Monday, December 31, 2007

Stock System Status

We shell discuss Later How did this Year 2007 Look. May This Coming Year 2008 Bring Best in All of US and especially Our leaders. We need them at their best now than we ever needed them. Are they going to see the light of HONEST-CAPITALISM or keep walking in the darkness of SOPITALISM without realising that we are giving away the best thing we have ever had going, US of America. Let the Lord All mighty send the wisdom to those who come to power to right this largest ever SHIP of experiment for HOPE humanity has ever witnessed.
Stock Signal Status is XBSS. So, when we quote the XBSS(Not sure for SPX Oscillator, BUY for Pressure Gages,Sell for MDS and SELL for Summation).
X - Not Sure
This is not the SignalStatusReading, Zero(0) item in GREETINGS section, on the right,. That system is totally price oscillator based and applies to all instruments. Stock Signal Status applies to only stock market. The SPX Oscillator(first letter) has a more intermediate view. Pressure Gages, MDS and Summation are short term indicators. From now On this Stocks System Status will be quoted constantly on the right of the latest post.
Please note, on a given day we may or may not have the display of Pressure Gages, MDS and summation. But the SPX oscillator is always on the right hand side in the GROUPTATION section(Ivan Thanks For Hosting And Updates).
Warning: you use these system signals at your own risk. Past Performance does not guarantee the future performance. In the volatile markets the Draw downs of MDS could be substantial ( 100 points or more against trader). No claims can be made against this author for the future performance of this or any other systems published here. I do not publish this information to promise or make you rich, but I publish it to help you understand what is possible. It is not as easy as it looks. I the creator of this system have not found the courage to follow this system as it stands, because I can not and will not risk the kind of money this system is willing to risk per trade. Instead I fine-tune it with the daily Attraction Points to make the risk as small as possible or not trade period.

Goodbye Limits, Hello Attractions

Dear Readers, We are only few hours before the drop of the big apple in BIG-APPLE (NEW YORK) announces to us that we have arrived in the 2008. So, one of the resolutions I made for this year is not to call our daily "limits" section limits, but call it "Attraction Points". Frankly that is what they are. Prices just gravitate towards them, but they are not necessarily the limits... So, it is correct and it is more pleasant. Enjoy the Attraction Points. May some of the Attraction Points come your ways in 2008... Good Trading

N QQQQ 51.37 - 51.73
N SPX 1470 - 1476
N QID 37.14 - 37.84,38.00,38.33,38.64,39.10

9:58 ET, Ever since we pointed First Daily BUY(in many weeks) (JPY PRICE) 4 days ago, it has been going up in price and down in quote( next "ATTRACTION POINTS" are at 111 and 110 ) Daily is still in the BUY. Now if we had moved a bit of our brains, we should have had more courage to take some shorts when MDS also pointed to SELL STOCKS MARKET signal, cause IF JPY is BUY and MDS is sell, a lot of friendly breezes are in back of the shorts. Nevertheless, we are not the ones to chase the market and/or regret. Let it be... We can always be happy about our friends, GREENIE,LAG and MDS(Million Dollar System) cause they are making money right into the end of 2007! NAZDAROVIE!!!

10:08 ET, Speaking of GOLD, Dear Lag, you should have sold some of you positions and must tighten your trailing stops even tighter. Keep up winning.
10:50 ET, YBR and WBR both have the 1/10 and 1/25 as respective low and high points. The difference is how do we get there and it seems to me that, unless we see the real strong acceleration of the downtrend, we could still be following the YBR more closely than WBR
11:04 ET, it looks to me like JPY is putting the squeeze on all capital markets
11:31 ET, We have hit within 2-3 cents respectively from the "Attraction Points" for QID,QQQQ and 62% FIB for RUT... This must hold or more trouble lies ahead. Please see the higher Attraction Points for QID above
Joke(not original), relevant to our discussion of Dr. Hussmans Paper.
Germany 1943 Concentration Camp. Abraham and Isaac are called out to the stadium and told to swim on the four until they profusely bleed. After few minutes of allowed rest Isaac starts laughing hilariously and Abraham, who is totally depressed asks him. What in the world are you laughing about? and Isaac replied, kidding Abraham? he(German Officer) instructed us to swim, can you imagine what would have happened if he instructed us to.... DIVE?
Happy New Years Dear Greenie

14:29 ET, This is the best I have seen financials behave in a month or so. BKX after coming close to our 85.85 traget ( 87.22 low was hit) it rallied back up and so did the REITS... Just letting you know ( they are selling Q's and buying F's today)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not So Short Story

Dear Readers, I always like to read somebody that writes in better ENGLISH(that is almost anybody coming here(: :)), but I like this article below more so, cause it, again, does a better job of expressing what I have been saying and officially writing at this site and I think Mr. Orlov would do good if he shows the understanding that the real reason USA maybe heading where USSR went is that there is one colossal force pushing USA that pushed USSR to explode - SOPITALISM. Sad, but true, on the ground, USSR was more Capitalist than USA is today.

Two things happened over this weekend before Christmas that jarred me a little. One was when an old friend said I sounded crazy, and the second was when I read the galley proof of Dmitry Orlov's forthcoming book, Reinventing Collapse (New Society Press, Spring 2008).
I ran into my old friend "G" on our town's main street, Broadway, on Saturday afternoon and we ducked out of the drizzle into a nearby coffee shop to catch up. G had worked the past twenty-five years in the software industry and recently bought the company that employed him. He was consumed now with plans for "growing" this company. I made a point not to antagonize him with my Long Emergency notions, since his obvious mental investment in the wish for a reliable "growth" economy was a bulwark of his current world view. But the conversation did get around to the various troubles in the capital markets and the possible connection of this with the global oil predicament.
G doesn't believe we have a problem with oil. He said, if the fuel efficiency of every American vehicle on the road was increased five percent, we wouldn't have to import any oil. This assertion was, shall we say, not consistent with anything I understood about the situation, and I said so, pretty much in those words, to avoid ramping rhetorically into debate mode. G said, "Do the math." I suppose G had read this "formula" somewhere and was impressed by it. "The Market," he said, would "take care" of our motor fuel problems. Just wait and see. We talked for a while about getting the railroads working again. G said it would never happen. "This isn't Europe."
I was content to let is drop, but G then said. "You know, you've been predicting all these catastrophes for years now, but we're still here, the cars are all rolling down Broadway out there, and life is going on. You're beginning to sound like a crazy person." It didn't bother me especially that G thought my my ideas were outlandish so much as being comprehensively written off by an old friend as a crazy person, someone who... I dunno... rummages through dumpsters and talks to himself on the street without any sign of a cell phone in hand. I didn't hasten to defend myself. G obviously needed to feel that the world would continue functioning like a well-oiled machine now that he was responsible for an operation that employed a hundred other people. We parted agreeing to acknowledge a difference in our view of things.
Dmitry Orlov's publisher sent me the galley proof to get a blurb for the dust-jacket, and I'll furnish one in short order because Reinventing Collapse is an exceptionally clear, authoritative, witty, and original view of our prospects. The thesis is that the United States is headed for troubles as broad and deep as the ones that brought down the Soviet system in Russia, though we will get there via a somewhat different route. Orlov has been in the privileged position of living under both systems at critical times, and the parallels are striking, but the differences even more so.
The Soviet experience was a collapse of consensual reality as much as of economy. Nobody could continue to support the credibility of a one-party, centrally-planned, "command" economy best represented by the joke: "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us." An economy in which nobody had any real stake other than ideological finally ground ignominiously to a halt. Once the state surrendered its authority, the society was stripped of assets. The social safety net dissolved. A lot of people on the margins slipped through the cracks and died. Eventually, the Russian economy (and government) reorganized on a different basis -- largely because its remaining oil resources and annual production exceed its domestic consumption. So, this reorganized new oil-exporting state, with its shocking poles of extreme wealth and poverty, will go on for a while until the oil is gone, and then it will face more transformations.
The comparison with the American situation is chilling. For all its gross faults, Soviet Russia was ironically better prepared for economic collapse and political turmoil than we will be. For one thing, all housing there was owned by the state, and allocated under bare nominal rents, so when the economy collapsed, people just stayed in their apartments. Nobody got evicted. There was scant private car ownership in pre-1990 Russia, so gasoline allocation problems did not paralyze movement. Train service was excellent and cheap, and the cities all had a rich matrix of underground metros, on-street electric trams, and trolley-buses, which continued to run even when central authority flickered out. There was no suburban sprawl to strand and isolate people (in homes owned by banks, that can be taken away after the third monthly failure to make a mortgage payment). Official Soviet agriculture was such a fiasco for half a century that the Soviet people were long-conditioned to provide for themselves. For decades, 90 percent of the food was coming from tiny household gardens, wherever it was possible to grow stuff. When America's just-in-time supermarket resupply system wobbles, and the Cheez Doodles disappear from the WalMart shelves, few Americans will have a Plan B.
Perhaps most striking is that the Soviet collapse provoked almost no bloodshed (at least in Russia itself). The political failure was so comprehensive that the party leadership didn't even have the will to defend its prerogatives anymore, and for a while politics simply slipped into a vacuum -- until Mr. Putin came along and revived the oil industry and managed to get the police back on a payroll that inspired them to do their jobs. Meanwhile, the tremendous drain of the Soviet armed forces and all their equipment -- apart from the nuclear arsenal (as far as we know) -- was allowed to wither away, along with its monumental demands on the nation's resources.
Whatever other differences there may be between Soviet Russia and Clusterf**k Nation, a big one here is that our domestic oil consumption long ago exceeded our production capacity, and when we run into just a little supply trouble with our oil imports (apart from mere rising prices) it will shake the foundations of our economic life. We are stuck with a physical infrastructure for daily living that has no future in an oil-scarce world. Our cities, for the most part, have imploded internally. Our public transportation is grossly unbalanced on the side of private cars and airplanes utterly dependent on imported oil. At the moment, our capital finance sector is cratering in the aftermath of an unprecedented surrender of responsibility in the management of securitized debt -- an event that may end up as a curious parallel to the looting of assets that occurred in the Soviet twilight.
The biggest difference, though, between Soviet Russia and America today is the psychology of the people. Soviet citizens were prepared for trouble by lifetimes of comparative hardship. I won't even go into the Stalin terror and the agony of World War Two. In more recent Soviet times, money meant little in a system without real shopping -- but maintaining personal networks based on mutual trust or strength-of-character was the greatest asset in acquiring life's necessities. Americans didn't need political dictators to whip us into line -- we volunteered to become a nation of TV zombies. Our fantasies are arguably more disabling than the mere cognitive dissonance that reigned in Soviet times. Liberty itself has allowed the American public to freely choose passivity, illusion, and incompetence. Anyway, when it comes out in 2008, Dmitry Orlov's book will deserve the attention of whatever thoughtful people remain in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
It was disheartening, of course, to be written off as sounding "like a crazy person," by an old friend. I don't doubt that his perception is genuine. I'm prepared to live with the disconnect between what my friends believe and what I think. I even reserve a portion of my mind for the possibility that their view may be more realistic than mine -- but I won't torture myself about it. Someday, surely, I'll meet this old friend again and perhaps he'll say something like "...things didn't work out quite the way I expected...."
In the meantime, Christmas Eve is upon us, truly my favorite night of the year (Hebrew though I am), and I am very fortunate to be going to a warm house full of people tonight where the wassail will flow. I'll be back next week with a review of 2007 and my predictions (ha!) for 2008. In the meantime, God bless us every one.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, only Dear Greenie, continued reporting to stay short ( congrats). We are on the MDS sell, but without summation confirmation we preferred not take short positions right at the top of this rally. Well, there is another bus coming soon... Readers Would agree that we have made excellent calls in GOLD/ENERGY/BONDS, as well as, CURRENCIES... Haha... after $US overshooting our upside we got a real strong move down as we postulated that Daily BUY on CHF/JPY (prices) was capable of starting the final Dollar decline before that takeoff into 2009

Note: GROUPTATION Link(on right) now has updated files. My morning starts here. If you want to be a good investor, so should your morning(Ivan Thanks for hosting and updates)

Limits Coming Up

N QQQQ 51.93 - 52.15
N SPX 1484 - 1488
N QID 36.70 - 37.00(37.05, 37.17,37.36, 37.58)
13:10 ET,Two Days In a row where QID hits the fift resistance. Huh!

Short Story

Dear Readers, put stories, anecdotal evidence, something you noticed and/or read that can generate the trading ideas, short or long term. Please put whatever comes on your mind. This should stimulate people to "think outside of the BOX" and notice things beyond what they see, hear and/or read. Pay attention to "what mass (e)mailers are pushing". For samples/examples refer to previous "Short Story" posts. Good Trading

My morning starts with the GROUPTATION link ( on the right, big thanks for Ivan Curak, doing these updates ), so should yours.

EUR hits 62% fib retrace
CHF hits 50% fib retrace
JPY hits less than 38% fib retrace

One may want to lighten up a bit on foreign currencies( or Dollar shorts)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I did not trade today and have a very small long position of stocks that I am willing ot hold even in a full fledged depression market. Two members Dear Greenie and Dear Lag have reported nice gains. The limits have been spectacular today, as usual... Frankly, our expectation is that market will give us a higher shorting entry and we do not have to Chase it lower, but we need to be ready for any outcome. Today just looked awful, even GOLD/ENERGY did relatively bad!

Limits Coming Up

N QQQQ 52.20 - 52.50
N SPX 14187 - 1497
N QID 36.24(36.18) - 36.57
Remember, We are not short, would like to go short(prefer to have couple more days of digestion/distribution), for that we would like the market to hit the higher limits, that is where we feel more comfortable selling them.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,HI JD,Approaching Support Cluster:
Have a great day.Jim You too JIM

11:48 ET, We are now at the top of QID range(36.75 was a third limit), could be a good time to take big part of the profits if you bought at the bottom. AMAZING!

Here is a secret, almost never the MDS generated Sell signal immediately sends the market to a lasting decline, it usually takes couple days for the MDS signals to start a lasting decline. So, this one coming ZERO(0) days after the signal is going to give us a chance to sell at better place in days ahead, at least this is what history suggests.

12:38 ET, 36.93, 37.13 are next stops for QID if 36.75 is broken
13:02, ET, So far 36.90 seems to have stopped and exhausted a trend.

15:36 ET, This market is going all the way. It seems like it will close at or around QID(37.13) fifth and usually last point of resistance for today

Short Story

Dear Readers, I continue to make this section a permanent feature, where Readers can put stories, anecdotal evidence, something they noticed and/or read that can generate the trading ideas, short or long term. Please put whatever comes on your mind. This should stimulate people to think outside BOX and notice things beyond what they see, hear and/or read. Pay attention to "what mass (e)mailers are pushing". For samples/examples refer to previous "Short Story" posts. Good Trading

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thanks for being with us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today and were left with about 13% of investments long in the Stock Market. Trading was thin. without having the benefits of exact calculations( coming tomorrow, got it see graph), I could guess that MDS(Million dollar System) has generated SELL signal. GROUPTATION link has updated Asset Oscillators( Thanks Ivan)

Dear Greenie This is where you find the picture of MDS and two posts below in "thanks for being with us" you will find statistics of MDS

Limiits Coming Up

N QQQQ 51.87 - 52.32

Local, Foreign Sites

Dear Readers, we have so many foreign ( to Americans(: :)) visitors to this site. Here is a proposal I have to anyone interested...

Would you like to translate and operate the this blog in foreign language? Make my day. Just ask for it. I will help you, FREE, to set up and operate the blog and all you need is to install the language of your choice on your WINDOWS computer, translate the contents and even add contents if you want to. Let me know. Any language is OK. Even though I could operate few more language sites myself, I have not time and inclination at this point. INDIAN,CHINESE,RUSSIAN,HUNGARIAN,GERMAN,HEBREW,ARABIC... FARCI... any language is OK... Are you excited then contact me
Now, the same goes for Local sites. Somebody may want to operate the sister site for a local market ( Texas, California, Louisiana etc). Again, you are welcome. I would provide all the help, FREE, needed to get you going.

Good Trading

Note: Thanks Dear Ivan Curak ( GROUPTATIO LINK CONTAINS UPDATED files)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Marry Christmas

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We are still 15% or so invested after collecting profits on about half of the 25% investments made on last buy signal. Readers will notice that for last 6 months we took advantage of every move of a size more than 3%. Can any other advisory say so... I do not think so. Hallelujah... Let's hope the good fortune stays with us for the year of 2008. Marry Christmas Dear Readers.

CHF and JPY both contain the Daily BUY(for price, means SELL for quote) in their status ( JPY Just joined in today), which is suggesting that long overdue temporary decline in Dollar may commence anytime now. On the other hand The "Brutish Death of British Pound" is becoming more and more reality, even as it looks like it could finally rally here a bit.
Note: Thanks Dear Ivan Curak ( GROUPTATIO LINK CONTAINS UPDATED files)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Limits Coming Up

N QQQQ 51.89 - 52.21(52.28,52.39,52.68,52.79)
N SPX 1480 - 1498
09:53 ET. Well, we are long about 15% or so( at least I personally am) and kicking myself for not being invested more(one kick is enough remember our second rule of trading, "Never Worry About Money You Could Have Made" , in plain English this means do not get anxious in the markets), but for a short term trader with capital it is not bad to deploy 25% and collect on half already. If you are long, you may want to place stops on Q's 51.70 and let it ride
10:00 ET, first collision with 52.28 was rejected on Q's careful, traders with large long exposure may want to Caching in here.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Hi JD, Weakest Link NAZ at Downtrend Line.$VIX at Uptrend Line.Reversal immanent.Best Regards,Jim, Best Regards To You Too
12/24/2007 7:19 AM

12:40 ET. Dear Readers/Lag, I added the freerealtime link in the link section (on the right). Let me know what links would help you to see here, so that you can navigate fast places you want to go to and I will make an effort to provide it.

Short Story

Dear Readers, I would like you to continue and be vigilant about what is going on around you. You/we together can be a great source of investment ideas for not losing money(remember, we are not in the market to make money, we are in it not to lose!).
So, please continue reporting what your neighbours maybe doing that is interesting, what is on the front page of TIME/BUSINESS WEEK/ECONOMIST, NYTIMES etc. Even Local papers and magazines hold the key often.
OK, so here is my story Fall of 2005, Los Angeles California, Downtown Conference center. Main Events delivered by Donald Trump and Guy Kawasakii. One of the attendees my neighbour, who was crazy about buying half a MILLION Dollar house with his 18hour work earnings of $3.000.00/month.
What went through my brain? You guessed it I knew housing will blow, but Now I was confident time has come.
Please, Please, relentlessly report anything you see that anecdotally supports some theses or if not sure just report and ask questions. Thanks

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Purpose & Tools

Dear Readers purpose of ANTI-SOPITALIST is to show, in a naked form, the degenerated CAPITALISM which is more like a SOCIALISM but for RICH (CAPITAL). Those Red Letters then compose the word SOPITALISM. We are for a HONEST-CAPITALISM, where Government, does not try to (re)distribute the wealth to RICH via money depreciation leading to theft from Social Security Program among other things. You will find plenty of explanations of methods the government has used and uses to take money from poor and give it to rich. Our goal is to teach you how to cope with this degenerated capitalism, actually a form of slavery, and prepare you to: first - recognize that it exists and second - apply methods learned here to force the change, as the educated American will lead to HONEST-CAPITALISM, we have not a single complaint about people making millions/billions and even trillions of money, honestly! We love achievers and dislike do nothing types.

Tools used on this site are proprietary in nature, but the results are completely free and usable anytime, anywhere, by anybody, including , SOPITALISTS themselves. We are unable to make the origins of the tools public as it is one - not solely owned by presenter and two - it would, most likely, lose the winning edge if and when made public. It must be clear to you after reading this and to prevent the hard feelings, the original principles of these tools employed here will not be divulged.

Please go to link GROUPTATION ( ASSET ROTATION) on the right and see where the world stands for today. I can hardly thank enough Ivan Curak for providing the Space to house this info and update he does every business day. We are blessed to have people like this amongst us.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We traded today, collected some on our 22% investments on the morning surge. Other people have reported gains: Dear Blaine, got a bit edgy and sold out the options this morning with some earnings, Dear Sang, had jumped into gold/stocks late, but still reports making money ( no wonder TGB and SLW have been up 10 and 11 percent), Dear Lag must have made well in GOLD as well. I feel sorry for Dear Voltire leaving us, but wish him all the best. I do not like ending on this note, so ALL have a happy and prosperous coming NEW YEARS.
Really Thanks for being with us...

Dear Blaine, thanks for niticing this post. How the hell do I miss this?

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Dear JD, Thanks for your contributions.

Resistance at 50DMAs:
Resistance at 200DMA:
9752.5 NYSE
Taking ST Profits Now.
Have a nice weekend.Jim,Same to you JD
12/21/2007 7:43 AM


N QQQQ 51.28 - 51.95
N SPX 1450 - 1490

10:04 ET, Took 10% of investments of the table, with nice wins. Not a Sell Yet, but I would like to use the gains to support the rest of the positions held. Also, we got repeated 5minute sell signals.
10:14 ET, Actually, I do not think that the trend up has yet exhausted itself. I am talking about the fractal exhaustion.
10:20 ET. EMINI FUTURES hit the first limit 1490 and going for second 14.94. This looks , for now, at 1497
11:37 ET, So far EMINI 1490-1 area has held every advance and Sell signals keep coming. But this market looks strong. Only an actual price break, not the signal will do today...
12:14 ET, It certainly looks spooky that Financials are totally out of it!

Dear Readers, I find Dear Voltire Leaving as a definitely undesirable event. I have tried my best to explain to him that I can not disclose to him where the system principles of this site come from. MYFIBOSC, by the way has exactly nothing to do with FIBONACCI. It stands for my FirstInBreak Oscillator. First, or Early Break is the concept that lies under all/most our systems ( MDS,YBR,PRESSURE). Sorry, there is no way I can disclose this most fundamental concept. 1) I do not own it completely and 2) I was told that giving it away could heart earnings of many charitably oriented funds.

So, we come to a point where each of us, individually have to decide if we are a doctor: do we want to understand how does a surgical computer work and become computer person or just use the surgical machine best we can and leave the machine and internals to those who know it better and stick to our goal, being a doctor. Same analogy can be given for a driver, do we want to drive a car or build/repair it.

Based on that decision we act. I can tell you not too many people, at all, change their profession, because they do not understand internals ( or break points ) of the tools they use.

Those that are, like dear Voltire feels will do what Dear Voltire did out of pride, cause there are so many tools we humans do not understand, but use, cause they have proven to be working ( and we junk them when if they stop working) If we can eat FOOD made in CHINA, we should be able to use tools made in USA.

In any case I respect Dear Voltire's decision and wish him all the best. I started this blog with the promise that I will help anybody that wants to be helped to understand the financial world and help make some money on the way, when/if possible.

I choose to continue this mission and I am dedicated to teach people the trading principles, not "internals of proprietary systems". I said often that, it is not the system that makes money. Many systems can make money. Money is made by a person that has learned the trade management and that is what I am trying to teach, cause it is a matter of training not the matter of the systems. Nobody will be happier than me if some people feel that they have learned all(or none) of what they wanted to learn and they do not need to come to this board any more. For those that feel they are still learning and contributing and getting flow of information that helps them succeed, I will be here today and tomorrow and day after until somebody needs my help.
I love you all guys and girls and please keep coming here if and when you feel you can still learn something from us. Thank you for your contributions and your time.

Dear Voltire, you have graduated this school, even before you came here. It is recorded on this blog where you stated "I do not understand why you even talk to people, you are so much above them". I thought this board was able to help see the light, but I am not sure... You have the skills and desire to develop and use your own things. All the best. If you still desire, to help people, It would be my friendly suggestion that you open your own blog. As I said, you are welcome here any time in any capacity when you desire so.

YBR, You Can Be Winner

Not to be reproduced Under any Circumstances

Dear Readers, YBR( whY Be aR?) When you can be winner. Indeed YBR( YELLOW BRICK ROAD). Has been winning last few months like nothing else I have seen in my lifetime. And remember, this is an analog, not a digital system(well, can you call QUANTUM physics Analog?). It has no such things input as GANN,FIB or anything else?

Of course, it is nice to be able to finetune these signals with all the tools at our disposal, but WOW!

Notice, this YBR does a volatility curvefitting on the actual prices, while the YBR prediction is price independent and pure.

Please Browse updated( Thanks Ivan ) GROUPTATION link ( on the right) to see how the oscillators have "predicted" the latest developments in the markets. They really know what is going on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We traded today and increased our intermediate/short term investments to 22% of investable funds in the stocks market ( most of our investments are in High Yield Safe Stocks and GOLD/Silver mining stocks and some Energy Stocks). John Reports some money made in short term trading ( nice limit on Q's today 50.20 Direct Hit!)

LImits Coming UP

N QQQQ 50.33(50.20,50.07,49.80,49.50) - 50.92
N SPX 1459(1457,1444) - 1464
10:32 ET, We have been operating under 5min sell signal, we could be getting into buy soon.
10:43 ET, INVESTORS there is nothing new under the SUN. We are 15% invested on a long/intermediate term basis in common stocks. Now, I would like you to understand that every time you invest X in common staocks, you should have core GOLD holdings of X/10 or so.
11:00 ET, We had a rally few minutes ago, which did not yet generate the 5 minute buy signal, therefore the pullback, which hopefully produces the buy.
11:03 ET, just generated 5min buy signal, if this does not make the 50.22 hold ON Q' we may want to be careful with this market. It is still capable of having one/two powerful days down. (notice new lower limits for Q's)
11:19 ET, Now we got the 15minute Sell, and this is not so hot.

I would like to make a shocking statement here. If I set down and logically analyzed my forecasts, I would perhaps never make them. They make no sense and that is why they seem to work. Markets are build outside of the logic of average human and that is why it is able to fool most of the people most of the time.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,HI JD, Last Dumb Buyer Cluster:
13287 DJI
9629.5 NYSE
2627 NAZ
2048 NDX100
Last Support Cluster:13168 DJI
9556 NYSE
2601 NAZ
2036 NDX100
Best Regards,Jim
12/20/2007 8:34 AM
PLEASE LOOK AT THE MillionDollarSystem(MDS) statistics say (picture above)
Well, I would like to complete what I did not say up in the MDS picture. What else does it say? Well, it seems to say that if you got to 6 days after BUY, you may as well wait(with your positions) for next 4 days where you will get a sell, presumably higher, cause the sell comes only higher than at least 3-4 days before! It may also say that getting into 8-9 days you may want to get aggressive in adding positions, perhaps options ( provided you kept you powder dry, now you know why I harp so hard, "keep your positions manageable")!
13:15 ET, ES MINI's are now on the BUY 5/15 both timeframes.

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King said "I have a dream". That gave him force to change the world...
Well, I have a stock and it is called BC ( you guessed it Boris Chikvashvili).
Hell No.. It is a Brunswik Company. Why this one... Well, it is a notoriously early to make the Lows in the down market. Hell, it's been going down for over two years now. It makes the Boats and things for rich people. They must be hearting or moving their money under mattress! So, Yes , my target for this one is either 17.58 or 12.02 and this latter one is just too far for now. Hit 17.67! today. BKX is another one, I said will go to 85.85. Today hit 87.04 only 1.29 cents away from there ( by the way this is the same index I predicted in "biggest bank heist" article at to top at 122 or so and that is what it did in Feb 2007 (Nov 2006 prediction !)Hallelujah!). I think Dear friends we are getting close to something here and you be the judge or we are going to hell as a country.
14:34 ET, I have increased my intermediate term investments to 22%


Dear Malcolm
Just go browser->view->source and search in there BORISANDMALCOLM ,Good Trading ( Dear Malcolm, ACK when you read this, will remove it)
07:06 OK, You Want To Reread "Brutish Death Of British Pound"?. I still do not believe, how this currency was hyped, even by British Officials, just couple months ago.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We traded today. This morning upon sensing the top( high limits on Q) we sold our 20% of discretionary investments and bought them around midday when the low limits were hit on Q's. We are now back up to 12% investment with slight gains on last purchase. We had not much reports what readers did today. Our anticipation is for an upturn, would like to confirm it with Summation Indicator turning up and cyclical time Dec 20 +-2

Click here for Dear Voltire's - Update SPX target 1350 and Jan 9/10 GANN 90

02:06 ET, CHF Status, 0,1,1,0,1 For the first time in 6 months, we get the SWISS FRANK daily signal on the buy. This comes at a time when $US dollar is stretched to the limits on the upside.

Dear Readers, stepping out for an hour or so. Please look at the updated(Ivan Thanks) GROUPTATION ( ASSET GROUP ROTATION) LINK. You will observe that the trends outlined in yesterday's post are intact and perhaps even stronger. I do not think we can break down really hard under these readings on INDICES and NASDAQ Oscillators. But if we do it must be really bad in this world today.

LImits Coming UP

Anybody who feels uncomfortable with longs , trim or eliminate your positions now. We are on 5min sell Signal. I am not doing any such, cause I have a conservative 20% intemediate/long term investment.

N QQQQ 49.72(49.64,49.51) - 50.19(50.32)
N SPX 1453 - 1462( 1465)

9:59 ET , 1461 SPX is formidable resistance for those who are overextended only(make sure never happens again(: :)) , trim.
10:14 ET, Any imaginable short/ultrashort-term long position entered last two days should be profitable. Trim, Terminate or Trail immediately.
11:23 ET, Well, I can only apologize for not getting you short, but if you did at exact Q high limit, congratulations. Once the word got out that things were getting week(3 warnings I sent this morning), board became red very fast. Conservative investment ha. CM Canada Mercantile Bank had an almost 6% reversal in 10 minutes!? WOW ( UNFrikinBELIEVABLE), We called Soybean Market Crazy and it was not doing this too often. (UNFrikinBELIEVABLE), I am speechless

11:59 ET, The way $USDollar is moving is that every short is made to cry "why was I born", "Why did I decide to short $US Dollars" I would surmise that "manipulators" are doing everything to help the banks get on their feet by destroying the speculators. And Yes, does anybody remember my postings "Brutish Death of British Pound?". Well, pound all you want now... How could any Moron pay 2.11 for the $Pound when England is essentially a paper country. All they do is push the paper. No industrial base to speak about. Hallelujah
13:59. ET. See the additional limits for Q's above
Q's are under 15/5 minute buy. I bought back some of what I sold this morning, I am about 8% long now. 14:51 ET, Back up to 12%

Click here for Dear Voltire's - Update GANN 90

Thanks for being with us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We have traded today, some of us for a very short term ( day?) and made money. Some of us on an intermediate term scale and these were all advised to keep investments to minimum 20% or so, as we can not be sure that this BEAR is not sneaking on us. INVESTORS were advised to up to 15% on very safe high yielding stocks. While most indicators are on the buy side,minues Put/Call ratios, YellowBrickRoad has not turned up yet and it has not been profitable to second guess YBR lately(: :)

Please view the GROUPTATION ( ASSET GROUP ROTATION , Thanks IVAN for update) link on the right to a better understand where we are. It looks to me like, GOLD/ENERGY are in good position to add to the gains, even as my original forecast still indicates that GOLD could wait with lows until 20 Dec. $US is running out of GAS here. As it is, it has registered a rally 1-1.5% bigger than I had initially forecast. Nevertheless Dollar has proven that it has what it takes to live up to my forecast of it being stronger next 18 months. Bonds will go down as stocks turn up. So what the the Stocks.
NOTE: When the blue summation oscillator starts to play game like this one is... "go to buy and not generate it" it does not spell good things for the market, cause it looks like market could be saving one more "big hit" on the downside, before it is ready to go up... But we shell have a watchful EYE on things

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

LImits COming UP

N QQQQ 49.82(49.73) - 50.24
N SPX 1453(1451)(1948,1945) - 1457(1459)

11:21 ET, So far markets are not roaring back after hitting the low limits. The truth is that if we are in anything like the August, we could get the market go against us up to 100 SPX points! This simply means that size of our trade and the composition of it should be comfortable enough for us to stand even such decline. Those who can not, should consider stopping out 1.5 - 2% below here at most.
12:02 ET, 1444 in FUTURES ES EMINI is the pivotal point and any break below this you may want to either get out or lighten up. I am already light... So, nothing to do
12:05 ET, BKX is low, so far, only 1.25 from the target!

13:44 ET, anybody that feels uncomfortable being long in this market get out now, cause the Sell is getting generated on the 5 minute scale.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,HI JD, THANKS. Support/Resistance:13111 DOW 13225 (115 sq)9507 NYSE 9580.52551 NAZ 2588.52003 NDX100 2036NO SANTA UNTIL FRIDAY, If the Bulls are Lucky.Best Regards,JimNO SANTA UNTIL FRIDAY.Best Regards,Jim
12/18/2007 10:45 AM

Dear JD, certainly you may well be correct.
YBR has not turned up yet, and indeed the upturn may not come till FRIDAY or even MONDAY/TUESDAY. If that was not my thinking, I would be 100% long instead of 20% that I am...

Buy Day?

Dear Readers, we expected and got washout type of action yesterday, at least in NASDAQ. Now the Summation has also , Practically, Joined all other indicators into BUY camp. This cry from multiple sources can not be ignored. Looking at the summation buy signals, we notice that they are timely( versus Million Dollar System being EARLY) and only once, in August, the market was able to trade few days below that buy signal day. System can tell us something we are the one to act... Also look at GROUPTAION Link for GROUP asset readings ( Thanks Ivan For updates). You will see that Dollar is turning lower and GOLD and to a lesser degree, Energy are turning up. While it could take couple more days for this to be clear, early signatures indicate just that. Such turn of events should cause the FIXED income instruments to lose some value.

As we can see the match is not so great, and that is expected, things never work perfectly(timing looks great though) as GANN or anybody would want it. That is why the GAGES that are ANALOG measurments ( versus GANN being a digital measure) are useful to balance the Digital methods ( GANN, ELLIOT FIBO etc.)
07:46 ET, Well, there is a big rally going on in the futures market and it would seem like INVESTOR,SEMIINVESTOR approach is working better than trader approach. As a trader, I could not get myself or readers to put much of a trading size, but I did decent purchases of stocks I may want to own as INVESTOR anyway ( such as stable high yield stocks will be good to wait, the possible market downturn, with, as well, as to sell if we are correct and they appreciate. You know, by now, I love no lose situations)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We traded today attempted to purchase the market at the most promising support point. The trade did not work out and we Had made/lost nothing on it. If anybody is long that long position should , at this point, not accede more than 10% of regular position.

Hi Boris, Here are trendline charts for the $SPX using a new pivot series and shows a .5000 node and a trendline touch probably immanent early tomarrow..Now that will produce a bounce. The trendline target? 1437.88. Pretty close to 1438. I would say...Can't say at this point if this pending bounce means decline is over, my gut feel is that we are headed for the regular type trendline that connects 8/16/07 with 11/26/07, but some kind of bounce should be in the cards tomarrow...Regards,Mark L.

Limits Coming UP

Preliminary Q's outermost low estimate is 50.20-50.30
N QQQQ 50.69(50.50)(50.30,50.06) - 51.06
N SPX 1455(1453,14500 - 1463)
10:07 ET, Q's continue hitting new lows of the day

Dear Readers, Because I cannot read and write English, I do not know why any of you even get close to my blog(: :). Seriously, while I know many languages and I am a wordly man, I know I could not have , possibly, said the following in the way the author Jim Kunstler from "ERUDITE ANALYSIS OF FINANCE" does it. So, without more BS from me here it is...

Events are driving us now, not personalities or even policies. Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, and the other characters in the headlines might pretend that they are managing things, but the truth is that problems in the financial sector have spun wildly out of control. The wheels are coming off and we are in that long sickening moment of sideways sliding motion when no attempt at steering will avail to avoid the crash. That it is happening at the very height of the Christmas season, when events have previously been controllable -- the season of manufactured Santa Claus rallies and $50 million bonuses -- shows how perilous the situation is.
The reason the financial sector is crashing is really pretty simple: it created too many fraudulent securities. What has been conspicuously absent so far is any sense of accountability for what may go down as history's greatest swindle. It's really impossible to imagine that a bunch of low-ranking worker bees in the banking hives spun out all these bundles of collateralized debt obligations, mortgage-backed securities, and similar trash on their own without the say-so of their bosses -- a group that includes the current Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Paulson, formerly CEO of the Goldman Sachs organization. And, of course, the questions naturally follow: what about those in charge of the ratings agencies that awarded AAA status to high-risk junk investments; and where were the banking regulators when outfits like Countrywide Financial, Washington Mutual, and Ditech were handing out miracle mortgages to borrowers without normal qualifications; and where was the Securities and Exchange Commission when the wholesale trade in creatively-engineered debt instruments ramped up to high volume, and what was the board of directors at Merrill Lynch thinking when it allowed disgraced CEO Stan O'Neal to back a truck up to the company loading dock and fill it up with $160 million in bonus-and-termination payments after O'Neal presided over at least $8 billion in losses?
What we're also seeing is a crisis of authority on top of a crisis of capital, and it will probably lead to a crisis of legitimacy -- by which I mean a catastrophic loss of faith that this society can govern itself at any level. Leadership across the board has failed, in government, in business, in what used to be called the press, and in education. Leadership in every sector went along with the program, marveling stupidly at their society's ability to get something for nothing.
The general public did not perform any more honorably -- due to whatever failure of civic norms they operate within -- and indeed the nation as a whole may deserve all the suffering it faces. But however bad the general public's behavior, or dark their fate, a failure of civic norms is ultimately a failure of leadership, which is about clearly stating the boundaries and terms of behavior. When anything goes, nothing matters. Since that was our leaders' attitude, the public did what it naturally does: it follows the example set by leadership.
We haven't begun to see where all this will lead yet. Since what is happening is basically the evaporation of trillions of dollars in supposed wealth. At the very least we're likely to see an impoverished nation very soon short of money to buy necessities. Historically this is known as a ruinous deflation. The last time America went through such an experience was the Great Depression of the 1930s. Like this situation, it came at the end of an extraordinary expansion of credit -- loans largely made in that day for the purchase of stock "on margin."
One difference between then and now is that in 1929 a relative small minority of Americans were involved in stock purchases. Today, a relative large number of ordinary citizens own overpriced houses bought using extraordinarily risky loans, and a large number of institutions such as pension funds, banks, hedge funds, and money markets own fraudulent securities based on these house loans, worth a fraction of their face value. Some other differences this time around: in the background is a "real" economy of depleting natural resources (oil, soils, aquifers, etc) and the systematic disassembly of an industrial manufacturing infrastructure. In the 1930s, many people could return to family farms and get by, even with little money. Today there are far fewer family farms.
The nation is acting just now like a crowd of bystanders watching a car wreck that has nothing to do with them -- as though they were just occupying the Nascar grandstand on a particularly bad day. They'll discover soon that it's their own society that's hit the wall out there on the track. It raises the question, under the circumstances, as to whether the next presidential election will have any legitimacy.


11:28 ET, Q's are approaching the RED DISTRICT outlined at the top
11:35 ET, While I can not officially call for going crazy buying things, I suggest that INVESTORS, add to their 10% position up to 15% as the Q's approach the area 50.25 or so. I suggest you continue purchasing the Mostly kind of companies We suggested could be good to hold even if markets continue tanking ( Canadian banks, Development Companies, you know what you have - in short). Traders, Yeah, one can try luck with longs on Q's or SDS at that spot. VERY Small manageable positions should make you money ( fast or eventually) Remember we could be 1-3 day early. When do you know you are wrong? When Q's broke below 49.85, but as a trader you should have been out way before that.

12:41 ET, if you went long( trader) when/where I told you, put the stops just around break even and see what the market wants to do with you. Good Trading
13:03 ET, Stops move to profit(or at worst breakeven). No ifs and buts here(: :)
13:12 ET, Nobody should be in the market if 50.27 breaks

13:45 ET, Just hit the 5th Support on Q, Small positions if you take any
14:01 ET, We are getting the washout , especially in Nasdaq, Are not we?
14:31 ET, Please understand that we could be early 1-3 or even 5 trading days that means that SMALL is perhaps 10-15% of what you would normally do
15:23 ET, Markets keep moving lower, You want to participate in expected bounce, but you do not want to be deep in possibly falling market. That is the reason for having 10% or so long position if you have any.

Turning UP, via Washout?

Dear Readers, Million Dollar System is on the buy ( notoriously early though), Pressure charts are on the buy, also takes 0-2 days for turnaround. Summation is on Sell, but low ( Yellow Oscillator ) can turn up anytime. YELLOW BRICK ROAD (YBR) says we could go down more into 20 Dec , at least. So, where do we go from here. Markets like to make the lows with the washout type of moves, which never happened in Nov, Could we get one here and head higher as YBR suggests. That is the most likely scenario in my mind. Please state yours. Good Trading
NOTE: for survey of GOLD/ENERGY/CURRENCIES/BONDS see the earlier posts and best of all explore the ASSET, GROUPTATION link on the right from here ( Thanks Ivan For Updates)
08:03 ET, JPY Status 1,0,0,0,0 Amazing for three days under this status JPY was able to go down in price, that is a power of (weekly signal, only one showing YEN going down). Shows how futile it , sometimes, can be to argue with a long term trend.
08:08 ET, EUR Status 0,0,1,1,1 this is another amazing phenomenon where the longer term signals weekly/daily, have just totally overwhelmed the short term 60/15/5 minute signals
Yes Dear Readers, Dollar Has now Reversed the Trends and has other currencies BOHICAED, careful here the GANN reversal day is at hand, which could make $US progress here pretty hard.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. NO trade today for us. While we believe in the downtrend, we do not trade unless most of things come our way and that was not the case today. So, have a nice weekend and be ready next week. ( please look at GROUPTATION Link, Ivan(thank you) tells you it is fresh). Well, Stupid me forgot to put white arrows on the chart above, but you can see where PINK oscillator almost meets the price ( FEB/AUG/NOV 2007).
"Given that fact, there's a developing trend that I want to alert you to: The possibility of a bounce in the U.S. dollar.
If global investors are spooked, they may start to abandon the idea that global growth will continue on track. And as confidence in growth wanes, I expect U.S.-based international investors to take some money off the table and bring it back home to hide.
Since their hiding place is short-term U.S. Treasury paper, they'll also be buying the dollar."
Wow! I could not have said it better. I am not going to tell you who, which big advisory is writing this ( going to millions of people), but when they started trashing Dollar last month , in a very vociferous manner(hack they called for 15-25% rally in JPY and bit less in other currencies), that is when I started to be even more confident in my forecast of Dollar bottoming around 74.xx. But look at them now... WOW! I am now confident that the downward correction in Dollar will unfold and then the rally will continue for 18 months like I kept predicting for more than a Year now. This shows you why masses are wrong, cause the people like the guys above "fool" them inadvertently all the time... Hallelujah... That is Dear Readers, why you come here... for EDUCATION, who to listen to and when. And we make money for you from time to time. Thanks God

For ISRAELI readers, capish? you understand now, why my DEC 2006 forecast SHEKEL bottoming around 3.78 by 2008 Passover(well topping(: :)), was precious(
so far low 3.82!!!) ?