Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dear Reader, Remember this is one persons view of the world, if you have your own go ahead and express it, this is a free country, still.

Inflietion - Infliete,v Inflation that is a lie
Core Inflietion - For dead people only, they consume no gas or food forever
Freedom Fighters - First our finest and bravest, then those to tell Government, "keep you hands off our $reedom"
Sopitalism - Socialism Only For Rich ( Degenerated Capitalism )
Anti-Sopitalism - Honest Capitalism. FIAT money system all but eliminates HONEST CAPITALISM and makes it look more like BOLSHEVISM
CEO - Chief Executions Officer, explains high Salary
H1 Visa - Importing temporary foreign slaves, I was once...
Outsourcing - Finding foreign slaves
Open Borders - Allowed illegal slave trafficking
Trade deficit - Enhance earnings of multinational corporations, suppressing American wages, manna from haven for Financials ( $ recycling )
Fair Trade - It is fair when Autoworker in detroit loses job to outsourcing, but it is Unfair when Government employee loses job, like Treasury Secretary.
private capital - Buy Healthy Companies,make them sick - fees/dividends, Sell them back to stupid investors, If/when not successful go PUBLIC yourself . You are guaranteed FED will print money to save you if all else fails
liquidity - Corporations buy their shares, infliete E/P ratios, until the hallucinating liquid ( $ depression) stops working
Down Iron Curtain - With Helpful West Propaganda in 1972, 18 Fearless Georgian Families, defeated evil empire by demanding to open, already rotting USSR with s(t)inking RUBLE, borders for emigration to Israel. Morale, Do not debase $ anymore
China, country where COMMUNISTS slaved billions, now they are sharing the slaves with SOPITALISTS, if not true, let them raise RANMINBI ( their currency) ASAP.
Russia, country where not a lot has changed, except COMMUNISTS now call themselves CAP(SOP)ITALISTS, all it took was to push the drunk Boris Yelzin on top of the tank.
USA elections, process where both parties hide their tacit support for SOPITALISTS. Who opened NAFTA? Yes. Now you know, that while Washington parties all the time, there is no party for you.
Money. Our Money that is what DEMS/REPS really fight for
Tax Cuts, Code word(euphemism) for redistributing wealth to already rich. When presented as best for economy, ask when was it taxes were cut with simultaneous expense cuts? Never...

Dear Readers, I expect you to use your best imagination and continue enlarge this project called Vocabulary.


colew123 said...

Your a BEAUTIFUL thing !!!


boris said...

Dear Colew123, thanks come back. Contribute if you can.
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Phil said...

Government deficits......decrease in personal freedom because of increasing interest payments and refunding.

boris said...

Dear Hillbilly, YOu get that exactly correct.
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