Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Above is the small part of the clickme->Shakers Service, the needs only my name boris chikvashvili and my email with $150 for this annual service updated once a week.

Are the RUMORS of "DEATH OF THE AMERICAN CONSUMER" Exegerated? Look at the BC stock for food for thought.

Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group Rotation For Asset Picture. My morning starts there, yours too? Most/All Assets Look Very tired to me. Not that they cannot go up, but it is all very stretched out
02:54ET,Please note, easier way to play OIL down move is to use GOLD-OIL trade. You could make money no matter where these two go for a while and make less compared to shorting the OIL outright, but you will sleep better
This REALSPX chart(below) was first published in MAY2007(2008 on the chart is a typo) , Thanks Dear D, for saving me from myself(:-

Dear Readers. The stealth move up of the indices this week, may indicate the follow up is almost guaranteed into next week or this could be the last "stealth" move market masters on this try. I have a feeling that we could go for a high around Tuesday or so. Meanwhile the swings are becoming a bit tired and a trading range may develop for an intermediate term, which when broken will indicate the direction, our anticipation is the down move after one or two more MDS cycles. Our call for Antidollars drop into the week and beginning of revival, looks very precise so far. It should be said that MDS is at it again, perhaps cementing another win, must note that it is would be a huge win in NAZ and not so impressive in SPX. Everybody have a nice weekend


Has anybody not received the text message as follows:
XX was installed in to not show MDS current status
Those that have not please email
Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers.

5568 5545 5507 5446 SPI 5681 5704 5741 5803
14259 14209 14128 13996 n225 14503 14553 14634 14766

04:11 ET, not crazy about this market, if you are still long anything, I would stop at breakeven. I am all for taking profits, but not for initiating shorts yet.

7049 7038 7020 6992 DAX 7102 7113 7131 7160

3746 3736 3720 3693 STOXX 3796 3806 3823 3849

05:08 ET, so far so good, 7020 area on DAX was important, as it had the daily AP around there as well. So, the drop just a little below and close above could rekindle the bull move till the ROBOT says done?

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1399 1398 1396 1394 spx 1403 1404 1405 1407

Had Problems with TSX, see below
14668 14648 14614 14574 tsx 14753 14776 14805 14846

Dear Readers, once more we apologize for problems with emails, we had it good for a while, now it seems all private ISPs want to make money doing nothing, or worse, dropping your emails.
We have started sending the TXT messages to see if it can be useful to all to replace the JPG and even XLS at some point. Real Problem though is the JPG files. Thanks for your patience.

I have just send email with the title
" IntraDayTXTFormatFor05302008TXTonlyNoAttachement"
Please let me know who did not receive this and who could not read it

12:22 ET, OK we are watching grass grow again!, till the buss changes the direction

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks For Being With us

Dear Readers. Ok coming in this morning I thought we are going to have a bad day. and then I would buy more contracts at lower prices and will make more money into next week when finally MDS will go ON SELL. Well, Market had another design and it just went straight up. That shows you how halucinative I am and how much smarter the market is. On the other hand this kind of "bullishness" can put the market into SELL mode much faster! hahaha. Market can not have it both ways can it?

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers.

5639 5625 5602 5564 SPI 5708 5722 5746 5783

14278 14263 14237 14197 n225 14353 14369 14394 14434

CAUTION!!! please be careful shorting or being short OIL/GOLD especially. They could register temporary and strong bottom Friday/Monday period. Approaching a good ANTIDOLLAR ZONE even though Dollar Itself may not suffer too much. in fact look at two pictures below as OIL was going up, so was the DOLLAR , Hallelujah? You would not guess this if you watch Bloomberg and CNN

7025 7009 6982 6939 DAX 7105 7121 7147 7190

Attraction Points

Dear Susbcriber, I have double send MDS info. Please make sure you got it. If not let me know now. Thanks, I have also resend XLS formated DailyUpdate.

1387 1385 1381 1377 spx 1396 1398 1402 1406

My Dear Subscriber, Reader, most error free addresses are and
Apparently in these days you DO NOT get what you pay for with the other ISP's(:-

10:40 ET, at this moment the first high intrady AP is acting like a ROOF for EMINI
10:46 ET, NQ first and EMINI second APs are working as A WALL for now, the only thing not helping the picture of the local top is the fractal exhaustion( it is not there yet)

10:59 ET, MDS/DOLLAR are both kicking an A... today, but I would want you to profit instantly on any "over extended positions". Please! Even the pricess of the RESOURCE currencies, Australian Dollar is bowing to Dollar today, slightly

12:32 ET, $Dollar back over 73 mark!

Many ask me how to play the APs, please see how! Need I say more? If you would like to do the points,clickme->TAILORED SERVICE just needs my email and my name boris chikvashvili

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers.

5647 5631 5604 5560 SPI 5729 5745 5772 5816
14054 14038 14014 13973 n225 14128 14143 14168 14208

Sorry being late today, was dead yersteday needed some sleep(:-

7027 7015 6994 6961 DAX 7088 7101 7121 7154
3741 3735 3725 3709 ESTX50 3771 3777 3787 3804

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attraction Points

Dear Readers,Subscribers, Those that maybe overextened have a chance to collect profits and/or reduce exposure at profts. Do IT! My original NQ position has just hit abuot 48 Point gain, Even though I collected some at 40!. Remember 2012 on NQ would make it a 62% FIB.

1384 1381 1378 1373 spx 1394 1396 1400 1405

10:02 ET, this decline should not be overly excting and somewhat expected, in light of the rally of last two days. Hence the sentence above on the open ( read it again please)

10:47 ET, Behind the scenes, I bought and sold three times, includeing when I first published this post. The reason is that I know MDS is on my side and if market wants to take a swipe at me so be it. But all three trades turned out profitable with few points in credit. These are the games boys play. Many ask me how to play the APs, please see how! If you would like to do the points,

clickme->TAILORED SERVICE just needs my email and my name boris chikvashvili

is what you need. Dear Reader I could write pages, but this one picture would aNULL all of it(especially considering my ENGLISH(:-). This is tells you what APS are and how they work.

12:48 ET, looks like we could watching Grass Grow for few more minutes(:-

13:53 ET, next turnup window is aroung 14:10 +-10

14:46 ET, Did we catch a rocket at 14:22 exactly in the window we wanted?

15:14 ET, Well, rocket may not have too much fuel. In any case I took 6 points from this rocket, bougth NQ 1988.25 and sold 1994. Not bad.

15:31 ET, I would like to ask you to lower expore and/or collect profits on any overexposure. Please.

Dear Reader, I do not know why, eight sense, maybe, but I do not expect tomorrow to be a good day, even as we may stay on the BUY, act accordingly. At least remove any extra positions.

I was able to get 18 NQ pionts from todays crazy chaotic moves in 4 trades in the market. Not bad for one days work. Now, remember, I do not trade this much any more, but today was a slow day with subscribers services and QA, so I seemed to have time and urge to trade(:-

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

04:25 ET, HOWDYYYYYYYYY! OIL clickme->OIL QUOTE 126.XX NOW Had you bought few worthless OIL puts as advised hereClickme-> HERE you would have made enough to be richer and support this site as well, think about it, please and enjoy this site

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers.

5681 5665 5639 5607 SPI 5749 5765 5791 5823
13885 13850 13792 13721 n225 14034 14070 14127 14199

MDS status message went out, please make sure you have it.

6948 6937 6918 6886 DAX 7006 7018 7037 7068
3705 3699 3689 3673 ESTX50 3736 3742 3752 3768

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1376 1375 1374 1372 spx 1380 1381 1383 1384

10:04 ET, This spx understates volatility, please follow Q's in your email.

11:37 ET, This quick turn down does not look so great at this moment. But System tells us we are long. So, we are. Also if we support here and go higher that would look constructive

13:44 Et, This is a skittish market, and has now regained the footing on the upside. Let us hope it follows up on this.

14:38 ET, Ok, things look better on all fronts at this point ANTIDOLLAR is heading down and Dollar is heading higher(taking the STOCKS with it)

15:38 ET, this is a nice time to take some profits if you have extra positions , Yes, I am aware that SPX is not yet in profit, but Q's have 40 point profit!!!

Reminder Where We are On OIL 130now

I hope ELLIOT WAVERS WILL ALLOW ME TO CALL THIS CHART A PERFECT 5 WAVES. You see... I can count waves when Attraction Points Support them. Otherwise they are... Well, just waves(:-
Dear Reader Enjoy, and when you do, please remember which other analyst gave you anything similar on OIL, even when asking big money for it. Not too many. So, when you see this, make sure you support some of our activities/services as we need you to help others "SEE" the future, while you take credit.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Australian,Asian And European friends enjoy the Attraction Points, courtesy of our current, generous subscribers
5714 5707 5695 5681 SPI 5743 5750 5761 5775

13538 13443 13290 13100 n225 13936 14030 14183 14373
6954 6946 6932 6910 DAX 6994 7002 7016 7037
3725 3721 3714 3702 ESTX50 3746 3750 3757 3769

Monday, May 26, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Dividend ETFS anyone?
For SHAKERS clickme-> Shakers Service

Australia,Japan, Our Asian, Australian friends ENJOY the Apoints Courtesy of our generous subscribers
5721 5707 5684 5646 SPI 5791 5805 5829 5867
13791 13763 13717 13642 n225 13930 13959 14005 14080

Germany, EuroStoxs, European Friends ENJOY the Apoints.

6891 6875 6850 6808 DAX 6967 6983 7009 7050
3696 3688 3674 3652 ESTX50 3737 3746 3759 3781

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What is with Shekel

Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group RotationFor Asset Picture. My morning start there, yours too? All Assets Look Very tired To me. Not that they can not go up, but it is all very streched out...

While most of currencies lost against Dollar in last couple months, the SHEKEL is going strong. Such are the speculative juices that when they powerful speculators ( YES, you can only guess who they are... they will not rest until the last DOLLAR is taken out of the MATTRESS and sold to them for nothing) take the currency to these extremes then they will try to hold them there, as they need to unload it to unsuspected bozos. OK , so Israeli people are "EATING UP" the "STRONG SHEKEL", spuring consumerism, story, while at the same time, they are in for rude awakening as their jobs are going out of the window sooner or later, just as it happened to USA in 2000 and as it is starting to happen in EUROPE , due to the strong EURO.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Dear Sharon asked about Proshares and here is the link. Clickme-> PROSHARE FUNDS
Dear Readers the week ended on the weak note for stocks, and frankly our ANTIDOLLAR FORECAST was totally correct. Our Robot though decided to get the control early, as usual , and got us on the long side. We are about -17 on SPX and Believe it or not -3 on NASDAQ. Not to worry, Let us follow our trusted guide and hope that ANTIDOLLAR turns together with the market next week. Please note that the day ended as started with the same groups in the leadership and same laggards. Not exactly , note the OILs jumped into laggards.

Attraction Points

1384 1383 1380 1377 spx 1391 1393 1395 1398

I would presume that Energy COMPLEX and/or FINANCIALS is pushing SPX down strong at this point. We

10:09 ET, I was obviously wrong about energy COMPLEX in the above statement as the graph paints the correct picture for S&P groups

shall see soon.

HOME SALES expected 4.8 ACTUAL 4.9 not much difference

10:12 ET, I did not express exactly why preference for Q's over SPX, but maybe today's Q out performance says it better than I could.

10:50 ET, time to risk 5-10 c on q

11:00 ET, Stand on break even now, if you survived the suckers

11:06 ET, anybody with 10c stop should have survived. stand at break even, max you could rsik is the low of the day so far 47.99 on QQQQ, Remember I see this as a day trade, it is up to you if you see it as part of FORMULA

11:21 ET, obviously this trade ended very fast with the break even for me. It is a thin market and I would not doubt that SUCKERS are monitoring us as well... DO YOU SEE THE TAIL ON THAT LAS SWIPE, ESPECIALLY ON Q's, not that much on SPX?

We knew that ANTIDOLLAR has a chance to carry over into next week. We know that MDS has at least 2-3 days of adverse action on average, so there is nothing new here. We just need to calmly execute what the ROBOT says. We know ROBOT is always early, that is why we invented the ROBOT FORMULA, for HUMANS, not ROBOTS(please make a distinction here).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Note on WTIC, notice that if we went 1.61 FIB projection of the inital move would get about 153 which is another very close point to our NEX AAPoint, Hallelujah, how the GOD works! Do you see why I preach confluence of APs and FIBS and all other things in the world. Now add to this the daily and intraday AP confluences of yesterday USO/OIL and you had all info you ever needed to try the shorts. Now, add to this my ANTIDOLLAR and specific OIL top timing dates and I do not know, where can you get more courage to place the trade. Be careful, though as powerful as this looks, it could be trap, when all adds up to TOP.

Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group RotationFor Asset Picture. My morning start there, yours too? All Assets Look Very tired To me. Not that they can not go up, but it is all very streched out...
The missing comments on the picture are: The ORANGE Vertical LInes indicate cases where the similar overbought conditions on the Blue(solid) oscillator have lead to the stronger moves down, Even though I think we are in a GREEN configuartion, We could just as well be in the Orange configurtion. Be careful

Our Asian Friends ENJOY Australia, Japan
5763 5733 5686 5627 SPI 5868 5886 5915 5963
13870 13833 13773 13676 n225 14049 14086 14146 14243

Our European Friends Enjoy Germany,EuroSTOXX
7003 6981 6945 6887 DAX 7111 7133 7169 7227
3754 3742 3723 3691 ESTX50 3813 3825 3844 3876

05:01 ET Please note the MDS Charts just went out. If you do not have them. Wake us up, tell us we or our Mail Server screwed up(:-

A Question: Who amongst the subscribers must, absolutely have the JPG formatted daily and intrady updates. It is really hard to push through so many pictures via BulkEmailer and if you have EXCEL and can read updates in that format, then you probably have no need for JPG format. Please let us know ONLY if you must have the updates in JPG format

Attraction Points


1389 1387 1383 1379 $spx 1398 1400 1407 1408

If you went long on the open, please make sure you stop at the lows of the day for any over extension. For a smaller/manageable position do not worry, let it ride and build a larger position if we will have to.

OIL Annual APoints published below
72 63 50 29 WTIC 118 134 155 182 ( i went back for more precise quotes) todays high was just a hair aways from 134

( not to be reproduced under any circumstances, Property Of Anti-Soptialist)

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Australia, Japan, Germany and Europe

5653 5601 5516 5378 SPI 5908 5960 6045 6183
13521 13405 13216 12909 N225 14088 14204 14393 14700
6940 6927 6906 6871 DAX 7004 7018 7039 7074
3748 3741 3730 3712 ESTX50 3782 3789 3800 3818

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congrats to winners

Dear Readers, what was expected has finally happened a strong move down. Not a waterfall, but the sizable move. I is not breaking the bull move, but it might. Congrats to all members who profited and ENJOY. ANTIDOLLAR has definitely gone up last few days as predicted and what else is new. How long can we keep being RIGHT? I do not know, let us enjoy this and work hard on future..

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1415 1414 1412 1409 spx 1421 1422 1424 1426
Dear John, Thanks for being a patient man. Would you though like to have a mental stop at the top of today's high on SPX? Thanks and Enjoy.

11:06 ET, if somebody has a large exposure, over extension of sorts, please collect profits now at the 5th of nonvolatile SPX numbers(YES, SPX could become volatile and I may start calculating those now)

11:33 ET, ALL, Dear Paul,ALL, pay attention USO at 106.54 is at exactly 3rd AAP Good Trading,

I suggest only very cheap PUT OPTIONS and moderate amount. Lose little or make a bunch, 4t and 5th are at 124 and 150 respectively

11:48 ET, ES supported on 5th intraday at 1408. Please collect all extras and then some part of not extra short exposure if you wish.

More volatile SPX lows are expected at
1405, 1399, 1392

15:10 ET, Dear Readers, please note that SPX has made a low of of 1391.20, which is a rounding error close to our projection of 1392. Is there anybody that doubts the value of APoints?

This is your site

Dear Small Investor, this is still your site. It has always been.
ALl the original free information on this site is till free. and even more.
Original things
Later Additions ( never promised to be free)
-MDS SEMI FREE (not guaranteed to stay that way)

While much of this was free from me personally, Now it is courtesy of all current gracious and generous subscribers, who know that they can get much free from here, but have the highest dignity and conscious to see that I/we can do more for others, if the services are payed.
This is your site my Dear Small investor. It will always be Until I have something to say about it. Thank you and God Bless You

5756 5719 5659 5584 SPI 5912 5949 6009 6084
13835 13739 13582 13326 n225 14306 14401 14558 14813

7105 7092 7071 7038 DAX 7168 7180 7201 7235
3817 3812 3803 3789 STOXX 3843 3848 3857 3871

MDS WENT OUT , let me know if for some reason you do not have it

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Dear Readers, Market is getting drubbing as the Dollar is taking losses. This was all predicted. How long will the stocks and Dollar suffer? We shall as the MDS to answer that for us, meanwhile we have some idea that we could be in for this ( on and off) till 5/25 +-2 trading days. . All ANTIDOLLAR is triumphant today and OIL and GOLD are no exception. Thanks for participating and/or passively being here

15:49 ET, anybody who thinks they have some extra exposure on the short side, please collect the profits now!

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Dear Readers,
All Stops at a break even or some profit. I would love to hear that nobody has the stops at loss. Absolutely no reason for that. If you followed MDS or MDS formula you have only profits at this point and let it stay that way

apologies for being late with this
1416 1415 1413 1411 spx 1420 1421 1422 1424

SILVER(cash) had a typo, correcting below
16.99 16.94 16.87 16.79 xag a0-fx 17.17 17.21 17.28 17.37

12:25 ET, no relaxation here please, be on the alert. Start profiting on any print of 1418 on SPX and then 1420, please be out completely at 1424.
Dear Readers, please note this is a couple weeks old , but current calculations of 1036 are just around the 50% retrace in real terms and being rejected. Remember this is not 50% of the entire decline , just decline from the last last leg(top of January) of the decline.

13:26 ET, Dangerous time for market to make a possible run higher, watch 1418, 1420 and then 1424+(must be out).

Attraction Points(Apoints),EUROPE

7177 7174 7169 7161 DAX 7192 7195 7200 7208

3848 3846 3842 3835 STOXX 3861 3864 3868 3874

07:00 ET, Dear Readers, I am back, Thank You Julie, for great job!

07:02 ET, OK, I would like very much for you to lighten up by taking profits on access positions you "think" you have. Leave just enough that you can handle , even if the market comes back up and decides to go against you, you should feel good.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA

JAPAN,AUSTRALIA , Our Asian Friends Enjoy, Courtesy of current subscribers
14143 14106 14046 13948 n225 14323 14359 14419 14516
5883 5860 5822 5760 SPI 5997 6020 6058 6120

I am out for next 3-4 hours, to meet institutional clients, Julie will be "On duty", She is capable and eager to help, just be nice to her(:- Thanks a lot.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1421 1420 1418 1415 spx 1426 1427 1429 1432

Having problem with TSX data, chekcing out , Our Canadian Friends is TSX closed today?

Dear Readers, confusion caused usage of the older mailing list, which means that new users have not received the IntraDay files ( now coming).
We apologise for that error/omission.


1420 1418 1414 1410 spx 1428 1430 1433 1438

10:29 ET, those following MDS Formula, I would not be in a hurry to add to positions today,
10:33 ET, please note that the level 1433 is everywhere, on the daily and intraday. So, it is an important level indeed. If broken strongly, then we are going to move much higher, it seems to me.
10:49 ET, So far we broke 1433 very slightly( I mean briefly) and made a tail around it. This if not acceded soon could prove pretty bad for the markets

Just as an educational info. SPX has a 1.2-1.5% range ( high to low) and that is a fluctuation. Trend only shows up when you get two days like this in one direction or one day covering as much in one direction. So, as a measure, we are still in what can be seen as a daily fluctuation.

12:06 ET, not willing to give too much to this market , so my
========stop is 46.89 , -5c
12:10 ET, stop is 46.94, -0c
12:24 ET, Stopped out , 0c.
Well, I am here 24 hours , many buses to come down yet(:-

Attraction Points(Apoints),EUROPE

7133 7113 7081 7041 DAX 7218 7238 7270 7311

3821 3802 3771 3733 STOXX50 3901 3920 3951 3989

1013 1007 998 987 OMXS30 1034 1038 1043 1053 1064

07:50 ET GOLD and ANTIDOLLAR in general did not disappoint our forecast for ANTIDOLLAR(OIL COMMODITIES CURRENCIES) FLAREUP. It is up $12 this morning and $60 from our last call till now. Simple FIBO retracements would call for 920,940 and 960 for 40% 50% and 60% retracements respectively. Date for the next local top as projected earlier 5/25 +-2 trading days. if you are a GOLD player, trail 15-18 dollars back

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA


5903 5888 5863 5832 SPI 5968 5983 6008 6039
14565 14699 14917 15187 n225 14000 13866 13649 13378

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

11:30 ET, OK if you have not received MDSFULL.jpg file eamil from please let me know right away

Clickme-> GROUPTATION Asset Group RotationFor Asset Picture. My morning start there, yours too? All Assets Look Very tired To me. Not that they can not go up, but it is all very streched out...
There was a verification email sent to all subscribers except the SHAKER service subscribers. That is MDS and TAILORED service Subscribers are asked to verify that information is correct. Namely the service type and the service start date, as well as, the duration of the service. Please, respond only if you did not receive the email and/or the information is incorrect.
Second time INFOCHECK Went out

BECAUSE MDS IS GOING PRIVATE and us having only 1 year to grandfather MDS the yearly subscription will be $600 for TAILORED-service+MDS. Otherwise MDS only is $500 for one year. SUBSCRIPTION for tailored service+MDS can be made for 3,6,9,12 months, but MDS will not be renewable after that time frame. the only needs the following info , boris chikvashvili

Third time INFOCHECK went out

Today's market action so far is not very different from the past market actions after the sell signal. We used to give market 1-4 days of consolidation time after the sell day. So, for those who have collected some profits , good for you and for those that just started according to formula fine. Antidollar acted up as we suspected it will. So, we See currencies , gold , oil rise. OK. So, far all is going according to the plan. I suspect thought that market may have a bit more bullishness left than usual and do not want to be too much short at this stage. Just enough shorts are enough(:-

Good Trading

Advertisement, Thanks Dear Klaatu

What Dear Klaatu says in this comment is the best advertisement This site can ever get from anybody. Just look how useful Dear Klaaty finds the tools here. From MDS to APs TO FIBos and Back and forth. WOW! I am speechless

Klaatu said...
Dear Boris,This a.m. on the "Robot" sell signal, I shorted the e-mini.Covered at 1416.50Went long small June Yen.I liked your idea of taking small position to get me focused. Got stopped out with small loss after housing report.But now I'm awake & focused.Watched your 2nd/3rd daily AP's on June Yen. BINGO! Low is EXACTLY the 2nd AP. I bought a larger position at 9540on short term buy signal.Sold a little while ago between 4th and 5th.AP's.I sold at 9664.( Last Friday's high was 9765.Wed low was 9501.Range = 264 pts. .618Fib off of lows gave 9664.)Have had some good days this week but have given up some gains in the second half of day.I suspect I see the opening directions, but then no follow through later, so I give up some profits.BTW "Klaatu" is the name of the robot from the great 1950's sci-fimovie "The Day The Earth Stood Still."So from one robot to another:"I salute you."Thanks for making my dayand good trading to all.

Attraction Points(Apoints)

Is it time to go short? Good question, now help me answer it... MDS certainly says , YES and I will shut up in general, but remember to be measured and follow MDS formula, while, in general, following MDS. This means easy in on the shorts and bring them up if market refuses to cooperate. I am not any smarter than MDS is. I hope you know this by now. So, let us get to reasonable actions and hope for the best.

Please note: I am having problem with ESIGNAL for data intra data input. Does anybody else have ESIGNAL problem? this would be the first time in almost a year?

1417 1415 1411 1406 $spx
1427 1430 1434 1438

104.5090 104.4090 104.2464 104.0450
jpy a0-fx
104.9310 105.0310 105.1930 105.3950

Sorry ESIGNAL problems are causing me to publish here , Also see the curtailed file(INTRA in email)
10:59 ET. ESIGNAL problems continue, even their site, Customer Service etc are very busy or inaccessible

11:14 ET, if somebody, do not tell and make me angry, has overextended themselves and have nice profits with large position , collect a bit ( cover shorts ) now

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA


14062 13939 13738 13489 n225 14584 14707 14907 15157
5904 5891 5870 5843 SPI 5960 5973 5994 6020

I publish PCRATIOS here and could not help but think all this info. Is it useful. Is there a some truth to the statement that Prices have all the info you need. If so, DOES MDS actually know SENTIMENT as well, as it must be reflected in total intestinal of the market. HA... What a question.Do the sentiment indicators make you money, on themselves. No, clearly no. Is it in MDS. It is up to each of us to believe if it is or not, but I think somehow it must be! Otherwise you may as well discard the entire notion of SENTIMENT affecting the prices!!! HUH

7055 7031 6992 6944 DAX 7156 7180 7219 7267

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Machine proves again and again that I am no match and certainly not in control of it. The only thing I can control is my own emotions with MDS's help and that is what I will urge you as well. Let us congregate here tomorrow again and see what came down from the mount SINAI! Good Trading

MDS Still On BUY +31 Day 5

Looks like MDS is going what it wants to do. Give A SELL on the UP not the DOWN, for this is the way OF MDS most of the time. Let it not deceive us at this time either.

1406 1405 1403 1400 spx 1412 1413 1415 1418

We are not doing so bad on our call of GOLD-EURO ( short term call) GOLD-OIL and GOLD-INDU... I do not know how do I make up these things, but believe me, when you have the feel for these things... it makes the trading much easier. I can not explain, but it is all interrelationships that stay in my head as numbers and then I seem to play them often to notice anomalies?!
Here is my OIL call, We never pull the punches: take it or leave it kind of a thing:
Dear Curt,Thanks for this view.I will reiterate the best dates I have for OIL are MAY/JULY.Both towards the end of month.Either way the lows are expected 9/1/2008 and 3/13/2009, so perhaps we have dragging sideways if the initial drop is strong.
Good Trading
15:48 ET MDS is ~+32 and this place is like a morgue, what's up dear friends? We all want to short so much that we can not wait for MDS to finish its inconvenient detour ha. (:- . Actually this is how I am learning not to resist the machine. It teaches me/us lesson after lesson that we need to follow it if we want to be winners.

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA


14036 13971 13865 13734 N225 14311 14376 14481 14613
5845 5831 5808 5780 SPI 5904 5918 5940 5969

DOLLAR UPDATE! While 5/12 has proven a good turn up point for $US(as precisely predicted here), the 5/16 +-1 trading days may turn out to be a good turning point in the other direction , which could last into the 25/5 +-1 trading day. Please keep this picture in mind.
All in all, though as long as $US does not manage to lose big into 5/25, we could have a quick $US boom thereafter. Think about the implications for stocks, gold, oil etc. ( in short Dollar/Antidollar)
DAX German Market
7025 7012 6992 6967 DAX 7077 7090 7110 7135

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

OK, was this a painted tape? I do not know, but market saw the highs and got scared and headed down. Which by the way, maybe, what MDS wants to escape SELL signal. Ha... gets interesting. It is clear that NASDAQ would not be in minus if it was not for AAPL ( one stock that could). Interesting day, nothing decided, more profits to those who hung with MDS. I do not at this point support too much exposure on the long side, even as we are on the BUY signal. This could change tomorrow though. Have you seen the USO lately. Did Our Second Annual APoint stop this "suckers rally"(final phase) in USO.