Friday, July 31, 2009

Gravity has not been repealed

Dear Readers This Chart is not only the roadmap for Dollar, but for ALL markets, due to the strong Correlation/Anticorrealtion between All Markets last 12-18 months.

996.29 999.18 1003.86 1009.70 spx 984.10 981.21 976.52 970.69

Thursday, July 30, 2009



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Problems, One for bulls, on for bears

Crude I down 2.5% and Nat Gas down 1.5% and so are the Unleaded Gas And Heating Oil. Our recommended DUG was up over 3% Yesterday and will be up today as well, if it keep going the way it is. In any case we suggested taking profits when DUG was 4-5% ENJOY. Easiest thing one can do is to put in the trailing stop and go on vacation. If you can make 35% in 10 days in NOV(National OIlWell Varco) and 5% in one day in DUG. that is not a bad life is it? Remember, these were announced here in real time within just last 2 weeks.
09:10 ET , DUG is up another 3.5% this morning and that makes over 7% in two days. Keep taking profits if you did not yet sell all of your DUGs
11:20 ET, If you have any DUG left take the 10% profit. In just two days. This is what we do here!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No relaxation for bulls, but a bit less danger

09:15 ET
DUG, which was recommended publicly to be purchased yesterday is up about 2+ % this morning, pre-open trading. OIL and GAS futures are both down. ON NYMEX exchange. Please place no loss stops and let it ride. There is no reason why you should risk a penny on this trade
10:24 ET, Please Sell , at least half ( if you have large position) IN DUG and pokcet a 4% gain. Keep the stops for the rest at no loss stop loss.
11:17 ET, DUG now up 5.2% in less than 3 hours trading , after purchase at close yesterday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

HyperCuation Bulls

981.83 983.46 986.10 989.40 spx 974.96 973.32 970.69 967.39

Friday, July 24, 2009

Super caution Bulls

We have sold One more portion of our Asset alloction in stocks , for about the 70 point gain! We do not care if market wants to go higher. Let it do it. We will wait for lower levels to buy at.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Caution For bulls?

Dear readers, the PCratio ( total) shows the curling of the pink oscillator up, which is even more cautionary than yesterdays configuration. Equity part is not yet doing that, but It culd be coming. In any case, market needs to prove that it is not scared and rally in the face of this to prove that there is nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caution Bulls

954.08 955.14 956.85 959.00 spx 949.60 948.54 946.83 944.69
We have sold off some of our former purchases around this area. Which indicates where we stand. We would like to be cuatios at this time. End of Story for now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close to 300 Points Of SPX Gains Since March 6

Dear Readers, We have just announced selling off some/part of our Asset Allocation Holdings at equivalent of 958 in SPX, which makes it close to 90 points on this operation, purchased at 867. All in all just two large trades

Buy 666 Sell 784
Buy 867 Sell 958
Other Trades provided close or more than 50 points

Would give us 210 points.
Add to this some intermediate trades and we will be way north of 250 and close to 300 point gains in SPX. Now that is as if we have been all along for the entire ride from 960-666=300 points, while , actually sidestepping some declines, which could have ended in bigger losses( means less risk than buy and hold!). Pertinent information is at trading-without-ulcers
Frankly, I have made even more money, as I use the SPX entry points, but do no buy SPX , but stocks that , mostly, move better than SPX. But SPX points are what I announce to Subscribers. Please note, that many of my stocks have also featured nice yields above 4% and that provided additional gains, which is why I conservatively estimate equivalent gains from 250-300 SPX points.

Ok, if you would like to check us out, verify veracity of these transactions, please go to the and self register and you will see the records. May not be able to see the March trade, because we were at another (.info) site then , records of which no more exist, but it can be seen on this site you are reading. Thanks And Good Trading Dear Readers

Sunday, July 19, 2009

At Goal line, Will Bears Erect Steel Curtain?

The chart above is for 7/21/2009, verus the chart below being for 7/20/2009
954.58 958.11 963.83 970.96 spx 939.69 936.16 930.44 923.31

The AntiDollar Is on one of the biggest offensive ever, 7% one week move does not happen very often and there is reason for it coming at this time. Nevertheless Bear could Master the Steel Curtain to stop the AntiDollar at the Goal Line. Will they manage? We are down to our shorter term tools to try and go with the flow, more like stay with the flow, as we are invested at minimal, but reasonable levels for retirement portfolios. Especially that we were not devastated by BEAR MARKET. So, we do not have to chase anything.

Of course, Younger subscribers, are entitled/should invest at higher levels depending on their age.

China, Nation Of Slavery, Sort of entering mainstream?

Not a chance Dear Readers. China is a country that according to the currency Renminbi setting, about 7 Rnminbi's to 1, is essentially set at the state the way a slave nation will be set. USA did not exactly stand aside, while China was allowed to become the second biggest economy in the world while keeping its currency below even SLAVE NATION standards. Of course many/most USA corportations like(d) very much to produce in China at slave vages and sell it in USA, thus turning USA into couch potato consumer nation and China into Manufacturing power.

Now that USA consumer is on life support and threatening to expire we still do not see Renminbi moving higher. Playing with the words , currency manipulation offender or not, USA and its law makers allowed this China BS to go too long and are still not doing anything to stop it. Well, I am not sure who does this policy help, but I do not think it helps USA workers, with unemployment edging to 10% and/or Chinese workers who continue to work at SLAVE wages.

So, how long this paradox of having a COMMUNISTS(haha - more like SOPITALIST) government in China running the Slave Labor Camps and being supported By USA Multinationals will be allowed by nature I mean ,( it is clear that Men/Governments in USA and China do not care) to persist. Well, I think the next world war may well be related to this issue. Unless, China allows its currency to float completely ans soon.

For China, to complain about USA polcies leading to Dollar weakness, while keeping RENMINBI at the current levels, is lie one PIG tellining the other... "YOU MY DEAR FRIEND PIG, HAVE BIG LIPS" (:-

Friday, July 17, 2009

Could be taking a breather here

941.78 943.83 947.15 951.29 spx 933.13 931.08 927.76 923.62
boris said...
Dear John, and Dear Joe Have provided these linksYou know what my opinions are, now add this to form your own.
GLENN ON GS Thanks Dear Friends Joe and John

Market could stop for a breather here, unless the 936 area is decisivly broken on EMINI current/september contract

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Benefit of doubt goes to bulls, but

934.21 935.38 937.28 939.64 spx 929.27 928.11 926.22 923.85

All we have at this point still points mostly higher, but some of our indicators are begining to warn, not enought to get us worried, and of course we would ask for prices to confirm such worries before we would act on them. So the benefit of doubt belongs to bulls, for now. How long? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bulls In Control Or just about to lose it?

922.49 924.15 926.84 930.19 spx 915.48 913.82 911.13 907.78

The market looked lethargic during day trading time, but intel/INTC magic has propelled it after hours and our projection on emini127.gif send to subscribers 910 area was reached/finally. The PCratio is starting to show signs of curling down/Bullish and unless this trend is quickly rejected and curls start up/Bearish, the bulls maybe back in control. We did buy things we sold at 906 or so a week ago at practical bottom of the last move 867 and are now back with profits over 45 SPX points. Just in case somebody needs reminder. After pocketing 120 points from 666 to this day we performed few trades and , while I have not counted how many points , we probably are over 200-250 points of gain in our trades. Of course, I only do it for 1.5-2.5 % of my holdings, but that is besides the point. We are asset allocators, but if traded the same way with entire capital we would have made unbelievable amount of money of over 200 points. Folks, that means that by now, starting from March 2009 one would have returned 100 times the subscription costs to Tailored Service.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Long Does This Rally Last?

We will try and answer that soon
908.32 911.27 916.05 922.01 spx 895.87 892.92 888.14 882.18

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is market chosing CRASH(et)?

885.079 886.799 889.59 893.06 spx 877.8 876.1 873.31 869.84

We stated before , Market must rally or else. Is Or Else coming true? Could be. Todays early break is not encouraging for bulls.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We, shall rally, or Crash(et)

We must rally here, or a strong dwondraft will cause more selling that could turn into avalanche and crash(et). We think though it is a bit too early for crash. So, we think we rally afater todays mild setback?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bounce Looks More likely, even if short lived

I you bought based on this picture congratulations, You are now up 5+ % in 1 day. Well, I placed this chart in the laps of our subscribers. Please note the precision. Actually market got withn lousy 7cents from the level advised to purchase at 28.70. Actual low was 28.77. How about that. I can only hope that somebody decided to override me with 7 cents!
Now, please also note the 50% FIBO at that level, but that was not the REAL reason for me to be excited about the NOV at 28.70. No, it was a special HIDDEN Attraction Point, that had me excited. While I can not give that secret away, it does allow me to give my subscriers this kind of advice.

Even if the turn here is short lived(remains to be seen and measrued(:- ), it is more likely after this mornings rally on the back of yesterdays reversal at the end of the trading.
883.52 884.90 887.13 889.92 spx 877.69 876.31 874.08 871.29

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Still SOme Room On Downside, but bounce possible

Apparently not everybody is convinced OBAMA's change was for the better

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

One more test down?

I believe we could get one more probe down into the area of 870, before some kind of a rally develops in stocks.

Friday, July 03, 2009

getting the systems up

Of, course, lot of people could have substituted EURO or CHF for SHEKEL in this chart and there would only be slight difference. That is how predictive this chart has been. So the Predictive precision of unheard dimentions and accuracy over couple years continues. Incredible indeed. If you asked me two years ago, if I could be so precise, I would have told yu no way! In fact, I can tell you the same thing today(:-

Dear Readers, getting all the systems back up, after the move. Thank you for your patience. We did achieve what we thought would happen though. Simply patiently waiting for the July 3 and 930 for the turn and got it. Updates later. Good Trading

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Looking ahead for rude awakening?

Levels , we thought the market would rally to,, have been reached, from here on, if the market rallies higher then it would display a formidable strength, which needs a new respect and evaluation of possibilities, but it looks to us like the weakness is setting in into the market and price break below 900 could be a rude awakening for bulls