Thursday, July 31, 2008

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1271 1269 1265 1261 spx 1281 1283 1287 1292

10:59 ET, dollar is back hallelujah!


11:01 ET, it never stops to amaze me , what the dark side would not do to derail ordinary people/traders from the real path. For 5 months now they have the DOLLAR on A SUICIDE WALK, hanging with the thread from the GRAND CANYON Kind of a fall and they may have tried one last time and thrown few of the board from the DOLLAR UP MOVING WAGON

12:00 ET, I must state here, that Almost Ideal conditions for stocks to put a local/lasting? highs would be today and/or in about 7 trading days from here.

16:00 ET, Hey I did not mean it, for market to drop like that, I just said "Ideal Conditions..."

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6385 6345 6278 6170 DAX 6585 6626 6692 6800
3354 3345 3330 3306 ESTX 3399 3408 3423 3447

05:45 Et, the Protected site has been updated with daily+MDS
08:39 ET, Initial Jobless claims very high , causing drop in US Dollar and Markets
08:47 ET, this decline in markets and rise in ANTI-DOLLAR, was overdue, and came just in time to show that the corrections to the trend do exist. I was projecting before that ANTIDOLLAR Rally was supposed to start 3-4 days ago, Well it is never late(:-. Yes, I think this is a correction.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Try buy at 900 and place a minimal stop. YOu may lose a bit or gain lifetime. For A CORE buyer, this is nobrainer to add.

1269 1266 1261 1255 spx 1281 1284 1289 1294

10:04 ET, GOLD broke the 62%FIBO and is severely oversoald. Any attempt to buy it with a small stop should have failed with a small loss. The way I trade, people should know what I mean by "SMALL LOSS". Yes Coffee money, at most 3 days coffee money.
It is still ok , for somebody with no/little CORE GOLD holdings to nibble here. That is absolutely fine with me.

10:08 ET, there is a potential turn time at 10:20 +- 5Minutes. For Stock Market, perhaps all markets( need not happen, just be on alert)

10:55 ET, has turn come exactly when told to? AMAZING!

12:42 ET, AMAZING?????????????????? What A TURN, MARKET WAS UP almost 1.5% at the point of the turn and now we are NEGATIVE ON NAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:10 ET, Dear Subscriber, There is a possible GOLD PROJECTIONS interpretation that says that we could actually make a low here, Remember the Yellow alternative? It is more likely for GOLD than OIL. In any case, that is why I keep saying, you do no know exact moves anything ( we have come close), but There more credence to the argument that, today notwithstanding, the GOLD-USO spread will go up over time.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

By this price not to be seen 5-7 days, I mean on the closing basis
6417 6391 6348 6278 DAX 6547 6573 6616 6686
3341 3333 3320 3298 ESTX 3380 3388 3402 3423

04:36 ET, quick update on currencies. I think you(subscriber) know that AntiDollar is supposed to have some sort of a rebound here, into early to mid August. So, we could see that happen, but perhaps after one more bit of a surge in Dollar. It appears though that the leader in this decline may , actually be EURO currencies(Euro, Chf etc.). So, instead of the quick drop in YEN, we could see meandering drop lower in YEN and instead of meandering in EURO we could see a quicker pace down in EURO, and to bigger extent GBP. In any case, for Dollar to be safely in uptrend it must not make the lower than 72.80(on nearest Sept future). If it did, then it would take the move above 73.65 again, to resume the uptrend.

07:53 ET, Big News This morning ON ADP employment, is this the day when Dollar finally kicks A? That could ignite big rally in stocks as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

attraction points

1233 1230 1225 1219 spx 1246 1249 1253 1259
10:22 ET, OK, market is "CAPITALISING" on the good things going for it and the ANTIDOLLAR is getting deeper in trouble. I believe, once Dollar goes over 73.54 the "buck will not stop there"

11:09 ET, I would want to be very careful(stops in place fro trading positions) with the stock market here. It could be deception, but I am more confident about ANTI-DOLLAR and in particular DOLLAR itself.

13:37 ET, Ok, Market has gone a bit farther than I thought in time and price, Just for a day trader sake. As a swing trade, I would not sell this market though unless it either went higher and gave MDS sell or broke down below yesterdays low, remember this mornings statement, on the pressure graph. I meant that. Having that said, It would be not wrong to probe the market lower, with the tightest of the intraday stops. Works fine, if not, you are not going to have coffee tomorrow. ( none of this relates to INVESTOR or even SWING TRADER)


With all that is going on and the Book Empire of Debt making headlines, I have come to realise that the real/alternative title of the book that is needed is the one called EMPIRE OF THEFTH . For you see all debt will be paid via lower living standards of the common people, while SOPITALISTS enrich themselves. This process is pure and simple THEFT.
Even Died In the Wool SOPITALIST Lord Keynes understood this, with his famous quote about not even one in million understanding how the theft works clickme-> Maynard_Keynes
The largest part of the THEFT is shown in the Depreciation of the Social Security Moneys and the value of American Worker. To understand the colossal parts of EMPIRE OF THEFT, one needs to read the clickme->
SaveSocialSecurity title below on this page. Medicare is another one . And yes book can be written on this, but I am a POET at heart and do not like anything too long ( even trading(:- ). So, the article below gives a glimpse of how the EMPIRE OF THEFT operates and you can see why. Once Internationalists(FED/IMF/BIS, Multinationals,Wall Street, Politicians, in short SOPITALISTS, individually enriching themselves personally with streams of income/wealth, producing only common debt) Got the Hold of all branches of our government, they have done everything to transfer USA wealth to other nations and bring AMERICAN people on their knees. AMERICA it is your time to wake up or break up.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6239 6222 6196 6152 DAX 6320 6336 6363 6407
3242 3226 3201 3159 ESTX 3318 3333 3359 3400

Monday, July 28, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1253 1251 1247 1242 spx 1264 1266 1270 1276

10:43 ET, we are bouncing from the FILAPoint for SPX
11:34 ET, looks like we are going to go for A buy on the MDS and that is fine with us. Let the Markets drop.
13:12 ET, It appears to be encouraging to us that in spite the markets considerable drop the loss in Dollar is more tame, which is what we thought would be useful. We shall see
13:34 ET, ES MINI(SPX FUTURES) have hit the FifthILAPoint , supported, precisely on it and after another 50 minutes broke it slightly struggling to hang on. I am not confident it can hold.

12:42 ET, Under More Volatile circumstances the Support extends down to

1239 1229 1219

12:45 ET, my musings notwithstanding the market has supported on the 1340 area... New lows after 2:30 would make me worry and I still think chances are better than 50/50 we will get it today. Of course a strong run up here would negate my thinking.

14:45 ET, this market just has just shown the inability to get up from being fallen down. Bad OMEN, now it breaks to new lows that will show more weakness

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6289 6235 6146 6002 DAX 6555 6609 6698 6842
3295 3277 3248 3201 ESTX 3383 3400 3430 3477

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Dear Shakers Subscribers. There is something new for you in todays emails. The two new files that you will receive with your weekly service will be dif200xxxxx new200xxxxx. These new files help you as follows. The file dif200xxxxx is a Difference file , which dtails the differences between the last weeks STAR stocks and This weeks STAR stocks. It makes possible to see which ones are new and which ones are moving up or down in rank if they are not new. On the other hand the new200xxxxx file lists on new arrivals in the "GATEWAY TO STARDOM" the passage of the FAHAP (First Annual High Attraction Point). This way you can concentrate totally on new arrivals only. Enjoy and let me know if this is helpful. Remember it is very easy to put the new stocks in the YAHOO profile ( it is free) and study them. Let me know too. I may learn something about why one of these 10 baggers is there.

Here are some of the huge jumpers for this week, one time only for demo for nonesubscribers.

It turns out some of these we could have caught, because they have visited this place before and exited only for few days to explode through it now. Some of it we could have seen earlier if we were running SHAKERS everyday ( a difficult task at this time) and remember with the huge jumpers there are many humble entrants into the stardom that will be huge jumpers soon. These new ( about 75 or so) deserve your attention. Remember What I wrote here last week. Look For Name PHARMA, BIO,SOFTWARE , TECH... Boy these guys did well last week.

Friday, July 25, 2008

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11284 11252 11200 11136 ym 11420 11452 11503 11568
1247 1243 1237 1230 $spx 1262 1266 1271 1279

12:01 ET, looks like a very slow/lazy day, just like the last FRIDAY. Welcome to grwing the grass.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers
6312 6282 6234 6155 DAX 6457 6487 6536 6614
3286 3270 3245 3203 ESTX 3363 3378 3404 3445

03:32 ET, GBP has a symmetric retracement formation and could be planning a surprise jump up into early August. Do not underestimate the ability of Dark Side to inflict pain on unsuspected. If you are short this one have very calculated stops. The same goes with entire ANTIDOLLAR. Yes, my feelings of acceleration in Dollar have to wait for a while or needs to be supported with tight stops. Remember 25+- 1(JULY) was announced as possible turn point. This will remain valid all the way until the recent lows in GOLD/EURO/OIL/GBP are broken down. None of what I say here contradicts the ANTIDOLLAR outlines given to you. You can clearly see the GOLD rebound may go into August 0X and I have a EURO projection that can easily rebound into August 1X.

The only way I can see these projections invalidated is by hard breaking the recent lows on ANTIDOLLAR components.

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...
Boris,Reading you comments this morning it looks like the 108 area for the USD/JPY is going to keep the USD in check for a while. Do you have any feeling what area the USD will support against the USD?Thanks,Jason
7/25/2008 2:27 AM
boris said...
Dear Jason,I think , actually that JPY will break 108 soon, and could be weakest currency n next few days, which surprisingly enough may keep other currencies from breaking down and/or even cause them rising, Which in total may prove to be mildly bearish for DOLLAR for next few days.

Good Trading
05:39 ET. All of the above may add up to Stocks doing relatively well, but before we make that definitive, we would love to see our BEASTS support that notion, which to date, they do not.

Dear Investor, if all this garbage, up there, makes your head spin, Do not worry. As an investor, we are still in the accumulation mode.

05:50 ET, Sinse this post posted GBP is up 83, while being UNCHANGED at that time

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1275 1273 1270 1267 $spx 1282 1283 1286 1290
11522 11503 11473 11434 ym 11603 11622 11652 11691

10:28 ET, My checklist says that PCRATIO is not a friend, nor is the summation and the YBR Grace period has ended for the first jump. Coupled with the status of the BEASTS, I can not but be cautious and NEGATIVE if you like ( since this morning). As I stated to subscribers, I would look to short, but will defend the position with the minimum I could ever lose. I am not a blind SWINGER here.

14:47 ET, We have bounced at 4th on JPY, so it is possible we are done for today
15:52 ET, While JPY defended the 4th, the SPX broke much below into the VOLATILE 4th.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6456 6400 6309 6160 DAX 6730 6785 6877 7025
3362 3346 3318 3274 ESTX 3445 3461 3489 3533

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1273 1271 1268 1264 $spx 1281 1283 1286 1290
11509 11489 11457 11417 ym 11594 11614 11646 11687

10:14 ET, and the OIL and the GOLD , the MAJOR ANTIDOLLARS

Just as we told them to(:- in our reports.

Remember everybody and their mother was bullish on those, just read the titles of popular places visited by investors.

Please note the intermediate low point is close for ANTIDOLLAR 25+-1 trading day ( I think)

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

08:11 ET, clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

6461 6441 6409 6356 DAX 6558 6578 6610 6663
3324 3310 3285 3246 ESTX 3397 3412 3437 3476

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1246 1245 1242 1238 spx 1254 1256 1259 1262

10:07 ET, Have you seen US(O'H) Yes, below 103. I hate to jinx myself , but is it time to celebrate the biggest hit of anybody in the advisory business? Direct hit at the dates almost 3 months ago in ??

11:33 ET, As I indicated in the comments section, I think market has a clear sail into 17500 for INDU/DOW before the selling starts. ( As per Dear Waldo and Per Stupid Boris the above should read 11750 not 17500)

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Checklist+Daily+YBR+MDS are all updated on the Protected site

Please note, on this chart the YBR is shown in its pure form, without the volatility adjustments of actual market fluctuations, which I do display sometimes, just to see if those adjustments show better fit. This is one is the original unadjusted untouched pure cycle beast.

6316 6295 6260 6203 DAX 6422 6443 6478 6535
3327 3327 3327 3326 ESTX 3328 3329 3329 3330 this is worg ( No data today, Sorry)
sharon said...
take a look in this article about gold&silver published in :
7/22/2008 4:17 AM
7/22/2008 4:17 AM
boris said...
Dar Sharon, If gold can go above last two weeks high I will consider the possibility that past events will repeat this year as well.At this point I would say this. I would buy GOLD-OIL spread regardless. Which means I would make money no matter where GOLD and OIL go as long as GOLD performes better(even if both down). That trade as I stated many times in the past(search the site), is making me money now and hope will make me more money. Naked Gold Long is a bit more iffy proposition to me, but I could warm up to it when the highs of last 2 week are broken and next month breaks this months high.Please , take a word of caution.THIS BS about BULLION BANKS being short and need to cover is just that, BS from somebody that does not understand how GOLD "COMMERCIALS" work.These commercials are interests that hold vast amounts of gold ( hoarded perhaps) and then write the call options to earn the income. So, there the SHORT guy is really a GOLD OWNER that wrote an option and wants to collect premium. He/she is not in any hurry to "BUY THE SHORTS".Good Trading
I can not resist but to add something that will make me look smart(:-. It is said that the golden rule is that those who own the gold make the rules. Great. Now let us see the HUGE gold holders, so called COMMERCIALS, OWN THE GOLD and the rule thay make then is that to get little guys excited, write the call options to them, let market even go up a bit, but not enough for the little guy to make make the premium he/she lost and then take the gold prices down again to do another cycle. HUH... Unless they are in the final run, at the end of which they will sell out to BOZOS, that is the cycle I see repeat again.
Having all that said , please look the ASSET picture, I indicated on Energy that we were approaching an intermediate ( "ENERGY OUT OF ENERGY?" )buy and same with gold and those already are proving to be correct, temporarily. I would just keep the stops nice and tight.

SOPITALISM is the word Dear Paul

Dear Aaaaaaum Writes to us
aaaaaaum said...
MarketWatch is enumerating 11 reasons America's a new sopitalist economy
7/21/2008 8:06 PM

Yes, Dear A, thanks for posting this for our interest. Dear Writer of the article Dear Paul, could use the word SOPITALISM , as it could save him hours , incorrectly comparing USA economic state to SOCIALISM. We know it is not. It is a SOPITALISM. Let us hope somebody tells them. Let us hope that he will, in time, understand the true nature of SOPITALISM. It is international in its origins and is directly connected to the CENTRAL BANKING and MULTINATIONAL companies. GOVERNMENTS are main puppets for these guys/girls and the WALL STREET is just a convenient machine that greases the transfer from poor to rich. all together this constitutes the WELFARE STATE OF SOPITALISM.
It is so welcome though!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

14:10 ET DEAR WALDO, perfect example of what we discussed in your question my answer session. The ESMINI touches low FourthILAP goes back to Low FirstILAP and gets rejected. In fact right at this time it has broken down below third ILAP again and if this i a trending day we could see the big drop here.
14:41 ET, Could this prove an incredible example, of how Dear Waldo and I were discussing a hypothetical market action and Market provided it instantly? are we seeing the selling pressure growing here? Even if it stops here. It provided an example of the bounce of the market between the APs just like good Guitar player would bounce the fingers on the strings...

15:56 ET, Ok EMINI came back down and stopped and reversed at fourth ILAP. Pretty incredible if you ask me, now what this means is ,that you do not really have to know( like I do not) if the 25-26 th is high or low, just play APs and if you are in profit stay with it, as it has a good chance of leading you into whatever 25-26th will do (high/low).

1264 1262 1260 1258 spx 1269 1270 1272 1275

couple slow days here, could put the market in the rollover mode again. In fact, I am now thinking that this may be a high probability outcome. Only a powerful blast through 11500-11600 area on DOW, could carry this market higher.

SHEKEL, Strongest Currency, No More

Dear Readers, We have told you few weeks ago that at 3.16 Israeli Shekel had an "INSURMOUNTABLE WALL" . Well, Looks like SHEKEL knew it too, as it was hitting 3.19 and is now almost 9% lower than that at 3.45( Like JPY it is quoted inverse). Hahaha... Perhaps Dollar is going to kill them one at a time? Which is next in turn?(:-

Somehow all of the nations around world and their currency speculators got the idea that they were strong, cause they did something better than anybody else. Guess what , As I kept saying Dollar Giveth, Dollar Taketh. It was the USA dollars from helicopter that made every other country so smart( spending our money). Let us hope that at some point American people demand from their government to stop the process and bring the BACON back HOME and let the RIGHTFUL OWNERS spend it instead of INTERNATIONAL SOPITALISTS(including AMERICANS)

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6313 6286 6241 6167 DAX 6449 6477 6522 6595
3281 3269 3248 3215 ESTX 3343 3355 3376 3409

4:44 ET, None Currency ANTIDOLLARS OIL/GOLD/SILVER are all quoted higher about 1.5%

Dear Reader, My views have not changed. I believe that the retest of the lows and even a break of them next few weeks is entirely possible, but for a long term investor the accumulation must go on. The Asset Allocation is still according to the asset picture in the sliding windows. Markets will be higher sometime next year and investing now will prove profitable. Traders should wait for better opportunities. Investors and traders all should be extremely careful after mid 2009 into 2012, which could well be the worldwide severe recession ( if not depression in some countries). I know I do not get payed for this, but GOD pays me, by having the subscribers that do not mind telling you these things. They knew and know that I give away a lot of futuristic info and they agree to support my activities. GOD BLESS them. And I think GOD will, because they help others by helping me to stay on the AIR.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friends In White House

Just this week, the president lifted the executive order banning drilling that George H.W. Bush put in place in 1990. And he's asked Congress to lift its own moratorium on oil exploration on the outer continental shelf -- which includes coastal waters as close as three miles from shore.

Dear Readers, this is what happens when you have friends in White House. One phone call from Boris and BINGO. President himself , oilman , send the dagger through the heart of OIL speculation.
Please, forget, it is oil JOKE, I have no friends In Washington, but if you read my
ANTIDOLLR REPORT $100. You would have known/participated in this anyway!?
FEW words to SHAKERS service subscribers.
1) Put all 500 stocks above FAHAP ( ranked below 0) , from column 1, into YAHOO portfolio ( fahap1 fahap2 fahap3, only 200 fits in a single portfolio)
2) Go to the name & cap display and watch the names. Take out everything with STEEL,ENERGY,MINERALS, COAL, RESOURCES , POTASH( these are strong , but on their way down)
3) Search for anything else, especially PHARMA,ECOLOGY,LIFE SCIENCES,BIOTECH,SOFTWARE, and similar names ( these are strong, just getting stronger)
Good Sleuthing

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

Dear Readers, It was a long and tiring week, but being with the best Friends made it easier. Markets got some footing , as we suspected the 16th should bring and BKX as a leading the market down has hit a benchmark level of 45.9 astonishing 62% ( FIBO, HUH!) loss from 121 top. Talk about the Price and Time... Dear GANN is smiling in his grave. And Yes, we will wait for the world to confirm, but our call of enormous importance on ANTIDOLLAR may well have come true.
Have a nice weekend

Standalone ANTIDOLLAR REPORT is $100 one time.90days
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Attraction Points(Apoints)

I prefer to analyse REAL charts, instead of charts others look at. Sorry, Maybe, it is me that is unreal, but that is the way I like it. When people look at the SPX in green(top of the chart), they see the top in 2007. All I see is the 50% retracement on the bottom ( Yellow Chart). Sorry, my counts ( even if could count(:- ) would never match those BULLish peoples counts
1250 1248 1244 1238 $spx 1261 1263 1267 127
13503 13495 13482 13466 $tsx 13536 13544 13557 13574

Sorry Dear Canadian Readers/Subscribers. Looks like my Esignal Canadian data was accidentally removed from subscription list. Now all is fine.

It is a pretty dull day after couple days of 30% moves in some stocks. Incredible.
Entire BKX index has gone up over 35% from 45 to 60 area!

12:29 ET, Dear Subscribers, I would love to open the bottle now and celebrate another, absolutely incredible/MONSTER call of ours about ANTIDOLLAR that is just about to become a reality. You know what I am talking about. So, keep the secret for a while. I do not want to JINX IT

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6208 6192 6165 6122 DAX 6289 6305 6332 6375
3199 3180 3149 3099 ESTX 3292 3311 3342 3392
09:37 ET, clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation
For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Yes, I meant FIBO(:-
1248 1244 1238 1231 $spx 1263 1267 1273 1280
Sorry, no TSX numbers, iS Canada Closed Today?
Well, I get no data either from my ESIGNAL or From MY IB data sources

13:49 ET. The markets rally more, as if to say, "YES THIS LOW HAS STAYING POWER. For us that would be fine, but the test comes mid/late AUGUST

14:08 ET, Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, the JPY is crashed 2%. Did I tell Dear Robert, that "THEY WILL CRASH YEN TO MAKE STOCK MARKET RALLY?". It did not take long did it?

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6157 6119 6057 5957 DAX 6343 6381 6442 6543
3189 3179 3162 3135 ESTX 3239 3249 3266 3293

Dear Subscribers, the Protected site is updated Daily+MDS are Fresh
Dear subscriber, the weight of evidence is still not exactly where I would like, but
it is not tilted to the downside , due to the improvement in YBR cyclical picture and the improvements in the ASSET picture. On balance, I am neutral at this time as a swing trader and I am in the accumulation Mode for Investor. APS can/should be used for intraday trades though

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our Special REPORTS on DOLLAR and everything else moving against it, ANTIDOLLAR
Has been delivered free to current TAILORED SERVICE Subscribers. It details what the alternative PATHS are for OIL and GOLD and EURO etc.

Standalone ANTIDOLLAR REPORT is $100 one time.90days
Standalone YellowBrickRoad Report is $100 one time.2008
Shakers service 8000 stocks Ranked is $250/year
Tailored Service Attraction Points is $150/quarter(includes YBR)
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Attraction Points(Apoints)

1211 1208 1205 1201 $spx 1220 1222 1225 1230

Intraday has made it to the protected link as well

10:07 ET, with all the feel good things going on in the market, I am restless. Why?
MDSNAZ is on SELL( not close to BUY), PCRATIOS are still not bullish, 1180-1170 area has not been reached, We did not really have a BANG type of low, except in financials. I am not an easy person to please? But I added to my investment positions here and there.

10:59 ET, I believe we are back having all correct files on the protected site. ENJOY

13:39 ET, we apologise for this BUBU/error and thank our Dear Ric for catching and correcting us on TSX APS. Here without any more delays the correct numbers.

13139 13055 12917 12747 $tsx-tc 13495 13580 13716 13887

14:37 ET, this is a kind of day where shorts are just slaughtered and taken out and shut to add insult to the injury. We have announced here and subscribers knew that 16 July was a special date. YelloBrickRoad knew it 1000 years ago. AMAZING!


HOW ABOUT 1250? ( well this is the SDHAP)

Altenrnative could be close below 1234

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers

4740 4711 4663 4587 SPI 4882 4910 4958 5034
12670 12641 12593 12515 n225 12814 12843 12891 12969

6079 6062 6033 5987 DAX 6166 6183 6212 6258
3134 3124 3108 3082 ESTX 3182 3192 3208 3234

Just a reminder, some may have missed how great the SKF numbers were yesterday. Daily Attraction Points were 206 and 210. and Intraday were 205 and 209 and SKF hit around 211 to turn down. I believe this is sensational (I certainly took profits right there, after purchasing preopening at 197! announced in REAL TIME previous post) and we just do not even relate to it as such. That is how good we are... Sorry, if some people make hits once a year, they will call themselves GURUS. We hit so many of these points a day that, we do not have time to call anybody anything.

ON EMOTIONAL DAYS LIKE YESTERDAY THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD BETTER THAN TAKING PROFITS AT SecondD(HL)AP ( second daily hihg or low Attraction Point) see tailored service

To trade Like this just contact and give them my name Boris Chikvashvili and my email along with $150/qurater.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Senator Bunning On SOPITALISM

Dear Subscriber, Brian send this to us

Bunning Statement To The Senate Banking Committee On The Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Report
Senate Banking Committee Tuesday, July 15, 2008
By: Senator Jim Bunning
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I know we have a lot of ground to cover today, but I want to say a few things on the topic of this hearing and of the next.
First, on monetary policy, I am deeply concerned about what the Fed has done in the last year and in the last decade. Chairman Greenspan’s easy money the late nineties and then following the tech bust inflated the housing bubble and created the mess we are in today. Chairman Bernanke’s easy money in the last year has undermined the dollar and sent oil to new record highs every few days, and almost doubling since the rate cuts started. Inflation is here and it is hurting average Americans.
Second, the Fed is asking for more power. But the Fed has proven they can not be trusted with the power they have. They get it wrong, do not use it, or stretch it further than it was ever supposed to go. As I said a moment ago, their monetary policy is a leading cause of the mess we are in. As regulators, it took them until yesterday to use power we gave them in 1994 to regulate all mortgage lenders. And they stretched their authority to buy 29 billion dollars of Bear Stearns assets so J.P. Morgan could buy Bear at a steep discount.
Now the Fed wants to be the systemic risk regulator. But the Fed is the systemic risk.(MY EMPHASIS) Giving the Fed more power is like giving the neighborhood kid who broke your window playing baseball in the street a bigger bat and thinking that will fix the problem. I am not going to go along with that and will use all my powers as a Senator to stop any new powers going to the Fed. Instead, we should give them less to do so they can do it right, either by taking away their monetary policy responsibility or by requiring them to focus only on inflation.
Third and finally, since I expect we will try to get right to questions in the next hearing, let me say a few words about the G.S.E. bailout plan. When I picked up my newspaper yesterday, I thought I woke up in France. But no, it turns out socialism is alive and well in America. The Treasury Secretary is asking for a blank check to buy as much Fannie and Freddie debt or equity as he wants. The Fed’s purchase of Bear Stearns’ assets was amateur socialism compared to this.
And for this unprecedented intervention in the markets what assurances do we get that it will not happen again? None. We are in the process of passing a stronger regulator for the G.S.E.s, and that is important, but it allows them to continue in the current form. If they really do fail, should we let them go back to what they were doing before?
I will close with this question Mr. Chairman. Given what the Fed and Treasury did with Bear Stearns, and given what we are talking about here today, I have to wonder what the next government intervention in private enterprise will be. More importantly, where does it stop?

Attraction Points

1213 1212 1210 1207 1203 es 1219 1220 1222 1226 1230
10906 10887 10856 10818 $indu 10987.6 1100711039 11076
43.8 43.7 43.6 43.4 43.1 qqqq 44.1 44.2 44.3 44.5 44.7
1211.8 1210.0 1207.0 1203.4 $spx 1219.5 1221.3 1224.2 1227.9
104.53 104.44 104.29 104.11 jpy 104.90 104.99 105.14 105.32
1.595 1.594 1.593 1.590 eur 1.599 1.599 1.601 1.603
978.4 976.6 973.7 970.0 xau 986.0 987.8 990.7 994.3
19.11 19.05 18.95 18.83 xag 19.36 19.42 19.52 19.64
2.0031 2.0013 1.9984 1.9948 gbp 2.0107 2.0125 2.0154 2.0191
0.9978 0.9969 0.9954 0.9936 cad 1.0015 1.0024 1.0039 1.0057
0.9804 0.9795 0.9780 aud 0.9841 0.9850 0.9865 0.9883

197.9 194.8 189.9 183.8 SKF 207.7 210.7 215.6 221.8
10:18 ET, Please note the protected site is updated with Intra, emails have been sent


High valtility APS

1209 1206 1200 1193.38 ES 1222 1225
104.3769 104.2056 1o3.9325 103.5910 JPY xxxxx
XAU 990.0 993.50 999.0 1009.0 1019.6

10:40 ET, I hope the entry point was useful to many. ENJOY, We have prepared for this a long time. AT the beginning of the year, WHEN YBR was printed it said, JULY 16 and ... ( subscribers know are prime areas for low)

DEAR READERS, BANKS CRASHED EXACTLY WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST UNDER 46,( 45,9x). This was mentioned before. This could be a very strong support. BE CAREFUL HERE

If you look few pages down and search BKX you will see at the beginning of this month I indicated 54 as a very strong support. Well Yesterday I said 20% crash is possible in financials/banks. We got exactly that at 45 from 54 one gets about that much. MAYBE we should not expect more and MAYBE , JUST MAYBE the ANTIDOLLAR is DONE FOR NOW as well.

GANN ( W. D.) said, when the price and time cross...
Well, YBRs time seems to have just crossed the BKXs price? Even though GANN would object the CROSS between YBR and BKX(:-

SILVER HAS ITS own destiny with the time and price ( PRICE FIBO 62% at 19.50 stopped it cold and the time is right cause the important cycle has been met(subscribers will receive this)

All the announcements here are not saying we are done, we know that we are never done with anything. All it is supposed to do is to indicate that some/many of things we expected are getting met and perhaps the turn is close... No more than that, but that is enough of the sign posts to make us CAREFUL here

INVESTORS, I would not increase the Stock Allocation in my portfolio, or do so MAX 3-5% , but because they went down it makes sense to re balance and add to stocks from some other area and/or from fresh money coming in.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6059 6037 6000 5939 DAX 6170 6193 6230 6290
3127 3108 3075 3023 ESTX 3223 3243 3275 3327

Please visit the protected site for updates on MDS and Daily ( contain SKF APoints)
09:10 ET, this 5 minute Dark Bar, could be the last chance to sell. I stand above it, with a very small risk
09:37 ET, Yes that has turned out to be a good sell point. SKF long from there.

Monday, July 14, 2008


EXISTS. We are talking a hard crash not the silent type so far. I would go further and assign it probability 50% chance of a 50+ point crash in SPX. If it did not happen till 17th, we would have survived.
If the crash came it could be a 20% crash in BANK index $BKX

Attraction Points

1243 1240 1235 1229 spx 1256 1260 1265 1271
Intra updated on protected site

10:14 ET, We have hit exhaustion 5 min bars on GOLD and JPY to the upside and inversely on ES MINI

We are terribly sorry, for being late on the Intraday AP sets today. It is not often that we are this late. We usually manage to get it out before 10. Unfortunately these kind of days will happen and it is too bad to have happened today.

Fortunately due to the programming that was done for us by IVAN CURAK and friends is coming and we should hope that there will be considerable improvement in the quality and the speed of delivery of this data. We shall see. Working hard on all these issues, but this one is the FIRST. Without it it will be hard to make progress in other areas. I believe that we are one of the few if not alone to tackle this very time sensitive type of service and we are making all efforts to make it as good as it can be.

11:14 ET, Cycliclaly speaking this time 11:30(sorry error in calc)AM ET +- 15min should constitute turn time. We shall see if it works then bullish sign will be indicated for the market.

13:04 ET, 19.50 area is a 62% FIBO for SIlver and it is approaching it now. Pulling over and staying there, would push the SILVER into overdrive that can carry it to 22 area(this week)
14:01 ET, this market may not base till 15:30 or so, when it, finally, may start look for todays bottom.
15:30 ET, OK it looks like we got one half of our prediction right today. 15:30 Area did provide the jump/consolidation to the markets.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6180 6163 6135 6090 DAX 6263 6280 6307 6352
3163 3140 3104 3046 ESTX 3271 3293 3329 3387

Dear Subscriber, please go to the clickme->Protected Link site to see the message related to the events in the "FREE MARKETS" conducted by Treasury and how I plan to react to it.

Dear Shakers Subscribers, correction. MGA.TO ( mega uranium) is ranked at 1.51 not at 37 on shakers scale. The problem is in data not in calculation. Software seems to have picked up parameters of MGA ( NYSE company) not (MGA.TO TSX Company). That caused calcs to be wrong. 1.51 is still bad , but not as bad as 37.
We owe for this correction to alert subscriber Dear Aaaaaaum , who always has very thoughtful comments and suggestions and we knew he was alert, but we know that dear A... ( how we nickname him) is SUPER ALERT, or just loves too much(:-.

Now this seems to be perfect lead into energy, why in the world is MGA.TO in the basement if we have energy shortage, why are not people stealing this company? Because we have no energy shortage, we just have SOPITALISTS raising prices on us, via perpetrating the GREEN and PEAKOIL BS on us, while the true GREEN ENERGY( NUCLEAR) is languashing and DIRTY COAL POWERS the world, the shipyards are building so many bulk carrier monsters that if we could stop that the demand for steel and coal will collapse instantly and the GREENIes( no offense to our friend Greenie) are telling as we are killing O... ZONE layer. Welcome to 18th century my DEAR READERS...
And just a question Dear GREENIES, where are we going to plug all those electric and/or hybrid cars? into dirty Coal power generators, with total emissions higher than the total population of gas powered cars?
SO, you want to see OIL prices come down? Approve god dam 10 New Nuclear Reactors in USA NOW!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Initially I thought ONly Subscribers will receive this and they deserve, Believe me. They are the smartest and most generous on the net. But by the same token, I realised they would not mind sharing it with world. So here the Worlds most important indices for your interest Courtesy of our subscribers

Looks Like Market is Finally Ready to Take the FINAL drive Down , While Driving PCratios UP

AFRICA=15 Mission Accomplished. Another countdown successfully completed. We counted this company (AFIL, In Pink) down from 48 (AUGUST 2007) down to 24 at first and then instituted another one down to 15. We have arrived. It goes lower in time, But I lost the interest in this DOG, just the same with all Israeli Building DOGS( sorry companies)
MDS picture UP To Date On Protected Site