Saturday, December 22, 2007

Purpose & Tools

Dear Readers purpose of ANTI-SOPITALIST is to show, in a naked form, the degenerated CAPITALISM which is more like a SOCIALISM but for RICH (CAPITAL). Those Red Letters then compose the word SOPITALISM. We are for a HONEST-CAPITALISM, where Government, does not try to (re)distribute the wealth to RICH via money depreciation leading to theft from Social Security Program among other things. You will find plenty of explanations of methods the government has used and uses to take money from poor and give it to rich. Our goal is to teach you how to cope with this degenerated capitalism, actually a form of slavery, and prepare you to: first - recognize that it exists and second - apply methods learned here to force the change, as the educated American will lead to HONEST-CAPITALISM, we have not a single complaint about people making millions/billions and even trillions of money, honestly! We love achievers and dislike do nothing types.

Tools used on this site are proprietary in nature, but the results are completely free and usable anytime, anywhere, by anybody, including , SOPITALISTS themselves. We are unable to make the origins of the tools public as it is one - not solely owned by presenter and two - it would, most likely, lose the winning edge if and when made public. It must be clear to you after reading this and to prevent the hard feelings, the original principles of these tools employed here will not be divulged.

Please go to link GROUPTATION ( ASSET ROTATION) on the right and see where the world stands for today. I can hardly thank enough Ivan Curak for providing the Space to house this info and update he does every business day. We are blessed to have people like this amongst us.


__NM__ said...

Good Sir,

Most intriguing, I've spent most of me life trying to educate players (free of charge), of the perils they face in both the Social and Financial arena's and it's nice to find others persuing the same quest!?

More impressive is that I suspect we're on the same page in our views of the current legislative environment and it's enslaving tendecies toward it's mid to lower level citizens!

I'll be Back,

boris said...

Dear NM
Welcome to an apparetnely "familiar space".

Glad to share views and expreicnes.

Good Trading

Greenie said...

Dear Boris,

I saw the exchanges with Voltaire and fully support your point of view. What you freely share here is already a lot to many of us.

Even though I do not understand the details of your system, this is how I use it. I already had a set of technical tools and sentiment tools. In addition, I started to use something called 'smart trader tool'. In it, I take information from 4-5 professional traders, who share their trades but not the system. I combine it with my other tools and remain careful if my own analysis disagrees with the experts.

Also wanted to let you know that I am again fully short as of friday's close.


Greenie said...

just wanted to add - I expect S&P to be ~1375 in 4-5 days, a 1-2 day bounce to 1405 and then 1320 by early January. However, the above is just some guidelines, and I will use my system to get out of trade when needed.

boris said...

Dear Greenie,
Thanks alot.

I understand your urgency to be short. As I am only modestly long and as soon as I would get the MDS tell me to short I will be positioned like you. 26-28 is my timeframe to do so.

Yes, I just do not understand smart guy like Dear Voltire, I do not know why did he have to be so vocal about this thing, unless he had an agenda...

But regargless, I really like the guy and would instantly put his blog ( had he build one) link right here in my link section.

I think he has relly good capabilities.

Good to see you in action again Dear Greeine.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Greenie,
YOu mean by 26-28 Lows.
The only way I could reconsile this is to see sell signal at 24-25 and have a fast drop into 26-27...

Who knows, but Yes we should finetune the events by respective signals..

Good Trading

Greenie said...


You will not see any sell signal on 25th :). Merry Xmas.

I am often a bit early in getting my shorts on. I start with a small position, and then increase the amount, if I see the market move in my way.

malcolmm said...

g'day boris. just a thought on LTCM, which was cited in comments on your indicators: the eventual catastrophic failure of LTCM's strategy was guaranteed when others worked out the strategy and copied it. when LTCM hit turbulence and tried to sell, not only did others join the rush to sell and flood an illiquid market, driving prices down even further, but LTCM also was squeezed by predators who had identified its vulnerability.

the lesson, for current purposes, is that once a strategy or technique becomes widely known, its utility is compromised.

even if you were free to disclose information about your instruments, you'd have to withhold it. otherwise not only would the instruments become less effective, but the knowledge would be used against followers.

speaking of manipulation, i thought the new central bank auctions with results not disclosed might have affected the fed repo window of insight into the manipulators' activities. but maybe not.

the repo slosh was reduced on thursday by $23.75 billion, the second-largest reduction in 2007 after the negative $36 billion of august 13 (3 trading days before the SPX low on august 16).

it's interesting that 3 trading days from the 20th is the middle of your december 26-28 window for a top.

re your options comments the other day: i imagine the usefulness of the options data would be marginal, with your own instruments taking into account the influences represented by changes in the options tables, so i am mindful of not dumping stuff in your lap if the distraction doesn't serve any purpose.

what would be useful in terms of compiling some figures each month that perhaps you could comment on: daily CPP and MDP figures for SPX, OEX, QQQQ and RUT, delivered just before each expiry date? or would some subset of those figures, or more frequent delivery, be more suitable?


lagscrew said...

Most of my indicators hit the sell or very close--a couple extreme

Im planning at least Monday to cover my GDX and GLD positions with TWM (maybe even go to the short side some)

Good luck to all--Oh ya, the MOON is also getting very full.

Merry Christmas


lagscrew said...

Be careful tho

According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac (makes a great Christmas gift) the week after triple witching the Dow has finished higher 12 out of the last 15 years. Furthermore, the trading day following Christmas has been higher nine years in a row.

Mark P said...

Hi Boris/everyone,

Here's one for the astrology file. A few weeks ago on late night radio I heard an interview with an astrologer named Robert Gover ( I don't understand astrology any more than most people do but I do feel I am open minded to the concept that there is an energy in the universe that influences all events.

If you go to his website and click the top left article (Pluto and the FED), you will learn a bit about the astrological importance that Pluto has.

What is significant is that on January 28th, 2008, Pluto will be in the exaxct opposite position that it was in, in 1913 when the Fed was created. This date is also very close to the January 25th date indicated as a top on the Yellow Brick Road.

Time will tell if these dates are significant.

Mark P.

boris said...

Dear Malcolm, You are so correct about the SYSTEMS being against their users.

You do not believe how many times the bottom of the wave4 hits the top of wave1, because ELLIOT WAVE rules profess that that should not happen.

So, you got thousands placeing the stops there and you guessed it. The Local traders, big shots, gun these points all the time. So, do the stops at 20 day lows are gunned all the time. On and On...

There goes usefulness of any publically , widely ,used systems...

Nedd to say nothing more.

As far as the option data.
While my belief is that full data will have much mor significant information in it, It would require the inforamation on a daily and preferably tick bases, latter will be useful to feret the spread positions out...

after having this data for 2-3 months, we can start numbercrunching and see where it leads.

As I said often it may be very close to "Cuurrent" info results, but more often it may not.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Thanks for your updates.

Dear Mark Same there.

Good Trading

lagscrew said...

Boris comments please-----

From another blog

Last day for tax loss selling is Wednesday, Dec 26th in the US, Monday Dec 24th in Canada (Canadian exchanges are closed on Wednesday for the Boxing Day holiday).

So, maybe weak stocks stay weak until late on Wednesday on US markets, after which selling pressure subsides.

lagscrew said...

Boris--the reason I ask is your pressure guages look topped and if tax selling is done in a day,then they will get very extreme--right?

lagscrew said...

The reason I say the 26th is because of 3-business-day settlement period required on most sales,right?

boris said...

Dear Lag, you bring very good information here.
Frankly, again due to success of my systems, I do not follow these things figuring out that it will show up in the gages. But I am wrong on that one.

I should , more closely follow these things.

Thank god we have such a diversified info coming in from you and other members...

This makes all the more important to just be present here and suck this flow in...

Thanks again.

Now, as you can see the GAGES have created a preliminary SELL signal, I call them preliminary, becayse the are often 1-4 days early ans sometimes 5/6 days early ( like we saw last time )

So, 26-28 certainly seems to be in the range where you say the tax selling stops and perhaps reall selling starts. So, is tech vulnerable?

Could be.

YBR aims at that point also, but it could, by inertia go into 3 January, there are 3-4 trading days between 26 and 3 January and they could be slow days anyway. So, let us not get hung on dates.

We know we aim to this area of 26December -3 January 2006.

GOod Trading Dear Lag.

Sang said...

Hi Boris, Lag and friends,

I've read that the transaction date and not the settlement date matters, so Dec 26 would not be the date to watch for that particular reason. It would be the last trading day of 2007.

"It is the trade date and not the settlement date, unless you are short.

If you were a short, you would not be selling, you would be buying back the shares."

boris said...

Dear Sand,
Thank you very much for refreshing our understanding of this subject. What a bubch of great communicators we have here to keep us up on our toes and informed.

Indeed Halolejuah.
Still though the date falls within the parameters outlined for a top in 26-3 period.

Good Trading