Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

Dear Readers Happy New Year to you and to your loved ones. Thanks for being with us for last few months. We hope all of us learned something from this experience some of us made money. Not bad. We hope to keep it up. Please come back. We all need each other to fight the sharks out there. We will succeed, just need to hang together. Cheers to, hopefully , even better year 2007. See you there.


Another 4C from TOP QQQQ Sell?

No Overnights?,take profit 43.35

For those that do not like overnights, over loooong weekends take profits,if OK with it stop 43.57 break even, enjoy free trade. Good Trading

No Overnights?, take profit 43.42

For those that do not like overnights, over loooong weekends take profits,if OK with it stop 43.57 break even, enjoy free trade. Good Trading

Sell 1/3 rd position QQQQ 43.57 OB

Stop 43.72 mental


QQQQ 43.38,43.51 - 43.08 could go to 43.60
GLD 63.17 - 62.78
GG 28.08 - 28.06
XOI 1192.98 - 1200.14
GOod Trading

Thin Markets-Caution Conclusions

Dear Readers let us challenge ourselves. When have you last seen the QQQQ buy pressure at extreme and QQQQ lower after 3 days. Look good, that has not happened in last 3 months or so. Well, it says something and it would be even a stronger statement if we were not in this thin market. So, let us see how things develop from here. SPX is certainly at elevated sell-pressure. It is not where the Pressure gage is , it is the how the markets respond that is important, wherever have we learned that? Can we come up with answers dear readers? Where? Good Trading

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why is the market going up?

Do you remember Sir Allen Greenspan. Remember him often say... So, great the "RISKS ARE TRANSFERRED"...
Yes my friends. Now you will see how the risk is transferred...

Simple answer... It is going up, because it is going up. Ha? is that sophism or what? No this is as profound as sophism would never get and here is why: For any market to go up there must be buyers coming in and bidding up the prices. Now let us suppose at some initial start up point, for whatever reason ( security/market looked cheap, government threw lot money at it, taxes benefits were given to investors - real estate anybody - , central bankers printed too much money etc), for which I do not ultimately care, the market got going up. Once it starts going up it acquires it's own life and all the mechanisms needed to push it up start working. People tell each other how they make money in the market. Media jumps on it and reports/distorts by playing on the native greed of citizens etc. Ok, now you have a big constituency for this thing , market be it real estate, stocks, gold etc or any combination of those.
OK, the initial investors were not stupid for whatever reason, they saw the value and started the ball rolling and now the ball/market has the life of it's own. Government, banks, financial establishments are all for it. They live off these transactions in the market and more of those more money they make. Everybody starts loving this "thing" until it blows up and then they will find few villains and punish them, but the fat cats would have made billions and a little guy is holding the beg.
Ok , great. So what are the mechanisms of this "thing"? There are many, but there is one that is extremely important for stock market. That is options. When the market starts going up the fat cats or not so fat cats start thinking of protecting their gains. AHA... INSURANCE! Yes, most of what we do in USA today is insurance. So the Wall Street writes insurance ( put options ) and becomes in love with it, cause, if the market does not go down, the insurance lapses and the "writers" make gobs of money, ce bueno!
Ok as the market moves higher and/or does not go down, the volatility diminishes and options become even cheaper, giving more incentive the fat cats or speculators to by put options ( starting to see the circle?). As this goes on "writers" write more options and "support the market", remember these guys can use OPM to do so "other peoples money", meaning they use your money to make money from you ( if you understand this you are genius ). Now, having created this virtues cycle, what could go wrong?...
Well, this entire process is a wealth transfer of unimaginable proportions from a little guy to fact cats. It can not go forever for social reasons or for the fear of being detected and the central bankers must at some point come in to put fear into these "writers". Writers and fat cats know that this day will come sooner or later. Being well connected they start unloading first. When/if that happens the movie seen above start rolling in reverse... The volatility increases, nobody buys stocks ( they go down)... more they go down more people fear and option premiums skyrocket and this cycle goes very fast ( much faster than what was going on on the upside). At some point everybody that could get out of the theater on fire thanks his/her God and those that got clobbered will regret their entire life they ever got into the market. Few openly operating thieves, ED FASTOW,KEN LEY etc go to jail and the government introduces another law ( eventually to be thrown away , but pleasing widows and orphans ) and everything starts a new.
Thanks for being with me this far. I do not know about you but I am rewarded at this point. Now, do not forget that we have 2.5 billion new suckers ( sorry investors ) in the far east to want to know how does this movie play out. This is first time to most of them. Ce Bueno!
That is all she wrote... No, there is one more point. In engineering this process is called the PFL ( positive feedback loop ). Yes my friends markets are PFL except positive is the direction it could be up or down.
Good Trading


QQQQ 43.39 - 43.02 Almost hit both already
GLD 63.08 - 62.79 break 62.79 - down...lot?
Careful with gold it has hit 62% retrace high
XOI 1201.34 - 1191.00
GG 29.21 - 28.29, break 28.29 - down...lot?

Ignoring all else?

If you had a one indicator, besides price, of course, what would that be. I posed this question to myself and wanted to answer BUY-SELL-PRESSURE, but could not do it, in good faith, unless I could prove to myself that it really works. For last few weeks I have almost shut myself out of all other market info, but PRICE and PRESSURE and watched how the market interpretations unfolded. So far so good, from what I can see.Rereading back last few updates, I find myself satisfied with the way markets unfolded against these comments. Good Trading

Perfect Pressures

Dear readers, we present SPX & QQQQ pressure charts today. As you can see the buy-pressure has almost disappeared for SPX and sell pressure is high enough, not extreme, to cause the decline. If indeed this is what happens, there will be one more step in the right direction ( Down ) for the markets. Remember these observations come one day at a time, but we see the cumulative affect on QQQQ already. This could be a perfect pressure that breaks the markets back. Watch for a possible decline today. Gold Is not inspiring, but not faltering either, perfect for writing options and XOI is attempting initial support. As stated lately, barring explosion in the Middle East XOI/OIL-STOCKS/OIL are range bound at best. Good Trading

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Security Reaching for it's death

There is no advisor, Investor, Fund Manager on the earth that has not become totally sold to China Story, Well Many will be Sorry, soon. FXI has broken every resistance level there is and is going for a Zone 116-126, which, if reached would make it almost 40% rise in one month. See what kind of speculation Central bankers of the world can create. Just do not be the last one to hold the beg. Resist temptation and look for exit if you are long or short naked when it turns. Good Trading

BKX/120,JPM/48.84 death valley

Dear Readers, BKX is approaching the death valley 120-121. This wall, thick as China Wall while JPM is toying with the 48.85 level for a second time in last two weeks we projected 2+ months ago. These levels must hold the assault or we are into uncharted territory, with a lot of dark alleys on the map. Good Trading

Need Fast/Strong Surge, or else

The markets must use this opportunity to break out and leave the lows in the dust or become dust themselves. In our opinion the later is the more probable at this point. Gold is still hard to trust, but seems ok and XOI is not ready for new highs any time soon. Good Trading

Blog/Google Problems

Sorry, Had Blog Problems Entire Day. GOOGLE needs to improve.Will try to make up as soon as I can. Good Trading

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


QQQQ 42.61 - 43.20
GLD 62.16 - 62.[45]0 means 40 or 50
GG 27.28 - 28.09,28.60
XOI 1170.80-1193.90

More Pressure To Buy

Happy holiday season greetings to all. Ah... Pressure again... Yes, the buy pressure seems to have reached extremes of the past, which in our way of thinking means two things. 1) that the market is/will be a short-term buy soon and 2) the market has lost the momentum as it takes a "lot of buy pressure" to make the market go up. In short, the path of the least resistance, on the intermediate bases , is down. Good Trading

Shekel drops 4.23 to $US

Fischer, Governor Central Bank of Israel, sees what we predicted for a while, Tanking Markets and Economy and launches preemptive strike? Will not help. Markets will do what they want to do. TA100 Hit 930 yesterday. Good Trading

Sunday, December 24, 2006

TA100 top, SHEKEL 4.10 possible

For months, we said TA100 will go to 940 and top. That seems to be what is happening as TA100 was able to suck a bit more greedy at around 948 ( heading under 940 today). Shekel could still go to 4.10 our year high target.Good Trading

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays To All

Please, Please, Stay Healthy, and we will become wealthy. See you Good Trading

Were we correct, low 12:30?

Looks like it, Good Trading

Soccer, Dreams of my young age

American Football, Destination of my troubled soul. Where is the terrible towel, when we need it? Could not Roethlessburger, get a little more roethless?


GG 26.30 - 27.55
QQQQ 42.60 - 43.80
GLD 61.38-61.58
XOI 1172.60 - 1202.50
GOod Trading

Leaving For Another Site

Going to another site, where I have access to BLOOMBERG, but do not have, my intraday charting capability. So I will see you soon 9:30am EST. And try to have intraday info calculated in my head. I will be not precise, but close. Friday is the time to do in depth research on Bloomberg. Good Trading

Not Blind AnyMore

In about one Hour, we should have Data Processed and Posted. Good Trading
Update: we pretty much see what was expected in previous post. It is amazing how one can develop a sixth sense to the market even if/when the exact indicator numbers are not available. Good Trading

Running Blind

Today we are running blind. The source of data for our calculations failed and is still not back up. We can only "guess" that yesterdays move lower has increased the buy-pressure, which should, theoretically help the market find the footing today. The longer market stays in an elevated pressure state , without making real upside progress more confident our intermediate outlook for a move lower. That is just how the gage is constructed. GLD has meandered down and XOI had a more down movement. We expect GLD to do better than XOI. We shell see opening ranges. Good Trading.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good To Be With You

Not departing yet, but would like to express, deep gratitude to everybody that had participated with us today. Please come back. It is you that make us who we are, or we would be just another faceless site waiting for a life to show up. Good Trading, My Good Friends.

Low arrival estimate, 12:30pm 12/22

qqqq, must support here, or 43.00/43.25 possible

Dear James, why not. Nobody expects it ( trash for Holiday) Right?
Would not this be a perfect time? Besides I think the final nails of the bull market maybe put in just right here. Look at "How Do We Get There " again... Good Trading

JPM, new high today,48.87

Funny, on a day when everything seems to meander aimlessly, JPM found a way to sneak into new 52 wk highs 48.97 and just above our limit set for it for 2006 at 48.85. For months we said 48.85 would kill JPM. So, is JPM going for it's own death and BKX approaching 120 doing the same, stay tuned. Good Trading

GG is hitting 27.00

That is a must hold or we could see 26.50 or so.
27.05 has held, Dear Danno

Preliminary limits

QQQQ 43.60-43.90
GLD 61.40-61.60
GG 27.30-27.90
XOI, too low volatility , can not make out!
In general there seems to be very low volatility
for all things. So, a typical or slower holiday market
GOod Trading

Path of least resistance, DOWN

After rising to elevated levels, the buy pressure, was supposed to cause a rally and it is still not visible. One or more day of this impotency to produce rally, would diagnose the market as finally "DONE". It would have implied that no matter what pressure, it is unable to rally. This will be a bear market. Intermediate term outlook points exactly to such possibility.
Gold is consolidating recent gains and XOI is on it's way down to flat ( not up for sure).
Good Trading

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

QQQQ Highs at 14:15 or 16:00?

QQQQ is touching the first degree low projection for today. So is the 14:15pm the low instead of a high I thought? Possible.( time 10:40) Good Trading

Have A Stock, Answers - Intraday too

Our Stock predictions are FREE for you intraday as well. So, what is your stock? Good Trading

QQQQ, 44.08,44.17 resistance

GLD initial targets 61.39 - 61.83
XOI initial targets 1200-1220
Good Trading

Intermediate term down,Short Term Anywhere

Buy Pressure remains elevated and that could cause some more upwards move in the markets. If the market drops without making a real progress on the upside, it would be another indication that top is put in place. Our expectation is a one more day meandering up and renewal of a move down. XOI has, most likely, topped as expected for few weeks now. Gold probably will not top, move higher early 2007. Good Trading

How Do We Get There?

No Retransmission Of this Graph Is allowed Without Expressed Permission From Boris & Company
One possible way to the top is in the picture, Click To Enlarge, Good Trading

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trades Authenticated

So that nobody doubts, see the actual trade. You will see the trade conducted in one transaction ( small trade, is not conducive to 1/3 division) and a bit lower entry point 44.69 ( While I was typing order to you , market ran away for my own trade(::)). I do not mind 4c on you side is better than on my own side. CLICK PICTURE to enlarge

We got, top and bottom?

Funny, how we have sold 2 cents from the top and bought this morning 8-10 c from the bottom and then again only couple cents from the midday bottom. Now let's not tell this everybody lest they get upset with us! Good Trading

OUT!Collect the rest of the 1/3 at the market 43.55

This makes 100pts per each 1/3 position on average! Wow we could become rich if this keeps up(::). Good Trading

Have A stock? Got Answer

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .No stocks, let us discuss anything, Geopolitics, Economy whatever... Good Trading

Stop 1/3 to 44.21,QQQQ

Moving the stop away.

Collect on 1/3 now 43.43, stop 1/3 43.81

stop 1/3 43.69, 1/3/44.01

Kindspirited, Collecting some?

We are Short 2/3 QQQQ at 44.73

Stop 1/3 43.81, 1/3 44.31

QQQQ, Buy Pressure Shows UP

QQQQ Buy Pressure up, near extreme. First time in a while. In bullish market this is enough to prepare to buy market. But averagepressure(cyan) line perked up to a multi-weak highs - bearish intermediate term. So market may put a quick bottom today, but we do not think this is the last of this decline. It will, most likely, will have a follow up. Good Trading

Monday, December 18, 2006

Temporary bottom,QQQQ

stop 1/3 44.39, stop 1/3 44.67

Collect 1/3 now, stop 1/3 44.67 1/3 at 44.71

Sell QQQQ , 44.73 ob, stop mental new high

Ok, let's analyze this one. The sell pressure is rising, but not very extreme yet. Nevertheless QQQQ has been able to weaken even in the face of this "not extreme " pressure levels, what does that say to you. It takes very little to push QQQQ down, path of the least resistance is "DOWN". Wow, it took a while to say this. But please pay attention this is not a simple statement. If indeed QQQQ does not manage new high here it will swim with the conclusion above. And that is not a good news for markets. I lean towards this outcome and will look to short the market on the strength what say you.
Good Trading

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Have A stock? Got Answers

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .No stocks, let us discuss anything, Geopolitics, Economy whatever... Good Trading

Friday, December 15, 2006

Going Into The WeekEnd

Dear Readers, I appreciate your time with us today. We hope you enjoyed the discussions, charts and brainstorming that occurred here today. Thanks James,Paul,Kenneth,Kindspirited(not in any order) for your wisdom shared today. We had very profitable week with close to 2% percent gains in QQQQ/XOI/GLD even though we gave back 12C last couple days. I'll take this any week from next to no end. I would like to leave you with this. Never mind DOW/SPX highs, QQQQ has failed to produce one, TRAN is still diverging with DOW, GS was pitiful the entire week and today. P/C ratios have joined other sentiment indicators to show the bear is coming and I think above all, I hope( or you tell me otherwise ) BUY-SELL-PRESSURE has been very accurate in keeping us with the flow of the market. If anybody can find anything like that on the net, I am willing to jump on it.
Thanks Again and Good Trading.

QQQQ Stop at 44.51

How about Call/Put ratios?

Almost breakeven, Anticipate sharp early move.
Good Trading

We have lost pennies out of $'s we gained, but the reason is this. The dreaded fractal, I was talking about materialized. Look at this structure it looks like a soccer lifting up taking aliens with it. Ha? I could see it possible when discussing the triangles with Kindspirited. Did not think it had that great of a chance. Well, next train...

What caused it anyway? Look at the inflation reports on the BLOOOMBERG chart. If you believe these inflation numbers, I have a retired person to sell to you...

ClickMe->Sell-Pressure Rising

Dear Readers, As market rose so did the sell-pressure yesterday. Nowhere at extreme yet, but one more day of upfloating and the sell pressure could reach the area, where the countdown to downturn will begin. 1-4 days of churning then should lead to downturn. We could be a bit early with our shorts, but with small managed risk, we will take this chance.

QQQQ,SPX sell-pressure jumps

QQQQ sell pressure 6 to 23 , SPX pressure 20 to 28. Close, but not extreme. Once there, another 2-4 days distribution, then DOWN LEG.Graphs later. Good Trading

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Have A stock? Got Answers

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .No stocks, let us discuss anything, Geopolitics, Economy whatever... Good Trading

A quick Summary.

4c gained, gold, was not public. closed
10c lost QQQQ , closed
12c gain , open QQQQ. Not a bad day at the office.
Lessons: Yes. "Do not lose money" if you can manage it.
Thanks All, come again, really appreciate your interest
Good Trading

This QQQQ position goes overnight

Dear readers, it looks like QQQQ will meander for the rest of 9min trading time. Those that want to will have to take it "home". Good Trading

stop at 44.54

James, Would you like to answer PAUL. about fractal?

qqqq out market

error click. Not out

sel QQQQ 44.49 ob, stop mental

15:20pm,Markets could Change Direction

QQQQ has zigged and zagged 44.48 +-6 cents for 5 hours. Ha? we knew this resistance point, just would not, will not risk more than 12c on any trade. If R/R ratio I not there, I will pass. Nice, if you can do it.
"Same lesson, put different way"
Good Trading

Ok, out of GLD, 4c gain

Ok, You see a thin holiday trading, these michugina can play any games with this kind of market.


I do not know where you stand now, but Not all is lost. There is no way I can rule out a QQQQ break-down between now and 20Jan put expiration date. One telling sign will be if QQQQ fails to make a new high on this, hopefully last move up. By the way, this mornings suggestion to buy QQQQ's to offset the puts would have worked well. Good Trading

QQQQ had reaced to 44.48

But there is no point fighting it, We know from BUY-SELL Pressure charts that spike is likely, it maybe bigger than Any of us would like. So is the 4 day up discussed before in motion? Could be. Why not go long... good question, show me the entry point now?

My Gold Buy 62.14, See order

Could not report too fast.Now 62.43,low 62.12!!!
For details see comment

Gold Recovered Completely

QQQQ going for 44.67 or 45.08

Gave up 10c. Not too bad,after yesterday's Dollars, Lesson: "Do not Lose Money". Notice I am not looking to make money, I have already made a lot and more will come as long as I can try. Michael Jordan anybody? He would take 50-60 shots a game!

Sell QQQQ 44.45, stop 44.51

Small risk, and we got lot of profits to cover this.

Stop 44.48

sell QQQQ 44.42 or better, stop 44.48

QQQQ at the wall 44.43

QQQQ to 44.15-44.25 at least.

Premarket QQQQ 44.02 +

Unless we get a quick turnaround before open. Looks not good Kindspirited. If action is required , one can buy premarket QQQQ to prevent more loss in options. Not sure what the delta is, but 100c = $1 QQQQ move will equil $100 for every option(contains 100 shares). Good Trading.


Dear Readers. Today 3 charts... Two pressure charts and one latestayers chart. QQQQ sell-pressure has plummeted, buy-pressure is high, but not extreme. SPX buy-pressure same as QQQQ, but sell pressure not as low. Simply put, QQQQ may need some push up to cause sellers to come in. It has been laggard lately, so it could jump up strongest short term.Do not expect blowup, just a hiccup. Please note that averagebuypressure ( cyan line) has curved up and that shows a intermediate term bearish outlook. To fortify the intermediate to longer outlook, Latestayers chart shows the "leaders" have created divergence with the market ( cyan line-latestayersaverage , lower high, red line-spx higher highs). This all points to a topping market. Good Trading.
For a short term outlook, reread the Elliott count presented at yesterday's closing.

Israeli Shekel,TA100

Shekel, 4.10 by Feb 2007 , 3.84 - 3.74 by Dec 20007. With 4.[34]0 buy June 2007. TA100, Last gasp at 940. Good Trading

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Have A stock? Got Answers

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .No stocks, let us discuss anything, Geopolitics, Economy whatever... Good Trading

Todays completed trades, PROFITS all

Sold XOI yesterday 118.70, collected 7 pts average on 2/3, 1/3 breakeven
Bought GLD today 61.90, collected 35c average on 2/3, 1/3 +45c Good Trading My friends.

how does 12/11 QQQQ decline count

Ok here it is. 12/11 top 44.36 bottom 12/12 at 43.55 , top 12/13 44.09 , bottom 13/13 at 43.62 and top? 13/13 at 43.89. This looks to me like a ABCD... DO we have an E coming tomorrow morning that is down? if that is the case, this E bottom at around 43.68 will be last chance to run. before market takes up. Only a decisive break below 43.61 invalidates the bullish outcome. One more reason for cnfiding in this count... all ABCD points were 62% retracements of the previous pivot.
What do you see?

Rally from bottom ABC 62% retrace

This rally from 43.62 support is nice ABC with the 62% retrace at 43.92 and EXMA at 43.94. Triangle also just 3-4 c above. If this does not hold...

Amazing , still no close above 43.88

Kindspirited, read James's msgs, posts

Critical thing, read it, James has a message. Good Luck with you decisions

Got a dark bar

unfortunately the EXMA's are pointing up. 44 should be limit for KINDSPIRITED

43.94 is 62% retrace of todays drop

A dark bar on this 5 min can cap move

43.83 and then 43.88would be the first up signal

43.88 is still very critical

Cause at that price many/all good counts of Elliott fall off. Even though final rally will be suspect until 44.05. GOod Trading

KIdspirited, Triangle of your concern now has ...

These limits 43.55 and 44.05

Dear Readers, so you understand

We love our friend Kindsprited and this detail is for him to find his way out of his predicament, our longer view is clear, but when you have options expiring within few days you do not have long view.

14:30 we do not want to register shallow low here

Good devlopment, QQQQ contained by slow EXMA and below fast EXMA

supported on shorter EXMA, need to break this 43.71

not out of the woods yet, but good direction

14:30 another decision time.

Gold backed off a little.

dark bar,Next 2 bars are able to cap rally

White bar, but did not go far

Unless it accelerates here we could come up on the end of proprietary count capable stopping rally

Looking dark so far, ABC?

5 min dark bar will do wonders here

Second min in 5 min interval, Could fool us and back off

Any move above 43.88, will mean break

Supported again. If it break above 43.88 it will, most likely start a trend up.

More push at 43.65, will break it?

Important time. A 4 day trend starting?

This time could launch a 4 day trend. So far looking up?. I spoke to Kindspirited about a huge fractal from 11/27. Is it resolving on the upside? Take profit 1/3 GLD now( flat in gld 62.35)

QQQQ careful, could swing lower

If this little rally is what 13:05 high would have been, then watch out below

QQQQ 43.65, held, bit early?

qqqq, double bottom 43.56

If not holding 43.65, will go to 43.56 or worse 43.31 by 13:00pm. 43.31 will make ABC from 44.40 on 12/11/2006

James, Sorry, I am terrible. FCX?

James, Stupid me, Could not read your question. OK FCX could go 75 easy. Let us talk about it every day if you get in, to finetune.

If you missed. Profits are Rolling

Sold XOI yesterday 118.70, collected 7 pts average on 2/3, 1/3 breakeven
Bought GLD today 61.90, collected 35c average on 2/3, 1/3 alive +50c
Good Trading My friends.

Wating for 13:00pm, For trend QQQQ

Strong $ + GOLD?

Is prime time for gold in cards?

GLD celeb^ing, Market impotence

Long live GOLD, stops 2/3 position at 61.99. Good Trading

Stock market Wimpy here.

Market is showing it's true color? No power to plow?. We could go for 13:30 top or bottom. It looks like a week top for me and could dissipate bying power. On a day with so man M&A and buzz around wall street it feels like 1999 again in the Halls of BLOOMBERG. They never learn... Strong retail sales and all that... What more Mr Market wants? Ask him.
Good Trading

keep 1/3 XOI stop 1218.70

Buy GLD , 61.90 or better risk 12c

these are initial limits

QQQQ 43.80-44.29 and GLD 61.94 - 62.19 GOod Trading

Charts Indicate, Rebound?

S&P ,QQQQ Buy-Pressure are high enough to cause, hopefully weak, rebound. Good Trading

ClickMe-> S&P QQQQ Pressure

Israeli Shekel,TA100

Shekel ( Israeli currency ) the upper limit may be now at 4.[12]0
LOok for 3.84 and 3.73 in 1-2 years or higher. Former numbers 4.84 and 4.78 were typos.
TA100 last gasp at 940.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Goldman Is Dead, Start The Presses

Goldman GS stock has had Sixth distribution day today on a huge volume. Do you think somebody was selling?. You bet! God worked 6 days and he rested. So let GS rest for a Seventh and see that this stock is done...
Good trading

Have A stock? Got Answers

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .No stocks, let us discuss anything, Geopolitics, Economy whatever... Good Trading

What's todays Lesson?

Day is not over yet, but it was sure exciting. I am sure you have all seen the comments by DXB,FOX,KINDSPIRITED and others. If you are new, you can see how diverse the traders/trading world is. There are as many strategies as people, even though , big pictures are fewer. Keep listening dear friends and reading. I hope we are doing some good. Besides we should have made you money in XXXXX OI'H today HA? Now, seen that should let the juices fly in beginners body... OK.
Still the main lesson. "Do Not Lose Money" and keep repeating this until you are alive. We could have stayed in GLD by risking just 10c loss. We did not. That is telling you most of what you need to know. Do not get me wrong, It is not as easy, rule, as it looks. Caught between greed and fear how do you decide what is little and much loss. Well, I could never understand that until I mastered the art of a supershort term trading...
Knowledge makes you free ( not fear or greed ).
Good Trading.

GLD has made a perfect DOME

GLD made a perfect DOME at 62.18 ( I wish , I left the stop at 62.14 ) and bolted higher.

14:15 QQQQ may have topped.

Lost Internet, exactly 14:15. Dam it.

first move down. prepare shorts...

As advised 1.5-2 EMINI points from where 14:15 EMINI stands.

James, where are you. Miss you.

Mr Market, ready to dive?

When FED comes out, after a minute if the Stocks go down that could be the sign and signal that Market has had it. Good Trading

buy GLD 62.25, stop 62.14

Profits taken on XOI 2/3

SHould have only 1/3 short stop at 1218.70
Let the 1/3 ride

XOI at ideal time+price to short

Short XOI at 1218.70 or better, and place a very small risk stop at 1221.03. About 0.3% risk.

What is the market likely to do

I think, FED will not announce much change from last meetings stand. That would the bulls reason, as if they need the reason, to push the prices higher. Then the prices either settle up there and flow in into Wednesday high or start coming down immediately. That is the scenario I look at. What do you think?

qqqq/spx/gold/euro flattish

Have A stock? Got Answers,Shoot!

SPX Buy-Sell-Pressure,clickme

Story is the same. All is on hold and looking neutral for FED meeting. That is way it works folks. Only looking at a longer term picture, we notice that Buy-pressure is above the average-pressure and the average pressure itself curving higher. That is our hint to trust the downside more than the upside. Nevertheless, we can not rule out an explosive new trend up ( not likely) or a 1-2 day spike that will clean out the chimney of shorts. Good Trading
SORRY DROPPED LEGENDS, CYAN - Average Pressure, RED - spx ,BULE Buy-Pressure and YELLOW- Sell-Pressure.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Goldman, Last Gasp

I do not know about you, but 5 Distribution days in 2 weeks, Double reversal( two last dark bars, interspersed with white ones), called double reversal. This can not be good for GS or any other stock in the entire stock market. When talking about individual stocks, remember that 75% of stocks will go with the market. So, let us see if market makes or breaks next two days. One more distribution day and that could be it for MR Market and GS.
Love to hear your opinions.
Good Trading

Have A stock? Got Answer

Are you watching something you want opinion on. Shoot!
We are glad to give attraction points. TELL FRIENDS/WORLD, WEEKEND NO PROBLEM. Guys/Girls, Keep asking, there are more than 10000 stocks ETFS etc. Remember "Do not fear, Boris is Here"
My answers expire! Dec 31 2006. Need refresh come back 2007. Note, we have opinion on every stock YAHOO can download. You will never hear from "NO OPINION", like this CNBC joker. Know why? Cause our method is scientific, We do not make up as we go, do not speak to CEOs(will never be sued/taken to jail), we can not even speak ENGLISH ( but speak 5+understand 9 - not including computer languages). So bring orphans have-nots we will cover any stock, even Stocks not on ESIGNAL .
Good Trading

BKX hit 115.07

BKX hit 115.07. Still not a break out, but not far from it. JPM though is still capped by 48.85. If broken this resistance BKX could make a trip to 122. Ha... see what few TRILLIONS fiat money can do?
GOod Trading

Amazing Pipelines KMP,EPD,TPP

These guys are going up, almost none stop. If you long ( our long portfolio) use follow up stop. If not it is hard to watch these go up, but it maybe too late. Do not advice to chase.
Good Trading

Time to nibble Low $ investments

If I were you I would start nibbling back at the lower US Dollar investments. Little GOLD, Little EURO is not a bad ide. For me this means 25% of normal portion.
Good Trading

could go 44.25 44.50

QQQQ may have indicated low 43.[56]0.
QQQQ may have indicated high 44.0[59].
GLD may have indicate high 62.[34]0
[56] notation means 5 or 6. computerese...
Note i mistyped 44 instead of 43 low.
Good Trading

Hot stock , Synopsys SNPS

CEO is talking on BLOOMBERG and the stock is hitting formidable resistance at 26.47. Watch it. It may be over hyped and ready to be sold.
Not an advice, just heads up.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Position Summary

No positions left anywhere. All out. Final long GOLD/EURO/XOI positions have been profitably exited. Flat as a pancake in all markets except the long term portfolio, still 85% cash, 10% gold and 5% pipelines. Interest rates perked up, OIL can not seem to get out of it's way, even as we called 55 bottom last week and Gold/Euro seem to be digesting the gains. Just XOI down and up from 8/2006 alone should have made you kind of profits that others only dream. We are not even talking about gains in GOLD/EURO and quick short term trading gains in QQQQ.
Good Trading

Market Configuration

Having problems uploading charts today. Will try later. Here is the market configuration. QQQQ pressure chart is again indecisive. S&P pressure chart has little more buy pressure in it. That must mean that we may have couple more days of upside to sideways potential for the markets. Which would confirm to the thinking that Dec 12/13 would be a wait and see period for FED meeting and we could see a final spike in indices for that date. Sentiment indicators are not at extreme bullishness, but are closer to that than at any time last 4-6 months. That indicates that the high put/call ratios are no more supporting the market the way they used to last few months.
Good Trading

Friday, December 08, 2006

Nice Weekend, Leave msg's I'l get back

$ stronger, Irates up, all as suspected

Do not fear, Boris & COmpany is here

Keep your comments, questions comingl. Make the holiday gift. Learn or teach something

Looks like we got the limits

We hit the minor low limit and major high limits, both first degree limits. It is so beautiful to see the market do what we tell them, sort of...

qqqq targets

44.15, 44.64 for a top 43.22 4272 low
more modest targets
44 for a top 43.52 low
43.52 was hit already
Good Trading

qqqq, moving down,good direction

On more push needed for a top

There is one more push needed for this market to go down and "prove" that the top is in place. Today/Monday are very fertile time to do so. The buy and sell pressure are in the middle of the range for both of these( Pictures did not come out too good ). What this means is that thin market conditions continue and will be resolved one of these days soon.
The bright light for bears is the under performance of QQQQ and Transports and no new top for DOW in last 10 days.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pay attention to GS/FXI slammed?

Look at GS, After an attempt to fake out? the move to a new zone towards 245-250, if this stock closes below 203 this week and end of this month, we would have witnessed the biggest fake out attempt to suck people in. Ditto FXI around 98. Look at it and remember for next bull market, I Hope you will know how to spot the fake out then. Good Trading.

Out of XOI, 1223. Reshort?

Out of it, but should we short it, yes if you can follow it. with stops at intraday projected highs. We are not yet officially shorting it, though.

QQQQ stronger, 44.55 break leads to 45.30

More Meandering into 12/13 Dec?

OK, upper S&P and lower QQQQ charts.
What we see is a continuation of yesterday's configuration, where S&P is ready to go down, but sits in a strong position (buy-pressure under average-pressure ) and QQQQ is washed up ( pointing anywhere you think direction is ). All previous comments apply, in addition, QQQQ shows more price weakness and S&P is holding up to. With Transports/DJI non-confirmation points to trouble for stocks. Need market to confirm what we say. So far, this thin market is confusing everyone including itself. FED meeting on 12/13 DEC could force markets hand. See yesterday's XOI/GOLD/EURO comments. Good Trading.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Watch XOI, Top Here/Now or....

XOI could have topped, and the market
with it. Or XOI double tops 12/13 DEC
with the market? This is big... Watchit!


With 5% out rule, should/will be out of
GOLD/EURO/DOLLAR positions as
opennings show. Will be out XOI on any
11 point retracement...

Fractals, Directional Early Move

Markets Fractal configuration points to
a reasonably directional move afater the
open. Do nok know which way yet.

Market Under Pressure

Having some problems uploading the
Market pressure indicator charts today.
So, the text shell suffice for now.
SPX entered even more extreme sell-pressure
area, while the QQQQ pressure chart looks
indecisive, thin trade. The prognosis is that
market is easy to push into whatever direction
and will take the path of the least resistance,
decided by day traders? It is encouraging,
though to see QQQQ not able to make new
highs, while SPX is. QQQQ was a leader
and still is ( leading down now? ) Transports
QQQQ non-confirmation of SPX high is a
yellow flag. TA100 hit 941 again and pulling
back. Market just needs one good push down,
but too many put option sellers are holding
off the progress down. Tune in day time to
navigate further. Good Trading.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bernanke rescue $ Fossett close

Everything down $ gets protection?

Want to Rob Banks Again?

Sell BKX stop 115.01 stop 1/3 position

sell QQQQ 44.50 26c stop 1/3 pos

Tight stops on all posn's 5% or less

That includes XOI+components, GOLD
EURO/DOLLAR etc. 5% retrace, Right?

GLD in trouble here 64.39?

44.47-44.67 is the sale range

Let us watch if it gets up there and
turns down. Immediate support 44.10-44.20

Watch Tim 10:00-10:25 Pric 44.65

Ok, this time we have two charts, One is for QQQQ and another for S&P.
As you can see the QQQQ pressures are not at the extreme, but S&P are close to the extreme. What does this mean?. It means that we can expect markets to go either way, but should prefer the bearish side due to the "extreme sell" being almost at hand for S&P. This should be fortified with the idea that QQQQ seems, all of a sudden, to be not leading! Ha... S&P new top! QQQQ not? That is new from last summer is not it. OK tune in we will try to lead you into the day.
Do not forget the sell pressure extreme, can/may take 1-4 days to dissipate.

Monday, December 04, 2006

We made money, not as much...

Ok day, Still positioned in all markets, except
The Stock Market. This could be a blessing in
disguise, cause we should be able to short
from higher levels.
If anybody has ideas to enhance mine, about
helping kindspirited(see comments blog below),
speak up, publicly or privately.
Tomorrow ~10:00-10:25 looks critical.
Good Trading All.

going 15:10Mon,10:25Tue. 44.65

out of BKX, Profitble, not wildly

GLD did just that,stopped at 63.56!

See the previous blog on GLD.

Gold Almost Unchanged

It looks like this market wants to go
higher. From what we know our
BUY-SELL-PRESSURE indicator does
not think that it can go far with this low
buying pressure. So relax and watch for
next shorting opportunity, wherever/whenever
it comes.
Good Trading

bkx hits 113.99. Take 1/3 profits now

There should be only 1/3 position left
with the 114.00 stop!
Mad world is getting madder.
Bernanke and Company are printing $ no end.
Only Gold puts the shackles on them
Good Trading

QQQQ ABC correction complete

It is possible QQQQ has completed an
ABC correction
from 30Nov Tuesday bottom. If that is so
and GLD and GOLD have just completed
respective bottom (GLD 63.55 ) then we
maybe due to reshort. But I am not going
to Chase anything. We are positioned in
all markets except QQQQ. We will find
a reentry.
Good Trading

GLD must stop 63.55 or much lower

Timing QQQQ high Tue 10:00AM?

Now that we have moved up timing looks
like the Tuesday morning 10-11 AM high.
Good Trading

Upside Break Not expected

Upside break of Stock market is not
expected. We need market to go down
not up to generate the upside potencial.
The fact that it is meandering is just the
way market will take out weak shorts.
We shell look for better place to reshort.
Meanwhile we took profits on all 3/3 rds
of our original shorts.
Not bad.
GOod Trading

Profit is a profit OUT at 44.01

Everybody stops QQQQ at 44.01

Let us sort this out

Those Who have our original sell from
44.55 can afford the stop at 44.31 for
1/3 of the positions. Rest should have
been cashed already.
Fo those that have joined us from 44.24
short should have also collected 2/3 of
the initial positions and if not collect now,
The stops on 1/3 should go to 44.01.
Special Message for Kindspirited. You
have the options. Can not really place the
stops easily due to the wide spreads that
usually exist for options ( they are not as liquid
as stocks). So watch the levels we are talking
about and act on options as we act on stocks.

QQQQ stop up to 44.01

To see today's BUY-SELL-PRESSURE chart
go to next BLOG below. And Follow Link to
Good Trading

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Interpret BUY-SELL-PRESSURE chart

Dear fellow traders.
Some of you asked, where does one find
the interpretation of my charts. It is easy,
I hope, and can be found at
I will also reproduce it right here for you.
For better formating visit the safehaven.

1) Buy pressure at extreme, buy, especially in the bull market wait 0-2 days
2) Sell Pressure at extreme, sell, especially in the bearish market wait 1-4 days
3) Use "buyaverage" (cyan line) to gage your level of bullishness. When it is
hit by red line "buypressure" from below be bearish and visa-versa.

See how well that worked on this chart? Why give it free?
Cause, great 12 century Georgian poet/philosopher(Shota Rustavely) said...

you get only what you give
From Original (You find what you give, all else is lost)

Friday, December 01, 2006

43.27 proven strong QQQQ support

In one of our comments we mentioned that
drop below 43.27 would be a better indication
that we are going lower today, but we stopped
exactly there and moved up. I hope that
those that have more than a 1/3 position have
taken some more profits. We only have 1/3
at this moment and will stay with it. Stop at
Good Trading.
I am leaving now, as I communicated with you
not from my primary location today.
Thank you so much all of you. Please believe me
I have no agenda except to help people.
Let us be together and we will be better of for it.

QQQQ stop down 43.83

If QQQQ get stronger than 43.68 we may
need to consider some possibility of today
being bottom. So, I would drop the stop down

Do Not Fear Boris Is Here (::)

Hi there, We would like very much for
you to participate. You do not have to,
of course, enjoy the site and information.
For us it is enough to know that we are
helping some people, who would otherwise
be eaten by sharks on Wall Street.
In any case, speak up, we will all learn
something from your questions.
Good Trading.

stops down 44.21,QQQQ

If you have a full position ( I do not know why)
then take profits of at least 1/3 or 1/2 now at 43.70

1/3 QQQQ stops 44.24 even

We can breath easier

We can breath easier today as the biggest danger of market rally may have passed yesterday. You know that as a trader we cannot be complacent, so be careful and tune in.
Meanwhile hold 1/3 QQQQ shorts ( stop at 44.55 ), 1/4 of GOLD/XOI long with 27% retracement protection, 2/3 BKX with 114 protection and 2/3 EURO(long)/$USDollar(short) with a 27% rule.
Tune in intra-day, We all gain by sharing insights.
Good Trading

Thursday, November 30, 2006

That is all she wrote

That is all she wrote for today.
44.24 was obviously the best
sell today, but we chose to sell
first at 43.85. But hopefully we got
either additional or first re-shorts
at 44.24. Close 44.04. Not bad
20 points heads up for tomorrow
Friday. Main story CVX rejected at or
around 72.89 ( high 72.96 close 72.32)
As indicated the decline in major
OILstocks if/likely forthcoming the SPX
that showed strength will follow down.
Gold did it's thing, even though we got
long in gold we could not get others as
that happened early European morning
Good Trading.

It's a free trade stop 44.24

Stay if you want to. We do stay
with the mornings short 1/3.

It's a free trade stop 44.24

Stay if you want to. We do stay
with the mornings short 1/3.

It's a free trade stop 44.24

Stay if you want to. We do stay
with the mornings short 1/3.

QQQQ stop at 44.29

QQQQ stop down at 44.28

OILstocks are driving SPX

OILstocks are/were driving SPX
past couple days. If their support
is lost, see below, then the market
could tank.

short 1/3 QQQQ at 44.24

If you were with us on original shorts
and have profits, and missed reshorting
early this morning, reshort now with a
7 cent protection

Watch CHEVRON, WALL at 72.89

So far so good, CVX has hit 72.63 and
XOI is at 1212.81 just shai of 1230
last top.
Careful here. Keep you guard up.
Good Trading

Yes! 44.25 has proven to be WALL

QQQQ has been rejected at 44.25.
Now 14:00 - 15:00 pm may be a bottom
instead of top.
Good Trading

QQQQ stops here 44.25 or 44.50

QQQQ must stop here or 44.50
becomes reality. There seems to be
enough time for QQQQ to attempt
further rally (upto 14:00PM ).
Good Trading

going for top 14:00 15:00

Looks like we are going for a top
at 14:00 ~ 15:00

stop 1/3 of QQQQ at 44.55

Think of this as continuation of the
original short from 44.55 with a profit
of 17 cents in between 44.85-44.68.
Good Trading

carful OIL, Approaching Wall

Please be careful with oil stocks/XOI.
we are approaching a wall of resistance
here. Big oil CVX/XOM/COP/PTR etc
are at the resistances ( Especially first two).
XOI is approaching 122 ( fatal level,
remember our article on XOI, see it below)
What do you do? Keep an eye on things and
keep the 27% rule in place for 1/4 of the
positions long previously adviced.
Either we will turn down here or there
is real bad news coming geopolitically which
will send OIL+OILSTOCKS to higher
resistance (attraction ) points.
Good Trading

reshort 1/3 QQQQ at 43.85

Most dangerous day!Today...
If the market surges it would have avoided the death. Tomorrow, also important, but less so.
Tune in for intraday updates
Good Trading

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reshort QQQQ 43.67

Not expected, but placing sell stop in.

Not Bad! 43.68 was bottom?

take 1/3 of QQQQ profits, 43.68

Let's use the profits for next round
of shorting, hopefully higher.
Good Trading

wounded and dangerous I

The Stock Market is wounded and dangerous.
It is from these kind of oversold levels
that market has been able to rise, for last
3 months. I do not see high probability for
New highs this time, but shorts must be
carefully monitored and Market needs to be
given time/space to fail in the rally before
declaring it dead.
Keep Shorts with a 44.55 stop on 1/3 QQQQ.
Keep Long GOLD/XOI/EURO and short $USDOLLAR
with 27% retracement rule.

wounded and dangerous

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

take 1/3 profits EURO, 131.80

take 1/3 of profits on BKX 111.90

QQQQ 1/3 stop down at 43.64

Market Have Changed

Is the top in place?
Not 100% sure, but it all happened
perfectly in time ans space, so it
is hard to argue otherwise, when most of
the leading securities/indices make
a synchronized effort to signal top...
As far as the profits go we do not care.
We are riding, QQQQ ( 2/3 position ) short,
EURO ( full position ) long, GOLD/XOI ( 1/4
position ) long.
Keep stops as outlined 27% retracement for
GOLD/XOI/EURO and 44.55 for QQQQ.
Good Trading

TOP In Place?

Monday, November 27, 2006

QQQQ 2/3 stop 44.55, Ride the train

long term protfolio, sell trusts, sell 5% pipelines

take 1/3 qqqq profits now

Those short bkx, stops at 114

place half stop at 44.50 half at 44.55

cancell all stops

qqqq stop now at 44.50

collect 1/2 profits at QQQQ at 44.27

very important to break 44.41

QQQQ stop at 44.55, breakeven

Sold qqqq at 44.55. stop at 44.65

Jig Is Up, Folks

Jig is up for the markets. They seemed to go up,
last week, only by discounting in $US. But now
it could be going down on the absolute bases.
No help even from the melting Dollar.
As PRESSURE chart below shows, strong rally
is impossible from this low level of buy
pressure and the average pressure points up.
We need/have a sell-off. No hesitation, use your
favorite shorting method to sell, but be fast on
your feet to cover if market rebounds. Strength
of that sell-off and strength of the following
rally, will show if top is in place.
DAX/FTSE/TA100 seem to form perfect tops!
Good Trading

No Help, Going Down,

Friday, November 24, 2006

Who would believed this morning!

That QQQQ would make high by afternoon.
So, this restless thing does really want
to go to 46+ ha...
Next time for a direction change 13:30pm
Low-High,your guess as good as mine for now
Resistance starts around 45.10 ...
Good Trading


Look at the "PRESSURE" chart below.
The market has cornered itself.
Few choices here...
1) Last gasp higher, deeper eventual
downturn(cross of cyan by red line ).
2) Or immediate dive
Not waiting for any of this, our pride,
the symbol of Americas strength, $Dollar,
has taken the historic beating lately.
What a present to fellow brothers Americans,
by inapt "managers" of our economy/country.
That, by the way, includes both Dems/Reps.
So Ironic, on this day of celebration of freedom
from EUROPE, the $dollar tanks.
Thank god, we are out/or short stocks+$dollar,
long OILS/GOLD and fully long EURO...

Market Cornered Itself

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turky Day America!

I wish all Americans ( that includes me )
happy and healthy
thanksgiving day. Enjoy it.
Just remember greed has no limits. Stick
with me. We can fight the greedy to
keep what is rightfully ours.
Good Trading

Nobody Forget, Resistance Attracts

I wish that were not true.
In any case, NASD has an "attraction"
( I like this word better... do you.)
to 46-47 area and that could also bring
GOOG to around 550 and FXI ( china ETF )
to ~100 that would be a "fatal attraction".
Markets are meandering as suspected, but
QQQQ is going for it.
Real story of today...
America On Sale!
Looked the US $Dollar.
Do not you dear to touch the EURO Longs
and $Dollar shorts. Keep them.
The rest of the recomendations, steady as
she goes.
Good Trading.


It is there everyday. Just look for it as the first
posting of the given day.
Good Trading

better hold this 44.30 or 44.16 is next

Support here at 44.47 and 44.40

Support here for QQQQ and better one
at 44.40

Rally unlikely

Look at the chart below ( CLICK TO ENLARGE).
We have never yet had a rally on this chart
with this low level of buy-pressure readings.
So we do not expect now. What could happen
though is that due to the low volume holiday
trading we could see a drift. In general
though next 2-4 days favour downdraft.
Good Trading

Still Volnurable

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

this trendline holding up every pullback

The trendline connecting the yesterday
15pm low today 11am and 2pm low is
holding up this rally, a close below
could be significant.
Not much time left though to really
tank the market.
Good Trading

Ok Just about even today

Very low volume seems to make this
market difficult to trade. There
are very few follow through moves after
the morning.
Good Trading

stop is now at 44.48

This would avoid stampede if
44.50 is hit. 3 cents risk
Good Trading

44.50 could actually be a go long signal?

I am not playing that game though.
Not at this time, however profitable.
Good Trading.

stop is at 44.50 now

5 cent risk, Good Trading

took a short at 44.45 again

7 cents stop loss 44.52

13PM is possible top

13PM is a possible timeframe for a top.
Need to watch.
Good Trading


We made some/little money today. Suspected
the 44.25 could form low, but remember.
We do not play for few cents.
We play for no loss and potential big
win. So, we took a quick profit on 1/2
of the positions and let the other 1/2
ride for a big one. Many times this does
not work, but when it does you can sit
for months in a position and count money.
So, the biggest thing is...
Good Trading

Remember 46~47 is QQQQ resistance

We have mentioned this already.
46 47 area is where the resistance
is for QQQQ, so it is likely that
QQQQ will "spook" the markets for
this thanksgiving and go there.
Good Trading

stop back to 44.45

Let this market retrace more than
62% if it wants to take us out and
make the statement of strength.
That still makes us profits.
Good Trading

Now the stop goes back 44.39

No regrets if market wants to go higher
so be it.
Make the money move on.

raising stop to 44.44

We got the gains to support
this higher protection
Good trading.

qqqq has bounced from support at 44.25

Unless it breaks this and moves lower
it could be that market has put the low
for today. So we get the low at 11 instead
of high? ( I doubt it ).

took half profit at 44.27

leaving anohter half at 44.39 stop

looks like a good reversal,

We took a short position
on a break of 110 5 min bar
average break. Risking only 11 cents
from the high of today.

A strong reversal here could be signal we need

Watch for a strong reversal here, it comes
you may have a signal to sell, if it is
not a strong signal, do not short
this market.
GOod trading

Market In a vulnerable position

Monday, November 20, 2006

as scary as it is market is doing as told

as scary as it is market is doing as told.
It faked the morning drop, went to resistance
4.40 got rejected and meandering higher
towards the close. Bravo Market, good kid!
Now, if it could only start dropping tomorrow
morning at 10~11 AM that would be perfect.

Good Trading

Usual song and dance

Market is doing an usual song and
dance. It was rejected at 44.40 area
and as we thought, and still think,
it will meander or go higher
until 10-11AM tomorrow.
Only event that could change this
outlook will be a drop below 43.90
by QQQQ.
Good Trading

morning fakeout

Market has made another fake out down
move this morning, and moved higher.
This means that it will move or meander
higher until tomorrow 10~11AM. and
then move lower.
At the resistance now at 44.36
Good trading

Biggest Bank Heist

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Out of Gas, but a lot of inertia

The buying is almost nonexistent at this
time, the markets are moving on inertia,
which can not be ignored. See graph below.
So, give it a time to show signs of weakness
before selling the indices. You know market
needs 1-4 days to work this condition off.
Then another rally... if that rally is weak then
we can think of the top at hand, which
for now could be moving out to Nov23-Dec12
period. With the market having another 3-7%
upside. Why am I not wildly bullish,
because I do not live for 3-7% potential.
We are close to being profitably stopped out of
remaining GOLD/XAU positions and OIL
stocks. So be it, take the profits and move on.
The long EURO, short dollar position must
have stopped with a small profit as well.

Long portfolio, no changes. Trusts are recovering
nicely and pipelines are delivering the profits.

click on the picture to enlarge.
Good Trading

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

break of last hours range will create 2 day run

Whichever way the qqqq breaks the last
hours range can be the direction market
could run madly until 11/17 Friday morning.
If upside is chosen. The goal will be 46.

Good Trading

Next 2 15min bars good time for top


BUY-SELL-PRESSURE is at the extreme
not seen for the period of this chart.
But you know, you can go 10's of miles
before you "really are out of gas".
So, give the market 1-4 days of churn and
see if it is ready for a dive.

Good Trading


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

no pattern for me, going to ~44.00

No Pattern for sell.
Looks like around 44 is where
we go.

Good Trading

Likely Day Top Arrival time 15PM

Most likely arrival time for the
daily top is now 15PM. and the
most likely price
43.73 or 43.83
Look for patterns
at those parameters.
Good Trading

Gave up 7c on a trade look for new

Gave up 7c on a trade look for a favorite
candle pattern to put another short.
43.61 is good resistance and even better 43.73
so try around those.

Just make sure your risk is never more than
10c or so depending on your trading.
This market can do this stupid game for
a long time, so do not give it much money
at all. As told many times, if you do not
have short term patterns and do not trade
with small stops and commissions, you need
to obtain those or stop trading, until you do.
Small commission is under 4c a share.

Good Trading

sell qqqq 20pt stop

Nimble traders sell qqqq at next
5 minute dark candle, place
the protective stop 20 pt above.
More nimble traders watch with
a less than 7pt stop.
Top is forming at 12pm ET.

Good Trading.

tighten all stops to 27%

Please tighten all stops to 27%
That means the XAU/XOI or the
stocks within them + GOLD, EURO
This is for short term traders.
DO not touch long term PORTFOLIO.

tighten EURO/$ stops again

Please tighten the stops to 27%
retracement of the move.
Looks like $US wants one more
round of silly strength...
Good Trading

Monday, November 13, 2006

tighten EURO/$ stops

Please Tighten the USD/EURO
whatever position you hold stops
to 52% retracement of the move,
this should guarantee at least
some profit in case the markets
reverse or remain choppy.
Still on the buy signal on EURO.

Good Trading.

Friday, November 10, 2006

cover another 1/3 of qqqq shorts

Cover another 1/3 of qqqq shorts and
keep the stop 43.25 for the 1/3 left.
There should be profits in those 2/3
shares we covered. And that
should be used to prevent the
loss on the trade if qqqq refuses
to go down for now.
Good trading

take 1/3 qqqq profits now

Take 1/3 qqqq profits now.
Place the buy limit stops at 42.45
for another third
and otherwise keep the buy stop for all that
is left at 43.25.
Good Trading

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Drop the stop loss to 43.25

Please Drop the stop loss to 43.25
( breakeven for me ).

Now... enjoy the free trade?!
Good Trading

bring the stop down to 43.51 on qqqq

bring the stop down to 43.50 on qqqq

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Sell Them ALL

I have submitted to an article at 8:40 ET today.
It should publish soon.
The idea in it is to sell the QQQQ against 43.30 Year high
with a very small stop loss.
How Small is the stop?
No more than 31 cents, at 43.61
The time for the top should be around 12pm or 15pm
Good trading

Thursday, November 02, 2006

moving, update

Hi, Moving to a new place.
Busy for next 5 days. Will return
to regular schedule in 7 days.

Keep, Euro, long or $Dollar, short
with 80% retracement stop.

Keep 25% leftover trades in
Gold/XAU/Gold stocks and OIL
stocks at 45 % retracement stop.

You would have been stopped from
25% long trusts,
( in trading accounts ) with better
than break even.

Reduce the trusts and pipelines
down to 20% in your long term

Good trading.

Friday, October 27, 2006

EURO on the GO

If you bought, then keep the EURO long
with a 80% retracment trailing stop.
80 % is counted from the
current top to the last bottom.
As we told you we are long.
Good trading

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dollar Turning?

Ok, we did not discuss $dollar for a while.
Our last instructions were to stop the longs at
40% retracement, must be out with little gains.

We bought EURO yesterday, but still consider a
long side only for nimble traders. When the
weekly buy signal is generated we will advise
to search for long entry point(short for $dollar),
until then justbe ready and watch.

QQQQ stop placement 10/24/2006

If you are short, as instructed this morning.
Move the stops down to breakeven.
Rule, never turn the winning trade into loss.
Good trading.

So Many Cups, Yet Nothing To Drink

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

“Catch 22”… Did You?

Click On the Picture To Enlarge

On Last Friday Rally the SELL PRESSURE, Our Proprietary Indicator, has reached extreme high again. Market has managed only one day of churning and started decline.
We updated our yesterday. See the notes about the “Freak Show”.
Talking about Freaks… Our creator must have had his/her own brand of freak love for symmetry. Look at S&P top ( Mar-August 2000 ) , bottom (Oct2002-Mar2003) and top?! May-Oct2006. So you tell me if the man/woman has no sense of humor?

Our prediction is that the top is near at the resistance points previously outlined. Now, please see the probabilities of dates for tops.

Oct 18 2006 +-2 days Probability 25%
Nov 03 2006 +-2 days Probability 50%
Nov 18 2006 +-2 days Probability 25%

Oh, yes, did you see the baby cup of BKX underflow? See your Favorite chart site.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freak Show Preview

Freak Show is coming to the theater near you.
what you see is the preview. The top is likely
to happen:

Oct 18 +-2 days. Probability 25%
Nov 3 +-2 days. Probability 50%
Nov 18 +-2 days. Probability 25%

So it looks like the horror show will be in
full bloom within the next month.
Likely sequence first top Oct NASDAQ.
Secondary top INDU/SPX November.

Plenty of time to go short, if you are not now.
Take 50% profits if you are short ES/QQQQ now!
Trail the rest in gap of this morning.

Monday, October 16, 2006

take profits 10/16/2006

Take profits on 25% of the remaining ~50%
leftovers from the initial purchase.
This means you now will be out of 75% of
the positions initially purchased.
keep the 25% leftover trailed at 45% from
the purchase bottom to today's top
retracement. Your profits should
run from 4-13% on initial investments.
This relates to: GOLD, GLD gold stocks,
OIL stocks, traded OIL TRUSTS etc, as
well as, the US Dollar positions.
Repurchase the 25% again if/when GLD
hits 60.30.

This is not related to the long term
portfolio positions ( do not touch them).
Not Bad for one weeks work.
Good Trading.

Friday, October 13, 2006

tight-stops 10/13/2006

Tighten all trailing stops from 80% to 60%
of the top to bottom reatracement of the
bottom of last purchase. If hit should have
plenty of profits, if not more profits down
the road.

Bull or Bear, Frankly My Dear...

GO TO -> Bull or Bear, Frankly My Dear...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

stop stock shorts 10/12/2006

Did not go short Stocks until yesterdays
sell off. It may not work out, trail stop
at 80% of top to bottom retracement. Should
at least break even.
BUY-SELL PRESSURE indicator still favors short,
but not at extreme any more. Re short if/when

Monday, October 09, 2006

Take all/part profits

Take profits in TRUSTS/GOLD/OIL.
Bank them all or partial=50~60%.

1-3% gains in OIL/GAS trusts.
5-1% gains in gold, gold stocks.
.... do GLD,GG etc. premarket.
1-2% gains in OIL, OIL stocks.
.... do CVX,OII etc. premarket.

Trailing stops at 80% retracement
on leftovers. Ditto if you went long
$USD. 80% should be at break even
or better. Otherwise your short term
trading needs improvement.

Do not sell any of long term GOLD.
Good profits in 1 days work.
Enjoy them.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Take all/part profits

Take profits in TRUSTS/GOLD/OIL.
Bank them all or partial.

3-10% gains in OIL/GAS trusts. .
5-10% gains in gold, gold stocks.
1-3% gains in OIL, OIL stocks..

Trailing stops on leftowers.

Do not sell any of long term GOLD.
Good profits in 2-3 days work.
Enjoy them.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

J.P. Morgan - JPM 48.85 ALERT

If markets+JPM open higher and JPM hits close to this level of 48.85 ( +- 0.50 ) with
SPX ~1342, DOW ~11820 then look for possibility that the top has been put in.
This price target for JPM is only for this week and could change next week.

Market has moved up last two days from a smaller buying pressure and
could reach the lows on that measure - highs in price , ushering correction.
JPM is a part of BKX and BKX is at the resistance 114.60 ,120 and 122 all
with precision 0.50.

Only a blow-out move up will save the top here and take BKX to 122 area.
Alternatively we will back and fill again until we get to BKX 122
Our expectation is that 114.60 will hold or the DOW and SPX resistances will
have to be reevaluated up as well by about 3-4%.

Just like our XOI see (, this may work the same way where
initial resistance 114.60 is held then penetrated on the spike to 120-122 area and

Please understand we are short term traders and do not take seriously
any predictions until our short/ultra-short indicators tell us to take action.

We advice you do the same.
If the above is unclear, please read the text in reverse, I must have been
thinking in Hebrew, while writing this article (: :). Alternative... email me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

9/23/2006 - Weekly Update

Find summary of this weeks thinking at
My article at

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Take Profits

Take immediate profits on all 11 Stocks from Previous Blog.
Total Profit is about 0.6% in 3 days!
OIL do or die, Use your favorite short term signals to go for
a bounce, use tight stops. Many Oil stocks are also at/near support
(OII/DO etc.). Ditto for GOLD and Gold stocks.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

9//16/2006 - Weekly Update

VL=Very Likely,VU=Very Unlikely

DOW r 11820 VL Before Fed meeting
SPX r 1342 VL Before Fed meeting
GOLD s 572 hit already, if not held expect 550
$US r 94.70 VU and far, but fooling everybody
OIL s 60.50 VL very soon.
TNOTE s 4.02 VU and far.

GOLD stocks, many at/near ( 1-3%) very strong support
DOW will hit new high, false new bull frenzy will be created
$Dollar is/will show near strength, is destined crash/burn


Need to take positions in context of a
Secular bear market, stocks and bonds.
Secular bull market, GOLD/Commodities.
Your money, in any currency, in danger.
Until more clarity emerges, stay in

GOLD 10%.

More/finer s/r points, only for subscribers.
These points present trading opportunities.
Avialable for intra/day/week/month/year periods.
Proprietary trading based entry/exit technique.
Blogs show the magic qualities of our s/r points
We also provide the following watch items for


Earlybreaker SHORT/LONG
Latestayer SHORT/LONG


Just ask for samples.

If you need more info email to
Blog at