Sunday, June 27, 2010


The good economist from AFL-CIO has kept saying that the people are more concerned for jobs than money. Great, apparently you and I work for having job, we know not, what to do with ourselves without jobs. NO. Nobody wants the jobs. Jobs help get the money and put the bread on the table. So, CAVUTO is correct. It is the money we are concerned with. The job is a way to get it.
Now comes the real truth of SOPITALISTS( bankers, government - including UNIONS, corrupt media, Federal Reserve etc.).
Given that money amount is fixed on any given day, for someone to get any/more money( by whatever means, jobs, stealing , cheating etc) the others ( AFL-CIO and Wall Street Bankers included) must get less. This puts an the end to obfuscation that: "PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT JOBS"
( as if this economist is really concerned about our jobs(:- ).
AXIOM: when AFL-CIO and UNION members get more, rest of us gets less.
Have you noticed how all of these do gooder sopitalists have argued us all the way into poverty by being concerned about us(:-

Friday, June 11, 2010

Were You Reading This June 11?

It was clear during the trading day that, market was refusing to break below our trading range of 1069 and that made us abandon any thoughts of lower markets on Friday, besides, YBR/WBR were admant that Friday would be high, while we were a bit undecided, as we look at more things than just WBR.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

We identified him as SOPITALIST, long ago

He was supposed to be "shining citi on the hilltop", instead we know that he is coldblooded insider, money/fame craving buffoon , who made his money , mostly from monopolies and Government connections. And Wall Street loved him to show as cuddly , folksy old grand oracle. Well, sorry, there is nothing new in the world since Eve ate apple. Big money made by being( or eventually progreesing to be) SOPITALIST. Honest people have much, much harder time. So there was Buffet versus Madoff. Now there is Madoff and Madoff and Mad Off and nothing else left from Wall Of Shame called Wall Street.
Here is a person, who called derivatives the WMD(weapons of mass destruction) and he must have known it first hand, as his own babe MCO( Moodys) was the MONOPOLY( one of them with S&P and Fitch) and he says, well, I do/did not know what Moodys were doing just as I do not know what goes into washing powder TIDE( PG is also owned by Buffoon). OK keep on Buffing!

Ok, to even compare Tide with multi-trillion derivatives business, he himself called WMD's make BUFFET-> BUFFOON. But our subscribes knew this LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago

To paraphrase Dear Mr. Buffoon himself.
WHEN THE TIDE ( i do not mean detergent) GOES OUT... (:-
Yoo complete it Dearest Readers.