Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Were you reading this? What Time Is It For EURO?

5:30 ET, Is it time for EUR/JPY ? You all may remember or see the EURJPY projections on the DotOrg. It was pointing lower for awhile and stocks followed, but new it is starting to point higher. Is it time for EURCHF as well? Maybe. Very Well Maybe.

Above is what I wrote at early morning yesterday in update
Now, that statement was not a result of sudden wake up either.
We knew this was coming and we knew it is near(er) than anybody assumed.
We never tell anybody to bet the farm on anything, but beyond that the above statement , as part of the continuing evaluation of CHFJPY , EURJPY was as clear as it can be for traders and especially for asset allocators right on the money.

Less than 12 hours before BOJ struck

Monday, September 06, 2010

Markets are fair(:-

Do you think 90% of Wall STREET and media covering it should be in Jail?