Sunday, September 23, 2007


Notice, this table(GroupStrength) represents a curtailed representation of Yellow Oscillator(22days) and Red Oscillator(13days). It shows the groups near buy(top) and near sell(bottom)
Dear Readers, together with ChartReading and LimitsReading, we now have "OscillatorReading" text as follows:

Oscillator is of the same nature as the pressure graphs. While Pressure Graphs are of absolute nature, that means they show the absolute buy and sell pressures, the Oscillators are a relative pressure indicators. Like you may have both pressures low and that would look little confusing on the pressure chart, but if you take the difference between them that has a more meaningful reading on the chart. So, the Oscillator is nothing but a pressure chart presented in difference, not in absolute, therefore it has only one YELLOW pressure line, which goes above and below 0.5 line. The RED and CYAN oscillators are just moving averages of the YELLOW line and indicate a bit more longer term view of the markets state. When all the oscillators are on the same side and CYAN oscillator is in the 97 % of last years readings( high side) you know that this market is ready to be bought( pending price confirmation). When the same happens on the lower side, you are ready to sell this market( pending price confirmation). One last thing ... when the oscillators are all pointing up, ideally you would want the YELLOW oscillator to hit the 1 reading, that could a final nail in the decline and will start the up move for the security. Opposite is true on the downside. YELLOW is important in those critical moments as it may indicate a last ORGY on the upside(YELLOW ~1) or downside(YELLOW ~0), where the "little guy" is given one last push off the boat( leaving his/her correct position, with a loss and market turning where he/she hoped it will go, without him/her on board. IRONIC HA,). Why do we take so little risk in our trades, one of the most asked questions... Now you know the whole story, cause at that moment of final ORGY market has no strength to fight US... alternatively it shows the unexpected strength( for the situation) and you find us out with a small/no loss. If you understand this, you are on the way of becoming a successful t trader, cause trading is nothing but finding low risk/reward trades and executing them. THAT SIMPLE.


Voltaire said...


I know your indicators are proprietory and don't expect you to reveal all.

However, because you don't post them everyday and if heaven forbid something should befall you, do you have any suggestions for some poorer but accessible indications that we may reference or calculate.

I must admit even after reading your explanation of your indicators and oscillators that I can see sell and buy areas roughly but not the precision and severity that you see through your own creation and experience.

I am excited to be part of this little group that benefits from your advice, but I do worry when I feel that I am completely dependent on another.

Of course part of my problem comes from my not being in the US.

At the time indications are made for a US day's trade, I am usually in bed and although I sleep stupid and broken hours to try and keep abreast, if some rough approximation could be made by me, then I could sleep soundly.

Perhaps I am asking too much.

Figured it was worth a try, lol.

Nevertheless, your blog is priceless.

John said...

I read it a few times, thank you.
Old John

boris said...

Dear Voltaire,
Believe me, beyond the proprietary underpinings of my structure, which I have explained. There is absolutely nothing I have more on you or any member of this FAMILY/BLOG B&C.

You see. I start from the pressure and summation graphs that you see. Then I may look at oscillators, but even I do not see them all the time, cause I do not have time updating them every time. If I do update, you see it too, guaranteed .
That is why yuo see gold lately as I feel something is developing there.

After looking at the pressure and summation charts, I just go with the Yearly and intraday resistance ( you see intraday, not yearly, unless you ask). yearly numbers seldom come in play on a daily bases, but when the markets approach those they are significant.

So you see the intraday limits, I do not always see the yearly limits, unless I suspect we are close to some.

So, far pretty much you see exactly what I see. For example look at the gold oscillator. You see the incredible linUP of them around late AUGUST, thus a lifetime buy signal. Does not take genious( god knows I am not one). Now you see the approach of lineDOWN and that couls spell disaster for gold in couple days. Of course, superstrong markets break out of those "doubleNelsons(Yes, I used to be a freestyle wrestler), and you will see it, but for the most part serurities fall after that lineup.

If you feel this helps, cause it does. Believe me, If I had a more time, I could have a site ( I am programmer and systems designer remeber HUH...) where you/all could see all of thes things, but giving away all my time and ability to make money, I sm stuck with what I have so far. If I could afford even partial time assistant, I know what to do and how to do, just do not have more than two hands.

Do not worry, until I am alive people will have this staff. I made a comitted myself to this when I told my creator, that is what I want to do...

I hope he gives me health and lifespan to help everyone.

I find myself in a problem at this point as I have no son's and my daughters howerver smart and capable are not at the level of "real man's" performance. Please nobody give me greif for this. I know women are as capable as men are, just they like the to be faminine better than be a mucho man reshaping world. So, far at least that is the case. I hope to at least get a grandson soon, I can transfer my secrets to, but... I can only pray and politely ask my girls...(: :) who would not settle on just a guy... YOU see America helped me raised them this way.

Enough Bambling
GOod Trading

I do not know a place where you can get this level of support and/or disclosure even if you pay a lot of money.

I certainly have not seen it.
So, sorry I can not help you there. Some people on this blog have found many different and intersting things, but I know they come here cause this is a ROLLS for the Trading Blogs and Humanity ( which is more important to me).

boris said...

Dear John, thanks.
I love you brother.

Good Trading

John said...

I wish it were as simple as that.
Old JOhn
Just taking it all in.

boris said...

Dear John, it is true, that it takes time to become part of these numbers and think in terms of them. But that is a process that took me a good part of my life, and there is nothing wrong to start it at any time, with a help from the MAN himself it does not have to take you lifetime. We will make sure of that.

Good Trading