Sunday, August 20, 2006

Did XOI top?

Below Please see the reproduction of email sent to an advisor about XOI
Not a bad forecast if you would like to make a quick money on the OIL
downside even though I am longer term bullish on energy in particular
and commodities in general.

Dear Justice,
I rest my case.
I am not sure why you do not protect your investments though.

Boris Chikvashvili
-----Original Message-----From: bchikvash@aol.comTo:
Sent: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 4:15 AM
Subject: XOI TOP AT 1220! at most 1320 Then End is Near, OIL is resisted at 80 , 87.50 and 97.5-100
Dear Justice,
I see the XOI index at last gasp.

XOI 1220 may prove the end right here and now, considering that we already hit 80 in OIL.

Other alternatives are:

1) The XOI could accede the 1220 level a bit into the area of 1230-1240 and sharply reverses
2) The XOI spikes to 1320 and sharply reverses.

I stated long time ago ( for almost a year ) that the OIL has topped in terms of the GOLD.
Now it is possibile that OIL/XOI have topped or are just about to top absolutely.

In any case, I maintain that GOLD is the only investment I trust on the relative bases and
all else is kids play, waste of time, if not money.

It is entirely possible that this absolute top in OIL, when it comes, may bring with it or confirm the tops in:



Boris Chikvashvili

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Save Social Security

First The problem
It is the one that is unthinkable in the scale, but happening in today's USA. Grand theft of Social Security wealth and Rape Of American Seniors.
1) Ever since the Social Security Funds became part of the general budget the money is spent like crazy and there is nothing but IOU in the Trust
2) The process of ever depreciation of $US and loss of purchase power. Seniors and all savers, in fact all wage earners are totally enslaved by few elitists, who at the first sign of recession cry for reduction of Interest Rates, which is an euphemism of stealing purchasing power from ordinary Americans.

These two processes are eating the money made and given to government for safekeeping by SENIORS of USA. The financial and multinational companies in conjunction with government are in the process of completing the "FINANCIAL RAPE" of Seniors on the grandest scale ever in the history of the mankind as the depreciated Dollars come back as "earnings" by multinationals ( or "BETTER YET" left oversees!!!) who are giving bonuses/parachutes/StockOptions of hundreds of millions of Dollars to already filthy rich ( like BUFFET and GATES , BLOOMBERG and others, not singling these people, just that, they represent the multinationals and they do not do dam thing to work on this problem or even acknowledge it,) at the expense of purchasing power lost by SENIORS. If these famous people acknowledged the problem they could return much of their donations back to SENIORS, where it belongs. I am sure, though that they do not think that way(nobody told them). Yes, we eliminated the WELFARE AS WE KNEW IT in 1990's but created new one for the richest and connected of the world. Some benefits go to current workers in USA and oversees, but the loser is a SENIOR.

First action needed is to put the Social Security Moneys out of the hands of the government and next step is to diversify it into the assets where US FED can not reduce it to ZERO before 2010. There is not time left! need action now!. Write to your representative immediately that he/she should make the SS issue the most important issue of the elections next year 2008.

Now that you understand the magnitude of MULTI TRILLION Dollar theft here is "An Idea That Can Fly"

Social Security Futures Trading Exchange.
What is it?

This is a government created and managed or any of the private
exchange that trades Social Security Futures.
Each contract will have the expiration date and price just like
any other regular futures traded at future exchanges.
Persons behind the contracts will only be known to clearing entity.
So how do the ordinary people use this exchange?
The government creates a formula via which each individual
contract is evaluated according to the actuarial principles.
After that the contract is eligible to trade at the exchange for
a certain discount/surplus of that valuation.
After the initial valuation the contract value can only change, due
to the market forces.

Simple Idea, but it could help people to come to grips with what is it,
they think, their Social Security "Contracts" with Government are
really worth and realize it today in the market if they wish.
It will also fix the governments future obligations and unknowns will
be removed from this program.
These contracts can be aggregated just like the Mortgages have been aggregated into the GNMA futures.

What do you think. Let me know.