Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

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Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did trade today, looking for something similar like last Friday. Well, it did not happen. We ended up making few cents due to the larger lots traded, which with one winning trade was able to cover the trade costs for four rounds. Dear Lag reported gains on some of his shorts and Jason also in NZD shorts. John, who trades small lots, has also reported gains. I had some additional gains in currency traders, which I do not announce on this board. Misrable market closed misarably down. We shell see what MDS has to say about all of this. Meanwhile that son of a gun is raking again like bandits sell came around 137x and we are 1330(so he the machine is ahead another 40 points?). Enjoy the weekend and let us hope there is some stop to ANTI-DOLLAR ORGY around this important time cycle of March 3.
Ok, subject of MUNI bonds has come up again. And for sure there are problems in the MUNI land. Now I did buy some MUNI bond funds. I bought some for myself. Mostly CMU and MUB. I have sold part of those(almost all MUB - no YIELD) in the process of trimming after MDS sell( reported here). But still have 5% of my money in them. I do not have a large loss and I expect to buy if the market offers even better discounts. You do not have to do that, but one does not have to do anything, just buy the 3% money market fund and that is it. But that does not get you too far unless you are millioner already and that could make you not to be millioner pretty soon. So, risk is part of investmenet ladnscape. If you can not risk then do not invest. My personal approach is to buy when blood is in the street and to buy more when there is more blood in the street. So, it is a matter of money management not the absolute knowlege of the markets that needs to make you money. I usually buy 1/5 or less when I want to buy something. Then I watch and if prices go down , but feel that this investment is not going to ZERO, then I buy another 1/5th and etc. until I allocated all money that I want to allocate to that stock/instrument. That is it. Investment is work and one must know when to work. Also, one needs to know that MUNI's in general will not default in large number and if they do, then you and I perhaps do not need money. So, do not worry about investments. Besides, if such disaster was to strike the USA/WORLD you must have purchased the insurance I told you long time ago - CORE GOLD HOLDINGS of 5%-15%

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Aread of Daily spread to watch for
SPX 1353 - 1387
SPX 1337.1333,1324,1313 - 1359,1366,1374,1385
10:30 ET, looks like MDS is out there to help his buddy YBR to prove correct?
10:48 ET, HOWDY NZD, Jason is making money(:-. Cratered HOWDY NZD...

Little strategy here. Let us say that We get the BUY on MDS today. Unlikely, but let say we get it today or Monday( market must have moved lower). Then we know that we need day or two to allow for market to bottom. EUREKA, low comes MARCH 3 - 4 ( YBR, how in the world did you know?). That is just so that you know what to expect.


14:07 bought some at 43.10. Stop at 43.04
14:09 raised sto ato 43.11
out -3
in 43.08 stop 42.99
stop 43.05
stop 43.06
out 43.08 ZERO
will buy 43.14
cancel 43.14
14:38 buy 43.08 stop 43.03
14:40 stop 43.06
14:41 stop up 43.08 ZERO risk , free trade
14:46 stop up 43.17 +9c
14:50 will buy 43.22 stop 43.15
14:51 in 43.22 stop 43.17
14:52 stop 43.19
14:53 out -3c
15:03, OK maybe this is not the day ha... ( considering my costs are $1 in/out) I am at almost ZERO today ( or just one coffee money left at the table)

15:07 Will buy 43.14 stop 43.07

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

05:44 ET 29/FEB/2008, I hope nobody is confused about MARCH 3 +-2 trading days, that spans 28 FEB to 5 March. Right? We are in the hot zone where everything could turn around very fast. METALS , CURRENCIES, ENERGY and later STOCKS and BONDS. And do not treat all currencies the same. RESPECT JPY and CHF and DO NOT RESPET GBP and EURO(to less extent). BE VIGILANT, but SCREW the COMMODITY CURRENICES(AUD/BRL and lesser extent NZD). Just like people, currencies are not all equal even though they are all in the ANTI-DOLLAR ORGY at this time. MDS Still ON SELL, see the Status On the right to you.

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I did not trade today. Unfortunately, I have been right again ( I wish I was not) with DOllar having some more ANTI-DOLLAR ORGY and Stock Maket having MDS blahs. Well, and GOLD, of course, with OIL ( Ah, NIgerian Card Again)... Bonds Rocketing, of course. And AAPL stock alone causing NDX index to be twice better as much as it should have been down... ENJOY

While DEMS AND REPS are "fighting with each other" to govern the nation on collision course with faith, the theft of the wealth from SENIORS of USA and ordinary workers is reaching EPIC proportions. I do not understand you fellow American. How come you do not get up from your but and tell the dishonest SOPITALISTS that you have had enough and will not take anymore stealing from SENIORS to FEED housing speculators and GREEDY Bankers corrupt government and heartless multinationals. I do not understand you. I do not know why I do not hear you voices going up in the sky putting fear in the hearts of SOPITALISTS. Are you scared? Do not be it is better to die with dignity than suffer the theft of your purchasing power(you invested the lifetime in) by dishonest SOPITALISTS. It is your choice. I hope you will make correct one and ask our country to stop debasing one thing that unites US all the $USDOLLAR. DO not listen to lies. They are not saving economy( you) the are saving their own salaries and perks, while your purchasing power is going down the drain. They stimulate you, treating you like a lab test anymal. YOU DO NOT NEED STIMULATION, THEY NEED SEDATION. Do not you get it? they will do anything to get the last drop of slave work out of you.
Wake up before it is too late.

XERXES wrote...
Hello Dear Boris.......Just wanted to mention that you got the Boston Tea Party issue wrong.....Most people think it was a tax revolt of some kind.....Not true.......British Crown had earlier applied a tea tax which spawned an American blackmarket/smuggling operation.....Tea was like a modern-day drug equivalent....The developing sopitalist crowd at the time was making a killing undermining the British tea trade.......So Parliament abolished the tax....They're not so dumb.......When the tax-free shipment came to Beantown (Boston), the sopitalists realized theywere threatened with loss of their market so they tossed the tea into the harborxerxes

Dear Xerxes, thanks for corrections
I will admit, I am not trying to be Junky of history(finance is enough). All I am trying to say that just about that time. People, no matter who( even SOPITALISTS of one kind against SOPITALISTS of another kind) have been able to recognize and do something against attempts to impose the slavery(form of taxation). That is my point. Exact details of history, do not interest me as much, even though I appreciate people that know more about to insert as much precision on the subject as possible, so I stand corrected, but my point stands.

My main question to all is, do we know or not that DOLLAR DEBASEMENT is nothing but a taxation without representation? Actually Cold blooded Confiscation. That is what our Dear FED and TREASURY are involved in with a relentless support from Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE). The crime against SENIORS stands out, cause SENIORS can not control Social Security moneys. SOPTIALISTS of WELFARE STATE like it that way(Parachutes are still open and salaries are still payed to them, while SENIORS will get worthless Dollar if they ever do).

Attraction Points(Apoints)

watch these high and low area on daily SPX
1361.9019 1345.5619 low
1396.5100 1398.4381 high
SPX 1362,1358,1351,343 - 1380,1384,1391,1399

10:04 ET, So far all securities seem to play inside game. Feeling the environ out!
10:05 ET, those lucky enough to have Australian Dollar subscription its intraday fifth and YEARLY first are 2 cents apart today. High coming up for our Dear AUD?
11:16 ET, JPY and CHF and EUR all hit the initial areas of Daily AP's as well as some intraday and so far turned

MDS AT WORK?! 11:34 ET
15:11 ET, OK Dear John, Watching NDX movers?. APPLE IT IS! Entire index is up 4 out of which AAPL is up 12 , meaning without AAPL the NDX will be down 8, HALLELUJAH!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

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Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I trimmed some more of my stocks in anticipation of MDS (mandated) selloff, but i am not going short. I just invest less at this time. ANTI-DOLLAR orgy continued today, but signs are emerging of some rebound being possible here. I do not expect the pace of dollar decline to continue the way it is against the EURO , but the decline could be stronger against jpy and cfh till April. Another turning point is approaching in March 4 +-2 trading days.

Dear redaers, 74.10-74.24 is a powerful support area for USdollar, closed today at 74.21, perhaps for a reason. If broken we are looking at 73.03, 72.30 as possible stop points.

DOUBLE MM means DEATH for precious METALS. The top in precious metals is very likely March 4 +-2 trading days and May 7 +-2 trading days. It is highly likely that later in the year, we will look at early March as the time when METALS of all sorts died. Alternatively we could see DOUBLE MM create a single M type of DOUBLE TOP with high points in the DOUBLE M(arch)M(ay)?

One more signpost, those that already have EUR/AUD/JPY and other AP's please add CHF watch point 1.0517 - 1.0534 to the area of possible
CFH turnaround ( and Dollar turnaround)

Attraction Points(Apoints)


SPX 1368,1364,1358,1351 - 1380,1381,1385,1390,1397
Just a quick reminder, with MDS usually, we wait for some distribution to take place, that is the extremely high sell pressure gets down. Unfortunately , last couple times one would have missed big gains waiting for that. So, here is the tactics. Sell a bit, and sell a bit more in next couple days if the market is still higher. Within 6 days you should be seeing profit or MDS went wrong . That would be one of those 2 out of 10 when MDS loses.

10:18 ET, Dear subscribers/readers at 106.50 JPY has the second AP and some averages resisting higher (lower in price) move
10:57 ET, 106.65 JPY is a FIB 62% retrace and third AP
11:11 ET, looks like SPX was stopped at 4th 1390


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

04:30 ET 2/27/2008 MDS ON SELL! 857% in 20Months

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Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I traded today, trimmed some more of my portfolio, so that I am actually now down to 25% of stock investable money being invested. Dear John reported profitable trade in GWR ( one of our list SHAKERS newsletter from last weekend). I lost the track of Dear Lag's transactions. Market has very likely generated an MDS sell signal, while almost every other part of STOCKSTSTEMSTAT(current SSSS) four components is already on SELL. GOLD rose and SILVER even more. If GOLD wants to run then I WOULD choose to use SLV-GOLD position, cause in the final stretch(if there is one) SILEVER will/should outperfom. ANTI-DOllar Orgy was in full swing today and, most likely is not entirely over yet. Interest rates dropped a bit. OIL/ENERGY was up.
Let us remember that we have outstanding attraction points for OIL 115 and GOLD 1121

06:12 ET, Silver hit the initial 19.40 target, GOLD got close to 968 resistance area. GBP hit the 50% retrace area, EUR hit the 1st daily Attraction point. On and on... Is $US ready for an, at least, a short term bounce in here?

Dear Readers here is what looks like a working system from Dear Voltire. It really looks nice even though the precision is not close and risk charactereistics a bit more daunting ( double drawdown), but here it is: VOLTIRE's MDS

By the way, We will publish anybodies system that appears to be working and track it for our readers. That is a promise, as well as, the the challenge to all capable systems designers. We would like to thank Dear Voltire for honoring us with his discovery. If accepted designer will be asked to post the system regularily on our site.

Ok Dear Voltire says, not for public, perhaps not yet. Perhaps later he would be willing to make VMDS stand in public. Thanks anyway. We appreciate and it feels good that I was able to stimulate good thinking and work.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1365,1362,1359,1356 - 1372,1374,1377,1381
QQQQ 43.52,43.46,43.33,43.17 - 43.85,43.96,44.09,44.25

GENC is up another 13%, as if these guys produce GOLD not ASPHALT!
I am out as it hit the fifth here, I hope it corrects to BUY

Dear Subscribers you saw the JPY react on the second AP blue line and that gave market time/space to go up. I think 12:10 ET, may be interesting turn time. See where we are then. You know the best way to use the AP's is to see that multiplicity of securities are around their own AP and could turn... I believe SPX hit third at the same time as well. Now SPX has hit/almost the third on the high side. Is this a inside day... YOu will be wiser in coming days and have feel for these things

12:02 ET, approaching time we have set for possible turnaround. Act with care here and protect whateve postions you may have taken

12:23 ET, those watching the Daily AP's on SPX, please note 1390 area is where the initial resistance stands.

13:29 ET, we spoke about anti $USDollar orgy and you see it. Everything ANTI-DOLLAR is, including the stocks markets are rising. MDS SELL on the way? I am collecting some profits where they can be seen in my stock holdings.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

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Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. I traded a bit today. Closed some of the things that were not moving fast enough on the upside. Trimmed some MUNIS, have chunks left. So, got rid of about 6% to come down to 27% invested in stocks. We could get MDS sell tomorrow.

05:40 ET, MDS stays in BUY, but in the swing to reach sell perhaps today

Dear Reders, see John's comment and my response. If you learn nothing, but this simple truth about trading, investment or whatever you come to us for, you will end up rich. To paraphrase John's idea, "PESSIMISTS make money in trading, OPTIMISTS make money and only PIGS lose". That is the reason why you see me go ballistic when I hear that one of our members lost money and he/she is down on it. Come on, play small(to your capital) amounts and right system and that is all to it!
Anybody who reads the above, should have the answer to the question "why is not Boris super rich"?????????? Cause my dear friends, I crawl, do not run!

07:32 ET, watch the GOLD, it is down about $5 but was down $10 this morning. If it can manage a rally on top of 954(I doubt) it could go

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1350,1349,1349,1348.27 - 1351,1352,1353,1353
Difficult time reading data, and perhaps too narrow range. Will get a higher volatility reading ASAP

SPX HV 1339, 1330, 1319, 1305 - 1364, 1374, 1385,1399

Yes, indeed GOLD was up this morning $8 and it was down $10 few minutes ago. Hard to trust this situation.
I do not recommend long or short at this point, but if you are in it, please know this thing can swing fast and wide. So, protect the gains according to your capital.

GENC up 12% so far today. You say WHO, what do they do?
Gencor Industries, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design and manufacture of heavy machinery used in the production of highway construction materials, synthetic fuels, and environmental control equipment(From YAHOO.COM). OK so do you like asphalt???

I had no idea, I did not care less. It showed up on the SHAKRES list and I bought it one week ago and I am up 50% today. Well, I sold most of it.( one of the ONLY out of 10000 stocks in USA exchanges that could hit 5th Attraction Point in FEBruary?! at 17.50

That though shows you power of finding stocks via SHAKERS list. Another one I took profits on today - SWC palladim miner up about 30%. Well, there is a GOLD in that list of SHAKERS, there really is. And the entire service is for $1 a week not even coffee money? AMAZING... Where can you get a service like this for so little ( actually almost nothing?) Nowhere. That is where. email me me if you like what you see under the SHAKERS-Offer(link on right).

Dear, Subscribers for Intraday APoints, please notice the daily limits today for JPY were 108 +-5 cents. The intraday third and fourth AP's were 108 and 108.30. After getting to this area of 108+- 15c area JPY could do nothing but regurgitate the moves all in the same... Hallelujah! the power of Apoints...

15:17 ET, it seems to me like the top of the rally is centered around 13:50 ET, so we could make some inremenral move higher into close.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Under No cirmustances to be REPRODUCED . Want to trade like this? email

Dear Readers. NOTE: this site is no more one man show as contributions of Dear Ivan and Brandon are coming from their heart and soul. For unselfish willingness to help those, who have been neglected by SOPITALIST PIGS, Thanks guys!!!
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did some trading today. Dear Lag, did dump SDS longs ( congrats). Dave reported gains in currencies. I just picked up few stocks today to go up another 3%(about 33% invested) and watched with astonishment when the rocket was launched in last 25 minutes of the market session. WOW!!!

See updated GROUPTATION link, my day starts here, yours too? >>>

Dear All,dear Brandon implemented the macro for our oscillators file.Using this macro you can easier navigate between the graphs.How to use it?Your Excel application must be set to medium security.(Tools - Options - Security - Macro Security - Medium). Additionally, you must enable macros.Then, only press CTRL-Z (call of this macro command) and you will get the form with the list of all graphs. When you click some graph name, you get this graph open.Regards, Ivan

04:06 ET, Please be careful, here as we could have dollar turn a bit higher agan, starting today or tomorrow, after which should come another bout of weakness , perhaps culminating into lows ( not neccessarily new low) from which 3-6 month rally starts. AMAZING 3 weeks of SHEKEL supporting at 3.57 ( rare indeed) If you are long GOLD, Same care with GOLD next couple days, just tighten trailing stops as GOLD is rising right now. If we were to get SELL in MDS that would add to our caution.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1341,1339,1337,1334 - 1347,1348,1350,1353
QQQQ 43.37,43.22,43.04,42.82 - 43.77,43.91,44.09,44.31
12:15 ET, In the see of RED , what stands out ( besides precious metals , of course)... Yes, it is REITS. RMZ reit index is in the plus and Banks are not really much down either. Maybe they are washed up by now. Time for retirement YIELDs to be picked up? Bought some O ( stock), if you are intersted knowing what goes into RMZ, email me. today, as well as, HGT and ERF(these are OIL/GAS -bullish this summer, Royalty trusts).
12:19 ET, Q's almost at 5th Attraction Point, some bounce, at least, is expected here and JPY is at first AP.
WARNING, We do not give anything here as an advise, We do this for educational purpose. Nevertheless, when purchasing anything mentioned here or anywhere else, please use common sense and go in gradually. Buy one tenth of what you want to buy. If it goes lower, buy more/cheaper and so on. If it goes up too much sell. OK should be clear.( do not use this method with garbage, garbage never goes up!)
13:20 ET, We are crawling back from the fifth, will we be able to come up far?
13:47 ET, Another bounce from fifth for Q's
15:12 ET, No traction for this market, it attempted to break above fourth 3 times, without success.
15:32 ET, what do you know now it has broken 4th from below and approaching third!
15:36 ET, breaking the first low AP from below! wow!

15:55 ET, Three attempts to break fifht on the downside failed and then the ROCKET LAUNCHER was put in under the Markets. Hallelujah! MEANDERING IT IS?
DEAR JOHN SWC is up another 3.5% I am up 30% in less than a week!!!
15:39 ET, Q's hit the upper FIRST!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My day starts at GROUPTATION, make it yours. See Updated and Managed by Ivan Link on the right.
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today again, as it seems like trading the market totally controlled with traders is not good for your health. John reported a small loss. Market went down about 1%. Gold was unchanged after midday runup, Oil closed lower and for the first time the few weeks the BONDS rose. Dollar lost realtively big today. So, the decline into early March is coming to pass?. We shell see.

Dollar situation is as follows:
EUR,CHF,JPY,AUD are all on the SELL versus Dollar on all levels from 5 minute to Monthly. The only exception is the JPY is still On Monthly BUY. So, all/any move against Dollar here is pure Orgy ( means - could be powerful, but unsustainable too long. And well staged by speculators who want you on the other side of this trade. If you can not play this dollar decline, just stay in it, cause your time is coming. Disrigard All BS coming from those who will scare you into Dollar=0 scenario. should be over by APril)
We do this announcment as gratitude to our readers. Detailed changes to this information are reserved to TAILORED-Offer subscribers.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

QQQQ 44.18,44.02,43.82,43.58 - 44.60,44.76,44.96,45.20
SPX 1360,1355,1350,1343 -1372,1376,1381,1388
10:47 ET, Q's supported at very close to 44.02 so far
11:08 ET, JPY has held 107.48 magnificently so far...
11:10 ET, GOLD in LALALALA Land, could not do it, but with options
We said before 22 +-1 trading day Feb is a turn around day, perhaps MDS was duped a bit too by yesterdays move. Need to be very careful here. Dollar could be turning lower for a month or so, which, usually is good thing for stocks, but perhaps not this time around. MUNIS, which i am holding some, could be indicating a changing climate, perhaps some more shoes are going to drop next couple weeks.
12:34 ET, SPX rebounds at fourth Apoint.
If meandering lower type of market is what we have coming for next few weeks, then it will be very hard to make money and MDS may get fooled couple times too. As it is, the Summation indicator is not in agreement with MDS and nor is the ASSET OSCILLATOR for SPX/QQQQ
12:42 et, YEN is under 4th mving to 5th? (107.09)
14:25 ET, SPX,JPY both are up back to fourth APoint, let us see if they will jump over
14:34 ET, so far , so good, they are clearing the 4th somewhat, not by much yet.
15:22 ET, Q's are playing just under the fifth Apoint.
15:30 ET, Markets ( stocks, currencies) have played Attraction points perfectly today. Indication of total domination of markets by traders, not investors.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

05:24 ET, 2/21/2008 MDS flips into BUY, total StockSystemStatus - SBBS is not as exciting. MDS is independently profitable, though.
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, but let our holdings come play for us and it was OK, some decline/minimal on our about 30% holdings in Mostly high yield safer stocks and some MUNI Funds. Stocks meandered. Dollar a bit stronger, and should experience some slowdown starting next week. Gold Continued pressing higher and Energy took a little rest. Bonds have dropped. Actually all as expected. BRUTISH POUND could not be helped. This poor currency just can not get out of its way. MDS remained on SELL

Rules about books and trading technologies/systems.
- anything you know about trading systmes indicators is helpful, even/especially if it brings you to junk that system/indicator.
- anything that is publically known and popular is usually , almost wothless
- only unique systems, which have no large following and are not pubically disclosed have a chance of making you money. THERE, you have been educated and warned
MDS meets all cireteria of this kind of a system. There is only one person in the entire world that knows it ( that is me, even my daughter does not know it) and its exposure will be limited.
This is no different of our life experiences, WE spend our entire life to be US. Some of us get there faster some never do.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1336 ,1333,1330,1325 - 1345,1347,1351,1356
QQQQ 43.1,42.9,42.6,42.3 - 43.7,43.9,44. 2,44.5

Dear Reders, Lag, anybody that is scared to see their NAV go down please stay in money market funds. Kind of money market funds you want are the types that invest only in "ALL TREASURY only" short term maturity bills/notes. That is it. that way you are safe. You could also I presume, be safe in CD's of variuos maturirty ( ONLY FDIC insured CD's please). For anything else you have either principle and/or default risk and/or NAV variation risk. So stay away. For me , I have no problem with any of these... But you do not have to listen to me, if what I say/buy scares you... Right?
11:03 ET, SPX low 1336.55, so far rounding error away from Second Attraction Point. Let the APoints be with you Dear Readers.
12:15 ET, How sweet it is! to hit the bottom within rounding error and then go up 16 points. If you could that that twice with 1 million Dollars, you are set forever... Hallelujah!

INVESTORS, LISTEN up... HANG in there. YOU WIN no matter where market goes. It goes up YOU PROFIT, it goes down YOU BUY CHEAPER. Just make sure you are not much above 40% invested at this point

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

MDS Still ON SELL, If not published, it means it did not change. Also, please look to the right(stocksystemstat) MDS status is included there.
Some more about muni,preferred crisis. Do not believe anybody who pretend to know what is going on. Did not you hear already, so many people who "think" they know what goes on in the stock market? How many of them warned you as early as May2007 with a precise target and time for trouble. Nobody... that is how many. I stood alone "ringing the bell" See "sorry to blow your $u$$le article" and see the graph at the end of this page. Well, that is not because I know, but because I do not know. Realising that, I go to markets to 'speak' to me and tell me what maybe going. Prices talk, period. If you follow the "buy when blood runs in the street" philosphy, you will eventually make money. Anything or anybody else is a waste of time!!! All you need a common sense and strategy to buy into depressed assets.

Please see GROUPTATION link, ASSET status. My day starts there, make it yours too.
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, but some of our SHAKER members( have some of them for a little mix in my account) have done magnificently well (SWC/APWRU/SVR/GENC/CXG) did all great. Muni Bonds have recovered nicely for me as well. Dear John reported small gains and Dear Greenie, should have evened or so with EURO and GBP canceling each other out. GOLD/OIL gained as cyclical time was ripe for GOLD and in these deceptive steps it coud yet get to 1121, my next target(timing is not clear for this target). Dollar declined and interet rates rose, interesting, ha? Do you think somebody is selling US bonds as they have appreciated so much since last summer we recommended them(remember we are no more recommend them, but ask you to let them to mature, as they should be shorter term maturities).

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Dear Brandon's CNDM(from niftyfifty) muzings on chart

SPX , the daily range to look at 1335 - 1380
N QQQQ 44.15,44.06,43.95,43.81 - 44.51
N SPX 1359,1357,13534,1350 - 1367,1370,1373,1377

Dear John, GOod For me... I did not know we were so powerful(:-
OK, niftyfifty members
GENC up 13%
up 10%
CXG up 4%

10:40 ET, Q's in the support area 44.08
11:27 ET, Q's next challenge 43.81?
Australian Dollar AUD is now testing the 91 level form above. Will it support or was the break out fake? Sorry take it back AUD is testing 92!
SWC, ok anybody who wants to can see SWC in the chart of previous post under NYSE SHAKERS. As you can see this stock has jumped over the Second YEARLY Attraction Point... Going for the third?, which is not even seen on the chart. It is a bit higher from there. Exciting to see this kind of move from stocks you own.
GOLD , we thought today that GOLD could be in for a jump and it did . It was up $5 at that time now up $22. One of the rules is that, that which does not go down will go up. Well, GOLD had plenty of opportunity to go for it, but refused to break. Yes, now it is headed higher toghether with a friend OIL. We did not suggest you to buy or sell at this time. It is too late to be brave. Will reitterate, GOld should only be played with worhtless otions. It could keep rising into April/May period or break down surprisingly. Benefit of a doubt was given to the upside this morning.

Dollar Close to Correction

MDS remains on SELL.
We still did not get a punctuation of white RECESSION Line. USA, Desperately keeping Dollar low to prevent it. How Long? Well, Dear Readers, unfortunately for many of us, it is just a matter of time...

Dear Readers, Dollar stood strong for last three months holding the line in the sand above 74 level. Very soon, perhaps within a week, Dollar may come under another assault to drive it lower. Be careful there and stay alert to that possibility. SHEKEL is getting ready, in all likelyhood , to break the barrier of 3.57 to a lower level(higher price) of 3.44 and even 3.12(were this to happen, it would have completed astonishing 40% rise in 4 years) possible by Early April. Australian Dollar broke important FIB 62% resistance at 0.91. All Currencies may/will attempt to "dump" on Dollar, but as long as the November 2007 low survives, the next powerful stage of Dollar advence will commence from there. It will not surprise me if none of this happens, but I would be very respectful of this possibility. Only a violent breakout on the upside by $USDollar will prevent this scenario, SUBSCRIBERS keep close attantion to Attraction Points
Qustion was raised , which Subscribers will see these currency Attraction Points? Those subscribers who have subscribed to INDIVIDUAL SERVICES, which start with minimum 3 items at $50/month ( example is SPX,TSX, CAD for a Canadian citizen). The Yearly, Daily and Intraday ATTRACTION points are/will be provided for those subscribers. Any additional items are $15/month. These are very different from SHAKERS-offer as it is a $50/year service(published on weekends) covering only YEARLY(graphically visible) Attraction Points for only upto 50 niftyfifty securities in all covered areas(INDU,AMEX,CHINA ADRS,NYSE,NAZ INDEXES , TSX and choice of another ADR country stocks ), whose prices are above the first Yearly Attraction. Nice thing about it is though that once the security fell into the niftyfifty and you see the Attraction Points they will be constant for that year and we could see hundreds of different(strong) securities flow through that set each year as new ones pop in and older ones pop out along the first yearly Attraction Point.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us


NOTE: if you are not interested in STOCKS, ETFS, INDICES, And already subscribed to MDS(it-MDS is free to you), please do not subscribe.
See updated GROUPTATION ASSET link
Yes, did you notice DOLLAR INDEX, TABLE BELOW? Not above first, annual Attraction Point yet, but inching towards?


Remember, the tables graphs below capture all ETFS as well, C'bueno, you can now see where FXY(JPY etf),FXM(Mexican Peso etf) or SDS(SPX iverse ETF ) and etc are going. Soon we will add the bottom part of the SHAKERS (included) as well, so you know where the LAGGARDS are

As Part of "SHAKERS" annual $150 subscription you will also get the choice of your ADR group stocks. Such as Brazil ADRS,UK ADRS etc and to top it all MDS comes free.


MDS can no more be be subscribed free for new users. Cutover date in 27 days




I am sure there are some 200% movers in these stocks, which are they? Please research if you can. They are all close or above first YEARLY Attraction Points ( see PHARMA,MEDICAL,HEALTHCARE,EDUCATION,PALLADIUMS and PREFERRDS Dominate the list, there!)

MDS THEN and NOW, on 12/2007 It stood at 615% gain now itstands at 820% ... Over 200% gain in just 2 months. 100% a month on original investment in pubic EYE. Hallelujah!

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. Well, we had range bound today as expected. Nothing notable happened. Just as well. We had Greenie report taking some profits on his ER2 futures.

Dear READERS, MDS email cutover date will come sometime within 28 days from now. There will be no emails send till then and please come here to see how our beloved MDS is doing until the cutover to be announced.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

N SPX 1341,1339,1337,1334 - 1346,1348,1350,1353
N QQQQ 43.67 - 43.60 43.81,43.91

10:19 ET, I had a scare today, that we will not have our calculators up! thank god all is fine, ENJOY for now, while I take a little breath. Remember it is payed customers also that were waiting for these and similar calculations.

10:53 ET, OK, I do not expect very sharp down moves at this time, I still think that meandering is what this market is going to do drifting into late FEB and/or early March. Could be wrong on this, but so far, traders should be short or out and Investors should stay put. MDS is with shorts

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Visit GROUPTATION link for ASSET picture

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, cause perhaps I still need some more recovery time to be in market fighting shape. So, we let the short go. Dear Greenie, Lag and John reported to have shorted profitably. In any case MDS did not leave too much for questions... It is on SELL

15:54 ET, please note market stops at 4th exactly! and bounce at 14:40ET was also at the same place!

Dear READERS, MDS email cutover date will come sometime within 30 days from now. There will be no emails send till then and please come here to see how our beloved MDS is doing until the cutover to be announced.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Already things look bad ha...

N QQQQ 44.25, 44.08 - 44.73,44.89
N SPX 1359,1356,1348,1340- 1368,1372,1380,1386

11:35 ET, OK MDS is being correct so quickly, interesting. It must be a bear market(we said this in MAY 2007(:- ), so that when MDS sell is generated it becomes operative instantly, like next day! In any case, please get out of trading positions instantly, if you did not already. Warning for third day now to be careful. Now, I am not warning , we are on the alert. GET OUT OF LONGS

11:45 ET, one of the stocks on our list of NASD nifty-fifty IDMI is up 29% today, so far?!

11:49 ET, SPX attempts to supprt at 3rd AP
12:20 ET, IDMI up 32%, please do not go and buy, I do not know what is going on

LONG LIVE MDS already has 14 points on the short side
Anybody that wants to get on MDS mailing list, please email me at MDS will be soon discontinued to be published. New members will have to pay for it . And Old members can still receive it free only via email.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

MDS ON SELL! Stock Trading System XXSS, not a screaming sell, but certainly GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE... take profits with you(:-
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, as we have mostly poisitional orientation to our holdings and will hold them even during severe downturn. All short term staff was sold out yesterday with nice profits. dollar rose, slightly, gold declined slightly, Energy advanced and interest rates rose. Market did better than expected, but we expect MDS to generate SELL soon, perhaps tomorrow.
Dear DollarProAragon, Readers I want you to know, that we here are:
1) Market Direction Blind
2) Color Blind
3) Race Blind
4) Gender Blind ( how else could I cope with my 25 year old daughter that is farther than I was at her age(:-
5) Politcally Blind,(hell with DMES and REPS, both)
6) We could all be blind soon having 24 hour computer sessions(:-
We even look on both sides before crossing the road, we could be in London you know...
So what the hell do we stand for?
For a "Little Guy" to stick it to SOPITALISTS!

Attraction Points( Apoints)

08:43 ET JPY at fourth APoint, 108.05! Could react here
Was it Theodore Roosevelt that said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick?"
Well, how about "s... in the pants and stay long, while trailing". Same thing. Enjoy the Longs and keep raising the stops and collelcting profits all along.
Was not Roosevelt the same guy that gave us a "NEW DEAL"? Just muzing
09:35 ET, JPY at FIFTH Attraction POINT

N SPX 1353,1350,1346 - 1364,1366, 1371
N QQQQ 43.91,43.84 - 44.74,44.83,45

10:25 ET SPX got badly rejected at first Attraction Point , not good to see
10:27 ET, AUD at fifth (low) , Who was that said month ago that Commodity currencies are done? I wander?
11:53 ET, SPX just spent entire morning within confines of FIRST Attraction Points( low and high), Rare...

14:33 ET, If the market is done rising, this is as good of a point as any, at 1364 we hit the 62% FIB retrace of last drop, I hope you took the profits and keep close stops trailing the market for what is left on long side. Good CHance exists that we are getting SELL on MDS and any high closing here will , most likely, register high/extreme SELL PRESSURE on our gages.
15:41 ET, Ok chagging along, Have some more longs left, keep rasing trailing stops , we are past of 62% FIB retarace now.


One of our vrey thoughtful readers writes to me

"I am a silent reader (baby boomer student) and observer of your site. I am very much into my own local stock exchange here in Malaysia.However I do correlate yours ( particularly your no bullshit views ) and all the participants views,opinions and MDS as a timing 'tool' to trade/invest locally. I do appreciate if you can put me on your MDS mailing list.Say what you want the US market still drives and all talk about decoupling are just that - temporary- that is 'cos we are all linked via the reserve currency USD. there is just too much vested interest and nobody yet are will to bite the bullet and move to another system, just talk but maybe .....By the way if you think that the Asian ( esp Chinese ) are taking jobs from the West , think again and research , USA in her infancy was a real low cost production house that produced and sold all her cheap , cheap low cost products to Europe in the 17th & 18th Century which cause the depression and great financial crisis and human dislocation there in Europe then. You see, what goes around, comes around . We all need to be fair , alert, compassionate and of course aware of cyclic comparative competitive advantage globally. And of course corruption and power craze cabal are wrecking everybody - no discrimination here . Ok i talk too much."

Ok, HUH! Nice going Dear Dear Malaysian friend Thank you for your email and kind words. ( I get emails from over 50 countries and 5 continents).
You know Dear Readers, that I do not come out against the globalization, I come against slavery and there is a huge difference. Globalization, good thing, means for all of us to get on this mother earth and be tolerant and prosper as equils. Unformtunately, businesses see/saw globalization as a method to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary, now enslaved, citizens all over the world and Governments and intermediaries ( Welfare State of Wall Street, with the FED at the top ) have obliged. This kind of Globalization did not help anybody, while marginally making none American workers better off. The lions share of the fruites of it went SOPITALISTS, so they must have known what to do when they went to CHINA to see MAOISTS at NIXON time(197x). I would have cared less if USA had to eventually "print" all the money( which was done via trickle down method) and dsitribute it equilly to all citizens. Instead what happened was that they raided the unsuspected pensioners and ordinary peoples savings and CONFISCATED their savings while enriching themselves. This is how SOPTIALISM works and there are no bigger SOPTILISTS than the ones in my own country of USA, where the DEMOCRATS "new deal" from 1930's served as the catapult to grand theft of pension money ( done all along) culminated in early 2000's presided by Dear Bush Junior and REPUBLICAN controlled congress. One wanders? could the 1929 collapse have been engineered to create this stash of TRILLIONS for SOPITALISTS to steal over the next 80 years. Hallelujah? Nothing suprises me anymore.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Please see updated(thanks Ivan) GROUPTATION link for current Asset picture

Ok TypO there, WEAK, not WEEK rally

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We traded today, sold some of what we bought couple days ago(1.5% average profit), as we were asking you to go long as well. Not much to say, LONG LIVE MDS!

Anybody that wants to get on MDS mailing list, please email me at MDS will be soon discontinued to be published. New memebers will have to pay for it . And Old members can still receive it free only via email.

15:29 ET, Boy this market is unable to hold onto anything! Thank god I am quickly dumping any short term oriented securities and and acting more like an investor, holding quality with reasonable yield staff , Anything I would not hold through DEPRESSION has been stopped out . All with profits.

15:53 ET, now you understand why the "SMART MONEY" prefers PREFERREDS ( see the EXCEL List of NYSE nifty-fifty)

Attraction Points( Apoints)

N QQQQ 44.14 - 44.50,44.62
N SPX 1341 - 1352, 1357,1361,1367

10:57 ET, market is demonstrating strength in time and price... So, enjoy whatever longs you were able to pick up when we wanted you to do so. Still would suggest that traders keep nice trailing stops. MARKET NOW aT 4th APoint, as a trader, must take some profits here. Investor, stay put

12:10 ET, HOWDY GOLD!? , Well Dear Greenie, was more determined, but at the end the result is the same, I was just willing to look in other direction as well, but would not give the GOLD chance if it broke lower... Here we are( how many times did we lock these drop downs of GOLD with options? every time gold went higher, check it out... it is all on this site(search gold)) Hallelujah,.

Dear Brandon, good catch on CNMD, could be a 4 bagger.

WARREN BUFFET must be reading MDS signals!

12:20 ET, Dear Readers, as suggested to you, I took some of my profits at 4th AP(BOY HOW PRECISE!). Now trailing the rest.

If you are a trader, please remember the word MEANDER, do not go too far either way!

12:28 ET, SPX on a visit to the 1st?

Dear Brandon, look at the NYSE list, you see ZMH right, that is a medical stock as well.

12:44 ET, OK friends, I said to be careful ha... SPX has a support at 1350 and better hold

OK Dear Jason, readers, I will let you on one secret, "they" will not let JPY go until GOLD breaks ( may have started), Carry-Trade stops, FED FUNDs rates have reached where former BOND vigilantes and current BOND PIMPS want it 3 and under? Who are they, you know the answer. Look at our name(:-

Dear Readers, this is from John ( Thanks , Not So Old John)

For a great read on UNT , please go to I think itis the 2nd or 3rd article. Very thorough. UNT is one of the stocks in the above NYSE NIFTY-FIFTY Excel List.

So, what is/was smart money doing during this dismal period for stocks? You guessed it . look at the EXCEL nifty-fifty list above. Only couple stocks UNT/SWC/ZMH and lot of preferred stocks with nice coupons to go with. Here goes your "SMART MONEY"

One more nice peace from JOhn,

Deals in wireless. Competes against EDS and VRSN. SVR quarterly growth ( last quarter) of 7.2 percent versus 2.2 for EDS and -6 for VRSN. Operating margins are also above the competitors.
The interesting thing about SVR is that they are into number portability. That is a huge thing now with the baby boomers moving. Almost everyone I know that moved out this ghetto city and to a warm climate took their phone number with them. Even when I was working, the criminal element used the number portability for their non-criminal phones ( they almost always used prepaid for their drug dealing). Could be something there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Please visit the updated(Thanks Ivan) GROUPTATION link for fresh ASSET PICTURE

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today, but were positioned for , at least, a short move up. Anticipation was that market would turn around the date centered at 12 feb and it looks like it is doing that. Not a very strong move though. One would like to see a more powerful move from a bottom formation.
04:45 ET observeing the StockMarketSystem 4 components, the picture is not great and it could go either way, even as MDS is on the BUY ( MDS is not 100% correct even as it is 80% correct, it can fail ) and PCratio points south. I would suggest that at this point we stop any additions to the Stock Market allocation and remain underexposed to the market. If it goes higher, fine and if not we should buy the stocks cheaper. Need to be in the capital preservation mode here for anybody that has a horizon of 6-24 months. For those with 3-20Years time horizon, keep adding.
08:03 ET, Dear Greenie, could we be right? giving more weight to gold taking dive than exploding on the upside?
08:16 ET, Is YEN finally beginning the phase of weakness ( however short term) that will allow the market to move higher... Could be! ( we expected this after mid week )
08:35 ET, I must caution here everybody, this early morning strength could be very deceptive. I would not add any positions(as Investor) and trail, whatever longs I have closely ( as trader).

Attraction Points( Apoints)

SPX Daily Attraction Points 1310 - 1352, intraday coming up

N SPX 1322,1320, 1314, 1309 - 1332, 1335, 1337,1343, 1348
YOU should notice the outer intradays bridge into daily, AMAZING
N QQQQ 43.37,43.12 - 44.11,44.35

Anybody that wants to get on MDS mailing list, please email me at MDS will be soon discontinued to be published. New memebers will have to pay for it . And Old members can still receive it free only via email.

I hope some of you remember, I said the JPY could/would rise early this week. Well, that is what is going on and market is moving lower and that is almost a classic move, cause after couple days of MDS buy , best thing that can happen is a .... PULLBACK! getting it, do not complain, if you are INVESTOR, slowly but surely put 5% or so , as advised earlier, to work over next 4 days. No chasing markets higher though. BUY what market will allow and let it go up if it wants to

For realtively new readers, to understand why I emphasize the the JPY so much, please read the entry (link on the right) for CARRY-TRADE and you will understand.

13:05 ET Q's approach the first and there seems to be a sort of a turnaround time here, so, we get a little rest here for the market that is off to see the lizard?

15:03 ET, JPY is having fierce resistance at first of its own. If it breaks from there market will go even higher, but perhaps JPY wants to think this over till tomorrow. We shell see 107 is holding YEN at this moment

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Please see updated(Thanks Ivan) GROUPTATION LINK for ASSET OSCILLATORS

Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. We did not trade today , while Dear Lag reported gains on , now closed SRS shorts. Let us say(almost sure) we get a buy today in Stock Market. that would mean that a trader puts on close to 15-20% of trading capital to work ( long in this case). Waits for next couple days and puts antohter 15-20% if the position is still available ( market is lower). For an INVESTOR though we are already at where I think we should be in Stocks at this juncture. So nothing to do.(CaVEATE, Trader, better put the Long on the Open, to prevent having sleepless weekend)
Now, I want everybody to understand how MDS works, the fact that it is on the BUY signal neither guarantees the gains in price and/or in couple days. See the statistics. See that statistically it takes time for signal to devlop into gains, often upto 10 days.

Anybody that wants to get on MDS mailing list, please email me at MDS will be soon discontinued to be published. New memebers will have to pay for it . And Old members can still receive it free only via email.

Dear Damien, I will answer your NZD question shortly, Sorry missed it yesterday.
GOLD is at very explosive, point, if it could break strong of the top of the range, speculators can take it to my original target 1121 If not we crumble 70-100 points in no time. I still recommend to play this either long/short via worthless options
OK NZD, very strong currency, among other cause the NEW ZEELAND is an agri-cultural giant and dairy giant and this industry had best year in ages. Now a lot depends on where Agri-business is going and if I am right and Agri is going to have not as good of an year as last one NZD will have to come off strongly. That is a big iff though considering the appettite of new rich Asians for everything FOOD! Here is my suggestion, i am more confident that AUD will undergo correction and perhaps NZD will do just the same, but if you i have to bet, i would bet AUD down. In any case , here are the main Attraction Points for this year for nZD
LOW SIDE 1.17-1.15 , 1.11-1.10 1.05-1.02 (unlikely any of this unless 1.23 is broken
HIGH SIDE 1.44 , 1.50

Attraction Points( Apoints)

N QQQQ 43.07,42.87 - 43.61,43.81,44.06
N SPX 1326,1322 - 1334,1331(1341 typo),1348

Dear Readers, those not feeling comfortable putting email in the blog, email me at

10:30 ET, looks like we got stiff resistance at first on SPX

Please note, the dates 7-13 are important turning dates, the real question is are in for a high or low? Just finding out...

11:10 ET, Market is showing no signs of wanting to break down here, Is 12-13 feb high becoming more likely? The only problem I have with this is that Market has not provided 'really good opportunity" to buy more shares as we asked investors to buy (up to 5%) which would have brought the total stocks holdings to about 40-45%, Well do not fight the tape as they say and if market clears second AP here then we could be heading into 1350 range for SPX, Also I expect YEN(quote) to weaken(get stronger in price) sometime early next week and I also expect GOLD to move to a short cycle low into DEC (FEB stupid boris, typo again)12. So, the stock market high, just does not seem to be in concert with all of this! Remember though, since YBR/wbr call for late FEB, early March low, perhaps the FEB 12 high better fits the scenario, cause we would get the sell on rally not on decline, right? so the mid FEB sell could give YBR what it wants(low Early march)

11:52 ET, Having all that said, There maybe a little reason to get overly excited about things here. CNBC could play every day as if it was a SUPERBOWL game, but we could be in what I call meandering( love this word, what would i do without it) phase, where market just meanders into March and April without making big noise and new lows? Then turn up higher into Jul/Aug and down into OCTober 2008. Would not that be classic and would not that justify our call to be in quality high yield stocks? You get paid to watch the grass grow!

12:16 ET, Dear John, thanks, YOU SEE JPY status 1,1,0,1,0 is short term JPY strong indicator and stocks-weak indication. So, for a while this morning market seemd to swim against that, but now turned lower. I hate to say this word again, but if are to get the MDS buy on a low volatility meandering move, it would be tough thing for a short term intrady trader as the swings may diminsh. BUT for highyield quality stocks, that is NIRVANA

Ok, now let us look at the following possibilities if we close on the downside today(sharply)

One - we get the lows by next mid week and turn up sharply.
Two- we do not turn up sharply and contiue lower into Early March
both of these scenarios could be within the confines of meandering ( which is where my preferred forecast is, PERHAPS BECAUSE I BADLY NEED VACATION FROM FRIKIN MARKETS(:- )

14:30 ET, with the way JPY acted today, we can get nothing but meandering. 50c range today in JPY! does that sum it up or what?

So, let us say(almost sure) we get a buy today in Stock Market. that would mean that a trader puts on close to 15-20% of trading capital to work ( long in this case). Waits for next couple days and puts antohter 15-20% if the position is still available ( market is lower). For an INVESTOR though we are already at where I think we should be in Stocks at this juncture. So nothing to do.
(CaVEATE, Trader, better put the Long on the Open, to prevent having sleepless weekend)