Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1391 1389 1386 1383 spx 1398 1400 1402 1406 Low Volatility

Please accept the High Volatility Attraction Points. Courtesy our subscribers. It is due to their
support to this site that we all get to do things we do. Thank you all SUBSCRIBERS. Dear Readers ENJOY
1389 1385 1380 1374 spx 1402 1405 1411 1417 High Volatility

These are nonvolatile market readings, If the market gets volatile, which it does on FED DAY, we will supply more volatile versions to subscribers. We will try, but may not be able to do the same for readers.
GOod Trading

14:23 ET, OK another BS from FED, what else do you expect from that body?
I think we may meander couple days here and go down for MDS BUY.

Dear Readers/Subscribers, Thanks for being here today. I hope you enjoyed the analysis and deductions of all good people on this board. Please come back to share and hear the excellent minds comments on the markets and economy. Thanks again.

MDS Still On Sell

MDS will, now, be often featured before 17 May subscription Deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it. So, how does one get MDS? clickme->MDS Service
Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning start there, yours too?
Please note the REITS ASSET GRAPH, it has been the leader of this rally ( together with BANKS) and really,really looks tired.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1386 1381 1376 spx 1401 1403 1408 1414
11:24 ET, Start thinking to protect profits, or minimise losses, is this the strong down day MDS promised? do not know yet

10:29 ET Anybody having more than 50% invested collect on 10-20% now! please
I would not put much into the notion that they will collapse this market before FED DAY

10:40 ET, OIL - HAS FirstAAPoint Screwed the OIL at the GATE to StartDom?
10:41 ET, GOLD-ANYONE? ( actually I would buy GOLD over OIL now and I would BUY gold IN GBP,CHF,EURO ... nibbling)

11:00 ET, BRUTISH has collapsed, They thought they can FOOL anybody, perhaps some? Do not sell now, if you are not short!

I would like to remove any misunderstanding around my sentiment to BUY gold with European currencies. I view this as a strictly short (2-3 week play) and do not consider GOLD buy , perhaps til Jun/July period (earliest).
On the other hand the GOLD/OIL spread, I like in small amounts for a longer term position.

INVESTORS, please take no action until CLOSE, then we discuss what to do

12:27 ET, OIL DOWN 3% Hallelujah! Long Live Attraction Points

15:10 ET, At this time it is too late to strategize. Those who followed machine will have to stay with it. It is hard for me to figure out what MDS is going to do if the market does not make sharp move either way. Even then I could only be guessing. So. Here we are, probably awaiting for tomorrows MDS state. Market loves flexible mind and when a flexible mind sees the situation is getting too complex it immediately tries to reduce the complexity, by reducing or eliminating the positions. We saw good examples of it by Dear Hopper and By Dear Czman. If you will have a "discretionary trading" then be flexible. If you will be following machine, that is fine. In either case having a smaller exposure will help. Let us try define a bit the "sharp move". Market , on average oscillates with 1-1.3% up and down from the top to the bottom. Sharp move is something beyond that and that would be 14-18 points for SPX. We will, probably, not have that today.

15:48 ET, As of now, any/all short positions taken on this round of MDS SELL signal, should be Profitable or near it. So, there should not be too much complication if someone thinks that they do not want to deal with unknowns at this point. Most of you should have made money( Flexible followers) and even the Machine followers should be mostly profitable. So, make your decisions please.


Ok, Markets are down and it is hard to find stocks that go up. Well, How about checking out Shakers List, Stars Of it. Yes, some of them are up over 300-800 %!!! Remember GENC. I have asked you to remember this asphalt maker. SEXY enough for you? 300% up. YEP! I had a revolutionary thought once(:- How do the stocks go up 500% and up? Regardless, my genius arrived at an answer... they must pass 50% and then 100% and then ... You get it. What a concept? And then I said, well, should not they pass first Annual Attraction Point (GATE TO STARDOM) as well? Yes... That is how the SHAKERS LIST WAS born. In it the 50 best stocks compared to their first Annual APoint location are tabulated each week. End you can see the results. If you followed the strongest of them. The trick is to idntify them early on the list. Ha... Check out Shakers-Offer it is $150/year service. Now clickme-> Shakers Service

How do you subscribe? needs my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili

Monday, April 28, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1391 1388 1384 1379 spx 1401 1404 1408 1413

10:52 ET, Expect a lot of meandering today, but at some point, I think , the market goes for 4th and perhaps 5th.



May 2 is now shaping up as a very interesting turn date. Is it low or high? Do not know yet. if it was to be a high without MDS generating BUY , that would make it a 10th day and if it needs two days to generate BUY then we would get a 12 Day MDS CYCLE. Too much! have not seen it yet, I think. Which brings me thinking that Either May 2 is the low or there is a low before than? FOR MDS BUY?

12:40 ET, So, it is clear, my own current position is a very(for me) small short position.

You can see the a bit older graph at the end of this page

15:43 ET, we did not get a spike we did not get to even 4th in SPX, so, what do we do, do we increase the position as suggested? Here is my opinion. Hard to argue with MDS statistics. Nevertheless, I increase my position only slightly on the close. And would await tomorrows action to see where I can add more. I will be about 20% short at the close. FOR INVESTORS the same thing, perhaps, we get a better chance of selling the stocks. Do about half of the selling of what you would have sold if we hit the 1416 today.


OK, Stock Market futures are up today. Needless to say that from our analysis( see MDS picture two posts down) come out couple very interesting facts. When the MDS SELL signal did not get realised by 6th day From the SIGNAL day, then we have a high likelihoods of 6th day (today MOnday) being higher than highest day in preceding 5 days and that the selling on the sixth day has produced exceptionally good results. Now, then, it seems to me that we need to take a good look at the Daily APs and see if they will confluence with Intraday APs to search the short entry. Should be very simple and clear task. Let us see if we can execute. Do not forget, our analysis related to selling the 6th day close, so the worst we could do is to sell on close... Now, please do not overdo and mostly , if you can, use the options to nail the possible gains into 9-10the day of the trade ( Wednesday-Friday is the target day for trade completion). Our statistical sample is relatively small ( 7 trades) and does not allow to go crazy!!!

Now we can guarantee only one thing. We did best by the information we have. Trade may or may not make money, but we can only fault the markets being uncertain. Probability theory said head is expected 85% of the time and we got the tail(:- how about that. Welcome to uncertain world of investments. I would be 100% satisfied with whatever the results, cause I know, I did what I had to

Tina1000 said...
Good morning Boris & all, I took a couple of days off from stocks, and now back. Still have my puts.. Now, I would like to get Your opinion: It seems that there is a good chance that we are very close to the intermediate top. If so, May could be down.... How does that fit with dollar getting stronger (YEN correlation). I remember you mentioned that YEN/dollar correlation with stocks could change in a near term. My woman´s logic says that if dollar is getting stronger, big corporation profits are falling, and weak dollar has been a major driver for their profits until now, that has compensated weak US demand...And now if Fed is signaling that there are no immediate rate cuts in sight, we could be in the beginning of downfall.Thank You and good trading Tina
4/28/2008 4:54 AM

With these kind of subscribers, I am learning something too... Says Boris. There are number ifs here, but with some luck the scenario may play exactly like TINA describes.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sopitalists lucky in USA,OIL,Dollar

Dear Sharon, you gave me chance to address the issue of USA geopolitical situation again.
My complains about SOPITALISM and inequity in our country notwithstanding, I am no fool and understand well that USA has things going for it that make it incontestable as hegemonic power for next few decades. As long as International Sopitalism Needs that kind of a power and believes USA is not interchangeable due its cultural and historical structure it will persist as a SUPERPOWER. Where else does a potential 50Trillion SocialSecurity exists to loot. Where else is the possibility of finding huge ENERGY sources are prominent as the are in USA? Nowhere... This could change, but I do not see it yet. Dear Readers, see Also, my article USA in Geopolitical SUICIDE? USA probably will deplete the worlds energy resources and dominate the world for many years after. I am scared that something in this game could go wrong.

USA, albeit limping , is the one and only real superpower today. It can not be contested by anybody on the earth and even the combination of nations that could challenge it is not in the horizon.Remember, Many of our old enemies, RUSSIA included, love us. As long as wee keep the OIL at 100+ what do the RUSSIANS have to worry about?China has so many Dollars ( +Saudia and Russians and + all Arab Counties ) that if they were to depress the dollar more, they would only hurt themselves.Let us not forget that USA , probably , has the OIL reserves that far accede anybody Else's reserves.Do not you think, one day, the OIL SHALE and bakken fields and Coal and all the things USA has and nobody really knows what else is there ( all besides the Alaska), Makes USA incontestable.USA is DRUNK, FREE SPENDING, GIANT.Why would anybody want to bother them.I think some of our leaders know that very well and are involved in the a dangerous game that something in this formula may not work.BUT AS LONG AS WORLD BELIEVES that this GIANT did not have its last word , USA Dollar will recover and will kick some A down the road ( after 2013-2015, Until then it may have some trouble.Remember OIL at $200 HURTS CHINA more( relative bases) than USA. Same is true for EUROPE and other countries. JAPAN is and will remain USA puppet, cause it can not expose itself to CHINA without USA as its friend.Meanwhile, as I said, USA leaders are playing a semi dangerous game, but they probably know more than I do and they certainly know more than most of the world knows.SO, the world is not able to get away from DOLLARS.Besides, Currencies , like people have cycles and it is Dollar's time next 6 months. Nothing will help. Nobody can fight, USA and even less the NATURE!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

MDS will, now, be often featured before 17 May subscription Deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it. So, how does one get MDS? clickme->MDS Service

Dear Readers, we had a kind of a nothing doing day, if you do not consider EURODRUBBING an event and AUSTRALIANDRUBBING an event. Strangest thing was biggest decline in Chinese RENMINBY in more than a month. So, USDollar continued to advance. Gold dropped a bit more and the OIL hit niew high, which underscores our desire to play this market only with cheap options at this time. Stock Market has shown patterns we have not seen much of in last 4 months. Only once in that period Market was able to avoid sell-off while ON MDS signal within 5 days. Now we are in the 6th (monday) and considering that the average number of losing days in MDS position is around 9 days and it finishes those moves by strong moves down, the days 6-7 become a very important event to try and take from the market maximum profit in the shortest of times (1-2 days).

Do you like to see the APoints record on SPX. It is amazing how many times the market will go to one of these points ( when the market reaches higher AP the lower APs are not shown, only highest AP reached). Where the candles have no AP, it is clear that the day is "INSIDE DAY" as we define them and have been captured by IntradayAttractionPoints IAPs( can not be present on the screen) These two pictures on this post and the intraday picture on th enext post should give the AWESOME TRIO of our method that allows one to make money if the markets move up, down, or nowhere. They show, with Intraday AP's that you have a method to make money every day, concentrating on any security you want. It does not come without work, but there is hardly anything better anywhere that can give you this kind of edge. MDS tells the direction and interplay of IntraDay/Daily/Annual AP's complete the punch. DO YOU SEE WHY ON JAN 20-21 WHEN THE WORLD WAS P.I.T.P I WAS ASKING TO ADD TO YOUR STOCK INVESTMNETNS? and/or buying short term?

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Watch the level of 1400 for ESMINI ( SPX) if this level fails, we could had for a big day down. Otherwise wait for Attraction Points(Intraday).
Remember we are on 5th MDS day. Ideally, MDS Human Formula, we should have 30-45% short able funds short by now. Of course it has been hard to chose the spot on the last 30%, but Hopefully we will have a chance.

1392 1390 1388 1385 spx 1397 1399 1401 1404

Q's already hit 5th, Thank god I had SOME QID's bought in early extended market, which I am protecting at 42.19, just above break even 42.14

10:23 ET, Since Q's already hit the 5th around 10:00AM it is hard to see them go straight down without some fight. Now, where could this fight lead Q's? I think all the way to 47.16 is possible, or else look at your APoint ladder and see the other levels. There one could try and attempt a short position with the minimum of risk ( less than 10c on Q's). Watch all the criteria that you usually watch to ascertain the turn down is taking place. This relates to those that are not short at all and are afraid of missing the big down day.

10:41 ET, WOW that third worked like a MAGIC is not it! Those that do not yet appreciate AP, please listen up! You could miss the top, but APs can help you recapture the direction! DO YOU SEE WHAT I SAW ON MY SCREEN? GOOD. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRADE. It matters none, what happens farther today for intraday traders. Many of those made their days worth and are GONE HOME!!!

When I was young(er) and impressionable, this picture could have sent me ballistic

Ok , are we defeating the children from the interbank traders? Yes, my stop is now at break even GOLDEN RATIO, This is a trade I advised yesterday to all.

11:38 ET, Do not anybody fall asleep here. This market is capable of coming back up. keep up the good trailing stops and as a minimum break even stops. REMEMBER SOPITALISTS ARE WATCHING, EVERY PENNY WE TAKE IS THE PENNY OUT OF THEIR POCKETS.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks for being with us

MDS will, now, be often featured before 17 May subscription Deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it. So, how does one get MDS? clickme->MDS Service

( please note forgot one white arrow on chart after the yellow, you will see it)

Dear Readers, All in all we had an excellent day compared to our forecasts. OIL and GOLD took the drubbing( while we cautioned with energy shorts, we did suggest safest way to build on first ANNUAL APoint being hit on USO, Out of the money options), Dollar was Great today( well 2 year forecast is finally taking hold?) and Stocks understandably followed. MDS being of his/her own mind did not want to accept that, short term, but we will see, maybe eventually MDS will prove right again. Meanwhile, we felt the change in the air and knowing how MDS works and not responding to the signal for 5 the day, we advised to take the profits and abandon or retain very small short positions in stocks, at this point

Attraction Points(Apoints)

The market is opening higher today. The initial positions taken between 1387-1390 are again threatened. For those who did not take the profits or did not get stopped out this morning already,
1)Please reduce the position size now. and see if we can sell this market higher, by adding positions if/when it goes higher ( this a message from the MAN - Boris).
2)Message from the machine MDS is... Stay the course. I may lose here and there, but I will make money for you ( keeping position small is always good, listen to the MAN on this)

1375 1374 1372 1369 spx 1381 1383 1385 1388

11:25 ET, the fact that after 4 days of the signal we did not progress further down is giving me uncomfortable feeling. I would want you to not give the profits back and adhere to what I have already said about the market stops and profits and possible re-short.

11:44 ET, Ok here is what I see a strong possibility. Market reestablishes correlation with JPY and goes higher with it into 26+-2 trading day high. And then heads down. Do not discard this possibility, please

12:10 ET, Ok market has moved up. Remember my feelings? When the market is not down on 4th day of SELL it will most likely go higher, before going lower. That is what This MAN observed On the MACHINE MDS and MDS , the MACHINE is not yet programmed to get into these nuances!

12:19 ET, I hope everybody is out... I repeated this so many times!!!!!!!!!

ES MINI FUTURES are at the fifth 1393, if it starts to go down here, the rally could be over. This market could be scaring the hell out of everybody, so a small short position must be maintained no matter what. Not to completely miss the down move when it comes, MDS is still on SELL

12:28 ET, QID rebounded from 41.73, if this holds Market could be done. Please maintain "SMALL" Sort Position
12:30 ET, Q's hit the 47.47 which is fifth intra and second/third Daily, Poweful resistance. SOPITALISTS are at it again. Do not be scared. Make sure position is small and you can run away from it or just hold it no matter what. WATCH THE NUMBERS in BOLD.
12:53 ET, I have bought QID back at 41.80 and have a 11c stop below 41.69
12:55 ET, raising stop to 41.75
12:57 ET, Stop goes to 41.80 Break Even
13:01 ET, this is not time to think, this is time to act or not to act. If swing trader hold small position wait for MDS buy. If day trader, do what I do.
13:09 ET, mental stop goes up 41.85
13:19 ET, in the big picture the 5th on all counts ESmini Q,QID, stay intact. My QID stop remains here for now.
13:52 ET, I am out at 41.85 for a a small profit
13:56 ET, I could jump in at 42.19, otherwise watch it

14:02 ET, Ok, so here is where do we stand. Some of us should have very small short position. Some of us should be out completely. Those that have short position, hopefully made money on the downdraft last couple days and can afford to hold the shorts AS MDS suggests.

Thanks For Being With Us

MDS will, now, be often featured before 17 May subscription Deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it. So, how does one get MDS? clickme->MDS Service

02:46 ET, As suggested before, make sure nobody has unprotected positions. Break even is the worst you should do. Do not like to hear somebody lost money, when there is no reason to do so.

Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning start there, yours too?

Dollar On Rampage!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1374 1372 1370 1367 SPX 1379 1381 1384 1386

Dear Readers, Alexander, the copy of AP(intraday) coming to you is color coded and labeled, so there can be no question what AP is what. Low/high , count of AP etc. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
I believe Alex's questions prompted an important format change. I hope you all like it, if not , I am flexible(:-

10:08 ET, HOWDY DOLLAR... keep doing it... Just keep doing it ( to GOLD, to EURO, to YEN to Oil... and to US(:- )

10:04 ET, OK let us get down to it, close and dirty. Just a couple weeks ago, we had a sudden buy in the market and it happened so quickly ( see it on the MDS graph). You see, these things can happen... Now the question is: can we get the BUY that fast , in one day, this time around? Of course, we could, but it seems to me like this can not happen without a big day down( that is how MDS works). So, I should say that either this little rally in stocks dies here and we get a big day down today or tomorrow, or we go higher here and we get a better chance to sell this market. Meanwhile those in the position should do what?. Well, that is a personal choice and that is how it could go. If the position is small, just hang in there. If the position is big, there is still chance to make it small, by getting "PROFITABLY" out of some of them . It comes down to personal comfort at this time, for those with positions

This is where APs can help immensely. SO, we already hit the 5th high on SPX. IF we can not jump over that, likelihood is high that the RALLY is done. Just a little logic helps a lot. Tools are here.

HUGE day for MDS, this is second 12 consecutive winners run for the system. MDS is going for its own record if it makes 13 in raw! Let us hold the fingers crossed for the System( i do not really know if it helps (:- )

12:11 ET, LAST CALL , anybody with the short positions. Please make sure you have comfortable position or take profits now and get into the comfortable position. Alternately put in the PROFITABLE stops now!

IS Energy Out Of Energy?

MDS will Now, be, often featured before 17 May subscription deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it. So, how does one get MDS? clickme->MDS Service

If you are going to take the energy Short positions, please do so around AP ( daily/intraday/Annual) and take the smallest of the risks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Attraction Points, coming up

The stocks In GREEN are at new highs and the are also SHAKERS

SPX 1378 1376 1374 1372 - 1383 1384 1386 1389

Did everybody receive, what they think they should have. Do not delay asking me if you miss something. I may screw up sometime and need you to straighten me up(:-

10:30 Everybody initiating positions last couple days is in nice profits. Trail reasonably close and keep most of profits. Maximum risk at this point... SHOULD BE BIG ZERO. I for one am collecting 50% of my profits ( I had already payed for MDS subscription with this profit(:- )
11:03 ET Please do not break you head and capital if OIL does not turn down till 4/26 +- 2 days. It will go higher and do not chase it. Tomorrows OIL reserves reports may prove the infliction point
12:17 Et, do I hear people who enjoy the MDS profits?

14:36 ET, is the assault on Dollar ( market) over for today?, Not clear, but please collect profits and keep the rest at break even. Do not give the profits back to market.

14:44 ET, subscribers, with the OIL orientation. you see what I see right? Big Picture indicates the 2nd Annual AP for USO at 95.97 . to days high 95.83. DOES IT GET ANY CLOSER. Daily Second AP 95.42. Ha. IS Dear Lag, crazy? no... With these parameters one can take the risk here in OIL. You know the numbers. If this is your market, go for a small risk

Short Poistions Are Profitable,Protect Them

MDS will Now will be, often, featured before 17 May subscription deadline, courtesy of current subscribers and mine. To make it sure that people understand what it is and how to work with it.

Dear Reader, Short positions taken upon MDS signal are profitable. Please make sure you give no profits back. Stops at worst Break Even!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Attraction Points, coming up

SPX 1382 1378 1375 1371 - 1388 1391 1394 1398

Now, All MDS traders there, you know the MDS formula. It says: 1) take position 15% on the first day of signal. 2) on 2-3 day of the signal take another 15% position if market did not move where signal dictates. 3) on 4-5 day take another 15% each day if market did not move where signal was dictating. Now you have 60% position and wait to become RICH(:- Note, positions are taken at opposite APS... Hopefully! - Means for BUY signal, buy at lower APs... and for SELL signal sell at high APs... This is what we call MDS formula. On a 6-7 day of "market deception"... you buy wothless options to make million dollars in one/two days(:- , cause average days in MDS losers is 9 days ( when did you see last one?(:- ) the frick MDS is on its way to 13 consecutive win!!!

10:37 ET, just hitting the JPY first support, collect SOME if you have ENOUGH
13:09 ET, Today has the feel of a classic situation with the MDS signals.
Usually the best time to exercise the signal is 2nd or 3rd day from the signal. So, today we get a Little fake down by market and then we get one or more distribution day before signal really goes? That is why the formula! and that is why I suggested to take some profits at today's lows.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Simple Explanation of MDS Performance.
ASSET Oscillator ( from 4/21/20008) Click -> GROUPTATION link my mornings start there. So should yours.)

Dear Readers, the full view of MDS is reserved for paying subscribers, but today as a gesture made possible in part by their generous support of this site, we give free list residents and the world the full view of MDS.

MDS SERVICE IS NOW $500/year one time payment. I can not guarantee either price and/or the availability of this service ( at any price) after the System is sold. Only the subscribers at that time will be grandfathered for a price for one year. Dear Readers, MDS production in any BIG Wall Street Firm would cost 5-10 million Dollars a Year, the fact that I am/was able to bring it free for so long, at my own financial disadvantage and physical punishment(18 hour on lines) is not likely to continue. Free Eggs are fine, but what if the GOOSE dies? I now have a firm date to discontinue the FREE MDS by 17 May, 6 months after being public. We will remain Free site and you will always be able to ask questions about securities and markets, but MDS will be private.


Payments to be made to with my email and my name Boris Chikvashvili



UPDATE ON OIL/CRUDE ... 115.55 was my long time projection for OIL and was reached. Next really hot projection is 164 and I do know if we can get there, but the real stopper should be between 115.55 and 118.50. If not, we could go anywhere from here.
Also, monitor Carefully the XLE 85.58 and OIH 210.55 levles. Higher up if CRUDE goes for 164 these indices will go to 98 XLE and 244 OIH.

Sharon says.

Ordinary people say:
"I've had enough of the Fed trying to bail out the banks and people that weren't smart enough not to buy houses they couldn't afford," wrote Michelle in Atlanta. "You need to stop cutting rates and let the dollar rebound to keep inflation from getting any worse. This country is never going to recover if inflation keeps the food and gas prices through the roof."

for the full article:



Friday, April 18, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, too tired to type. You were great this week. Subscribers were great. Many of them made money. God Bless them. All good people. I have enjoyed even the pain of work(:- , but now I pay for it with later reaction(:-. Speak to you Tomorrow.

HAPPY PASSOVER, REMEMBER it is a celebration for things that PASSED US OVER and, while could have harmed us, DID NOT. Hallelujah!

I am frikin in tears

Hi Boris,my name is Luca, I've been following you since.. I can't evenremember. I started reading your articles a long tim ago on safehavenand then discovered you site. I've been following you since (your blogis still the first I look at when it appears on my google reader, butI shoud't tell you).I'm not a full time trader (I have a regular job), so I don'tdaytrade. But I like the markets, so I'm an investor and swingtrader,with so many things still to learn.I would like to subscribe to mds and to the shakers offers, they arefor me more that the daily attraction points.I'ts time to give my contribution and my thankyou to you and to whatyou are doing.Could you please give me instructions on how to do it?Thanks Boris,LucaPS: I need to tell you something.. the most important thing I learnedfrom you is to have an ambiased view of the market, without all therubbish there is out there (sharks, analysts, stupid commentators,sharks, sharks..). My view and understanding of the markets is not thesame it was a year ago and before. I will never be able to repay youfor this. Thanks.

11:17 ET, tears or not SHOW must go on. Right? OK, 11:30+- 15 minutes could be the turn time in the markets ( stocks YEN(quote) lower?) So, be careful. Same advise, trail stops, where you want to keep your profits and leave some positions for the MOON shot

11:21 ET, Dear Alex, got the paypal, payments Thank you my dear Friend. InFo is on the way

OK we owe this lighter note to ALEXANDER the GREAT.

Wanna GO TO Israel?

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1383 1381 1378 1375 - 1390 1392 1395 1398

10:19, Please either collect most of what you gained and/or trail closely. Do not give market back anything you do not have to.

Yes MDS proves ME FOOL again,

Dear Readers, Look at the futures, MDS proved me too pessimistic. Mechanically I suggested all the correct things to do. But in my heart, I was not complete with the moves. You see, what a human emotion is? It is worthless when it comes to trading. That is why MDS is MILLIONER and I am not! It has even predicted JPY perfectly.

Dear Readers, Can I ask you something? Please, do not keep the secret, that is , do not keep the source of your BEST market info secret. Tell your friends relatives and anybody that is/maybe interested in the markets and general life wisdom. That will help this site and will help you. Promise? Ok, I trust you to help us all

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Happy Passover To all People Who Celebrate it and Happy days who just want to be happy this time of Year. Thanks for being With US

This is from 40 minutes ago (10:05 ET), AWESOME! There are endless examples of these kind of hits on various securities occurring on the daily bases. Would you like to trade like this? Clickme->TAILORED-Offer

08:27 ET, Looks like the JPY has already hit the daily between second and third Attraction Points(subscribers should have received them), are we heading down? a slight correction of yesterday's rally? My father continues to suggest careful trailing of stops.

TO All Subscribers, I have just BULK resend Daily Update, there were no errors first time and this one should be delivered as well.

SPX 1356 1353 1350 1346 - 1365 1367 1371 1375

10:02 ET, Intra Updates Should have arrived at subscribers.

10:07 ET, it has been my experience and My Father agreed with me that strong/powerful market days are, often followed by, digestion/slow type of day. We will see.

12:15 ET, Well, this Week of the Passover, it is hard to expect more than we had yesterday. Most of people( traders ) on Wall Street are gone home. Or are home mentally , even if present at work. So, it is a dull day. But that is how market is. It does nothing 80% of the time and trends 20% of the time.

12:20 ET, Unexpected problems notwithstanding all subscribers should have received the MDS oscillator graph. It clearly shows what the possibility maybe for the SELL signal. Please act accordingly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

With These Kind of Reviews(:-

czman said...
I TMAR at the close. Thank you Boris and MDS. When free period ends I will not mind one bit paying the fee. Paid for it already on last four trades now about 300 times over.
4/16/2008 2:26 PM

Dear Czman, my future computers will thank you(:-

07:37 ET, Julie will be your host today, Please be kind to her and she will help you. I will see you either late today or tomorrow, Good Luck ( Boris)

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Coming up, SO FAR MDS IS PUSHING IT UP, ha... even those that bought last Friday, should be close to even, anyone purchasing last couple days is singing to the bank. Do you see why I advocate the scaling?

SPX 1345 1344 1342 1340 - 1348 1349 1350 1352

This range could expand today due to the volatility, Subscribers will receive the appropriate numbers.

MDS is almost back to win column and that even for the portion you may have sold(typo , should read "bought") at the Open Friday. And scalers are singing the praises. Just make sure stops are profitably trailed OK. I do not want to have any of our members lost money. There is no reason that should happen.

14:27 ET, If you have good profits, take some, please(:-

14:55 ET, Tape is running like the old days, is someone really listening to MDS and buying this market(:-
15:17 ET, Me , Pessimistic Fool, how could I doubt the beast MDS
15:25 ET, Trail closely JPY has stolled here. Do not realise all profits, just make sure you will not give market too much back.
15:54 Et, on JPY 30 minutes ago, it was like somebody turned off the lights, but stocks (after initial hesitation ) continued... impressive ha...

16:02 ET, FINI! extended SPX 4th AP projected 1364.90, actual high 1365.49. IS THIS INCREDIBLE OR WHAT? Between MDS and APS one can go crazy!

16:18 ET,COMMENT TO TINA, she said Bull Goes on , look at the after market.

Dear Tina,I see it, my Dear I do.It makes me happiest man to see you happy(:-You said it best, right...
Here is what Tina Said.

i wish she said , in Boris we trust, but I was always loser to machines
GOod Trading

Sopialist Government Planning Theft

Dear Readers, Wall Street Journal, ITSELF! is waking up to what I said for last 2 years. OUR government ( SOPITALISTS, FED, MULTINATIONALS,WALL STREET,GOVERNMENT) are involved in "fast act" to empty the wallets of ordinary American savers and SENIORS and some "willing foreigners" ( JAPS,ARABS,CHINESE) and giving it to RICHER Americans. Despicable, Deplorable, worst than BOLSKEVIKS, which took from poor and gave to rich. SOPITALISTS GOVERNMENT doing exactly inverse, taking from poor and giving to rich via debasing Dollar.

Sopitalist Governments, NOT SO Secret Plan(clickme)

Dear Secretary Treasury, Paulsen, what straight face are you able to hold, when you talk about "strong dollar" policy. How could 50% loss in value mean "STRONG". Which one of us needs to learn ENGLISH? Shame on you!

Dear Fed Chair Bernanke, what straight face are you able to hold, when you talk about saving ordinary peoples economy. Shame on you!

Dear President USA Bush, what straight face are you able to hold, when claiming you are "peoples" president. Shame on you!

On this week of PASSOVER to begin, I urge you to Free American People ( my people ) from bondage. Free them from debt tyranny that you impose on them for so many years. Free the people or you will end up at trash heap of the history and people finally find the way. I am no Charlton Heston, nor am I Moses, but purposely or not, what you do, makes you engaged in tyranny and that is the truth.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1332 1331 1328 1326 - 1337 1339 1341 1343

11:19 ET, Pay Attention, Possible turn at 4th for Q's DOnot risk big, Careful could be a trap
12:27 ET, So far, the turn at Q' 4h AP worked like a charm. All you need to do is to keep profitable trailing stop.

For subscribers, this is kind of a play, I like doing when the MDS in the BUY mode. We are third day in the BUY. It may not turn out a big profitable trade, but it could, remember MDS is waiting to potentially reward you

PPI EST0.6ACTUAL1.1, Inflietion?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

SPX 1327 1322 1318 1312 - 1335 1340 1344 1350

10:41 ET, So far, so good, the markets are not tanking and MDS may still prove me/us too pessimistic. In any case, follow the formula, If you bought yesterday stay put for a day and see what today brings. If you did not, please add at the turns near low AP's
12:40 ET, How woud you like to see Grass Grow, well, that is what market show is today, so far.

Arrogant One Bends Over

Dear Readers, As Bloomberg Reports the Arrogant one and his friends all over EUROPE from G7 + American counterparts, declared to "not like the kids play" in Dollar and want to dampen Fluctuation. Wow! fluctuation Dear Trische and Friends? it was hardly a fluctuation the EUROPE has gained strong currency, but lost the manufacturing. Perhaps it is time to admit that you played too much with speculators, for at least , this person, knew almost 2 years ago that your ilk will come out with this statement The week of PASSOVER. Hallelujah!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Thrilled

Dear Readers, I am not thrilled with the MDS BUY signal we received yesterday, but I learned to temper my arguments with a machine like MDS and say... Who the hell am I to argue with over the 1000% return in 20 months and 88 win rate on the long side of MDS. I must be crazy, even the Asset Oscillator ( see from 4/10/2012) Click -> GROUPTATION link my mornings start there. So should yours.) looks more like a sell, but at the same time, both summation and MDS are on the BUY side. Well, I do not think we get too much choice, with the systems, either we follow them systematically or do not and then we are defenseless, without the rigorous approach of the system ( especially one like MDS , which has proven absolutely unthinkable in human terms). So, please be a reluctant scaler ( at support APs) into buy side as MDS must again know something that us , usual mortals, can not understand.

Dear Readers, Can I ask you something? Please, do not keep the secret, that is , do not keep the source of your BEST market info secret. Tell your friends relatives and anybody that is/maybe interested in the markets and general life wisdom. That will help this site and will help you. Promise? Ok, I trust you to help us all

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice to have friends like MDS

Ok, so who am I proudest to see on this site. Hugo Chaves. Yes he is last on the list if you wonder!

Dear Nordic,
It could not have happened to nicer person.

Remember when MDS gets a buy, it gives you chance to buy lower ( smart friend we have in MDS(:- )

Good Trading

YES take MDS profits , if not already and think long, MDS gives you chances. To make more

SPX 1342 1339 1336 1332 - 1347 1350 1353 1357

I would blow the SELL and start scaling BUY, USE THE FORCE , USE THE AP's

Please excuse my (no)appearance today, I am literally holding computers to finish the weekend. Please have a good time and I will chime as I am able. Thanks

Please remember, if the day gets violent on the downside then it is advisable to scale none on the longs or very little, as the better opportunity maybe coming next week. In any case, have close stops and do not let position enter sizable loss under any circumstances. Sorry, but trading, while fun, is not an armchair endeavor, never let the position get into much loss and you will always win ( especially with MDS, so far, crossing the fingers). Imagine Michael Jordan, would he ever let the ball get away, no way! no matter what he will hold the ball. Same the trader, never let the position get away from you and, my dear friends that is work. Do you remember the tongue out and sweating body of Jordan, Yes, that is the way the money is made in trading. I hope you do not see me with my tongue out!

12:35 ET, we have the exhaustion bar on Q's if 44.54 Ap holds, it could go higher

Dear Readers, Can I ask you something? Please, do not keep the secret, that is , do not keep the source of your BEST market info secret. Tell your friends relatives and anybody that is/maybe interested in the markets and general life wisdom. That will help this site and will help you.
Promise? Ok, I trust you to help us all

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us,MDSonBUY

from 4/10/2008) Click -> GROUPTATION link my mornings start there. So should yours.
Well, you know what this means right? JPY could be going weaker not stronger ( MR. YEN)

Dear Readers, I told you often, the world is out there just to trade. Who makes money, "the connected one's". You should see their "boys" trading, like the NINTENDO kids. They do not care, they just want to find you make a wrong move and they will move JPY 60 points to make 20-30 Dollars. Yeah, the Insane,Insane,Insane world. Sopitalists with Monopoly Money and Cardiac Kids trading currencies. That is the way they want them. As dumb as they come. You need not brains to move the market, just monopoly money, SOCGEN anyone? And they said they did not know. But of course!

Attraction Points

Sorry, some system and Power problems, But the show must go on. I am with you shortly for the opening

Please check the emails SEND EURO,JPY,SPX

Please do not let MDS profits go. Collect Some and let the rest RIDE. Must make money.

SPX 1349 1347 1344 1339 - 1358 1361 1365 1369

All, Subscribers and Readers, please accept my apologies for slow operation today. I had a power problem in our area and had to take on of my computers out of commission till this weekend.
Good Trading

JPY hits immovable object at 101.44 ( 3c) away from our 4th.! NOTE 101.47 is also FIB 38% of last JPY decline! we have the Jackpot there

Careful if taken out, we could go higher in the market( YEN, lower)

EVERYBODY MUST HAVE RECEIVED FULL INTRA and DAILY of three items ( EURO,SPX,JPY). ONLY those that did not let me know, PLEASE

Dear Readers,Subscribers, Considering the time critical nature of what we do, I feel bad not providing the full DAILY info today. At the same time, I hope, you will admit that for over months, now we did not have but one problem day like this and that is good thing. I hope to keep these kind of problems to minimum ( preferably none). Thanks for your patience ( and yes, count these days, you will get extra 2 days for every screw up I have once. I know this is not the same, but it is a honest offer(:- )