Monday, June 30, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1278 1276 1272 1268 spx 1287 1289 1292 1298

AS JD would have said, we hit a cluster:
TRAN 4848
INDU 11288
RUT 695
NYA 8626
UTIL 506

Watch them, we could be lifting , if these hold
Let us hope they hold
10:55 ET, this above call was made pretty early in the game around 10:10 or so. And that Cluster has, at least so far, supported market very nicely. Transportation is leading the charge higher and rest seem to follow. Watch carefully though, TRANSportation will encounter a resistance around 49.60- 49.70

Do you like this kind of forecasting? If you would like to taste it... Then just send $150/quarter to who will need my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili for clickme->TAILORED SERVICE .

OK it is obvious that this market is lethargic and even on a day 6 of BUY from the ROBOTS is not reacting to the signal strong enough. We know that average days in a losing trade ( WHEN ROBOT LOSES) is about 9 days. This implies couple more days of struggle? In any case, it is noticeable that the SPX is stronger and the NAZ is lagging, which may have to get even more lopsided before the market is able to move higher. Perhaps today and maybe tomorrow are preparatory days for the market to do so. Watch the ratio of two markets. Good Trading

Attraction Points(Apoints), EUROPE

6391 6376 6350 6309 DAX 6467 6483 6508 6550
3306 3289 3261 3215 ESTX 3389 3406 3434 3479

Dear Shakers Subscribers, We are not giving Shakers Services Away, This is a temporary set up to familiarise the people with the Service and Checkout the ability of our server to handle the traffic. It is impossible to get a consistent view of what is where from here alone, anyway, which is what is provided to SHAKER subscribes in a sorted complete file.

Please note on the Right hand side you have the ability to enter the SHAKERS database and checkout the ranking of your stocks. It would, actually , be a good Idea if you just go and work outside of this page as you will be looking at our server address in our URL. This facility is the one sign where we are going. We will migrate all/most services to our own server and they will be protected and automated. ENJOY the service and Please make sure you enter the CAPS for stock names.
Good Trading

Please note Shakers Database has NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ,TSX and INDEX symbols. No Asian, Australian and/or European Stocks at this time.

Our checklist summary here is that the few things are still pointing down or look undone. There was no real volume capitulation on this move down. There is no exhaustion on PCratios. YBR is still pointing down/sideways. Vix never registered capitulation. On the other hand the Pressure/Asset charts have registered enough capitulation to count. And Prices are a natural support ( old lows) So, we have a mixed bag that makes the trade hard.

Evaporation of Gold mornings rally ( in complete harmony with our GOLDENPROJECTIONS) is a good sign for Dollar and temporarily, at least, for stocks.

The world has not come to an END

Not Yet, anyway...
So, the build up in the political arena, has not translated into Monday crash. Ok, So, if GOLD does not break out hard today and falls a bit back tomorrow, for couple days, like GOLDPROJECTIONS shows, then we are still in a reasonable up moving curve in the ANTIDOLLAR, but not in the Rocket?
Turn up in Dollar within next 5 trading days would confirm the long/long anticipated pattern of rising Dollar into September. MDS being into day 6 of BUY suggests then, that we have a bounce of sorts coming, almost regardless of the PCratio being against big bounce. My own actions in the market are as follows: I am ready to buy at the convenient points APs , Exhaustion low moves within 5 minute intervals etc, in the hopes that Crash has been averted but will be very quick in cutting loses and/or taking quick profits as the total picture is still muddied. Day is still young and anything can happen.

Now, for a minute, let us put a FUNDAMENTALIST HAT and review the world in that light(HUH). Money supply at various levels seems to be not growing at the levels they were even few months ago. C&I loans were very strong last year now even those are subdued. Mortgage and Government Borrowing in total is still growing at 15% so, that is supportive for stocks, as far as it goes. FED base is growing lethargically( around 1%) even as other innovative ways of liquification is going on. If World holdings of Federal+Mortgage debt was to take a sudden dive, then we could have all out "REDUCTION" in monetary growth support for stocks and could go much lower, which in turn could support Dollar Immediately. So, you see, REST ASSURED, that this technical trader, always has the "back" EYE on the fundamentals driving the markets. Right now CENTRAL bankers seem to be serious about slowing the the world down a bit. Profits are falling (exception is OIL industry) and the unemployment may need to grow, till it, eventually, shows up as an "improvement" in the profitability of the S&P.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moments of Truth

Dear Reader, Life is full of moments of truth. What is happening around is truly extraordinary. When the games are over, those that are still around will have a chance to figure out what transpired. For now, we must think of probabilities to figure out where we are in the investment cycle. Yes, our main goal, after all is to update you on investments. Too bad it involves the politics. The way I measure the events in the world is as follows: I make a financial forecast and then watch. If it plays out exactly/close to forecast, I know, Have high confidence that it was all planned and political events were played out to make it look real and believable. If not I say it was played out naturally.
Why is that? Think about it this way. Here is a very simple person Boris Chikvashvili that seems to get most of future events right. Why? Somebody must have planned it and I must have intercepted ( deciphered ) the plan. Otherwise how? What real powers do I have? None... My Dear Reader. My power is in my ability to predict what was planned from looking at past patterns. Do you see how/why I am able to see the play in politics? Only via following the patterns of money and markets.
This is what you are getting here at ANTI-SOPITALIST. NO BS... only the honest attempt to look at the past patterns and tell the future.
That is why we have a lot of moments of truth on this BLOG, while others are dreaming to achieve the same level. Thanks for being with us. Your are the reason to work for. You are our stage and we feel like the artists totally dedicated to please your financial senses and educate in the new way of thinking. I hope we can live up to it.


Just a few days ago, OPEC President Chakib Khelil told a French television station the awful truth that U.S. consumers don't want to hear. "I foresee prices probably between $150 and $170 this summer," Khelil said.

He must have read our predictions just few weeks ago and repeated last week that initial target is 152-4 and later target could be 172-4

Dear Reader, think about this we have few people from ARAB countries subscribing to our services. We frankly do not know if they are From OPEC and/or for OPEC?!


I am sick and tired to see the STUPID AMERICA. Where is a smart AMERICA, of Ronald REAGEN? who understood that the real way to kill the enemies was to kill them economically. Exactly opposite tools were used by grand OLD man Ronnie, he starved all OIL countries for Dollar and caused final fall of IRON CURTAIN. He did not do it by going into IRAQ and curtailing their OIL production and threatening the IRAN another huge OIL producer and reserve holder. I want SMART AMERICA back. Enough of STUPID AMERICA!
America of President Bush, has thought the OIL producing countries that instead of working hard and being busy putting bread on table, they can just sit in cafes all around Mideast, MOSCOW and LONDON and think/wish of the day when the STUPID AMERICA finally falls on its face, while they keep getting rich with their deposits under the ground. How outsmarted are the grandchildren of EDISON.
Yes, I am tired commenting on this subject, this is what I want not what my comments of a bystander are. USA is now working for foreign interests(including multinationals) not for its own interest. When it does that , it loses respect and world loses the one compass that can keep it straight. When the CAT is SICK the MICE play.
USA in this state is the most dangerous thing that happened to USA and the WORLD together.

Iran "If We Are Attacked"

Straight of Hormuz is closed and so is USA for business and Middle East open into Ball of Fire. Just Think Who Benefits From This, I get Tired Repeating Who. Now, it is Your Time To Think with me. Please do not count IRANIANS out as benefactors either. As long as GOONS on all sides BS the BS we are getting fleeced. C'bueno.
For gods Sake why would not we hit RUSSIA first. They are the ones who build and transferred and are transferring know how to Iranians. Instead RUSSIA is getting rich by OIL prices being jacked up together with other suspects we listed here many times.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Train Wreck Or RIght Back... Up?

Can we get the clues from our , so far, very successful Antidollar Forecast. Suppose we are correct in our Antidollar call, in general, and 152-154 ( 173-175)call on OIL in particular. Suppose we are correct on dates also for The ANTIDOLLAR explosion. Then My Dear Subscriber ( who know the dates) will make appropriate conclusions as to what another $10 in OIL price rise will do to the stock market. Those who would like to know the dates and SEE THE FUTURE the way Our subscribers have been able to do it, please subscribe. You will help yourselves and you will be helping the ANTI-SOPITALISM around the world

clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1275 1275 1268 1263 spx 1287 1290 1294 1300
The Protected Link is updated as well clickme-> Protected Link
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14:30 ET, this little rally here, mostly in financials, maybe ending next 15 minutes.
15:08 ET, if you pay attention , you see that top has indeed occurred within 15 from the above statement for SPX

Where are we?

Please Note CHECKLIST+DAILY+MDS are all Fresh on clickme-> Protected Link

What seems to stand out most( not in the picture) is the absence of the INDEX put buying.

Obviously enough, one thing constantly lingering in our minds was our ANTIDOLLAR outlook and that should have put , who desired so, into the ANTIDOLLAR investments and make nice money( I did buy some GOLD and adjusted Asset Allocations as well). For the most of us, though , we know all too well, that when ANTIDOLLAR sentiment is too strong then Stock market suffers, even as it is one of the chief ANTIDOLLARS itself, but it likes slow decay of the BUCK not the FAST ONE... HMMMM...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


15:00 ET, Today XAU Intraday predictions...
904 902 899 896 xau 911 913 916 920
high so far 915.50, not bad
15:05 ET, Daily Projections? OK
899 901 918 945 gold 866 864 847 820

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15:00 ET, If market can not recover much between now and close, it is toast

5978 5834 5598 5214 DAX 6685 6829 7065 7447
3265 3236 3188 3110 ESTX50 3409 3438 3486 3564

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1303 1302 1299 1296 spx 1310 1312 1314 1318
I am not 100% sure about these numebrs will check again, Please watch ESMINI numbers as well
Intra is on protected link as well. clickme-> Protected Link
10:08 ET, verified the above numbers, they look correct
10:18 ET, not guaranteed, but if what I look at is to come to pass, we may not have the low of the day before 2:30... HUH!
This is not to scare anybody fast with APs to try catch the wave, but just something that I can pass along at this time.

11:05 ET, there could be some bounce, here a bounce time? I am not byting it.

11:06 ET, Our ANTIDOLLAR GAME looks BILLION DOLLAR, by minute!

If GOLD GOES Here +50, all bets are off, we are on the rocket as stated few days ago.

Do you like this kind of forecasting? If you would like the taste of it... Then just send $150/quarter to who will need my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili for clickme->TAILORED SERVICE .

============ SERVICES ABOVE ==============
13:30 ET, as we said we did not expect the lows till 14:30 and we could be right again(:-


>. Not only the prediction is pretty close to the actual events, the confinement of the prices within the projected levels is also a great call, as we saved ( if not made) a lot of money from traders who could go crazy watching these false moves , cheating the moves on the up and down side...
Yes this is what we do. We save money and then make some for our subscribers. If you would like to taste how...
Then just send $150/quarter to who will need my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili for clickme->TAILORED SERVICE .
CRASH WATCH , below , Pressure picture we discussed that , USUALLY from here stock market goes higher. I certainly should have added that , when the usual does not happen, the crash(et) maybe turning into crash and the RED solid line spikes up even further. The renewed crash into next weak is pretty much under consideration.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Please correct typo in the picture "it has turned up" - should read... "it has turned down"

Sorry Missed on ASIA, looks like I need automation here(:- or I will be missing ASIA more often.

6533 6520 6499 6464 DAX 6597 6610 6631 6666
3408 3399 3385 3361 ESTX50 3451 3460 3475 3498
Please note the DailyUpdate is resend, Our Assistant Julie is a bit distracted these days. We shall see how many days after vacation does it take for our beauty to concentrate on work again(:- ,We Love you Julie!
Please note that there no perceptable changes in the CHECKLIst, except that the signals got a bit "older" by one day and the Pressure and PCRATIO changes have been reported here. If I do not update Protected site, please do not be angry. There is just not much to update.( but I will try to update, thank you(:- )
07:43 ET, Note that our ANTIDOLLAR path, as outlined in the GOLDPROJECTIONS is played out almost to perfection. It covers the June 12 to July 10 dates and so far so good that even I am surprised(:-. Lot of sideways moves with nothing much going on... but a slight up slant! So far

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

ALl items on the protected site are up to date clickme-> Protected Link
Intraday added to protected site
1319 1317 1319 1310 spx 1328 1330 1333 1337

10:23 ET, we got little bit of a good news on the home sales in USA, but the markets are really waiting for FED interest rate decision 14:15 ET. I happen to think that it could be MILDLY negative

14:22 ET, Ok we got a bit push up on the market, most of which... ANTIDOLLAR, OIL is back to losing a bit and GOLD pulled up from lows too. This all proves that the ANTIDOLLAR and DOLLAR and all the BS in the markets will walk the narrow line as the Powers want it at this time. Very nice show of force to hold 100 Trillion Dollar Speculators scratching their heads. Anybody and everybody that take position seems to see market turn against and pro every day. Does somebody love this?

14:39 et, Yes, and the chief ANTIDOLLAR ( Stok Market) is rallying a bit more, while the Dollar is MILDLY lower.

15:09 ET, I knew the days of MAN(myself) triumphing over machine(BEAST) was coming to close and perhaps today it is closed(:- to neutral to Dollar for

next few days.

10:25 ET, based on the position of our beasts, we would be on the long side at this time. Unfortunately our total weight of evidence is, close but, not so kind to the long side. So, we watch. Please note, that we did make the statement of 25 Jul +-1 trading days to signal some sort of a turn date. So, we are proven correct but not in the market. No problem, if our caution is not rewarded, that would not be the first time the beast has made us humble(:-

Dear Readers we place this CHECKLIST ( WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE, we call it), which was guiding us today. I am sure, that once you look at this, it will become much easier, to refer to the things Dear LAG, SHARON, JOHN, HOWARD, John S., BLAINE and others were talking about. You see this is what every subscriber gets everyday, in addition to the more details fro some, all the items in this checklist, as well as the possible turn dates. This forms the mental positioning of a trader before the trading day starts. Read this CHECKLIST and reread some of the comments and you will see a lot more sense behind the moves trades ( SHARON, LAG, JOHN) reported today. I just hope it helps. Because it is not so cheap to operate all that is on this site, we are not able to provide this checklist and info behind it free. If you are serious about TRADING/INVESTMENT though, consider some of our services and you will be going into trades having the same kind of WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE.

Reading this you SEE much better, what John means when he says, he looked to trade locally. John knew that while the pressure to buy was growing, not everything was pointing higher. Thus he, usual , careful self, convinced himself early on... "I will try to make my few bucks and I do not want to push my luck today, by going stronger or longer than I need to". You can see how nicely Johns mental preparation played out in the market. Thank you John.

Besides providing, often unique, information, we pride in providing coaching, so that you can do it yourself, with the help of whatever completes you weight of evidence. We do not have a lock on that. You may have things that are just as valid/valuable to consider. But we do teach how to think about the markets and give a consistent view day by day to keep trader straight and narrow. FOCUS , conserves traders mental powers and without the weight of evidence , there just is not enough of it to keep HUMANS/traders straight and narrow.


5196 5175 5139 5082 SPI 5303 5325 5360 5418
13634 13571 13469 13304 n225 13940 14002 14104 14269

I got a lot of warnings and information, from subscribers/readers, related to USB purchases of mine. It is all legitimate. It is clear that banking industry is in a bad shape. Now, to my style of investment. I will take the investments in companies that I think will survive, even in the worst group. USB is not in as bad of a condition as many bigger banks are. Not all banks will go belly up, if any , until we have FED stealing from SEINIORS and giving to banks. Yes they can go down in price, as they have done. Off all the bigger banks JPM and USB behaved, best. If they show signs of cracking too much I would throw these investments, otherwise I buy 10% of Bank allocated banks on every 10% decline in what I perceive are the best behaving banks. That is very simple method for somebody that beyond basics does not really want to read fundamentals. They are not for my style of investing while trading. Most of the time these things rise and sell them with profits and if they do not, I just collect dividends, until I think these guys could be cracking. Then I will bail out.
6516 6497 6467 6417 DAX 6608 6626 6657 6706
3391 3378 3356 3322 ESTX50 3455 3468 3490 3525
I would like to thank our subscriber from DOWN under Dear F. for being vigilant and discovering our screwup. We have just resend the DailyUpdate(:-

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1319 1317 1314 1311 spx 1326 1328 1331 1334 ( ESIGNAL screws me up!)
1305 1302 1296 1290 spx 1320 1323 1329 1336
Also the Protected Link is FRESH completely, clickme->
Protected Link

Dear Robert. There questions that are best answered via questions.
When something is up as extraordinarily as OIL in last 6 Years, what could be the reason?

My first reaction to everything, Unfortunately so, is... Follow the Money.
When I follow money, I find the following culprits.

1) BUSH Family & Friends are industrialists, that is how they made money.
2) USA today is totally starving for tax revenue, The best one left is OIL, I touched on this yesterday and US politicians can not live without taxes, let alone POLICE/FIRE/TEACHERS etc. So the constituency for OIL money is larger than anybody thinks ( not a small conspiracy if it is one(:- )
3) PUTIN needed to be SHUT up and he was given Quarter Trillion Dollars to do so.
4) ARABS countries needed to feel rich, so that OSAMA would not find a fertile ground for recruitment. Frankly , despite Trillions transfer ed to ARAB world, I do not see it has helped much or will help much. ( I must admit, there is a big progress all over, but masses in poorer Arab countries are not much better, that is what I mean)
5) Then there came a collapse in BANKING COMMUNITY and they need to be made liquid again, so I would watch carefully how much of the Bank/Brokerage future profits come from "TRADING" OIL/GOLD/CURRENCIES etc.
6) REMEMBER, FED is nothing federal. This is a private BANK owned corporation which worries about Banking system solvency and could not care about you and me or economy in general, until there are riots in the street. They are the largest manipulators and they do not mince the words. Dear Bernanke and all other say very often , we need to fight the precept ion of INFLIETION?vocabulary. Notice "perception" not the INFLATION itself ( cause we have the INFLIETION?vocabulary). Central Bankers of the world are the most dangerous people for the health of ordinary citizens everywhere! FED will do anything to make banks profitable and guess what if they profit, you do not, by definition of ENGLISH+LOGIC
7) BIG commercials on the commodity exchanges are not so much speculators, as they are the OPTION PREMIUM COLLECTORS. EUREKA! that is why it took almost 7 years for OIL and GOLD to go up not much more than they rocketed in one year of 1973. Those people want to go slow and collect the premiums provided by "little guys" that we hear all the time buy options.
8) While some of this is complex and some of this is conspiratorially flavored none of it is new, except the SOPITALISTS change the methods as the technology advances, where there were no options they could not use them(makes sense 1973 looked different). For the reasons above I would be very careful when looking at COT(commodity traders commitment) numbers.

I hope we can find more time later to address finer details of what is discussed here, but I think this should provide enough food for thought.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers
5255 5249 5240 5224 5205 SPI 5284 5290 5299 5315
13642 13579 13476 13308 n225 13951 14014 14117 14283
6566 6552 6528 6491 DAX 6636 6650 6674 6712
3408 3398 3382 3356 ESTX 3456 3465 3481 3507

MDS and DailyUpdate are FRESH at the Protected Link clickme-> Protected Link
At the same place the CHECKLIST is updated

Monday, June 23, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1319 1318 1315 1311 $spx 1327 1328 1331 1334

protected site has the fresh intraday info

I would think of collection on MDS/short gains or placing a stop that guarantees that much gain. Let us not forget that there could be more downside though and a bigger crash is not out of the question completely.

I am adding ever so slowly to my high QUALITY high YIELD stocks.
INVESTOR! I would not mind you doing that.

Dear Readers, we asked our subscribers, in the protected site to collect the profits today, but not be in a hurry to buy the market. Well, I am sure, you would agree, that turned out to be a reasonable play for today.
I must state right here and now, It is possible for tomorrow to turn out really ugly. If the market comes under early pressure and Dollar does as well ( which is possible, from the way GOLD dropped and did not have the continuation today) the renewal of the immediate crash scenario comes right in our face. Let us look at few things tomorrow to ascertain the probability of this, but I am asking you do not take the longs with you home today, you could always put them on tomorrow (and if not who cares). This would become a milder warning if the market has a strong finish and SPX is up more than 5 points today.

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

Well, Looks like the Dollar had listened to our call support this morning and took to heart. The Antidollar is still within the parameters of being on the minor upwinding line for next few days, but ANTIDOLLARS inability to make more of the Markets weakness up to now is disappointing. IF AntiDollar ( like GOLD) was to break the lows of past couple weeks, the entire picture of ANTIDOLLAR will come unglued and Dollar could be on its way( finally ) to an accelerated upswing expected to start within next 30 trading days.
What will be the Major signs of ANTIDOLLAR BREAKDOWN?
0) a twenty dollar break in OIL below 119
1) sharp break in GOLD below 840
2) sharp break in British Pound below 1.94
3) sharp break in JPY above 109 (quote)
4) sharp break in AUD below 0.92 , finally!
4) Relatively milder breaks in EURO/CHF
Now these are not the prices to sell at, these are prices for setup for sell.
Actual selling will have to come on corrections back.
At the end of the day, we have been getting, what I called a flatlining a couple months ago. It is clear to me that everybody, especially longs in ANTIDOLLAR, are interested to keep the prices around here and Dollar Down, so that they can UNLOAD their merchandise on BOZOS and that takes time.

I would think of collection on MDS/short gains or placing a stop that guarantees that much gain. Let us not forget that there could be more downside though and a bigger crash is not out of the question completely.

Why Is Oil Where It Is?

Because It is kept there by the powers that want to. Look, Dear Readers, it is not, directly, our business to answer questions why things move up and down, for us it is enough to know when they move and profit from it.
Nevertheless the statements, to congress, by T. B. Pickens and others advancing the BS about PEAK OIL, that there is no more OIL are causing some of us ask the question, why after all is the OIL where it is.
Well, I it is simple, If you are going to keep second and third biggest Muslim(and second and third with proven reserves) OIL producers from producing more OIL and, actually give them incentive to all, not to extract OIL, why would there be more OIL coming online. Why would IRAN develop more of the huge oils and gas fields, if it can make more money keeping the rest in the ground? In fact, why would Saudis will do that? Why Russians. And Of course IRAQ is held from producing not even half of its ability to produce. Well, after more of all these questions, I hope you have your own answers. And the heavier and heavier guns used to prop up the OIL ( Nigeria and Turkey do not cut it any more) the end may well be close, but need patience and technicals to watch.
And Please do not anybody tell me that AVERAGE AMERICAN municipality is innocent in all of this. What would the Local and Federal Governments do without over 100Billions of taxes payed by EXXON(XOM) just lat year. These Oil companies are Tax collectors. Not OIL producers, they are branches of silently and progresively oppressive government. Of course nobody should suspect that I have more respect for EUROPEAN governments that have been taxing their people, for ages, at $4 and now more than $6 for gasoline

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers
5177 5158 5126 5075 SPI 5273 5292 5324 5375
13474 13334 13104 12730 n225 14163 14303 14533 14905
6538 6515 6477 6417 DAX 6650 6673 6710 6771
3397 3385 3365 3332 STOX 3458 3470 3490 3523

For those who noticed, our previous readings for SPI and NIKEY were false readings. Apologies for bad data from us.
Protected link clickme-> Protected Link has checklist(only) fresh
05:09 ET, Warning, Crash Possibility is not yet gone. We have at least a 40/60 chance that we make this a bigger than (mini) crash that we got so far, By Tuesday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dear Reader, We may have the best seat in the town for watching American Economy and People. Look at the major discretionary consumer product companies and let me know if you agree with our assessment of what USA - TODAY Looks like

Please note the Brunswick Co ( also refered as Boris Chikvashvili stock(:- God Forbid This To My REAL Stock ). It has broken below critical 13 level and could easily be headed to the FALAPoint just below 10. That would make the annihilation of 85% of company value in last 2.5 years. WOW!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints) COMING UP

9:33ET, NAZ is breaking , Not such a good sign. If when, EMINI S& P broke 1330 low, All hell could break lose. Don't deny the possibility of standing this time, but if and when closed below this level, it just will not look good anyway you slice it.
9:42 Et, higher OIL, bad sign and continuation of our ANTIDOLLAR PROJECTIONS.

1323.4 1320.4 1315.5 1309.5 es 1336.1 1339.1 1343.9 1350.0
11869 11834 11777 11706 ym 12016 12051 12108 12179
47.86 47.74 47.54 47.30 qqqq 48.36 48.48 48.68 48.92
1320.6 1316.6 1310.1 1302.0 $spx 1337.4 1341.4 1347.9 1356.0
107.22 107.08 106.86 106.58 jpy 107.82 107.96 108.18 108.47
1.5581 1.5570 1.5552 1.5530 eur 1.5628 1.5639 1.5657 1.5679
899.35 897.80 895.28 892.16 xau 905.90 907.45 909.96 913.09
17.35 17.29 17.21 17.11 xag 17.56 17.61 17.69 17.79
1.9750 1.9750 1.9750 1.9750 gbp 1.9750 1.9750 1.9750 1.9750
1.0134 1.0117 1.0089 1.0055 cad 1.0205 1.0222 1.0250 1.0284
0.9515 0.9504 0.9486 0.9464 aud 0.9562 0.9573 0.9591 0.9613
6.0039 5.9962 5.9837 5.9682 sek 6.0364 6.0441 6.0566 6.0721
14804 14785 14754 14716 $tsx-tc 14884 14903 14934 14972
88.81 88.68 88.46 88.20 gld 89.35 89.48 89.69 89.96
172.27 171.94 171.40 170.74 slv 173.66 173.99 174.53 175.19
109.53 109.24 108.77 108.19 uso 110.76 111.05 111.52 112.10

10:22ET, OK, HUH! Markets are down , now the only question is? do they have... what it takes to dig themselves out of this ditch. I am afraid, any new lows in the afternoon 2.30 or after are the sign that we are crashing

10:28 ET, updated the Protected site... Has everything fresh

11:44 ET, If you are short, Please protect it, crash is still very possible, but not guaranteed and if market finds a way to survive here it could spring back up. Keep all you options close.

14:05 ET, I am disappointed in chief ANTIDOLLAR , GOLD performance so far. Maybe the coming Strong Dollar is just about to kill everything around. It is killing one ANTIDOLLAR ALREADY( STock Market , of course). Next 35-40 minutes are the most critical. GET READY!

15:00 ET, Market has broken after 2:30 time frame, Just does not look good and unfortunately we predicted it. In any case if you are short make sure you give nothing to the market at this point it is desperate beast.

15:07 ET Showing some signs of life. Be prepared for a beast to spring to a fight of the life. 1318 on the SPY would be very positive for the market.
15:27 ET, this move up looks like an ABC on the SPY, may not hold, need move above to prove something
15:45 ET, the last move up still looks like an ABCDE diagonal correction. A powered move above could change the things.


08:32 ET, 08:00 ET, was supposed to be a very likely turn time and market has turned. Another visit below that, if taken, will not be pretty.
Please come to the main site for the Intraday APoints, as absense of my assistant today may delay me sending the bulk update
Somebodies loss is somebodies gain. While I lost an assistant for last couple days, readers gained the free acess to a large list of APs resrved for subscibers. ENJOY as a gift from the most generous and intelligent subscribers on the entire net

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

5315 5310 5301 5287 SPI 5341 5346 5354 5368
13965 13930 13874 13782 n225 14135 14169 14226 14318

6705 6699 6688 6672 DAX 6735 6741 6751 6768
3482 3476 3467 3451 ESTX 3511 3517 3527 3542

MDS + DAILY UPDATE are fresh on the protected site, emails have been sent as well. ENJOY Dear Subscribers

clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

GOLD.... If anything I could be understating the GOLDS ability to run here. It could run up faster and longer and that could be signaled by , if gold took out the 1000 level before the end of this month. Then it would confirm the meteoric phase. As a minimum it must take out the 950 level before the end of this month. Let us see what is the MIDAS metal is made off.

For those PIP holding longs on GOLD I suggest as follows BUY ( GLD-USO) spread. I actually think that this a NO-LOSE Proposition ( almost, please see the disclaimers )

FOR INVESTORS , Long time did not talk(:- ... If SPX was to break below 1325 today, please realocate 5-10% into GOLD+OIL+CASH ( with the same order of preferecnce)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Dear Readers, due to the absense of my assistant, beautiful Julie ( she dumped me for a younger man... No, she is on vacation(:- ), I will place four AP sets here very quikly , JPY+SPX+QQQ+XAU here and then try to convey the rest later, in the email+protected site. So, be ready to look here

1333.8 1331.0 1326.5 1319.2 es 1347.2 1350.0 1354.5 1361.8
11974 11949 11910 11847 $indu 12090 12114 12153 12216
47.70 47.56 47.33 46.96 qqqq 48.39 48.53 48.76 49.13
1333.4 1331.3 1327.8 1322.1 $spx 1343.9 1346.1 1349.6 1355.3
107.83 107.78 107.69 107.54 jpy 108.10 108.15 108.24 108.39
1.5459 1.5449 1.5433 1.5407 eur 1.5507 1.5517 1.5533 1.5559
898.25 896.30 893.10 887.89 xau 907.85 909.80 913.00 918.19
17.44 17.39 17.32 17.21 xag 17.65 17.69 17.76 17.87

14989 14977 14957 14933 $tsx 15039 15051 15071 15095

88.6 88.4 88.0 87.6 gld 89.6 89.8 90.2 90.7
172.4 171.7 170.5 169.0 slv 175.5 176.2 177.4 178.9
107.9 107.3 106.2 104.9 uso 110.7 111.3 112.4 113.7

I am protecting all/most of gains in shorts, will, at least, watch NQ and if it ever goes to 1967 again I will DUMP ALL SHORTS.

10:55 ET, the traders on the floor, may want to go for a quick swipe at 1967 and then go down again. They run on stops all the time you know. So, I would be ready to reestablish shorts if they do take out the 1967 and then show weakness. Stops will be close and risks will be MINIMAL to the infinitesimal

11:03 ET, the time of 12:05 +-5 minutes has a good chance of being the turn time.

11:11 ET, ha... hahaha... ha.. hahaha.. Yes, the SOPITALISTS play this game all the time. So, as a trader you must outsmart the SOPITALIST. I am back short with the now breakeven 1968.75 where I would stop for good.

11:48 ET, a drop below 1329.99 for ES Mini SEP, could start an avalanche of unstoppable sales or the saving ring may come in right there. This is a very important juncture.

12:16 ET, So far 12:00 has proven a turn time for SPX and market is in a rally
mode. I am out of the shorts and watching the development.

12:37 ET, Exhaustion may have set in, It is very hard for NQ to generate more than a 50 point retrace ( if this is what it is). So, I am looking to carefully reestablish short, if I can find suitable place.

13:43 ET, Dear Waldo, if you were short in it, I would not give 48.60 a chance.
13:51 ET, I am not giving 48.58 chance
14:01 ET, I am not giving 48.51 chance
14:23 ET, unless SPX breaks the lows of TWO 15min bars ago, Something Could be changing here on the Bullish side, but if that breaks, I will stay bearish again.
14:47 ET, OK the 12:00 SPX support and rally and subsequent break of days high , has changed the short term outlook. I still do not feel comfortable changing my intermediate outlook from bearish. First I would like for MDS to tell me that, and second I do not see the total weight of evidence being supportive of such stance. For sure the Buy pressures have grown, but they alone would not justify the intermediate term bullish outlook. Nevertheless important things happened today.

1) the BKX hit 50% total value destruction from the HIGHS predicted by us ( in now , a historic article, "BIGGEST BANK HEIST OF CENTURY" Google to see it)
2) BC (boris chikvashvil stock, also called Brunswick CO(:- ) has hit 76% FIBO retracement of the all time lows in 1974 ( WOW! )
3) SPX SUPPORTED On 60% retrace of the rally from Jan/Mar to May.

These are not to be taken lightly. And at least a short term bounce would/should not surprise anybody.

Of course I can never get the sentese right(:- . .. I meant the "first and fifth waves , duration and magnitude". If this is such a textbook ELLIOTT then we are in for a decline of some sort from here.

You see another Attraction Points LA FORESA DEL DESTINO, right here. SEE HOW THE ES MINI has supported and rejected from LIAP and HIAP ( low and high Intraday Attraction Points). If this does not amaze, then I do not know what does. Now, this is another way to think as a traders. You see, You get the 5 Waves on NQ and you have the HIAP hit on the ES Mini and you have the EMINI retrace 50% of the drop from 1370 to 1330 and back to 1350. Do you see how multidimentional thining helps and CONFLUENCE works. Please remember this word. It took me long time to spell it correctly(:- , but BOY THIS IS AN IMPRTANT WORD

AND YES, if you would rather trade like this then all it takes is to give my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili and $150/quarter for clickme->TAILORED SERVICE


And That was exactly what hapenned , we declined. Simplicity of Complex thinking. It works!!!

And that was exactly what hapenned