Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

do Attraction Points ( horizontal lines work) . You be the judge of that, If you would like to try the tailored service , here is what you do. Send the www.paypal.com $250 for one quarter of services with my name Boris Chikvashvili and My Id bchikvash@aol.com

1127 1124 1119 1113 spx
1140 1143 1148 1154

105.100 104.920 104.627 104.265 jpy
105.860 106.040 106.331 106.695

1128.95 1123.95 1115.82 1105.75 esmini
1150.05 1155.05 1163.15 1173.25

37.64 37.49 37.24 36.94 qqqq
38.27 38.42 38.66 38.97

1.414 1.412 1.409 1.405 eur
1.422 1.4241.427 1.431

If you need urgently something let me know. I got the major ones here
Maybe No Email Today
UP 2 % for now

My Estimation for today, early rally, then down into late centered around 14:45 ET and then higher. Enjoy as ROSH HASHANA GIFT, if it works. If not sorry(:-

Please note the Dollar corrections caused most of EURO currencis EURO/SEK/CHF to retrace 62 FIBO or more , already! Just reminding you.

13:24 ET, Please read the note about Dollar at Psite. IMPORTANT

13:48 ET, I hope nobody forgets that we are withing the YBR turn dates here!!!

14:47 ET, Ok do we want to catch the BOTTOM in stocks? then here is what I suggest. There is a definite possibility that this YBR turn date will not go out without SISTER generating you know what? That means that we just need to wait for it and it will probably come on a hard move down? Those that do not want/have to catch bottom( difficult task) have done a lot of their shopping already. I must warn, you , there have been situations of lows with SISTER generating it on UPDAY/HARD!

15:29 ET, Dear Readers, Dear Blaine, we are almost at 5th IHAP now!

16:13 ET, Please read clarifications, extension to Dollar issue on Psite


Happy New Year ( ROSH, HASHANA) whatever calender you are persuaded with. Does not matter. We can all use for this new year to be happier than last year was, AT LEAST! Courtesy of our current subscribers -the kindest, most intelligent on the net

Dear Bert,
GOod morning our Canadian Friend and all Canadians, Happy New Year, whatever Calendar you watch(:-
I would like to answer you here, so it will be easy to search later. You and dear readers still remember the grouptaion link below on this page right? Ok just going there and bringing up the asset pictures one can concentrate on 1) Energy and 2) Uranium specifically ( lucky us to have Uranium there). As you can see they are not looking very hopeful at this point. The Alligator is not formed on the charts with the Jaws almost closed. Instead we see the Jaws widely open. I am afraid this is not too good, even as the entire thing is already oversold. MGA Toronto is depicted on Uranium chart went form 13 to 1(OUTCH).

Monday, September 29, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

1179 1176 1171 1165 spx 1191 1194 1198 1204

10:01 ET, ES hit the fifth ILAP already!!!

Those accumulating, keep accumulating the DVY, VNQ, BGR, DEM, DLN,KMP, BTE, EPD,etc.

10:35 ET, Dear Reader, You see the SOPITALISM in the swing. Can you imagine how much money the people behind the curtains are making?(:- by creating all this volvaitility and violence in the markets? Hallelujah!
13:44 ET, And now we broak to the fourth ILAP at 1145, Fifth FILAP is at 1125
13:50 ET, So far bounced from there. and back to 4th
13:52 Et, This would have cleaned up a lot of emotional shorts. I grabbed some more VNQ and DVY
13:54 ET, divergencies are created all over the places. JPY, SWISSY.
14:02 ET, Subscribers need to remember that this is multi week bottoming process where different thigs bottom different places. We set for accumulators 21 or so trading days that covers mid Sept to Mid Oct. And we just need to keep accumulating the YIELD. We could get a bit more aggressive when SISTER of the beast says so.
14:16 ET, CASH IS THE KING, Dear Readers and SUBSCRIBERs. GOT CASH? KEEP BUYING. We kept our subscribers mostly in cash and now there is a payday with purchases at discount
14:53 ET, I hope we have all noticed well , that the bottom so fare on ESUZ ( SPX futures) has been the fifth volatile set ILAP and 4th DLAP around exactly 1125! Incredible APS
===================== Bailout Bails out ======
Nancy Pelosi said during the debate.
They claim to be free market advocates when it's really an anything-goes mentality: No regulation, no supervision, no discipline. And if you fail, you will have a golden parachute and the taxpayer will bail you out. Those days are over. The party is over," Pelosi said.
"Democrats believe in a free market," she said. "But in this case, in its unbridled form, as encouraged, supported, by the Republicans — some in the Republican Party, not all — it has created not jobs, not capital. It has created chaos."
This woman has the balls after all ha? Do not you think the Democrats stink, but the Republicans Poisoned the nation, especially with the president like Dear Bush?
15:25 ET, Well, speaking of our own PARTY, I hope that it will be joined by SISTER next day or two and then we can start our own.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Drugs , Lies & Sex

Dear Reader,
There is a drug, that is so potent that no man/woman has been able to get (un)hooked from. This drug is solely controlled buy CENTRAL BANKERS ( SOPITALIST MAFIA ) of the world. They have been distributing this drug without prescription to anyone with or without pulse. Money Cartel has bought/bribed/conned the Governments at all levels, created Wall Street and Enlisted Multinationals to distribute the drug. The DRUGS name is CREDIT. Credit without measure, without accounting , without supervision. That drug is the the foundation of the problems we face today. Yet, the same pushers and the hired help of the pushers is now working on the lies to sell the rescue of these pushers to public as a main street problem to be solved. Bailout of Drug/Credit Cartel is now On the backs of you and me. Ok, so where we know the drugs, the lies where is the SEX Boris?. I say to that, go get your own(:-
To Contact Me Email: bchikvash@aol.com
Good Trading

03:38 ET, Please note YBR and MDS pictures have been updated on Psite.

14:00 ET,BigPicture (2 of them) have been palced on Psite.

01:58 ET clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

3:30 ET, Dollar On Rampage!

Real Men Trade Bonds,Last laugh

Ok I'll help you with translation borwogin means borrowing(:- Dear Women Subscribers, No offence ever intended, Just a figurative manner of speech "Real Men". Of course we Have a great respect for our and all Women Investors.

Michael Jordan at his best. Move one direction(show crisis, concentrate on stocks) and fake the win in the other( load up on ZERO rate currencies). Hallelujah! Sopitalists are so good at exercising the hypnosis. Our Readers were not fooled, we caught exact bottom in interest rates. The Mother of all Mega-Calls for all times.

Friday, September 26, 2008

attraction points

A little note for Subscribers On Psite

Dear Czman, can you get in touch with me at bchikvash@aol.com. I need your expertise. No KBG asking for you(:-. And we do not keep the cross file for GOOGLE names and Personal Names/Emails.

1180 1175 1167 1157 spx 1200 1205 1213 1223

11:53 ET, So far so good with our market scenario, send/emailed to this morning to subscribers

13:15 ET, We can say that our first move higher into 11 /12 was perfect almost. Our next move lower, is not wrong, we are still below the 11:00 high, but it certainly is not making whole lot of money. Everybody is gone home and Later Friday predictions should not be taken seriously. So, I call it a day. on the market prediction.

16:10 ET, Actually Dear Subscribers and Readers, The Prediction is done on JPY and JPY has more or less has responded perfectly to the prediction. 12:00PM Area was a broad top ( JPY quote) and the rest was unchanged. Market has done interesting thing the rally of last hour was totally unsupported by YEN. So, there you go CORRELATION or anticorrelation do not always work even though the forecast was GOLDEN for JPY( which is what it is for)

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

SHEKEL HAS MADE A CLASSIC 62 % FIBO correction and is heading highrer in quote(lower in price again).
MDS status updated on Psite

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Luck Lasted till 14:00 ET

Dear Readers, Our call this morning given below was rally into 15:00 ET.
Sometime around 12:00 ET we warned that maybe the upside potential was all discounted already. Well, It turned out we made the broad high( double top) between 13:00 and 14:00 ET. Even at 15:00 ET the trade was profitable.
So, choke it to the good luck of the beginner. For now, but we could be onto something here!

Ok, Restarting My day, Done Crying

This morning, I send this note to subscribers

"09:57 ET, there is a High expected into 15:00 PM ET in the market today then low into23:30PM"

Please do not get carried away, It maybe that all the potential of today's gains is already in the market.

You see these are kind of calls John makes the coffee money for his beloved wife for. So, polite man he is , often he thanks me(:-

Good Trading

Just page down and look for ABOUT EDERAL RESERVE on the right hand side of this blog. You will see why WOODROW WILSON was so depressed about enacting the FEDERAL RESERVE regime.

I will reprint it here too. Do you think the PRESIDENT WILSON knew exactly what was coming?


On Sunday, December 23, 1913, two days before Christmas, while most of Congress was on vacation, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law.Wilson would later express profound regret over his tragic decision, stating:"
I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world - no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men

attraction Points

1183 1177 1167 1155 spx 1209 1215 1225 1238
Please note the intra info and market outline for today at Psite
Frankly My Friends, Market is already acceding my projections into later high. Do not know what to think about it. It is either a rocket or we just come back to normal move.
I am sorry, I am beginning to worry that there are no solutions to USA problems. I had looked today at Rober Reichs Blog and what I saw made me realise, we are doomed. Sorry, this is first time I have expressed this opinion and I am truly sorry for it is what i see.
You see hundreds of people with zero market and/or economic savvy that advise the government about "how to solve the crisis". Everybody wants Nanny State , for themselves, of course. I looked seriously at what is going on there and I lost hope. ECONOBUBBLEHEADS will never realise what hit them and will go for help to the same people ( SOPITALISTS) that hit them. Hallelujah! our beloved USA, melting pot of the world showing the light for the future has finally melted. It is all done. Nothing unites more than the desire for the government that does something "for me" individually and hell with everybody else. Yes the pot is melted and CROOKS won. That is exactly what they wanted. Nobody has a solution of SMALL GOVERNMENT THAT OBEYS CONSTITUTION. I fear the directions this herd can be taken into. GOD HELP US

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Please Note the New Post About Dollar & Dates On Psite
Also note that Status of the Beasts there as well.

General comments here about the timing the markets. If I could time the markets all the time months ahead you would not be reading subjects of investment here, instead you would be reading about philanthropy. Just like the stock Market bottom. How many times have a said to buy DVY from the levels of 48? No count! that is how many. Please understand that Catching bottom like in Interest Rates , Like In Dollar , Like 16 July in stocks are not always possible. Need to think about the broad topping and bottoming areas. Especially this is true in Stock market and/or currencies. They do not all make the tops and bottoms at the same time. So, in some sense the top or the bottom are relative terms. Even if I told you Dollar top in early October. Top against which currency ha? It is fooling ourselves to expect that we can Identify "the" tops and the "bottoms" when it is not even clear what top or bottom are we talking about. So, Please for the Millionth time take advantage of the broad Areas I "manage" to give as bottoming and topping areas and to the partial actions at each time, using the APs FIBOS, CDMA, CANDLESTICK and whatever else is your favorite shorter term fine tuning mechanism. We certainly give lot of those on daily/annual bases. I doubt you will by DVY at lower than 16th July price, when the markets will finally bottomed on SPX. So, why bother. The choices are these.
1) Be Flexible
2) Break!
I hope you do not want to be number 2
DAILY IS ALL BAD, due to the trnasposition from file to file in EXCE.
If I get a chance, I will fix it. DO NOT USE PLEASE, Dear JOhn, Thanks.
I thought, Dear FORD was hinting to this problem too, thanks

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

1195 1188 1177 1163 spx 1225 1232 1244 1258
Please make sure to look at the latest Daily APs, I have put several that were wrong. Only latest, closest to the top. Thanks Dear John

13:04 ET, So far, the general outline worked as expected

OK, Dear Readers, This morning We advised our subscribers with this.
Market will try to make lows early morning 8:30AM ET and then It will Go for the Highs around 12:00PM ET and then the market will go lower Into the end of the Day. 3:40PM ET.

So far, so good, Low at 8:30 has shifted to 9:30 and high did come exactly 12:00Pm +-15minutes and a Lower move into close to market closing is still expected. It does not have to be lowest low, just lower than surrounding and hopefully lower than 12:00PM.

We Just thought We will share this with you. Now, These are a broad brash statements. Market does not have to and will not exactly do what Boris tells them, but once we have some initial Idea about the lows and highs whereabouts then we can use the ULTRAshort technical indicators, Such AS Attraction Points, FIBOS, Candlesticks , MACD etc. to position ourselves accordingly

In case you were wondering I was referring to the JPY prices above, Stocks Have anticorrelated as usual( with some shift today, but the end was 100% as anticipated). I should have qualified from the beginning that the forecast really is for JPY and from there we attempt to derive the SPX prices as ANTICORRELATION.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Beasts Are Unchanged In their Status
08:11 ET, clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

1196 1190 1179 1166 spx 1224 1231 1241 1255

Emails have been send and Psite is populated, Please pay no attention the date is wrong on the picture of intra on Psite.

Email Is stuck, can not get anything out, please go psite for intra.

10:29 ET, just hit the FIHAP on ES and got rejected, heading lower for now
11:18 ET, So far so good , EXACTLY around 11 ET we got the bottom, Just like we emailed you this morning!

11:54 ET, It is not good to see market unable to respond to what is going on in currencies. They must know something

12:40 ET, I am adjusting my second time by 15 minutes ahead!

12:50 ET, I take last statement back. Just enlarging the band in which the Low may happen. Error is 30minutes +-. Wide, but there is nothing I can do about it, that is what I read.

13:48 ET, If long, you do not want to see anything but perhaps marginal new low and I would not wait for that low, just get out with profit/breakeven and reenter if/when opportune.

14:16 ET, So far, perfect exectuion ES hits the FirstIHAP in the morning for the high and then hits the ThirdILAP for the bottom at the center of the window we emailed you this morning.

Sorry, in this picture, lost the pointer to the Third ILAP at the bottom. But you can see/imagine it(:-

15:20 ET, Looks like SISTER of the beast will be right again. She said BUY

15:31 ET, We have just generated the exhaustion bar on the SPX, I am trailing even closer.
15:37 ET, OK out with nice profits. Look like two people are trading in the market and they decided to take the market down at the end of the day(:-

Americas Crisis (UN)Natural Disaster

Inspired by the FRENCH ( OF ALL PEOPLE) PRESIDENT NICOLAS SARKOZY Who said. "There are people behind the World Financial Crisis and We Need to Find and Punish Them"
I guess, we should not laugh at French any more than we should Laugh at Ourselves(Americans). They, at least, know who their enemies are(:-.

Dear President,
Dear Congress
Dear Fed
Dear Treasury

What Happened In USA is not a natural Disaster. It is perfectly Human made event, that has the actors that, unlike , Osama B, are very easy to identify and part from the ill gotten money, they decided BALUCHISTAN is bad for their bones and maybe kidney.

Ok here are the addressed to help.

1)Wall, Pine, Broad Street Manhattan New York. Please Include former dweller there Dear Paulsen.
2) Columbus Circle Manhattan, that is where all the rich bankers bought the big penthouses overlooking central park, while hiding loses in SIV.
3) Fifth Avenue Manhattan where most of the Hedge funds heads live,and got rich on illegal connections with Wall Street and Government.
4) Beverly Hills, Pine, Wilshire, all that drag. That is where many, who could not take the New York cold, went
5) Rating Agencies SP Moodies Fitch, those who rated uneatable, you can round them all up in Manhattan
6) Big Mortgage Banks and Buyers Fanny and Freddy managers and their bosses (sorry that would be you congress people, so close!)
7) Federal Reserve for the lack of oversight and mismanagement of our money
8) Local municipalities who did close their EYES to the bad mortgage practices as long as the money was flowing to their coffers, Yes, the are at the City Hall's all Across America.
9) And it might work wonder to make couple rounds at the White House that is in Washington to see if some people there wanted very much for FED to keep interest rates low, to finance the war of choice and poor execution.
10) Please visit CNBC,FOX, BLOOMBERG. Cavuto Never said Mortgages were bad, as long as he could "BLAME" prosperity on Dear Bush. CNBC never stopped cheering the housing recovery , even today! And Yes, Dear Bloomberg said "we are all to blame". No, Dear Bloomberg some of us are to blame more for never editorialising about the bad staff before it has blown up in our faces. And for treating the FED like they were gods and never asking questions that may help us understand why are they destroying the country. And Yes, totally forgot that you are in biggest of those CITY Halls!
11) Frankly I did not want to leave out our nice friends in DALLAS, HOUSTON, AUSTIN ( only friends of DUBYA) and all around, who were very glad to see DUBYA go to war and bring the OIL to 150

Boy, before even completing the list, I realised these are all SOPITALISTS! Hallelujah!
For Every Government Is SOPITALIST, except the biggest ones of them are succesfull reaching stage of EMPIRE of DEATH, sorry DEBT or is it THEFTH, well, your choice.
Well, if I think some more address that are handy, I will send them to you Dear Dignitaries.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Please visit the Psite, for MDS updates

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dollar Situation Alert

15:00 ET

Dear Subscribers. In light of today's and this weekends development, we are not changing our timeline of Dollar events, but we are changing the price possibilities of those time lines. That means that our outline remains in the time form, but changes in terms of where the actual highs and lows may end up regarding recent Dollar highs. Please see the PSITE for the text on this issue.

15:29 ET, Another small update has been added.

Couple words about the situation in USA and world. I have never said it was good, or you would not be on this site at this time. This site was created to warn people about the play WITH FIRE that sopitalists of the world are conducting in USA. So, just the fact that you are reading here is/should already indicate to you of all the things I had warned. Debasement of Dollar , Economic/Financial Rape etc. Which can not be in isolation , as it requires almost a police state to accomplish all of those things without taken to court.

What else is new? Well there are some things that are new. Apparently size of USA problems is as large or larger as the worst of those imagining had imagined.
Government is trying to push things fast and faster, to perhaps follow some other agenda as well. I am not sure exactly where they are leading us, but first they managed to put us on our knees, now they can do whatever they want. I do not know what is coming, but I look at cycles of history similar periods come up very prominently. Like 1930s. It has not lead to a good decade and a half and the coming decade and a half may not be better either.
What To Do?

I can not describe what to do. People are different with different needs and habits and persuasions. All I can say is that, please read the history of the world in years from 1920 to 1945 , see where have you been , imagine you are in 1939? What happened to the Major power then. Is that what could happen now? I can not answer this question for anybody. Everyone will have to answer these questions for themselves. I can try answer specific questions though. God Bless You, Force Be with you.

attraction points(Apoints)

42.05 41.86 41.56 41.17 QQQQ 42.86 43.05 43.35 43.74
1232 1227 1220 1211 spx 1250 1255 1262 1271
105.843 105.603 105.213 104.730 jpy 106.856 107.096 107.485 107.970
882.83 877.38 868.51 857.54 xau 900.37 905.82 914.65 925.66
12.60 12.29 11.79 11.16 xag 13.91 14.22 14.72 15.35
My apologies for I could not get the full list today. I got Major ones though.
full list is coming

Dear Subscribers, everybody who has the SEEFUTRUE document can clearly see that the AntiDollar is on the resurgence, possibly even longer than many think. Look again and you will see. It does not mean that AntiDollar will keep making highs all the way into that period, but it could. The SeeFuture has performed , SPECTACULARLY. There is not even a Soul on the earth that has been able to match the precision of this document. So any and all declarations of what is going on, right or wrong, must be put in that context. I have no other and I have not found a Man/Woman Alive who has.

11:45 ET, all these gyrations up and down are causing the average investor to be sea sick. No wonder, few weeks ago I told everybody to lock everything down that they cared about. Including the parts of the body, especially heart(:-. For over 2 year now I have also warned that as sopitalists were losing the ability to bilk the credit machine, they would turn to make market volatile/violent and force a little investor in the arena where he/she can not win, but lose to SOPITALISTS. This it the way SOPITALISTS operate, divide and concur, disorient and steal, decoy and destroy. Everything goes for getting more money and power. Well, Some people think investment can be managed without the Political view. I say complete nonsense. If you do not know geopolitics you can not invest. If you can not read geopolitics via following the trace of money and markets you can not invest. PERIOD!

12:33 ET, to refer back to my recent post. Fixed Income Math. Could anybody have imagined the TNX( 10 year Treasury notes ) will be down 30% in 4 days, after my announcement that they were dead? I could not and I thought I was making history by that announcement. Now I look at it and I think I may have made a SUPER-HISOTRY, MOTHER OF ALL MEGA-CALLS by that call. Interest rates on TNX went up 30% in a matter of 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, You Like What You See

Even a naked EYE can see that SHEKEL topped exactly the week of SEPT as the chart published year ago, has prescribed.
Whatever it is doing is not different from the prescription.

Do not keep it secret. Please tell your friends, neighbours, anybody you can. Let them enjoy the free information that is available here. More Readers Will Bring More Subscribers and you will have More free information too. Thank you. Use this Site in good Financial and Real Health.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Dear Damien, You asked , You Got! Love you my Dear Friend

This Volatility,I would say , VIOLENCE( YES, My Dear Readers), in the markets is like a feeling opponents get when SHAQ makes a facial DUNK right in front of them. If I had a rating system for stocks I would call last few days XRATED! Do you want to avoid the facials like this? Whatever you do stay with aggregates unless you are the stocks market GOD(ess). Stay with broader indices and ETFs.

Friday, September 19, 2008

3.24=3.80 ,4.09=4.40 Interest Rate Math

Dear Reader, remember these numbers? Yes TNX bottomed at 3.24 and TYX bottomed at 4.09. And now they are 3.80 (20% higher in 3 days???) and 4.40 respectively. God! if I only knew I was so powerful(:- , just couple days ago I Boris Chikvashvili ( son of Chikva) have announced to the entire world that USA and world interest rates have bottomed after 27 year of decline and will be rising in zigzag for next 50 year? And now see what happened.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

attraction Points

1249 1245 1239 1231 spx 1266 1269 1276 1283
107.179 106.949 106.575 106.112 jpy 108.150 108.380 108.752 109.217
42.5 42.2 41.7 41.1 QQQQ 43.9 44.2 44.7 45.4
1.436 1.434 1.431 1.427 eur 1.445 1.447 1.451 1.455

Dear Public, you just saw the things that you should not do. for one do not try to catch the moving train ( or market). they will hurt you. For two, if you have profits you always need to think how would you balance/protect that in the off hours ( that is when they will run up the markets and hand you the facts on the open). For that you may need to be able to match your holdings, as closely as possible, with the futures instruments you can use. For example if your mix is TECH type, NQ futures may protect you for about $50000 worth ( so you have tech stocks of that amount , you just short the NQ futures for that amount to protect gains! got that?). We want you to know what to do, because nobody else will teach you. Everybody likes you as ignorant as you can be. Not US!


Let us Celebrate the Knowledge

And Golden Anticipation.
Dear Readers, Our subscribes, Knew and patiently waited for the Bottoming of this market. And guess what like the old pros, everyone here was ready. From John, to Blaine to Lag to Waldo to Boris ( yours truly). We were full of anticipation. I could not engrave enough in everybody head that the DVY needed to be bought ( UP 9% almost in a single day, without leverage). Hallelujah!
What a bunch of traders we have here. Do not yet know if 1070 (only 50 points today's low) or 9999 on Dow only 500 points below the low of the day will come to pass or not. Nevertheless, anybody who did not see the bottoming as a process failed and missed and will miss it again. Bottom is time and price frame. Sometimes it can be caught exactly. Did anybody listen to Dear Blaine today!( Congrats) but more often it is preparation and readiness to strike when the time comes. We were ready today.
Let us celebrate the Home coming,maturation of this wonderful Blog and even more wonderful people, investors , subscribers who populate it daily.

And I miserable standalone ( always like this at times of truth) told you to SELL THE GOLD and SILVER at the height of 5-7% gain ( only excess not core holdings), Were did I get the courage when the world is shouting new bull market in GOLD to tell you that we are in the mini bear market and need to be unloading excess? I do not know, you maybe able to tell me after you worked with me for a while(:-

And for a weekend joke, I must tell you. I have a stock named after my initials. It is called BC. This freaking thing is up 12% today and up 50% since last July Bottom, which we have also called here flawlessly. ( BOATS ANYONE?)

attraction points(Apoints)

1163 1157 1147 1134 spx 1188 1195 1204 1217

10:29 ET, it looks to me like, for now the market has decided to grind this thing out more. By coming up here, I think, market maybe telling us that
"there is just too much time to October and we do not want to finish this grinding business until then , so we could not just go down to 9999=DOW and finish this disgusting job of ours. We need to torture the uninitiated investor, bring him/her to submission by giving them heart attack. That means , if we are not ready to take this thing to ZERO, we just need to prolong the agony for the poor souls and when they finally gave up, just hit them with the rising market."

10:41 ET, Gold is in retreat and so is SILVER, They can not make money to all "Johny come lately" in the market. Everybody was kicking themselves for "missing the move" yesterday. Well, as they say markets will fluctuate at exactly appropriate times(:-

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Dear Jason, Readers Please see YBR update on Psite with ramifications on Currencies as well. Yes, tend to agree with your assessments and YBR does too.

If you have excess Metals, beyond Core( REITERATE NOBODY IS SHORTING METALS, JUST SELLING EXCESS), try to sell them into strength. SELL IT TO THEM. This rally may have some legs into Mid October, but the 15% rally already will preclude much upside potential in Precious metals. My estimation is Max 25% and maybe not much beyond 17%.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attraction Points

1177 1169 1156 1141 spx 1209 1217 1229 1245

Corrected version put on PSITE ( Intra), Waldo ! are you OK?
John, ALl fine? at least some?

10:58 ET, if you are overexposed to metals, non-core positions I mean. Please start selling them. Higher the gold goes more you sell. Good Trading

11:14 ET, Bottom could be right around here, turn time 11:10 +-15min

11:39 ET, We seem to be lifting here and we do not want to see new lows in SPX today. If we do, it could mean a continuation on the downside.

14:32 ET, Everybody please note that YEN has not made any new lows after the time I announced possible turn. Market needs to hold the lows so far and any new lows are not to be seen. Then we have a chance to make a double bottom here and stage a rally of few days which should be followed by retest and perhaps break down to 1070SPX/9999DOW. These were/are the scenarios I described as possible ones few days ago.

14:59 ET, pay attention rocket maybe coming! Not much time left, but It is possible. Nobody would have believed the low would today, but it did so far. In any case, formation looks like a double bottom on a two day bases. For the first scenario ( rally and retest to work out) Last two days low should hold

15:39 ET, Ok it is not going turn around , but did not break down either. It is possible for beasts to react to this and generate a change. We shall see in tomorrows data

15:40 ET, Ok we did break down. Now the Scenario two looks more promising? In any case, you see one can not trade every situation. If you followed MDS and are short where it said ( or followed me and shorted where I said to short , around 1300) you can wait out any scenario and wait for your reward. If you are looking to go long though , then you have a tough time. Only accumulation is suggested until we have reached a hard washout. As I indicated in my comments today. What we had so far WAS NOT A WASHOUT. I was partial to the first scenario, but it looks like we are in for the Second one. Well, that shows that, at least, I can not help you every day. I can only help on specific days and if you do not do that on that day then the task becomes difficult at best.


For all people in retirement and or near it. Please consider couple ETFS as CD's and buy them on dips. DVY, VNQ, BGR( wait a little for energy to settle), add Some VFIIX( no default risk) some LQD ( be careful, but nice good corporate agglomeration) . This is my service to you my Dear Friend going into retirement. Love you Bless you. Hate those who stole your money for years from SOCIAL SECURITY. Just tell the thieves. Hands OFF MY MONEY. Turn SOCIAL SECURITY to REAL TRUSTEES, OWNERS and they will manage it. GOVERNMENT has Proven Plenty incapable managing it for US, Managed it for SOPITALISTS. At least Dear President Bush had the COHONES to state that this is the case. But both REPS and DEMS like this GOLDEN GOOSE and will not give it up for anything, pretending they are protecting us. RIDICULOUS! There are no limits to DUPLICITY any more in our NANNY STATES OF AMERICA

MARK MY WORDS, IN 2006 I WARNED, IN USA will happen the same as Happened in in USSR. PEOPLE will have SS payed, but will be incapable of purchasing one loaf of bread on the monthly payment. If Nothing is Done with this Situation, by 2012 SS will pay us worthless money, with purchasing power near ZERO. Trust The FED and GOVERNMENT to Do SO. That they can/will DO. International Interests( Tempted to Call them Mafia, but I already called them SOPITALISTS) has deeply penetrated and governs all aspects of the life IN USA. They Smell 2 Trillion Social Security Dollars A year from thousand miles away. This why America is called land of the opportunities. They will not go down without the fight from the GOLDEN GOOSE. But you can do it. Just Get up and be counted. Say you are not going to take it anymore and let the FOX and CNBC and BLOOMBERG shut up or speak the truth, which is they are complicit in SS theft.
They will talk/analyse to death every Little aspect of what WALMMART does. WHO CARES MR CAVUTO. PEOPLE DIE from no food no shelter and you never mention a word about the DEBASEMENT of SS purchase POWER. Not even once.
Dear Steven Forbes, Yes You often want to defend the Dollar, but you can not have it both ways. RUNAWAY REPUBLICAN SPENDING and Tax Cuts. Somebody had to pay and SS does. And YES honey bunny Maria at CNBC will take up this issue once? Who Cares! they are busy bailing out the scamsters. Do not bother them with analysis of Social Security, they are the beneficieries as the entire WALL STREET is. Do not bother them CRAZY Boris. Do not you know they have the COMMUNICATIONS and other misterious powers!

Screw them. Nobody is scared of powers of people without understanding the moral duty to cover the misdeeds USA SOPITALISTS are doing on SENIORS. Nobody. GOD WILL DEMAND the payment and he will take it in one form or the other. You! my dear SENIOR, you need to help GOD. He says open your hands and start doing something and I will help you. Not until then can he do anything.

LIkelyhood OF Interest Rates Bottomed IS high

Please Visit the Psite for Detail Status

Dear Readers, You could be watching history. Another History made and announced here. Which will, most likely be discussed to no end posteriory by the talking heads forever to come. The day when interest rates on 30 and 10 year treasuries bottomed. Dear readers, we do not bother you with some CACA issues, we have no time for that. There are many other blogs who will do that for people. We only want you to know big historic events that shape up your and next generations lives. We have not time for BS. So, listen up!
Now I want you to concentrate on this. 3.88 is DECENIAL First DLAP ( Frist DECENIAL Low Attraction Point) was hit yesterday and closed at 4.09 ( TYX bases). TNX came very close to its own FDLAP at 3.16 ( hit 3.24) and closed at 3.49. Watch those two numbers. As long as they are not violated the great Interest rate decline of 27 years is SO OVER,OVER. That could mean couple things. That there no more suckers anywhere giving cheap loans to John and Jane(Dear Old John, you know this is just a name(:- I still Love you). Somehow or the other we are closer to some sort of the bottoming in ECONOMY. It could be reflationary, but it might work for a while. It means stocks will bottom soon. You all know the number where this should happen and when ( You Subscribers , I mean). Deflietion(:- may be over and we could be back to Inflietion(:- ( see vocabulary on this site). People know, I like to ring the BELLS, this may ring for 30-50 years from now. WOW!

Of course, if we were to go much below these FDLAP's for TYX and TNX then there is not stopping to DEFLATION in USA and perhaps the world. So, do me favor and watch those numbers and keep me alert!

Now you all remember this stupid man Boris Chikvashvili called the exact top in TNX July 2007 at 5.30. And I did not even mention it in my MEGA-CALLS(:-.
If some newsletter writer did that you will be hearing it every day how he/she made this astounding call in the fixed income market. We do not even mention it in MEGA-CALLS(:-

For all people in retirement and or near it. Please consider couple ETFS as CD's and buy them on dips. DVY, VNQ, BGR( wait a little for energy to settle), add Some VFIIX( no default risk) some LQD ( be careful, but nice good corporate agglomeration) . This is my service to you my Dear Friend going into retirement. Love you Bless you. Hate those who stole your money for years from SOCIAL SECURITY. Just tell the thieves. Hands OFF MY MONEY. Turn SOCIAL SECURITY to REAL TRUSTEES, OWNERS and they will manage it. GOVERNMENT has Proven Plenty incapable managing it for US, Managed it for SOPITALISTS. At least Dear President Bush had the COHONES to state that this is the case. But both REPS and DEMS like this GOLDEN GOOSE and will not give it up for anything, pretending they are protecting us. RIDICULOUS! There are no limits to DUPLICITY any more in our NANNY STATES OF AMERICA

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorry, Having problems

Terribly SOrry,
RIght in the middle of the operation lost the power to the building
Sorry, about that.
Try to get some numbers asap
Not a good Trading today!

1154 1143 1125 1103 spx 1200 1211 1229 1251
Rest coming on protected site, Populated Psite. 10:37 AM, Sorry 10:42 Send Emails.
Sorry again, folks. These kind of days just kill me mentally and physically, but it is you who did not get the service in time. So, all that is left is to work pray harder to the Electric Power company of my country to help me keep power under any circumstances(:-

Dear Readers, So, you understand. My setup is now 6 computers very interdependent on calculations and results on a timely bases. Some people do not understand why I am stuck to my desk 24 hours. Well, Much of the info that gets published depends on 12hour long nightly run , to begin with, any of that being unavialable nixes my ability to correctly forecast things. I watch 5 displays at once and have power consumption of a little factory(:-

11:18 ET, Dear Subscribers, looks like our first scenario is getting a play today?
Let us not forget , probability exists that we have seen the bottom today. It is still less than 40% but it exists.

Please , Do not go buy SXI at this time, the buy was in FEBRUARY.

12:07 ET So, How many times did we mention number 1170=SPX on this site. I do not know just do search and you will see. But it is even more important how many times did we tell subscribers that 1170 was a natural stop to perhaps even lower point later. Well, we just do our job

12:16 ET, Metals look weak and With Dollar perhaps attempting to catch a second breath, perhaps we want to be only accumulating them slowly on a longer term bases. Not for a trade.
Remember we never said in last 10 weeks , we are metal buyers for anything but core anti-inflation holding. That could change, but not yet!