ben's PutDown. Why PutDown, cause he essentially put down any and all weapons and credibility , of an inflation fighter. What a joke Dear Bernanke CrybabeMaster..
I do not really care how my forecasts become "correct", but Boy I did not wish for this Discount Rate Cutting, after the Discount Rant Cutting about "inflation fighting". All that is left out is a helicopter.
Good Trading

Another Day at the office

Dear Readers Nothing extraordinary, just another day at the office for our Pressure gages. They show that buy pressure is still formidable and even more so the average buy pressure( CYAN LINES). Which as Dave notes is a good thing if you are looking for markets to move higher. When CYAN lines turn down watch out, right Dave? Also, notice they told us yesterday to "GRAB THINGS", I had no other words, and still do not, I am half asleep writing this. Is sleeping and blogging OK, for DWI moms?
Well, write about GOLD and Currencies and chat with DXB , so I hope that fills up the need to know whats up there... Good Trading.
Investors Nothing New, Enjoy The Scenery
QQQQ 45.71 - 47.01
R2K 768.1 - 811.2
BORIS Please Carry On, Busy BORIS
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Huge SHORTING OPPORTUNITY SHAPING UPLOOKING for a Big TURN SOUTH between 09:00 and 10:00 PDTJim
8/17/2007 6:18 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
At resistance:1316825261454.5Jim
8/17/2007 6:44 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Looking for a Bounce at 11:00 PDT128261407Jim
8/17/2007 7:51 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Bounce off support cluster:129401426Ends at:130541445Jim
8/17/2007 10:21 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
At Cluster:129972488.51435.5Jim
8/17/2007 11:06 AM
Sorry for being Absent for couple hours. I hope all are making some money and "grabbed something, or somebody yesterday"

If Yesterday Bottomed?

Then Dear Readers, we should see the retest of some sort for yesterday and then we should see 60% to 100% to the old highs at 1550. Time frame 6-8 weeks. Yen is strong again today, but let us hope market got immunized against it as it knows that the bark of this dog( YEN ) is diminishing.
Good Trading

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I think we are making it. Be alert, grab things

If market keeps going up go with it trail stops. Let us go. This is it

15:42 ET SPX rallies 10 Handles after posting this message. LOVE IT


Appoloiges to all that I did not answer, Please ask again or comment again, Sorry. Thanks and God bless you

YEN, supports on 62 FIB retrace

Could mean we finally stop this DOG attacking us. Then watch the markets fly, but if we break 112.50 below again. Forget it. for today.

I Am Tired, But watch YEN

Any time, like now it turns down. You must lighten up instantly on longs. Seem like there is no quiet moment for this DOG.

NightMare For Markets OVER?

Dear Readers I think so, We just hit a Nightmare milestone on JPY i spoke about this morning 113(0.8865 inverse). And I sold my JPY shorts and I saw(felt) all ( GOLD/STOCKS/Leveraged staff) markets breathe the first time around

Stay tuned YEN just broke 113 as well, standby do nothing watch it come back up abot 113. Can not communicate much. watch messages save questions

Watch three things SPX/JPY/GOLD, when their limts have been hit you will know from me. At this moment YEN still not exhausted the trend on a 15min chart.

JPY breaks 112

Unthinkable can happen next Yearly Attraction point for JPY 110!!!!!

Could be Good Sign, JPY broake 112 below and now is approaching 113. If I were you I would start buying good companies you can hold under any condition. Speculators, well must speculate. Looks like a day that could produce good results If one does not overextend and scare him/hirself

What a difference does couple hours make!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy, the begining recovery. I am exhausted as I traded 24 hours not closing the EYES one minute. How could you with YEN doing things it was...


N r2k 741.60 - 758.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
N QQQQ 45.16 - 46.16
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
O SPX 1442.00 - 1463.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Washout is today my dear friends. It can not get any worse and indices are recovering from small down moves. That should be it.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD
113 Sq
8/16/2007 6:14 AM\
Dear Investors DHI and LEN are still Alive The stops Held DHI by 1c Only!

The Armageddon?

Dear readers, Describing what transpired in JPY , one would think that the end of the world has come upon us. That could be, but before the end happens, we must act, cause there no END without END( Or Yogi would say,It Aint Over Till It's Over") . So, look at the pressure charts and cheer up. Strange I was the only gloomy(almost) 5-6 months ago, I am the man that officially rang the bell on May 10, saying that SPX enters REAL BEAR, after reaching 1550 and before the burial begins. Now there is a gloom everywhere you go... I guess I have adapted well to my contrarian SKIN. And I am not digging the grave yet. At least one more rally must be seen to see if this is the ABSOLUTE BEAR.

JPY, Incredible Hits 0.8832 SepFut

Dear Readers, Incredible JPY move hits 8832 just about 3rd Yearly Resistance! 8865. This kills speculation for XXX months! Break of 115(8650 or so) has conjured an Armageddon Picture in Many Investors Minds and Carry-Trade Got Carried Out...
~8K JPY Globex Contracts, In 2 Minutes!!! 8K*$125K= $1 Billllllllion
Have seen only few like this in my life, and my life was not dull!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Degrees Apart

Dear Readers, degrees apart, I think we are doing as well as anybody in the investment business is, in terms of the forecasts that prove correct. Which GURU/ADVISOR/Institution at any money...
1) Has asked you to buy GOLD at 640, last opportunity
2) Predicted August Delcine In the market
3) Predicted $rise in SEPT
4) Advised To buy BONDS at the bottom(5.30TNX)
5) Advised to switch from ENERGY to GOLD

I don't say this to Bragg, but to point out that we got something going , which other people would kill for!

Currencies. I believe we are approaching the initial end of the Dollar rise and collapse in GBP/EURO. After this inital phase, which also featured the hellish rise of JPY ( I did not expect this extra strength), which in the second leg of $US rise, should also reverse. I have given out numbers before, I think JPY can reach 115/0.8650 before we turn around. Since this one is also very influential on stocks future, watch this one. Interestng that this 115/116 area is coming when our Pressure Gages are adamant about a rally coming.

Limits, power failure last 20 min

O r2k 774.60 - 786.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
O SPX 1442.00 - 1463.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

Dear Investors, sorry for interruption. I do not think there is anything new. Market has tanked, but such is life and nobody promised that it will always go up. I believe the YEN pressure is coming to an end we are almost at 116 tonight and worst, in my opinion , is 115. That means 8 points down and 1 more to go. In fact we anticipated this decline much before anybody did. Now, all investments are to be held. We got 15% investments and that is nothing in the portfolio sense, we have no stops, but for builders and even they have not hit the stop loss points yet and are higher from the lows of the day recommended. One thing should be clear, even IBM/MSFT/XOM the greatest companies of the world have lost 50/80 % at one time. For a portfolio builder to worry about 15/20% loss is like living life with one's wife without ever having an argument. Have you tried that?

Ok, now all our investments Have nice YIELD and that is their purpose, even when/if market tanks further they will bring the money in. That is as simple as that I would change nothing , in fact those further declines are opportunities to add in different and same areas with even better YIELD. That is different for traders. Remember I took my 5/6% from builders and got out and advised anybody who had too much of it or had not stomach to get out as well. I hope this is as clear as BOSTON HARBOR.

Finally Buy Pressure!

Dear Readers, The Buy Pressure Has finally grown large enough to think of the turnaround in a day or two. Now, considering the emotional state of the markets, it could happen faster this time as the string is stretched to an incredible degree on the short side...

Wicked Witch, JPY off leash Again

Dear Readers, Japanese Yen(JPY) is on the rampage again. Joining the Wicked witch of the West $US against all EUROPEAN currencies and developed country currencies. Until This Dog is back on the leash, market will be under pressure.
Good Trading

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


N r2k 774.60 - 786.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1442.00 - 1463.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi JD
Bounce off Support Cluster:
13054 ,2513.5, 1435.5
Re Tested In LAST HOUR.Jim
8/14/2007 10:07 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Covered at 13054.Jim
8/14/2007 11:05 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Covered at 13054.Jim
8/14/2007 11:05 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
NAZ 200MA: 2499 Support: 2501 Jim
8/14/2007 12:54 PM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
S&P 500 Support at: 1426.
8/14/2007 12:58 PM

Dear Readers, comments as yesterday. Not a lot changed.
Except that $US is very strong...
Good Trading

Brutish Pound, $ is King

Dear Readers, our forecast of collpase of Brutish Pound has come to pass. This currency should have never reached these levels anyway. I often asked what is the source of strength, of course, Petrodollars. As energy goes so goes Brutish. What else do they have in England. Nothing that should have caused this run up.

$ is on rampage it is killing the currencies one by one an together almost, except JPY, but that is changing too. You will, in my opinion, start to see it trash the Japanese Yen starting today as well. Who was that man that, in April told the whole world, all hysteria of Dollar Bears(I am one on a long term bases) will not stop $US to go higher into Sept 2007?
Junior Gold I like, AAU, AUY, PLG ,JAG

Monday, August 13, 2007

Investors, Prince And His Money

Dear Investors, the market turmoil is causing a lot of people to "lose it". That is the only way market works... Ha... Yes, market is a mechanism designed to part "fools from their money" and transfer them to knowledgeable. So, the market must make it almost unbearable for investor ( little guy) to ever buy the value, cause then it will cease to be the mechanism described above.

That is why investment requires fortitude and knowledge and guts to act when one needs to. But no investor can have a blind, unconditional , commitment to any stock or group of stocks. So , knowing when to give up is the other great virtue investor must possess. So, the stops , mental , real are needed to cut the positions when they appear not to be what it looked like. Anybody remembers Citibank, and Prince Bin-Tallal. Yes, C almost went bankrupt in 1990, but Bin Tallal made out princely and C is the biggest bank in the world.

Good Trading


N r2k 786.60 - 807.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1449.00 - 1473.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

Dear Investors, DHI and LEN, have been purchased by us for keeping. Now, we do not really need Warren Buffet to help us, but if he bought HOV, which is lesser company than DHI/LEN, then we got a good company for getting evaluating value. They Yield about just under 3% each and they will be building for many years to come. Granted not all the years will be great. Portfolio is like a house it is build one stock at a time and the stocks are not available "for sale" at all times. So we need to buy them when opportunities show up.

From the technical point of view, when do we know that we are wrong and building companies need to be dumped. We have addressed this issue first time around. Here are the stops.
STOPS GO HERE ( LEN=27.44 , DHI=14.99, TOL=18.84 )

Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,
Bounce off Support: 132832551AT 13225
at 10:45 PDT and 12:15 PDT
8/13/2007 9:40 AM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Epic Battle

Dear Readers, We have the Pressure gages that do not yet call for a buy and we have our blueprint "August Again" that calls for a buy. If the blueprint is correct then the only thing we can conclude that , Mr. Market is just going to stage the epic battle between these two forces ( Blueprint/Intermediate and Pressure/Short) and will be volatile until the buy signal emerges out of the pressure gages... So fasten your seat belts and have your bags ready in case the gyrations cause you vomit(sorry)...
Good Trading
British Pound Is Getting Brutish Deal Today, Search "Brutish" Onsite
$US will shoot currencies one after the other
Investors, Markets Look Steady, NoThing Doing, So Far.

Friday, August 10, 2007

All Is Well That Ends Well(: :)

Dear Readers, Day Started like an Armagedon and ended up pretty normal and the week is closing up for all marjor Indices WOW! Better Yet, our stocks are most still up healthy percentages from 0 to 15%. Welcome to Crazy Crazy Crazy World of Investments. That is why it pays to stay Calm.

Investors, stay Calm

Dear Investors, Please stay calm. With our selection of stocks, there is no problem. And the market may have stood the test today. So, there is nothing to worry. Just know that you will have many days like this and need to get used to it, by knowing that you got things covered no matter what. As for traders, they will take care of themselves.
Have a good and restful weekend if we do not speak more today.
Good Trading

Limits and Secret Of Markets

Dear Readers, I could be wrong here again, but here is what I think the secret market turmoil last 5 weeks and especially last two days is....
It is the massive dumping of stocks buy foreigners to buy the Treasuries. That is the only way you get the Stocks Collapsing and $ rising... That is why I asked you to watch the YEN/JPY, cause that is where the dumping is going on... in YEN leveraged carry-trade investments!
Good Trading
N r2k 759.60 - 787.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1414.00 - 1464.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

12:29 ET , EVIL SISTERS ON THE RUN, Wicked Witch Of The East - JPY up/down 150 Pts!!!!!!I told you this morning, Wanted To See/Feel manipulation, this was it BROTHERS

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD....(BORIS)
Bounce off Support Cluster:
ENDS at 0:9:45 PDT

To all that make this place home

Dear Readers,
I would like to thank a million to everybody that comes to this site and enlivens it with the kind of ComeDrama that we see last few days. I thank Short term traders JD,SQROOT, LAGSCREW,DAVE, GREENE(could be part investor).
JOHN B, JOHN, MALCOLM, STANLEY, HILLBILLY and others, who are investors and/or like the investing subject and contribute here.
Others that amost regularly contribute are WALDO,EDWARDO,COBBENSE,CHRONICTOWN,PAUL,ISTVAN etc. Can not forget CURAKI,DXB and H, DAMIEN, who are mostly, currency and gold mavens. What a cast of characters. Let us Remember RK, he is a good man after all and Even Austin could have a place here if he comes back.
Just attempting to remember all names I had a hard time and still how could we forget the YOUNG GRASSHOPPER, let's wish him a lot of hopping in life(: :).

Please forgive me if I have omitted your name. Just attach it to this post and I will copy it in front.

Let me tell you about Mr Curaki, We could not see him too often after YEN got stronger, Suspect that Dear Curaki, just counted the large sums he made on that YEN traded from the bottom of 124(: :),hand to Dear Curaki, and all of you others, even if you did not state your name until now, just do so, if you want to...

Adding Names of Chroinctown and Paul, what frikin is wrong with me? Ha... can not I get a good nights sleep? How could I do that? Please all of you forgive me. Please activate my dying brain cells. Write to this post...

Istvan did activate my brain. Thanks Istvan for being a good sport.
Another Name HillBilly I missed, stupid me.

What Days?, Retest OnGoing

Dear Readers, The Stock Market is still suffering from the wild currency moves last couple days. In general $US has done well and is higher this week. Just that YEN is sucking the life out of everything. I think the traders there, may have just fired their last salvo as they force ran the currency high to 117.20, now back to 117.60. Going back to our charts, somebody, Dave, Please should have hit me yesterday on my head and told me to take a good look at the summation graph, It was running into the price graph as in the past and the mood already was bad and SELL PRESSURE was high and I had advised to lighten up day before. But I should have been more forceful even advocating shorts... Well, such is a hectic day of mine, that I often do not find a time to take good look at my own charts. Dave Help me when you can. Hit me with the 10 foot iron when you see I am not being alert(: :).( investors this is not for you guys)

Good Trading

Investors Stay Put

Those investors, that have not sold the shares bought for profit, just stay put. As I said before Stocks you are in create money flow like the water and that is good way to survive even if bigger downturn is coming. Now, buying more is a different question. I do not recommend buying more of the same/similar stocks until the stock market undergoes at least a 10% correction. This is long ways from happening so again stay put. No additions and no subtractions. Good Trading

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cental Bankers, Want You To Fear

Dear Readers, JPY action today is the way the Central Bankers Want you To know that there is the other side to the "greed" in the stocks Market. It is "fear". So Again Watch YEN, Max DownSide Till tomorrow is 117.50. If we go lower Sparks Could Fly

People Driving YEN today are Absolutely NUTS. They Must Be Driving While Intoxicated

Jim Taylor, JD said...
COVERED AT : 13399 and 2576, Good For you JD(BORIS)
8/09/2007 11:47 AM

14:51 ET, I Think Yen Completed the 5 Waves ABCDE correction UP and should move lower from here, Me not being a good ELLIOT technician, take this with a little bit grain of Salt.


N r2k 756.60 - 873.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1454.00 - 1503.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11

Watch YEN If Higher inverse(lower, sorry), Market Higher, if not, Forget about it

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD, sorty I am late, Crazy totally Crazy
Short at 13689 yesterday (117 sq)
C WAVE, as in CRASH, now triggered.
Projected LOW at 200MA=12806 or 12769=113 sq.
8/09/2007 6:26 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
NAZ: 0:9:00 PDT
DOW: 0:9:15 "
8/09/2007 8:12 AM

11:54 ET Dear Readers As long As JPY is going lower ( means higher in numbers against Dollar), do not fear. Watch JPY. Investors, if you did not take profits, just stay put

I am Ordinary Mortal!

Dear Readers, Remember, I could be wrong, Especially, when I am asked instant question. I do not know all... Please understand. I am as usual mortal as you are, and that is why I love you. That is also why I could be wrong... These are very emotional times. This is mentioned, so that you understand where and what value my word has, not, definitely not to say, that you rely on me solely , of course not. You are all too wise for that. Love you again
I only know markets at infliction points after that I am almost as lost as you are. Keep asking questions, do not hesitate, Just remember, I know what I do not know better. That is what XENON used to say and one day we will tell joke about this.

Good Trading

NEW LIMITS SPX 1454 - 1503

One of the Twin Evil Systers

Dear Readers, one of the TWIN EVIL SISTERS, JPY is on the rampage again and eating everything on its way. What do you expect, people must be scared somehow ant this is one way. GOLD as expected weak and Currencies, Except JPY/CHF weak. Stocks Weak. Yes the carry-trade Dear Readers. This shell pass by next Monday/Tuesday at most. Sell Pressure Was High, especially for NASDAQ.
Good Trading

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


N r2k 767.60 - 803.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1469.00 - 1497.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
DHI from 15 to 19 in 5 days, that is > 25% and speed that even BMW can not match!
Take some profits if you are there, please

Dear R'K where are you when we need you. You see why we do not like Long Profits? Cause, everybody is able to do that, especially if they are always LONG... Hero's are the ones that know how to short. Do you hear the silence?

Just wanted to make sure, Our "August Again" Blueprint is calling higher moves for next few weeks, so... Please I do not expect any crash or very deep correction, or even the repeat of the lows, for next... well, stay tuned. So, not aggressive shorting, even though, we will have some days where it looks the plane just sunk!

Sell Pressure Grows, Wait

Dear Readers , sell pressure grows, especially in NASDAQ, and we need to give it couple days to translate into Sell Signal.
Good Trading

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Dear Readers these guys are up around 15-20% from the low of the day of our recommendations. And ACAS is up almost 12% and nothing is really down and almost all are up more than 3%. WOW!from our recommendation point.
Good Trading


N r2k 757.60 - 766.00
O GLD 65.66 - 66.92
O QQQQ 49.95 - 50.39
O ECA 64.54 - 65.66
N SPX 1449.00 - 1470.32
O TSX 14114.38 - 13906.11
Sorry, if I not communicated back to some of you. Hectic day, with Tech Problems.
Good Trading
Do not take the limits Seriously today, It is the Fed Day. So volatility will change them drastically, I presume.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,
Bounce off:
Ends at: 09:45 PDT
8/07/2007 9:09 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
SHORT 2551
8/07/2007 9:11 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
NYSE SHORT: 9604 (98 sq.)
8/07/2007 11:00 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
8/07/2007 11:30 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Covered at:
NAZ: 2526
N100 1937
Looking to RE-SHORT SOON.
8/07/2007 11:53 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
8/07/2007 12:06 PM

Confused Gages

Dear Readers, Gages are not able to tell the story at this point, They can go anywhere, but we know that we should have been bottoming early August. So, we prefer to look North at this point, for traders. As, for beginners, no change.