Thursday, September 28, 2006

Take all/part profits

Take profits in TRUSTS/GOLD/OIL.
Bank them all or partial.

3-10% gains in OIL/GAS trusts. .
5-10% gains in gold, gold stocks.
1-3% gains in OIL, OIL stocks..

Trailing stops on leftowers.

Do not sell any of long term GOLD.
Good profits in 2-3 days work.
Enjoy them.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

J.P. Morgan - JPM 48.85 ALERT

If markets+JPM open higher and JPM hits close to this level of 48.85 ( +- 0.50 ) with
SPX ~1342, DOW ~11820 then look for possibility that the top has been put in.
This price target for JPM is only for this week and could change next week.

Market has moved up last two days from a smaller buying pressure and
could reach the lows on that measure - highs in price , ushering correction.
JPM is a part of BKX and BKX is at the resistance 114.60 ,120 and 122 all
with precision 0.50.

Only a blow-out move up will save the top here and take BKX to 122 area.
Alternatively we will back and fill again until we get to BKX 122
Our expectation is that 114.60 will hold or the DOW and SPX resistances will
have to be reevaluated up as well by about 3-4%.

Just like our XOI see (, this may work the same way where
initial resistance 114.60 is held then penetrated on the spike to 120-122 area and

Please understand we are short term traders and do not take seriously
any predictions until our short/ultra-short indicators tell us to take action.

We advice you do the same.
If the above is unclear, please read the text in reverse, I must have been
thinking in Hebrew, while writing this article (: :). Alternative... email me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

9/23/2006 - Weekly Update

Find summary of this weeks thinking at
My article at

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Take Profits

Take immediate profits on all 11 Stocks from Previous Blog.
Total Profit is about 0.6% in 3 days!
OIL do or die, Use your favorite short term signals to go for
a bounce, use tight stops. Many Oil stocks are also at/near support
(OII/DO etc.). Ditto for GOLD and Gold stocks.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

9//16/2006 - Weekly Update

VL=Very Likely,VU=Very Unlikely

DOW r 11820 VL Before Fed meeting
SPX r 1342 VL Before Fed meeting
GOLD s 572 hit already, if not held expect 550
$US r 94.70 VU and far, but fooling everybody
OIL s 60.50 VL very soon.
TNOTE s 4.02 VU and far.

GOLD stocks, many at/near ( 1-3%) very strong support
DOW will hit new high, false new bull frenzy will be created
$Dollar is/will show near strength, is destined crash/burn


Need to take positions in context of a
Secular bear market, stocks and bonds.
Secular bull market, GOLD/Commodities.
Your money, in any currency, in danger.
Until more clarity emerges, stay in

GOLD 10%.

More/finer s/r points, only for subscribers.
These points present trading opportunities.
Avialable for intra/day/week/month/year periods.
Proprietary trading based entry/exit technique.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Time to buy back GOLD/ENERGY-XOI

Time to Reverse, at least temoparily, the trends outlined in previous
blog, Gold at 585 has a strong support, I did some buying today for
a long term portfolio.
If that is correct XOI may have also reached a strong, perhaps temporary
bottom. I could not be as bullish about general market at this moment, but Energy sector is now sizable part of it, so we could have a spill into
the general indexes as well for a while.
I am less bullish on Bonds as well. Remember I am a technical trader
and Could change my mind about things very quickly, but stronger
sentiment is certainly with GOLD/ENERGY.

I must add here that in some strange way $Dollar is playing games
here and could strengten unexpectedly, which may delay GOLDS
advance. So technically speaking GOLD is not out of the woods until,
Perhaps January of 20007.
Well, that is where tecnical trading comes in and one must protect
every position with a reasonable mental/real stop in the market.

One thing is for sure I bought today, OIL/Gas Trusts and GOLD.