Wednesday, October 31, 2007

limits, sorry, computer problems

Dear Readers, Sorry, being late, computer problems.

N QQQQ 53.96(53.73) - 54.77(55.00)
Giving you big range ( 3rd and 5th) FED day
N QID 34.58(34.03) - 35.04(35.57)

Dear Readers, i hope info was helpful, I had computer problems entire day and hardly was able to post limits. I do not even know what the FED news are(: :) . Well, I hope you guys/girls did well.

Good Trading

No Sight Of Sell Signal Yet

Dear Readers, We can look at what we have and we can look at we do not have. OK looking at the Pressure charts , we have a former buy signal and looking at the same we do not have sell signal, in either Q's or SPX. There... Good Trading

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks For Being Wigh US

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. We did not do much today, some members did take various positions to scalp mostly. As indicated, we think that we are approaching a top in the market ( absolute terms, in relative terms THE TOP IS IN PLACE SINCE MAY 2007). This top is centered around Nov 9 +- 5 trading days.
Did you notice the topping action in GOLD ( no not yet, but it is coming). Did you see what it was? On cash gold we stopped at 794.55 ( Hello!, we kept telling you 794 for how long, Why in the world do I bother? I should just write Wall Street Journal of Tomorrow (: :)).
Good Trading Dear Friends and appreciate your professionalism, which was plenty expressed, while I was absent almost entire day, but nobody missed the beat! Bravo Dear members.

No Sell In SIght

Dear Readers, Sorry to be repetitive, but they say that the repetition is the mother of learning. We must repeat and reinforce what we know and believe in. As it stands, Looking at the Pressure charts ( SPX/QQQQ) We do not even see the beginning of the Sell Signal, ditto from the Summation Line. Have never seen the Sell Off start from this level of the Summation chart. So, there... ( has not this kept us buying into the gloom of OCT 21 and staying in? I rest my case.

QID 35.03 35.32
watch 34.50 low 35.70 high

Monday, October 29, 2007

No Sell In SIght

Dear Readers, we can almost repeat the Friday main post for today.
I would like you to watch the Q's opening and the high range at 54.58 - 54.68
N QQQQ 54.03 - 54.30
N SPX 1537 - 1545
Dear Readers, forgive me , being busy, will get to you ASAP.
Q's 4th and 5th support 53.81, 53.67
11:36 ET, we are having a midday slowmo in the market, As the trends opposite of the morning have developed, I think in the afternoon main trends may return , Higher Yen and Lower Stocks.

Dear Mark Lytle, thanks for posting. Long Live Linux ( UNIX), which I have co fathered with many brilliant Computer Scientists in late 70's.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crocodile Country

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. Appreciate live participation by all and special thanks to Mark Lytle for taking the initiative, while I had other things on my mind and/or was to slow to respond. Nevertheless looks like our limits have done the job for a few and I am happy especially for new "monster trader" John. Not much is left to almost perfectly follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD, just one more week of rally or stabilization will do it. What A triumph that would be for the ENERGY FUNCTION that it could predict the Stock Market Path for last couple months, day by day, point by point!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Barbarians at SS Gate

N QQQQ 53.47 - 54.27
( it is possible we made high of the day on the open)
N SPX 1524 - 1534

It Just Does not get Respect, GOLD, nobody is talking that it is almost $800, ha..., Rodney Dangerfield of investments. What does it take Guys/Girls?
I hope you all remember targets I mentioned 794 and 1121, let me alos remind that the fall is coming Nov 6 +-3 Days, which should present opportunity to add/renew purchases for gains into DEC ( Seguro Casi) Pero talves JAN/FEB tambien.



It seems like everybody is celebrating demise of the US (we are talking Dollar too) ( which should recover a bit Early Nov, before a renewed plunge), except us who put the blood a sweat into the money we entrusted to Social (IN)Security and it is eaten away by current devaluation/destruction ( for us ) "earnings" by the multinationals(buffets and gateses of the world) and taxes they pay to not so honest politicians and fees they pay to the Welfare State ( confusingly called Wall Street ).

US government has decided. Hell with you fools. We already got your money now watch us destroy it. What did you think When you gave us money, we would honestly guard it for you? Hahaha... Hahaha... Hahaha... What fools, Screw Them While you can... Hahaha... Hahaha... Hahaha... What fools?

OK enough of watching these barbarians at SS gates, just use each and every means to communicate the fact that SS is not a promise of GOVERNMENT to people, it is a DEPOISIT by PEOPLE for PEOPLE. Those fools coming on TV and questioning even our rights to the money ( we wish, just IOYOU of full of dishonest people) to real contributors. Make sure, everybody understands we are not demanding other peoples money, we are demanding what we put in. Let us make sure that politicians will not ignore the SS issue forever until devaluation has ZEROED our money.
Make sure you know that enough of empty sarcastic smiles from both isles of representation in USA, while they , supposedly worry about the best outcome for us, but meanwhile delay any solution, letting our money go down to ZERO almost at a rate of tenth of a percent every day last couple months. At this rate our SS will have almost ZERO purchasing power in less than one years time.

Let our money go... Let our money go... Let our money go...

This is our battle cry from now on. Let these idiots half/no heart people understand that we understand what is going on. And we want the solutions now. Like the ones I describe in how to "Save Social Security". Securitize and give it future price and distribute it as it is. LET OUR MONEY GO! We know we will get less than a $dollar for "imaginary" Social Security $dollar, but we will get it now and decide what to do with it instead of letting Washington destroy it. That would be an end to PONZI charade called SOCIAL SECURITY, which is nothing but the giant field where SENIORS are raped by multinational Billioners every minute. With the willing helpers from Washington and Wall Street(WELFARE STATE)


Buy Pressure, Improved

Dear Readers, out of all the wars stocks went through last couple days even more of them prove to be worthy of purchase. So, thinks the pressure gage that indicates buy pressure increase. Summation Line stalled a bit, but it is not where sell should be initiated and is likely to resume move up close to or above price line. Other than that all is quiet on all the fronts.

Good Trading

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thanks for being with us

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. I was a bit busy with currency trading, but it was clear that YEN dominated the stock market today as well. Stocks turned exactly at that time when I asked you to watch the level of 113.92 and 113.78. So, what else is new. If you know YEN support resistance places, chances are you know the Stock market turning points. Appreciate all being with us.
Comments from Mark A. Lytle:Hi Boris, If we accept the thesis that a rising yen is trouble for U.S. markets, then this is trouble indeed..I don't spend much time looking at currencies, but you have inspired me to take an analytical look at the YEN. What do I see? A perfect Elliot wave pattern, 5 waves up, 3 waves down (A_B_C) and now, we're starting the next 5 wave sequence up..The implications are obvious, as the next 5 wave pattern , by Elliot rules should be similar in magnitude to this one..Not necessary the same, but similar... Everyone seeing this should head to the Bunkers, and lay in some provisions.. Regards, Mark Lytle
Boris's Comments to Marks Thesis. Dear Mark, I am not Elliot Maven and/or follower, but imagine ABC's from time to time. So, let us say that the last B goes down to the pivot nearer to current time. Then I think this looks like YEN going down some more... after some strength in the near time. Appreciate your comments.

Dave Thanks for Reminding us that JD lives in CA.


N QQQQ 53.27 - 54.04(3rd)
N SPX 1510 - 1519

YEN i s doing the obligatory morning down push
1o:11 ET, OK YEN's done BSing so you can go to normal life, indices in + territory
Comments from Mark A. Lytle:Boris, very interesting moment..the two thick black dashed lines are the 62% retrace of the wave from "purple" B to C and the 38% retrace of the whole move from the "Top" to big red wave A..and the 30 minute bollinger bands have overlaid on top of them and at that point market action bounced off these combined resistance levels... If the $spx "B' wave finishes here, it's likely the Nasdaq could be done also..we'll see.. Regards, Mark L.
12:52 ET, this looks like a good time and formation for YEN to stop rising. What follows is market rise? Watch that YEN dos not fall through 113.92!
13:30 ET, Fell Through, but recovered immediately. Just need to make sure the new low 113.78 does not break, that will not be good at all
Dear Byzanman/Readers, Carry-Trade That is what we need to rmember. The speculators love this. It involves borrowing money in YEN and cause the cost of borrowing is ZERO, if are Japanese and near 2.5 % if you are not, it pays to borrow and invest it in something ( CD or Writing covered calls or buy you another home or whatever you please). The Japanese housewives invest in New Zealand Dollar, cause it yields 7%, versus YEN ZERO. Clear so far? Ok, In short there is a lot of speculation going on with the "cheap" YEN, thus the word carry-trade, it take so little to carry it OK? Now with over TRILLION Dollars in investments like this ( I sure banks borrow at ZERO and charge 30% for fees to credit card holders late? or to trade against you.) . So do the Brokerages and hedge funds of all sorts. No wonder when YEN moves the world moves, cause if YEN is strong and speculators are afraid they dump everything at once...
Opposite is true when YEN is low or stable. Now if you are CENTRAL BANKER anywhere and would like to "manage" few crazies, what do you do. YEN IS YOUR TOOL my friends. Hey, I do not know, they do not invite me to those meetings where these things are discussed. I just think for myself, putting two and two together.
We will talk more about this

No Sell In SIght

Dear Readers, we are still on the buy signal and do not budge until we have a reason, mainly, the sell signal, which is so far, no show. Ok, keep chugging along and try to interpret best I know and convey to you the market conditions. There rest as they say is in the charts. See the Summation chart "run" pretty hard after the lethargic start and see the pressure chart , no warnings of weakness yet. $ will have ups and downs here into early Nov and than go to mostly downs again. Sorry folks on fixed income your POP(purchasing power) is POW( prisoner of war with the SOPITALISTS). Gold survied first scare as it should, but it probably will not survive next downturn into early Nov 6 +-3.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thanks for being with us

Comments from Mark A. Lytle:Hi Boris, We're all the same here..I guess we never sleep :}...I have been following your comments this morning about the relationship of the markets and the YEN..I think I wouldn't argue there's a relationship, but here I took the $yen chart and inverted it using the "$one " paramter and set it against the markets and the problem I see is the top in the yen is not perfectly aligned with bottoms in the U.S. market, it can lead or lag by a number of weeks..Now granted in the last few months, on daily, it has made some amazing calls,..but going back to 2003 it has come in and out of phase with the U.S. I am not totally convinced that it is a real good timing mechanism for the absolute tops and bottoms on U.S. markets though I agree there is a tendency for a rising yen to depress our markets... Regards, Mark L.

Dear Mark you are full off it ( no no kidding). Amen! good work and nice to tell me I am full of it. Kidding again, but it is clear that a dominant market mover is not YEN every one single day! absolutely not... You are correct. But when "they " really want the market to do something, "they" know YEN is the best way. Yea, I apologize for getting late to your email. I think I have one more and I will do it tomorrow ( well, you may have new one by then). Alert me via Blog... One more note about the YEN and carry-trade in general. You see if we do not know the Moon influences us we would not watch it. Until public was made aware of the YEN carry-trade last couple years. People did not know where to look for reasons for something and it was not , therefore, exaggerated in influence. Now that we KNOW...

Dear Readers, the National SOPITALIST Casino, is closing for today. We did some things today, I am not going to speak about myself, but the members did some trading, they tell me successfully. Well, that makes my day my dear friends. If I was independently wealthy and did not have to trade for living, I could do much better for all of you , but that is OK, I make enough to sustain myself and my work with you and the best part is that you are getting experienced and learning to go with the flow... I can tell you there is nothing better for me in life than to help those that want to be helped.

Hey Dear Waldo, enjoy your winnings and you Dear LagScrew.


N QQQQ 53.56 -53.96 ( hit both already!)
N SPX 1506 - 1519 ( more space here)

BKX is at the world support, if broken, GOLD( I mean this) help us. I think buy BANKS here for a trade with clever stops.

Please accept my apologies for not attending email, if you send me something important, you have a better chance of me reading it, in time, by telling me via blog , here!

13:24 ET, CITIBANK at the 4t annual limit support exactly. Strong support, BANK OF AMERICA at the 2nd annual , strong support. Investors, should/could nibble here, on these banks for their portfolio, remember you do not buy food all at once, the same with stocks.

14:02ET , final descend, hold onto your hats, watch YEN 113.60+- 10c,Late day turnarounds could be dandy

14:42 ET, Something tells me that YENS job is not done , it has stopped 8c, outside of the range prescribed and that could be it, but I doubt. They are leaving "the job" for late today or early tomorrow?

Benefit Of the Doubt, UP

Dear Readers, same old, same old, benefit goes to upside. If my understanding of YEN going lower(higher in numbers 114.32 this time) , then we should see higher markets. Period. Summation line has a lot more energy now than it looked yesterday, and we have no sell signal at this time on the pressure chart. That is enough for me. If things change we will be first to know. Learn Trading that risk control and position sizing together with the execution costs and speed are all that count in trading. Forecast is for Old ladies to discuss ( which we all are to some extent)

If I am correct about YEN AUD/NZD will recover.

Good Trading.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thanks for being with us

Dear Readers, The National Sopitalist Casino is closed for today. We had couple attempts to short the market and, at least, in my trading, I actually made some money collecting profits on initial deep and using the gains to catch re shorts or maintain initial short ( partially). Well, that is the way it is. I learned a long time ago, that My or anybodies forecast means exactly nothing. It is what we do as every day trader that counts. Now, the gages were telling us that we are in the buy mode and the market has spoken today, it seems like it wants to reestablish the "YELLOW BRICK ROAD", which it has never left. If so, see at new highs in early Nov. In any case, for now we have reentered the a real buy situation meaning buying the low limits, instead of selling high limits. As I said "flexible mind" has more brilliance than a brilliant mind itself. US Dollar $ gave back some of yesterday's gains, but I believe it will be strong into early Nov heading up together with stocks? Usually the weak Dollar is good for stocks. We shell see said blind. It all depends on YEN and my outlook is that YEN will lose to USDollar for next few weeks ( on and off). That fortifies my desire to declare some sort of a bottom here. But you know, I have a flexible mind(: :).


N QQQQ 53.40 - 53.80
N SPX 1519 - 1516

09:40 ET Red Alert, Q's could top between 53.67 - 53.80, YEN BOTTOMING/TOPPING, very low risk/reward trade here for the takers
09:59 ET, For those short Q's stops must be (mental) placed at 53.83.
Yen , which was up all night, has lost/gained(this is inverse) 40 pts from 115.0 to 114.60
10:04 ET, Those not short YEN want to try even lower risk trade sell Q's just before 53.80 and place a 5c stop.
11:04 ET, Stops now 53.76 1c from the top
11:15 ET, Stops now 53.67 ( mental)
13:05 ET, Stops same place ( survived) Yen 60% retrace over and YEN up and Market down, should follow, keep your fingers crossed
13:38 ET, if stopped, reshort with a (Xc stop - figure what x is, I am not giving in the open this time), or do some other index or invers index
13:58 ET, stops 53.69 , do not give any money to market
14:08 ET, If you are playing other than Q's you are not stopped even once, so it pays to listen and do non Q security, be smart with the suckers
15:48 E T, OUT , that is the value on tradeing, Damage minimal, even when wrong. This is the only thing that is a sure thing in trading, everhting else is "imagination"

No Buy In sight

Dear Readers, as pressure lines indicate, we are officially on the buy signal from the gages, but until market complies and makes a strong move up the trend on the downside should be respected. This sell-off is a lot like the others in JUL/FEB period. I ask you again to carefully observe the price behavior in those cases, therein lay the clues to what will happen here. That is , you say single days of attempt to rally with immediate failures without the real follow through. Summation line is down and lethargic... while in good recoveries it roars back up. We said $ will bottom and it had a dramatic bottom yesterday. The Buck has few days/weeks of rest into Nov before shooting down again. Gold Gave the Gold Bugs a scare of being down $20 at some point, but resisted the really big down day, nevertheless, I think it proves how vulnerable it is.
09:40 ET Red Alert, Q's could top between 53.67 - 53.80, YEN BOTTOMING/TOPPING, very low risk/reward trade here for the takers

Monday, October 22, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. We stood aside in today's market and let is sort out. Our comments though were correct regarding all markets. GOLD declined as predicted and $ rose as predicted after early spike down today. Stocks rose on the short squeeze. I am in agreement with a forecast that market has further down to go as indicated by Mark's chart above and our forecasts via either "YELLOW BRICK ROAD" And "SPX MIRROR". Good Trading


N QQQQ 52.77 - 52.09
N SPX 1491 - 1500
Nasdaq Topped so far at 53.11 with 3rd Resistance point at 53.14. Not bad ha? And SPX topped around 1501. pretty close to my taste.

11:02 ET, The lows established 10 minutes ago(52.45 Q), maybe all we get today. So, watch that level for reshorting, otherwise we could be heading higher.

11:26 ET So far that low working nicely
11:31 ET , still working for 25 c now approaching the exhaustion bar
11:36 ET, Exhaustion bar stops rally?
I am pretty amazed but, all is working today as advertised.

Gold DOWN, Dollar UP, Market (shorts squeezed) and what else would you like us to predict?

14:59 ET, Inside comments with SQROOT, we said, rally may fizzle and from that moment the Stocks started a decline continuing till now

Let Your Imagination Run

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Voltire! do you know where are we all? ( reproduction strictly prohibited) , Dear Readers this chart was posted about 10 days ago, did we really need somebody giving us more precise instructions? , I am referring to all "those outside Advisers" that got this right!

Dear Readers, the pressure chart, looks very similar to FEB and JUL downturns. Just look and see what the prices did at those times. A lot of possibilities will/should be clear. Very Likely $ Lows today/tomorrow.

Did anybody notice GOLD down $20, when was the last time? I did warn you my good friends.
Out 1 Hour for Emergency Meeting. Will Post Limits ( hopefully )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sorry BOOLS, Market On The Cliff

Dear Readers, Does not matter how many degenerates come on Bloomberg/cnnfn/fox/WSJ, or any other SOPITALIST MEDIA, such as ABC money show, or CRAMER GARBAGE, nothing changes fact that our USA markets have topped in June, exactly when I said they will. No amount of "smoke and mirror" will change that and now the market is on the cliff. One misstep and kiss the lower end of the support channel goodbye. Now either $ and/or Stocks have to make a quick turn to prevent the disaster. Ok, for those hard hearing... It matters none what we 300Million people think, 6 Billion people think we are nuts to even consider our market in the BULL stage. For once I agree with them.

And for those that have a hard time believing that we are not in the recession, please understand that until $ is pushed lower we will avoid recession plain and simple. But time has almost come, Dollar recovers some into Nov and gives some more ground into FEB/MAR 2008, as BERNANKE/PAULSEN recognize that if $ is not saved 3 Trillion of US BONDS will be dumped by foreigners, and will support the $. At that point Recession will be written in stone, but late enough for NBER to officially register it before ELECTIONS ( it takes two QTRs of negative GDP and then Government must report-another month and NBER must decide and then New President will be in office already). You did know why these FED guys get paid 200,000.00 a year salary(: :)? That is why. Only they can pull this off(: :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today.
Special thanks to all contributors. We are still under assumption that the YELLOW BRICK ROAD is followed, but within the WHITE BRICK ROAD was supposed to create the disruption just around this time OCT 19-21. Let us hope that it is nothing like the 1987 counterpart, but we can not rule it out. Our pitiful attempt today Yielded us -4c. Nothing to speak about, but a loss nevertheless. I guess I was struck with a BULL virus... In any case, I honestly think that there is a reason, why we are "lead" to believe that this is another 1987 and we could come next week , with all the shorts being squeezed. My conspiratorial instincts tell me exactly that. Could be wrong, of course, but If YEN is indeed stopped here, I can not see how the Market could tank. Also, the YEN indicator GOLD seems to have taken the entire thing OK. So if there is another 1987 it will have to come from something different from YEN.
Now, before we all forget, we started selling before anybody was... Remember my shorts went against me for a day or so... OK, then I got virus and abandoned my short positions with some gains. We would still be short if I liked the RISK/REWARD ratio. I did not. So, it is not who is selling and buying? it is about who is making money when the money is tallied up at the end of the year and how much risk did they take to get that. What we do here is exceptional and has not been seen anywhere. We try to make Dollars, risking pennies... I would love others replicate this playing with open cards like we do. We even suggested couple shorts much higher from here, with awesome precision high limits, but Me personally being busy with currencies, I could not follow up. In short, I do not see myself advising anybody, I see myself caring about their money and try to teach good trading habits. If we make money along the way that is fine. Main goal is to learn trading, I bet you most "advisers" have no Idea what trading is all about. It has nothing at all to do with market forecasting. It has all to do with trade management, I said this million times, and here it is again. And "surprisingly enough" this is coming from a guy that foretold the events months ahead, in public for all classes of assets Ha... Meaningless... that is all that forecasting is. If I can not see manageable trade, I do not do it.


N SPX 1519 - 1544 very large range
N QQQQ 53.0 - 54.14

10:10 ET, Low so far 53.06, could this be the LOW? if it gives watc 52.91
10:45 ET, if this 52.91 gives we look at 52.60

Dear Readers, from Dear Edwardo's comments in daily post, I can see that we need to repeat, how we use the indicators.

1) I use no indicators at all, except gages.
2) First priority is the price limit actions
3) Gages only set the general tone
4) When the prices move 1.5% That is decisive
Regardless of what gages think. Same is true
When the prices hit the limits and turn.

At turning points Any gages will have a lot of confusing indications, but if you going to use any indicator ( short term Swing Indicator), you must trust it to the extent I describe above.

Thanks for the opportunity to reiterate the approach. In trading only trader matters!

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Hi Jim, Revised P&F Price Objective: 13100No Bounce of significance at 13689 (117 sq)Next Bounce at 13225 (115 sq)Have a nice weekend.Jim
10/19/2007 10:33 AM

14:23 ET Dear Readers we are very close to turnaround in YEN, It is the time next few minutes or never for STOCKs To turn around.
14:49 ET, YEN SUPPORT lies around 114.62, we hit 114.74 low. Are they going to go for it? or are the suckers done.
15:21 ET, YEN hits 14.68 and Q's arpproaching 52.60 our target. It is do or die.
15:25 Buy Q's with 10c stop 52.62
15:30 Stop 52.58
15:39 ET, Rally develooping in YEN, Q's
15:47 ET, YEN still supporting Q's are pushed lower ( out -4c)
I was awaiting for a later turnaround, but it is not coming , even AS YEN is seems to just stop around our numbers. Does not look good, but can not go short here.

Still upside is favored

Dji, Shows Buy

Dear Readers, we still favor the upside. We Do not want to upset the RK's of the world(: :). So, we are "fair and balanced" being on the right side accroding to our gages...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Readers, the National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. We gave benefit of doubt to the upside and market struggled to create the mixed day, which is not a "DOWN DAY". So far, so good. Let us see what tomorrow brings. Appreciate the Lively discussion of issues economic and political and enjoy your day. Good Trading


N QQQQ 53.09 - 53.55
N SPX 1531 - 1539

What did I say Yesterday? You could have watched the YEN instead of Stock Market. The same today...
Does anybody notice that Nobody is gloating having GOLD?
It is not talked at parties and it is not even mentioned much by talking heads. All move up has been perfectly orderly so far...
Incredible and means that there is more to go, at least 794 or even 1100 in by FEB/March 2008?

Still upside is favored

Dear Readers, the upside is favored , unless we get 1.5 % drop in one of the indices.
We could/are/will have a day of $ demolition. Take heart Seniors and all concerned, however bad this day could be, it will, most likely, be a one day wonder to remember forever, but could reverse very quickly and retrace much of the loss by the end of next week. Unfortunately that will not be end of troubles for our embattled currency, but let us go on week at a time. Dear Bernanke, members of White house, Government and Treasury... All ordinary Americans are asking you to find a heart somewhere in you and help them recover their purchasing power before it is too late!
Watch out GOLD, it could take a big bath here, basically back to 728 area on cash or lower?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers. The National Sopitalist Casino is closed for today. We had a brief position today +0c. Attempt to go long at the 5th Daily support failed with no loss. FXI is on the road 250, I think... and the NZD/AUD ( AUD Had ETF -> FXA ) have not recovered much. You could have followed the stock market today exactly, if you followed YEN. Yes our friends in TOKYO decide how our markets look, with some encouragement from US. Of A, of course...
My big targets still remain. INDU 14444, NDX 2255, SPX 1577 , FXI 250. So close and so far...
Appreciate all that participated. A dema


N QQQQ 53.30 - 53.67
N SPX 1546 - 1552 ( tight again)

FXI china ETF tops 210... going to 250?

10:01 ET SPX, INDU,TRAN,UTIL have all stopped at respective cluster points of 1550 ( close to our high limit), 14000, 4900, 518...

10:39 ET, now Dear Readers/Friends, if I could speak, write Chinese BLOG there could be a chance, but since I can not and the Chinese are the "new suckers" very clearly coming under P.T. Barnum's definition of those... Where do you think the SOPITALISTS go to draw the blood, with their "somoke and mirror" circus? certainly not to us, experienced and skill full traders and even less so, but embattled American Public that has learned hard way how manipulative the markets are. They go to new places and Chinese, Former/Still? wide EYED COMMUNISTS and new SOPTIALISTS wannabe, fit the bill perfectly... So, when this FXI explodes into 250 and every Chinese that could , has bought the stocks, then the end will be at hand

You got to love this, SOPITALISTS make so many ways, first they SCREW our SENIORS and anybody on a fixed salary, by depreciating their $, then they get them into the hands of "new suckers" and they robb them daylight... God how cruel! Now, please do not push the Circus Analogy too far. P.T. could have never dreamed of 3-4 TRILLION $ of smoke and mirror a DAY

Now, that I published this number, it is possible that we do not get there and just reverse on some incredible volume somewhere between here and 250 and close below 204 a climax of sorts that could do it too.

12:05 ET, FXI tops 218

12:41 ET, So what was the high today? exactly the Hi limit of Q's.
Look my dear friends I do not care where the WORLD TOP of the markets will be (OK, just a little(: :) ). But for day after day for us to pick the exact tops in SPX/Q is much more profitable than waiting for the ETERNAL TOP... Besides anybody can read my article "Sorry To Blow Your Bubble", where I said the Real top of the US markets will be after SPX reaches 1550. That was in MAY 2007 and since then "the real market is lower". That is all I know...

13:13 ET, Q's at the 5th lowest support 52.92 level, nowhere to go, but crash?(: :)
13:26 ET, this point 52.92 is a SELL/BUY point period.
13:30 ET , most likely it will support here, exhaustion bar
13:34 ET, 10c on either side will decide if the trend has changed or not ( short term 5 min trend)
13:37 ET, HELD! if bought stop below 52.84
13:48 ET, stop 52.89, or breakeven
13:55 ET, OUT, 52.68 if brokern, 52.38 - 52.30 next level
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,Hi JD, P&F Sell signal on DOW yesterday.Price Objective: 13400Look for a Bounce at: 13689 (117 sq.)Look for 13225 by Oct. 29 (115 sq.)Jim
10/17/2007 11:54 AM

Upside Pressures Grwoing Strong

Dear Readers, with this mini downturn, the upside pressures have grown substantially and even NASDAQ has shown that. So, careful here with any shorts if not already out, look for an exit fast. We have also warned you about the summation line "being tired". Yes... Yesterday appeared to have been a mini capitulation in NAZD even though it never made new lows... Go figure... The gages know, cause they do not look at the high or low , they are looking into how many stocks are "suffering" and there was "quiet" suffering/capitulation in NAZD yesterday

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Charts by Mark Lytle, above

Dear Readers, The National Sopitalist Casino is closed for today. We did not trade today. Missing selling at the top ( attempted and abandoned, due to desire to trade with only minimal RISK/REWARD params) we are waiting for market developments that will allow us to enter short direction, which we think has a good chance persisting into 19-21 Oct. As outlined by our "October 21 Again" article. What we saw today was a confirmation of our thinking that the COMMODITY currencies could be dead for many years to come. That includes ( AUD/NZD to lesser extent CAD/GBP ) and all others. Why? Currency traders are the "first to know" that the COMMODITY bull is coming to an end...

There were all good comments by Alex and Jason below... I would just add that the INDIA/CHINA may not do so much better, cause the COMMODITIES are/will go down, as ... much of the downturn in the same is/will be caused by none performance of their economies and crazy stockpiling that is taking the place now.

One more Warning by gold ( see gold crock above). Tighten trailing stops and hope for best.
Reits Crock has starting shutting down the jaws strongly, see the comments on Reiats Chart


N QQQQ 52.59 - 52.97
N SPX 1540 - 1544 ( very tight?)

10:13 ET SPX turned exactly around the top 1544.
10:26 ET For two days in a row, the Hihg Limits provided incredibly profitable short entries.
10:40 ET New Fresh low below todays lows... Could mean a (mini) crash, there is also petential that we have bottomed for a while... Thus I suggest that trailing stops are in place ( real or mental, come on now, do not risk profits you may have)
11:25 ET, Above note, started the rally!
11:39 ET passed the 3rd Resistance and approaching the 4th at 53.40

Have you noticed, the 204 Level For FXI ( CHINA ETF) have come and gone ( hit 208 now 202). I do not think so. God help us all... This ETF is going 250! and so is the EWH ( HONKONG ETF) to 26 from current 21 area. Do not say I did not tell you

Like Football, Must keep Pressure

Dear Readers, Just like in Football, Hey my Steelers are getting ready for a new season, Bears must keep pressure or the the entire thing will reverse... Funny though looking at the NASDAQ Pressure Chart, we see that it has never generated buy pressure of any significance. So, is this market going to move lower until NASDAQIANS cry ankle? into submission. Also notice that CYAN lines are conducive to the down move, the only thing is that SPX has a reasonable pressure up and the Summation line is getting tired. So, Bears want the prise? keep the pressure!

Let us not forget if YELLOW BRIK ROAD is correct ( hardly doubtful) and extremely precise( who would have thought!) then Downtrend has the clear road into OCT 19-21...

Now, the only way I Know how to profitably enter the moving train like this is, again, the higher limits of the day... So, watch them if you want to...