Monday, June 16, 2008

Attraction Points

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Dear Readers, to a great extent STOCK MARKET is ANTIDOLLAR, why else would SOPITALIST raise stock market all along with FALLING Dollar? Yes, that is how SOPITALISTS work, they get rich on misfortune of average Joes and Seniors Savings by giving it to spenders, which means higher MARKET ... GET IT?.

People will ask , so what is wrong with spending? is not it a zero sum game, somebody SAVES somebody SPENDS?

No my Dear Friend you need to learn how the SOPITALISM works spending is not a ZERO sum game. SPENDING can be/is TAXED and government is a in a transaction business, they tax everything that moves. HAHAHAHAHA.. So, it is the taxation to feed SOPITALISTS that makes the savers and spenders antagonists in the long run.

And the next question you will hear... So Boris how do you want the Government to function without TAXES?, and I say look at USA before Federal reserve. It has functioned with minimal taxation. Besides Taxes do not benefit the members of society equally ( building roads, going to space , DARPA Internet Project etc.) they find the way in Large multinationals coffers via , huge corporate parachutes and stocks options. "depreciated Dollar earnings" and ill gotten contracts to do, well you know what? No wonder Multinationals LOVE BERNANKE/PAULSEN/BUSH TRIO. Do not forget the fact that SOPITALISTS are FEASTING ON over 25 TRILLION Dollars of Social Security Money( handed over via blood and sweat of SENIORS) without any power of Seniors to protect themselves. Do not anybody suspect I have More appreciation for the DEMOCRATS they, Clinton was the golden boy for globalisation without preparation, and strong markets and Dollar have covered it all nice until the train got derailed...

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lagscrew said...

My stuff says this run will be short lived.

boris said...

Dear lag, good monring

You mean the stock market run right?

Good Trading

lagscrew said...

Oh YA!

boris said...

Dear Tim,
See the updates under GROUPTATION
Thanks a lot and thanks IVAN fro providing and easy way of putting files on that site.

GOod Trading