Friday, October 27, 2006

EURO on the GO

If you bought, then keep the EURO long
with a 80% retracment trailing stop.
80 % is counted from the
current top to the last bottom.
As we told you we are long.
Good trading

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dollar Turning?

Ok, we did not discuss $dollar for a while.
Our last instructions were to stop the longs at
40% retracement, must be out with little gains.

We bought EURO yesterday, but still consider a
long side only for nimble traders. When the
weekly buy signal is generated we will advise
to search for long entry point(short for $dollar),
until then justbe ready and watch.

QQQQ stop placement 10/24/2006

If you are short, as instructed this morning.
Move the stops down to breakeven.
Rule, never turn the winning trade into loss.
Good trading.

So Many Cups, Yet Nothing To Drink

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

“Catch 22”… Did You?

Click On the Picture To Enlarge

On Last Friday Rally the SELL PRESSURE, Our Proprietary Indicator, has reached extreme high again. Market has managed only one day of churning and started decline.
We updated our yesterday. See the notes about the “Freak Show”.
Talking about Freaks… Our creator must have had his/her own brand of freak love for symmetry. Look at S&P top ( Mar-August 2000 ) , bottom (Oct2002-Mar2003) and top?! May-Oct2006. So you tell me if the man/woman has no sense of humor?

Our prediction is that the top is near at the resistance points previously outlined. Now, please see the probabilities of dates for tops.

Oct 18 2006 +-2 days Probability 25%
Nov 03 2006 +-2 days Probability 50%
Nov 18 2006 +-2 days Probability 25%

Oh, yes, did you see the baby cup of BKX underflow? See your Favorite chart site.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freak Show Preview

Freak Show is coming to the theater near you.
what you see is the preview. The top is likely
to happen:

Oct 18 +-2 days. Probability 25%
Nov 3 +-2 days. Probability 50%
Nov 18 +-2 days. Probability 25%

So it looks like the horror show will be in
full bloom within the next month.
Likely sequence first top Oct NASDAQ.
Secondary top INDU/SPX November.

Plenty of time to go short, if you are not now.
Take 50% profits if you are short ES/QQQQ now!
Trail the rest in gap of this morning.

Monday, October 16, 2006

take profits 10/16/2006

Take profits on 25% of the remaining ~50%
leftovers from the initial purchase.
This means you now will be out of 75% of
the positions initially purchased.
keep the 25% leftover trailed at 45% from
the purchase bottom to today's top
retracement. Your profits should
run from 4-13% on initial investments.
This relates to: GOLD, GLD gold stocks,
OIL stocks, traded OIL TRUSTS etc, as
well as, the US Dollar positions.
Repurchase the 25% again if/when GLD
hits 60.30.

This is not related to the long term
portfolio positions ( do not touch them).
Not Bad for one weeks work.
Good Trading.

Friday, October 13, 2006

tight-stops 10/13/2006

Tighten all trailing stops from 80% to 60%
of the top to bottom reatracement of the
bottom of last purchase. If hit should have
plenty of profits, if not more profits down
the road.

Bull or Bear, Frankly My Dear...

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

stop stock shorts 10/12/2006

Did not go short Stocks until yesterdays
sell off. It may not work out, trail stop
at 80% of top to bottom retracement. Should
at least break even.
BUY-SELL PRESSURE indicator still favors short,
but not at extreme any more. Re short if/when

Monday, October 09, 2006

Take all/part profits

Take profits in TRUSTS/GOLD/OIL.
Bank them all or partial=50~60%.

1-3% gains in OIL/GAS trusts.
5-1% gains in gold, gold stocks.
.... do GLD,GG etc. premarket.
1-2% gains in OIL, OIL stocks.
.... do CVX,OII etc. premarket.

Trailing stops at 80% retracement
on leftovers. Ditto if you went long
$USD. 80% should be at break even
or better. Otherwise your short term
trading needs improvement.

Do not sell any of long term GOLD.
Good profits in 1 days work.
Enjoy them.