Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

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Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I did not trade today. Dollar Slumped today, Just about against every currency. GOLD was up 1.5% for a second day and so was SILVER up 2.5%. Interest rates rose slightly. Oil was up 4%. Stock market ended lower after MDS SELL signal started working faster than usual. Please note, the fact, that 18 March(which we whispered to our customers, beforehand ) turned out to be one hell of turn date. But we all know that we got upcoming turn days which may prove as dramatic. Early April looks interesting, but what happens there will be conditioned by what happens at the end of this month. Would you like to trade calls like the 18 March turn? look at the services section below.
Services Section
MDS is now a standalone service ( or included/free in TAILORED-OFFER) at $500/Year, for new subscribers.To make the payments Paypal, needs only my email and


aaaaaaum said...

Dear Boris, Question: I have Charting Tool running with NASDAQ100USD 1 minute chart displayed. At 16:00, exactly, the curve dropped from 1822 to 1806 at 16:09. Who is trading at this time? Aren't the markets closed after 16:00?

boris said...

Dear AaaaaaUM,
Markets are closed for all practical purposes, but are they?

They are not. You know that markets trade pre/after hours and some(not all ) stocks are pretty active. For example I can place orders for stocks from my AMERITRADE account at extended times ( early/late).

Mutual Funds are supposed to trade at this time, as their manded requires them to market the transactions ar close time. Well, what is closing time? We have all heared the scandal of some trading/frontrunning of hedge funds against individuals in Murual Funds...

In any case everybody today can trade the extended times.

Futures are definitely trading as well.

I hope this is answers the question, but, please do not hesitate to ask more if not clear.

Good Tarding

aaaaaaum said...

Dear Boris, it appears that "extended" times are 6x24 just as for FX. So if I wanted to be able to make trades during these times, would I need an account with some one like PFG FX which allows trading on Forex, Indexes, CFDs, and CFD RUS?

aaaaaaum said...

Dear Boris, about the Є puts at recommended AP, how to determine length of contract? Will it be days before 3rd fri or weeks before 3rd fri? Good trading.

boris said...

Dear AaaaaaUm,
About options. I have Interactive Brokers, among others, it displays the expiration dates.

April 4, May 9, June 6.
I will get you all Later.

April is the best. If it happens it should be fast and over and cheap

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear AaaaaaUm,
PFG sounds good.
Or you can just use any of the Discounters ( AMERI, SCHWAB, etc.)
And do the currency ETFS, but, you are probably better off with PFG.
GOod Trading

boris said...

Dear John,
Thanks for keeping me honest.

StockSystemStatus changed TO XSSS

Good Trading

Ivan said...

Dear AaaaaaUm,
I am using SaxoBank Trader since February and I'm very satisfied. On web site you can see what instruments you can trade with it.
Regards, Ivan

aaaaaaum said...

Dear curaki, Thanks for the info. Will sample their sware. I only wish cmsfx handled indexes/cfds because their sware is awesome. But cmsfx does not offer micro accts as does PFGfx. Good trading.

aaaaaaum said...

$NZD:$XSF is hovering at a bottom and I believe Lag indicated that it preceeded $SPX correction.

lagscrew said...

YES It seems to leed spx