Friday, April 27, 2007


Some of today's limits.
QQQQ 46.39 - 46.62
GLD 66.67 - 67.12
to me this day looks slow, low volatility...
Thanks Guys for Yesterdays. EXCELLENT job.
Good Trading

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Dear Readers, on vacation... and all. Yesterday's action was in line with expectations. Not having my info, not sure, but this kind of a move, has most likely, raised the sell pressure considerably. That would mean we are entering the countdown of 1-4 days for the market to consolidate and move lower. Let us see how would that move look. That is all I allowed to type in this morning... Good Trading

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Dear Readers Todays's Limits:
QQQQ 45.69 - 45.99
Just Want YOu to know Q's have an yearly resistance 48.25 and they could be going for it, Perhaps that excitement in the old bones of speculation SOX et al, is what is needed to cap this market? Just loud musings. Mind you this is not new, I have expressed it in this article , talking about SUNW and CSCO and XLK.
GLD 67.77 - 68.06
USO 50.34 - 51.04
AUY 14.17 - 14.46
GG 25.12 - 25.45
Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Up Wave ending by 09:00 PDT
4/25/2007 8:47 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite hits the WALL at 3721 61 Squared
4/25/2007 9:46 AM

Dear Readers, I place JD's comments here, cause they contain useful information. You do know that we are using multiple sets of methods to get to our conclusions, including the BREATH-FUNDAMENTALS(PRESSUERGAGES)/SENTIMENT/CYCLES. So, view the info above for what it is. One more, very interesting GANN inspired view of the markets. Good Trading

vacation, I need it

Dear Readers I am on vacation for few days, exact time and dates are not know even to me, as this is the way I/family liked to have our vacations, just hit the road and see where it leads. Well it is that time again and even thought the kids are not little anymore, excitement is just the same, at least for them. I will be in touch briefly, if possible everyday, but without benefits of my machinery, even though the data will get collected. Pressure Gages will not display. Please feel free to post and keep the site alive. I would love nothing more than that. Good Trading Dear Readers.

Where is the pressure?

Dear Readers, Ironically enough, in this configuration we need a strong move up by market so that it can create the Sell Pressure. Market is not generating it, yet it is moving up. That is what it is called a stealth market. It wants to eat your money slowly, you being unsuspected. So do not allow it to do so. Just stay out or do gorilla shorts until market generates the Sell Pressure. That, of course , goes well with our understanding the bullish sentiment needs to build up and the cycles have time to play the upside. So, not much change from where we were yesterday, but a slow progress to the tipping point in May. Nothing new on ENERGY and METALS either, except think about their cowardliness in the face of $ dollar being destroyed. Perhaps they know the same thing you and I know... Currencies are about to turn! Interest rates as before sideways for a bit more and higher in June, but very much bracketed with week eco and week $. Good Trading

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sell Q at 45.69, stop 45.73

Lost 4 Cents 12:26 on this new position, gain 11c for today and gains of over 16c for the Friday trade. Can not complain, but this market as stated often is not yet totally ready to roll over and die. Cycles and the Sentiment are on it's side. Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
$sox breakout causing SQUEEZ
Approaching Resistance at 506.25 = 22.5 squared.


4/24/2007 9:43 AM

Limits, who cares, I am late(: :)

Dear Readers Todays's Limits:
QQQQ 45.30 - 45.80
GLD 68.04 - 68.53
USO 50.97 - 51.67
AUY 14.40 - 14.70
GG 25.23 - 25.59
Good Trading

Sell Q at the market with a 4c stop

No more risk. Just 4c or 45.67 whicherver higher, means nothing. The main/old positions still stopped at 45.73 Good Trading
Stop Down to 45.65 9:40 EDT
Risk Now 2-4 cents dependent on entry
Stop Up to 45.67 9:45 EDT
Stop 45.61 breakevken/better 9:53 EDT
collect 1/3 45.48 9:53 EDT
next stop 45.40, 45.25
Collect 1/3 45.40 10:10 EDT
Stop 45.59 breakevken/better 10:19 EDT
stop 45.54 1/3new Q positions
stop 45.73 1/3old Q positions
OK,got 8c@45.54,16c@45.48 and 22c@45.40
avrg 15c. Enjoy Not bad 30 min work
1/3old pos,alive,stop@45.73,11:51EDT
Jim Taylor, JD said...
4/24/2007 8:37 AM

Sqroot said...
Oscar going short on emini futures today
RESISTANCE = 1493.75-1494.75 MIT
PROFIT OBJECTIVE = 1484.00-1482.00
Current = 1489.40 +1.10

4/24/2007 5:50 AM

Pressure Gages , in 60 MInutes

Dear Readers, QQQQ stops remain at 45.73, will be finetuned after open. Please not there is not a lot of change from yesterdays configuration, and there is that much less to add to yesterdays daily post. Good Trading

Monday, April 23, 2007


Dear Readers, Dear Dxb, Dear Curaki, I am changing here, slightly, the outlook on currencies. This weak should mark an initial top in currencies, bottom in $Dollar. Then the correction should set in for 10-15 days, and then the final Dollar decline towards the second half of May. Good Trading


Dear Readers Todays's Limits:
QQQQ 45.27 - 45.63
GLD 68.26 - 68.53
USO 49.84 - 50.28
AUY 14.61 - 14.88
GG 25.25 - 25.81
Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
At Resistance:
DOW 12996 = 114 Squared
NAZ 2525.06 = 50.25 "
NYSE 9702.25 = 98.5 "
N100 1849 = 43 "
4/23/2007 8:18 AM

Have Enough Profits? Q Stop 45.73

Dear Readers, I will assume right now, as we advised Friday, that members with large positions are still holding 1/3 of the original position. Must have collected at 45.30 and 45.19. So, Please hold the 1/3 position stop at 45.73, which still provides nice profit, if stopped, and more profits if not. Good Trading

QQQQ stops no loss(45.60?)

Dear Readers, whatever your entery point. Stops should be 45.60 or breakeven on whatever shorts you have left. I hope we have made Friday Profitable for you. Good Trading

Where are we?

Dear Readers, The market configuration has hardly changed in last few days. Mr. Market is threatening with the jump, but is not taking it ( reminds us Michael Jordan ). the reason is simple it is not ready. There are things that are bothering Mr. Market. Before it goes down it wants to make sure that very few expect it ( Jordan again!). So, it is teasing the shorts in futures and options and taking them to cleaners in price and/or in time( option decay). That is why we watch not just our Pressure gages, but sentiment and Cycles. The are close, but not 100% ready even today. Sentiment got a bit more bullish ( good for bears), but not turned yet and the Cycles allow rally all the way into mid May. As so many times, I advise to be patient. Penetration of buy pressure line via Cyan line is pointing to a short term decline, but still not the final one. QQQQ has not been able to produce significant new high for 6 months. This did not disturb the SPX and especially DOW to make new highs. As indicated, it is the $ that is going down not the US markets are going up, but how many in the main street think that way? GOLD is meandering as suggested, but do not discount volatile moves up/down into June. The time for higher moves, if any, is next 2 Weeks. See posting "GOLD FROM APRIL TO JUNE". ENERGY, as indicated is a lap dog of the market and keeps going with it ( ENERGY is 10% of the market ). Getting near to closing the curtains, CVX/XOM less than 2-3 % from top? CURRENCIES... we have been bearish on $ for... who knows how long, but advised caution recently. We are very close to $80 in Dollar index. A strong support level. With the volatility pick up in this market, the turnaround is sensed. See posting "BRUTISH DEATH of BRITISH POUND". Interest rares, as indicated are supported by the need to keep $ from falling off the cliff and capped by the need of US housing from falling off the cliff. We see a gentle up to sideways move for next few weeks. Good Trading
Note, those still short ON QQQQ, stay tuned.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

TA100 - 1089 Shekel 4.10

Dear Readers, TA100 has surpassed the 1045, First resistance level of 2007. Next seats at 1089. Enjoy, while it lasts, cause date wise it expires on May 2007. Shekel keeps going under 4.10 and will within a year reach 3.78. In the meantime though, it could reach 4.24 by Sept. So play carefully. Good Trading

Friday, April 20, 2007


Dear Readers, Today's Limits:
QQQQ 45.30(45.19, 45.00) - 45.85
GLD 68.11 - 68.80
USO 49.12 - 49.75
auy 14.63 - 14.97
gg 25.75 - 26.30
Good Trading


60% of the DOW gains came from 6 stocks (IE. 15% of stocks contribute 60% of DOW move. HA... Yes, Dow Is the Suckers Index..., but in absolute terms we keep telling you. This sucker is not ready to roll over and die yet.
Dear REaders, Watch QQQQ short term resistance at the high of the open 5 min bar 45.67 can be the top. Sell aginst It with a stop just 45.70 mental! No more risk Please.
Stop at breakeven. Free Trade. 9:54 EDT
Stop at 45.53 No Loss possible 10:10 EDT
Have Large Position? Collect 1/3 at 45.31
Q 45.39 Will be caution signal 11:26 EDT
Very Likely Q breaks 45.30 11:34 EDT
Collect some at 45.19 11:48 EDT
stop some shorts 45.40,Mental 11:55 EDT
Please Get Out of all short positions, unless you have profits that can protect you from possible strong openning Monday Morning. Good Trading

Looking For Confirmation

Dear Readers, Markets are configured for, at least, a short term failure, but we should wait and see, cause, as many times explained we must see that the beast called market is wounded fatally. We can only see that when it must move down and it moves with a big force, showing that it is really in trouble. You would not approach a raging animal will you? So, why would you do that with the market? Let us relax and wait and see that the sentiment is on our side, the cycles are on our side and the pressure gages are on your side. We have only pressure gages, mostly on our side, but the sentiment is bullish for the higher prices and cycles allow the May top. So, we can not go out on the limb to short the hell out of this market, but only by very aggressive masters of short sellers. The Buy Pressure Lines hit the CYAN line from below, indicating that a short term decline has a potential of unfolding again. GOLD, see "GOLD From April to June" post. Energy/EnergyStocks mostly going with the market. Currencies. Wild rides are possible as the TITANIC - currency ship is turning around within next 3 weeks. Interest rates bracketed with the slow economy and weak Dollar. Good Trading

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dear Readers, Today's Limits:
Sorry, Forgot the limits in the draft area for 10 minutes.
QQQQ 44.58 - 44.99
GLD 66.79 - 68.15
USO 48.85 - 50.41
GG 25.33 - 26.62
Good Trading
Will be back for 30-60min. Please leave Msgs. Boris

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Dow will complete UP ARC at 10:00 PDT.
Shanghai Composite dropped almost 5%
Yen dropping; China may raise interest rates and trigger Carry Trade Chaos.
4/19/2007 8:47 AM

Dear Jim, Readers, you know my current outlook. Some more upside is there, even if it all sideways. So, do not hurry, let the sentiment become bullish (bearish for stocks) and let the Pressure Gages register one or two High/Extreme SellPressure readings.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
ARC for DOW now at PEAK
Resistance: 113.25 squared = 12825.56
4/19/2007 9:59 AM

Told You Be Careful GOLD/Currencies

Dear Readers, Buckle Up. Volatility will rain next few weeks. It could be as bad as constant Vomiting... Ouch!
Good Trading
Please note as JPY supported at 117.50 channel line of the rise(drop if you like) of last few weeks. Now, some consolidation and then another "scare" for the markets. Yes it will be a turbulant time as things are turning around.

Some DownTurn Is Taking Place

Dear Readers, Some downturn is taking place and that is causing the Buy Pressure to go higher. Will this continue? Nobody knows that. Only by observing and using the short term indicators can you navigate the Shark Infested Rivers of investment. If you are not a trader look at the Cyan Line mostly and see if you can use a longer wave to ride. Due to it being very low an upside potential is not great, but nobody exactly knows how long it will last. With the help of cycle work and sentiment we narrow those time and price targets. You know what they are. In broad terms upside potential is whatever $dollar dictates. Market has been going up only in $ not in other major currencies. This is already telling you that you are in the suckers market, where the powers controlling money devalue it faster than you can buy your worthless stocks. Those bulls on the stock market, why do not they tell you to buy EURO and forget about US stock market. But they and their sponsors(look them up) must make money, somehow. So, help them if you want to, to your detriment, of course. Look bulls have enormous psychological advantage, the markets are in the uptrend 9 times longer than in downtrend, get it? often suckers market go flat to up for months/years. Bulls are "right" more time than bears, get it? Markets are designed to wage the war of attrition on you. No wonder then that fear of "missing the market" rules! especially when so much of the OPM(Other Peoples Money) is used to fatten up the Wall Streets Wallets. They will never tell you that 7 year periods, like 2000-2007, bring real term losses that are never recovered for most investors lifetime. Can you imagine how little "work" they have to do when the markets do "all the work"? Be a smart investor know your markets and when in doubt, just get out! Your are not "bear" cause you did not buy stocks. Buy something else and you are bull. You can be positive even when you shun stocks, get it? Do not let interested parties to churn your investments by intimidating you into "bear".
Gold has problems unless it breaks above this 4 day congestion we could be in for a slide. You know about $ Dollar... Shell I repeat... no, but you need to know that end of the slide is in sight, be ready in next 3-4 weeks for a turnaround. $ index 80 is a nice target for starters. Energy and Gold are just DOGS of JPYen and/or geopolitical events, unless they come to rescue, both will have a problem advancing here. Interest rates rise is taking the pause. Remember FED had two jobs. In the order of importance. 1) Save the economy 2) save the $... from committing suicide. This brackets the I_Rates. Good Trading

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dear Readers, Today's Limits:
QQQQ 44.80 - 45.12
GLD 68.19 - 68.54
USO 49.80 - 50.38
GG 26.53 - 26.89
Good Trading

Sell Pressure Even Higher

Dear Readers. Sell Pressure is growing higher, but slowly, That is the market, can you see? is taking time to do it's thing. As we said that is what happens when market is not entirely ready to roll over and die. So, we are closer to a correction with perhaps one or two little spurts up left. These spurts do not have to set the world records, just enough to keep bozos "entertained". Sorry, that is how I define "Suckers Market" It will not go away until every bozo is infected with hopeless stock holdings. God help them. You know targets and dates so be careful and follow the Pressure Gages. Dollar is approaching the end of decline, things could get volatile in here. Watch your back. Good Trading

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TA100- Israeli Index, rejected 1045

Dear Readers. I watch this index especially closely. Why, cause Israel is a world corporate powerhouse. More stocks in USA than anybody but USA and CHINA... HA... It is an Internet Giant, Energy Giant, Medical Giant and Semiconductor Giant, not to mention any other industries. Talk about reflecting the world and/or it's influence on Israeli stocks/economy. Last year we projected high 940 and TA100 Struggled for almost four months to before and around it. New Projection in 2007, for a long time, is 1045 and it was just hit yesterday. It felt like a WALL, which is the way it should feel. I believe that If TA100 is held between 1045 and 1100 the world stock markets had had it. So, if you need Canary In the Coal Mine watch TA100. Good Trading


Dear Readers, Today's Limits:
QQQQ 44.85 - 45.30
GLD 68.19 - 68.44
USO 50.92 - 51.38
GG 26.08 - 27.06
We could finally have YEN breakout tune in 11:45 ET
Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
The Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 3596.44. Will go vertical with long term ARC which began in 2005 on April 18. TOP WILL BE 3600 60 Squared.
The other BRIC indexes will follow.
Target for the $ssec is 2600 within 10 weeks. A drop of 27.8 %

Dear Jim, would not it be ironic for something to start on April 18 and end on April 18...
Good Trading

Brutish Death Of British Pound

Dear Readers, British pound is entering a minefield bigger than any war has even seen. The death numbers are 2.05 to 2.10. Parabolic move into it is only one clear signal that it has had it. Higher numbers, while in the realm of possibility, not probable. They are 2.16, 2.23, 2.26 ... Good Trading

Sell Pressure Building

Dear Readers, Remember How the Pressure Gages Work. We need the Sell Pressure to build that will not happen until market goes and/or stays higher so that it builds the sell pressure. After that we can expect turn down into which the market buy pressure will start growing. By the amount of damage to the market at that stage we will know if the market is wounded badly or just scratched and this game goes on until the end of the world( hopefully just May). So, be patient the Sentiment needs to get bullish ( for us to get more bearish) we still need some time for all of it to fall in place. Meanwhile upside potential, is limited ( very limited ) in my opinion. Nothing changed in the currency, energy, gold and interest rate outlook. It just seems like JPY could finally be waking up. Let us watch it. Good Trading

Monday, April 16, 2007


Dear Readers, Today's Limits:
QQQQ 44.63 - 45.18
GLD 67.81 - 68.20
USO 51.39 - 51.80
GG 26.46 - 26.99 ( exhaustion top? possible).
If long trail stops wisely, If big profits take some.
Jim Taylor, JD said...
DOW 11712.56 112.75 Squared
NYSE 9604 98 "
N100 1827.56 42.75 "
S&P 1463.06 38.25 "

4/16/2007 8:06 AM
boris said...
Dear Danno. 137.56 is the lowest I can allow this one to go
Good Trading.
That is the fifth support point too much already, hit.
4/16/2007 8:01 AM

Above was in answer to Dear Danno's request for limits on SLV. Well, actuall looooooow 137.65... Just One cent away for a total rebound to current 140.20! Not Bad... This Is Trading.

Sqroot said...
NDX has broken above wedge at 1830. If it closes there - up, up and away!!!

4/16/2007 8:54 AM

Good Trading

Just To Make Sure

Dear Readers, all dates for low and high projections, are based on a lot of scientific work. People though are nothing like a science. While controlled by the circumstances, the forces that move the markets can and will affect the dates and levels at which the markets turn, as well as the size of the moves. So, there. If you are not a trader and would just like not to get killed try and use only Long term forecasts and be defensive. Only if you are a good trader, I can help from here to get better. For you to use this site any other way is difficult and potentially cause loss of money. So, if you need help in trading, I can give some directions there as well, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done before you become confident, therefore, profitable. Trading is not much different from basketball. Watching Michael Jordan, can inspire, but only shooting the hoops will improve your scores. Good Trading

Not Ready To Fall For Good

Dear Readers, The markets do not look like they are ready to finally fall. While there is no buy pressure,sell pressure is not strong and the sentiment is not indicative of immediate move lower. Just as well, cause our "August Again" article was not ready for markets to dive until the Break of April/May comes. Short term weakness is definitely possible, but real top must wait for few more weeks ( most likely QQQQ tops first, late April and the rest Early May). For outlook on GOLD see the "GOLD From April To June" post. Energy is just a part of topping process, so, expect it to follow SPX. Currencies for the millionth time, Dollar weaker for few more weeks and then watch out DollarBear morph into DollarBull into August/Sep. Interest Rates. Fed now has two jobs. Preventing Housing and $ from falling off the Cliff. Enter Interest Rates... One more thing. Watch JPY, once it is "free" to move higher, even for a short time, the "begining of the end" has been announced.Good Trading

Sunday, April 15, 2007

TA100 - 1045 Shekel 4.10,Israel

Dear Readers, we have stated, as a matter of fact, for months if not a year, that Dollar will go to hell into May 2007 and as a result Israeli SHEKEL will go to 4.10 and lower ( 3.78 possible by next Passover). We were alone in this public prediction and stuck to it relentlessly. Well... the rest as they say is History. Please come back, we always have something worth your while to say. Good Trading

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do Not Laugh, They Are Watching

Dear Readers, here is another issue that comes up for discussion this weekend. Suppose you have been correct in predicting markets publicly for a considerable time ( we have done so in GOLD/SILVER for months). What do you think the trading community ( Sharks) in Metals Pits will do? Ha... Good question... How long will it take them to target our readers to whom they may have lost last few months? We are so open/exposed. Well, In the large markets, US Stock Indices for example or the smaller markets for a long term, this is not a big problem as it is harder to manipulate them. But in GOLD and especially Silver markets and especially short term, that is not so unthinkable. Look at the volumes in SILVER futures and Options. So, in my place, what would you do to protect our members from being taken to cleaners. Well, this is my dilemma. How do I prevent my help to become hindrance for you? I appreciate your input. I do have some ideas, but would like to see others before I can go on with considering mine. While you think about that, please think of how many other services do you know like this one? Well... Good Trading


Dear Sqroot, I am/was bullish on gold in the intermediate or long term. Keep Core Gold holdings 10% or more, unconditionally! I was "bearish" From March 28 until 12 April. And then I was neutral ( means I do not know , and/or I do not care until June ). Now The move up Into April 10 and After April 12 was not spectacular, but was OK for $20 and I said I did not expect it to get there after It failed to do so before March 28 (Silver has done even better than my expectation). I have also stated I would not be shorting this market. In a word I did not expect great things out of this market and it has done a bit better than I expected Before April 10, but After April 12 I had allowed for a rally( In fact, predicting bottom on April 12 meant that I was predicting some rise after it).
Now, what next. Now, if you read all of posts and comments, you would easily find there, what my expectations are for the next 2 months. Shortly... I will repeat all that I have said many times... 0) I can be wrong short/intermediate/long term. Definitely... 1) My outlook on GOLD is clouded for next 2 months. It looks like a sideways motion until then, perhaps with a tilt UP or DOWN. 3) My hunch is that this tilt will be such that June GOld Will be Lower than April Gold, but will not be enough to short this market unless somebody is accomplished metals trader. 4) whatever my outlook it does not constitute the trading. So for example. Inspite my neutrality to METALS, I had no peoblem advicing Dear Danno to go long on a setup presented on Thursday close for Yamana Gold and it seems to have worked out, So Far. 5) I want to make sure that everyobody that reads my staff understands the following. The greateness of of trader/investor is that he/she can make money even with the "WRONG" outlook!... I hope this is clear and I will make this a post, so that people will have one easy place to go to, to see my GOLD outlook. I will call this post "GOLD from APRIL TO JUNE" GOod Trading Dear Sqroot.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Limits ( Sorry, will be late today)

Dear Readers, Today's Limits:

QQQQ 44.36 ( 44.26) - 44.72
GLD 67.18 - 67.77 (The Top For today?)
USO 51.41 - 52.12
GG 25.52 - 26.25

DOW at resistance 12600.06 = 112.25 squared.
Transportation Index rejects 5041 71 squared.
Shanghai Index Arc going Vertical
early next week at 3600 60 squared.
BRIC's Bubbles POP next Week.


Good Trading

PPI none event, Cons Confidence?

Dear Readers are metals and currencies both moving up due to the bad Consumer Confidence numbers? expected at 10:00 AM. Good Trading
Who says Markets do not talk?

Where are we? again?

Dear Readers, in continuation of yesterdays question, please See the pressure charts for today. Our feeling of what they would like was very nearly perfect yesterday. So, what can we add... Not a lot. For a market to be a really a good buy opportunity it must create the buyPressure and to do so it must sell off... Period. Anything else is just more sucking of bozos going on. In accordance to our near term bullishness on Stocks into Later April at least, we think that Energy+EnergyStocks will participate some way into that Metals perhaps the same, but I am nervous about the possible drop of all of these if Inflation numbers do not come out supporting the inflation assets ( GOLD/ENERGY), so watch PPI carefully today. Currencies, what can we say, should we repeat... $dollar down into May, but watch the DOLLARBEAR it is waking up and once fully awake she will become a DOLLARBULL. Yes my friends for a while the sun will shine on $Dollar beginning May 2007 into Sep 2007. Interest rates have been rising lately and favorable PPI numbers could temporarily stop that process, as well, as exacerbate the $Dollar decline. All EYES on PPI today. Good Trading

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where are we?

Dear Readers, Considering today's action in the markets here is what we see. This rally, provided lasts to the end, will create a lower buy pressure and another opportunity at a stronger sell-off. You know the deal by now. Low buy pressure has only one cure, high buy pressure and that only comes via market decline. Market now seems to be setting up one of those sell-off's again. That could take a day or week, just watch the pressures. Good Trading


Dear Readers, Limits For Today.

QQQQ 43.80 - 44.37
(44.47 maybe the top for today)Market has higher numbers in mind 44.61, 44.77
GLD 66.80 - 67.32
GOLD/SILVER honor the cycles. They are down into 4/12. More downside potential exists into the end of April, but so does the upside, Play by short term rules, cause the sideways moves itno June are entirely possible.
USO 49.96 - 50.92 ( Unclear For Now)
GG 25.52 - 25.90
Please Notice, the carry-trade currencies CHF and JPY appear on the move(higher, again). They have the power to break all markets. Be careful now.

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Short DOW at 12544 112 squared.
Boris... 12544 timed 44.61 QQQQ ...Boris
NAZ resistance +19.5
S&P " +6.5
Last Spike up due at 11:22:30 PDT

Good Trading

Buy Pressure Slowly Rising

Dear Readers...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fed Minutes

Dear Readers, Here we are, citizens across this nation are turning the keys for their homes in and MoTown is more like a GhostTown and Bernanke says we must stay firm. Do you wonder why?... Wonder no more, look at the $Dollar. Look at our predictions on Currencies. Yes my Dear Readers, Fed is trying to defend the sick $Dollar. Good Luck and Good Trading.


Dear Readers, Limits For Today.

QQQQ 44.28(44.16,43.97) - 44.84
You All See, hard to tell between QQQQ/SLV charts...? Well, this tells us that no matater how bearish we are on anything, things will perk up until the Stock market and liquidity breaks ( in May hopefully )
GLD 67.02 - 67.67
USO 49.96 - 50.92
GG 25.89 - 26.39
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Next Wave Down engaged.
1444 Resistance
Projected LOW: 1436
Friday's Low 12321 = 111 squared.

4/11/2007 10:52 AM

Good Trading

More Of The Same

Dear Readers, Little has changed from latest comments about the markets. Just reread last two daily comments and you have all you need to know. Things are developing as suggested, except the Metals seem to persist in their "little" up move. We believe the cycles will take over and they start going to trend lower today/tomorrow. We are not shorting this market, due to intermediate longer term bullish outlook, so we could not care less if they play a bit more on the upside. Now, you should be teaching me how to read my pressure graphs. Yes... Until the buy-pressure starts going up and crosses the CYAN ( avrg-buy-pressure) line, we should sit tight and let this market fool/suck others higher. We are waiting End-APRIL/Start-May for our moves. Good Trading.

TA100 - 1045 Shekel 4.10

Dear Readers, We have predicted for a long time now that the SHEKEL will reach 4.10 and Lower ( that is higher in price ). This is just about to take place. Come May the Dollar will revisit 80 ( Dollar Index) and could ( unlikely ) collapse to 78. That would guarantee SHEKEL at 3.80 or lower. As predicted here for months now. If 3.80 is not reached this time around it has a good chance before Passover of 2008.
For Months 940 has acted (as predicted)like a wall stopping TA100 in 2006. The same wall now stands at 1045 and will probably be reached into May 2007. Then watch out for all stocks markets in the world as DOLLAR BEAR wakes up and devours everything in the way for 3-4 months into September 2007. Good Trading

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Would Like To Make This Clear

Dear Readers, I would like to make sure that there is a big difference, about how I feel about markets and actually placing the bets in the market. If I do not explicitly mention to buy or sell or get out, then feelings are just feelings. In the same spirit, short term predictions are very difficult to make and when such is made if it is not confirmed by short term indicators ( whichever one you use) one shoud not take actions. I hope these are clear understandings of how I would like you to view the info given on these pages. Good Trading


Dear Readers, Please accept my apologies for being late today.
Competer Prblem, unexpectedly came up.

QQQQ 44.20 - 44.82
GLD 67.02 - 67.57
USO 50.02 - 50.77
GG 25.69 - 26.34

Good Trading

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Top IS IN:
Transportation Index 5041=71 squared.
AMEX 2209 = 47 squared.
42.5 squared N100
112 " DOW
38 " S&P500
4/10/2007 9:33 AM

Same Place, Same Comments

Dear Readers, The investment world is at the same configuration is it was yesterday, so there is very little that can be added to what has already been said. Please take a look at what is going on and you will see that we have correctly predicted all markets( STOCKS/CURRENCIES/I_RATES/ENERGY/METALS). We do have a bit of an extended rally in metals beyond what we thought, but it is not a big rally and we still expect the cycles to fall in place as outlined in previous post. Good Trading

Monday, April 09, 2007


Dear Readers today's limits

QQQQ 44.96 - 44.30
GLD 66.22 - 66.93
USO 51.31 - 52.37
GG 25.40 - 26.05
Good Trading

Stock Ready To Dive

Dear Readers, the stocks market is ready to dive, Not a final top, but something before it. The buy-pressure in low areas and the Average-buy-pressure is just at the extreme low. A cross by the buy-pressure line up over the Average-buy-pressure ( CYAN LINE) spells a bout of selling and we have nowhere to go, but get it. Now the Put/Call ratios and other sentiment measures still are too bearish( which is bullish for the market), so we can not assume we are at the top. We are not in the Late April Early May area where the top is expected either( see "August Again?") Yellow Brick Road. Now to the GOLD/SILVER, they have moved up not outrageously, but up. You know I am bullish on them on a 6-12 month bases, but cycles are calling for a decline into April 12 +-2 days. I think the best buy opportunity is upcoming into the around June 2007. Until then I expect a sideways, perhaps a bit down/up tilting move. Which says, do not try to sell this market, unless your the best short term metals trader in the world. Do not discard your long term holdings, especially in gold. Prefer Physical Gold over Stocks and be ready for some turbulence before the clear Sky. There is a small chance that GOLD breaks out now without consolidation, but I do not play this probability. Energy same way as gold and Dollar up couple more days and sharp decline into May. Good Trading

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Dear Readers today's limits
QQQQ 44.11 - 44.45
GLD 66.54 - 67.14
USO 51.67 - 53.31
GG 25.76 - 26.35
Dollar Had a bad day so far, is this the sign of things to come after couple more days of relative "strength" for $?
Good Trading
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Short S&P @1444 = 38 Squared.
4/05/2007 9:03 AM

While not official sell call from myself... Not A bad Idea JD as QQQQ Just hit the projected high 44.45 and Pressure gages call for at least a local top. Please Use tight mental stops, we never risk more than 10c on any move
Jim Taylor, JD said...
SHORT DOW @12544 = 112 Squared
4/05/2007 9:36 AM

If I was short QQQQ my stop would trail the lows by 10C, I.E. QQQ at 44.38 my stop at 44.48, 12:49 EDT,MENTAL PLELASE

Q Extrm lowBuy,highSell Pressure

Dear Readers a quick observation shows that Q's are at a very low buy pressure and at a high sell pressure. Not only that, but the CYAN line ( average buy pressure ) is at the scary levels, from where the big drops have developed. So, there, SPX is in a little bit better place. What to make of this? Well, there is a Little potential for strong up move in Stocks, but if we have an up move it will be immediately followed by a down move as SPX joins the Q's in a Sell Configuration. Well, we can hope that the downturn is a bit mild and sets up the final move up into Late April, Early May for The top in the stock market. Stay tuned, should be exciting. GOLD/SILVER they have moved up yesterday to 62% retracement resistances. As stated cycle wise we need them to turn down today. If not there is something wrong in my current understanding of these markets. Currencies have followed the script and Dollar has been marginally stronger. Expect this to end early next week, with a Dollar (semi)collapse into May. Energy Lower into June, with a small/no upside left and Interest rates slowly higher.
Good Trading

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Dear Readers today's limits

QQQQ 43.96 - 44.44
GLD 66.22 - 66.93
USO 51.16 - 52.62
GG 25.36 - 25.95
Good Trading

Market Is getting closer to overbought

The stock market is getting closer to the high sell pressure, not extreme though. So, it is still play the short term indicators game with an intermediate outline of higher stocks into early May. Gold/SILVER seem to be doing their best attempts to suck the bozos in, but I must admit that yesterdays break of 4 day high by Silver was a mind changer( I warned about that in earlier post), not in the sense that we shell see an immediate run up, but in the sense that perhaps these markets show more strength in coming decline phase than initially thought. The decline should start today tomorrow cycles allow that. Let us see if indeed it is a weak move down. Many of you remember that My initial GOLD move up high projection was a later March early April, well deceptively metals showed a week move into the end of March and somewhat more strength into the Early April. No problem, None of this changes anything else I have predicted, which is the weakness coming into the April 8 +-2 trading days.
Dollar is still showing some strength, as projected and Energy slowed down. Interest rates as expected have inched up slowly as well. Good Trading

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Dear Readers today's limits

QQQQ 43.30 - 44.16
GLD 65.32 - 66.57 ( Lot of hot air, don't trust)
USO 52.19 - 54.23 ( used lot of hot air, fizzling)
GG 24.32 - 24.99
Good Trading

All Pressures Low

Dear Readers, All pressures seem to have dropped, which is to say that, while the sell pressure is not high the buying pressures are even lower... Think about that. Well, the interpretation, for a short time anyway, is that we are more likely be stuck for a while, until we break the trading range formed in last few days. I remain with my sentiment for stronger Dollar in a very short time April 8 +- 2 days. And that colors all other forecasts as stated in previous post. Watch the limits. You know, though that my intermediate outlook is favorable for stocks into Early May. Good Trading

Monday, April 02, 2007


Dear Readers today's limits

QQQQ 43.41 - 43.87
GLD 64.90 - 65.64
It is my best understanding that the "rebound" in GOLD, and especially in SIlver, should not be trusted. Going Down into APril 6-12. Only 4 day Silver high could change my mind. Timing of GOLD/SILVER high today 19:15 ET
USO 52.70 - 53.69
GG 23.68 - 24.30
===========Jim Taylor, JD said...
LOW's at 11:22:30 PDT
4/02/2007 8:55 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Projected LOW's for the Week:

DOW 12176 (-178)
NAZ 2379.8 (-41)
NYSE 9159.9 (-101.4)
N100 1738.1 (-34.3)

4/02/2007 9:13 AM
My Comment to JD's info. Nice to see these weekly numbers attempted. I do not work with the weekly numbers, only Intraday and IntraYear. If this week is low in Stocks it will correspond to the bearish outlook on GOLD/Silver, as well as, with our Yellow Brick Road outline of Early April Low and Early May high in Stocks. Thanks to Jim and enjoy the forecast.
Good Trading

Nothing Resolved, Still...

Dear Readers, Nothing has resolved in the markets again. They buy ans sell pressures are not as supportive for a rebound, but nor are they pointing to a decline. These are kind of times where the short term signals take over and guide the trading. Sometimes we must admit that GPS may not deliver at all times, in all conditions and we may need to use a simple magnetic compass to do the job. Well this is the kind of a time we have right now. Cycles are mixed, Forces are balanced and anything can happen, but remember this never stopped Chuck Noll, Steelers( my beloved team) Coach to use all the "other tools" he had. We have these tools, they are called short term indicators. Give them bigger weight at this time. By the way, we are not out of the ideas, it is just that it is hard to get the clear picture from them. For example, will energy move up on IRAN BS? How well will the GOLD follow older patterns and which one of them? ( Possible top on April 2, instead of bottom and then the bottom on 6-8?). Will currencies will show a bit of a weakness before dumping the Dollar even lower? If you put the gun on my head I would say yes,yes and yes to all these three questions, which would delay the stronger trends by few days. Meanwhile, believe it or not, I think Silver is ready to start tanking and now...
OK, Wonder with me, this maybe fun for a change. It is so boring to be correct ( profitable trough (: :) ), When all else fails look at the Yellow Brick Road in the posting "August Again?". According to it, we are in the bottoming period ( late March , Early April) and then move higher into Early May for Stocks. Everything else follows... Gold sideways lower, Dollar Lower, Energy as Gold and Interest rates hgher.Do you notice how much you can say when nothing you say makes sense?
Good Trading