Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lot of Smoke and Mirror

Dear Readers, A lot of smoke and mirror events seem to be going on in positioning markets before the announcement. Now GOLD EURO ENERGY are all up. Stocks up a bit and BONDs up a bit. There is something wrong with this, it does not add up. Considering the EURO hit important resistance and so did the GOLD as well as energy, it seems to me like market is playing an inflation game. That does not appear to be a immediate picture for me. I anticipate BONDS lower IR's higher. So could we see sharp turnaround in GOLD/EURO especially? I can not recommend any trades on this difficult trading day. Use best of what you have learned if you trade. Be most careful today. Good Trading


Dear Readers. Preliminary Limits.
qqqq 43.11 - 43.89
gld 63.51 - 64.83
fxe 129.64 - 130.33
uso 46.8 - 47.37
gg 26.63 - 27.86
TODAY COULD BE VOLATILE and 41.95 to 45.26 limits are possible on QQQQ?!Good Trading

No Pressure Anywhere

Dear Readers, It seems like markets have been put into the coma, by some future event. That event could be todyas FED IR announcment. We already stated that it is perhaps not a good news for Bonds and lesser good news for Stocks, it is also perhaps good to neutral to GOLD and Energy and really good news for $Dollar, even though initial reaction maybe exactly opposite to this outcome. BUY-SELL pressures are balanced on the low side, but the overall picture is slanted to bearish due to the elevated BUY-AVERAGEPRESSURE of SPX. GOod Trading.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

USO OIL ETF Respects No Walls

Dear Readers, Nothing could hold down USOil ETF. These things do happen, once the shorts start covering, the opportunists start joining and that triggers more shortcovering and opportunistic longs ( cycle HA?). Well, Considering the oversold condition of USO and Energies this was not improbable, but I certainly did not think this was in cards today. GOod Trading


Dear Readers at 47 we have a fifth resistance to USO ( this is usually level not reached on a daily bases). So we shell see what happens here. Good Trading

What is going on?

Dear Readers, what is happening is that markets are in suspension mode waiting important information to come out tomorrow. FED decisions Tomorrow, Employment numbers this Friday. So, there is no point for us to get overly excited and expand our "mental capital". Let us just sit and wait for the events to unfold. The real mark of a good trader is knowing when to do nothing... Good Trading.
NOTE: I apologize, the turn time for gold is 13:35ET not 14:35 as mistakenly posted below.


Dear Readers. Preliminiray limits.
QQQQ 43.82 - 43.53
GLD 64.38 - 63.40
USO 45.87(hit 3rd resistance 46.6) - 44.52
GG 27.45 - 26.77
FXE 130.07 - 129.83
Good Trading

No News Is Good News

Dear Readers, Markets are stuck and pressure gages are stuck, in this case the benefit of a doubt is given to the latest short term direction, which looks down. As simple as that. So far, if you are short, just keep it with the "profit stops". GOLD is having couple days of consolidation, there may be a turnaround time around 12:35 today. EURO may have had it on the upside and the Energies are consolidating as well. Let us see todays limits and judge next direction . Good Trading

Monday, January 29, 2007


Dear Readers, Following are prliminary limits
QQQQ 43.83 - 43.24
GLD 64.26 (was hit) - 63.58
GG 27.74 - 26.70
USO 46.53 - 45.50 ( was hit)
FXE 129.55(.60,0.69(was hit)) - 129.27
13:30PM ET looks like the turnaround time. Which would imply the current directions will continue until then. OIL-DOWN, GOLD-GONOWHERE-DOWN?,QQQQ-DOWN,EURO-UP.
OK above statment lows/highs turned out different for sure. Now, approaching the time QQQQ-HIGH(incorrect), OIL-LOW,EURO-HIGH,GOLD-LOW(Correct).
To my amazement (: :), these things do happen, QQQQ has produced the low after all, for the intended timeframe, even though it looked like it produced high 20min ago.
12:55 ET, QQQQ just first HIGH 43.83(43.96 possible).
Good Trading

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gold Could Explode

Dear Readers, I am seeing a fractal development that could translate into an explosive move in GOLD that could translate into powerful couple days that will surprise all. It could be that we will make a sharp shake out move on Monday morning and then up, but it could also be that we fly right from the open up. It may depend a lot if today produces a long dark candlestick bar or so so close with the candle slightly dark or white. In later case, my preference would be to bet on Long. I myself may prefer to look at futures over the weekend and take my actions in that market. Remember we recommend that nobody walk around without 10% of capital sitting in GOLD all the time as an insurance. So there... Good Trading


Dear Readers Preliminary limits. Low volaitility. They could change with higher volatility. We are monitoring.
qqqq 43.23approached(.05,42.75) - 44.13
gld 63.48 - 64.59
fxe 129.26(.20,.12).20was hit - 129.53 Huge number PUTS 129/130 Do you feel it?
uso 45.51 - 45.78 ( .98,46.25)hit above 4th Resistance!?
gg 26.85 - 27.15
Good Trading

No Sign Of Strong Buy Pressure

Dear Readers, No sign of strong buy pressure yet, it will be created by markets going further down? That is, usually, how it works. Stay tuned. Shorts keep them with about small gains as a stop to allow ride of probable decline. No loss stops, but profit stops. Ok, Gold may try bottom today or Monday, watch limits. Same could be case with OIL and EURO(local?).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How Do You S(p)ell Top?

Market is in for rest?

Dear Readers, please see how well my forecast of GOLD topping locally, stocks topping (Globally? , at least locally ), Stronger Dollar and weaker OIL are coming to be true. Well, I can not execute your trades, but this is as close as I can come to helping you make money and that is part what makes me considering my life worth living. Enjoy and stay in touch. We may not make you money ( that requires you ), but we will help you not to lose it. These Numbers for limits and the timing of GOLD top, have come exceptionally well, as well as rising interest rates.
Example QQQQ limit 44.50, actual, 44.47 ( less than 0.1%!!! You sell against it and place a miniscule 0.2 or 0.3% stop ( 4-8c) and you got the TOP oF QQQQ ( maybe ) in the pocket. If not you have a nice free trade and make most of it.
Let us hope this keeps up. Good Trading


Dear Readers, Early limits
qqqq 44.2 - 44.5 ( Sold? this Sucker!)
gld 64.44 - 64.98
uso 45.63 - 46.47
gg 27.26 - 28.52
Volatility is not big this morning. Markets can be bought sold around the limits +- 0.2%, be careful please and make sure the markets are slowing or turned a bit around those levels. Then take positions with the tiniest of stops. Lose a bit you are hero, lose a lot you are not a trader anymore.
Good Trading

Suddenly No Buyers!

Dear Readers. Suddenly buy pressure has disappeared... SPX Sell Pressure has flipped very quickly from neutral to high suggesting that we may be close to a top then thought yesterday. QQQQ sell pressure has also risen and the buy pressure dropped considerably. Will post pictures ASAP. Good Trading

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Financials/Tech/Comm run SPX UP

Dear Readers, the financials communications and tech are running SPX up, while DOW and QQQQ lag. I like to sell QQQQ here, but not much time left for trading, would prefer going short early in the day not late. See the picture of uppers and downers on SPX. So Let us see... 25% of the SPX move is made possible by 2% of the stock population??? Good Trading

Just Out oF GOLD +$600

Dear Readers, GOLD may have more to go here, but I am out with $6, or $600 per contract. Good Trading

Gold Has hit support, Small Risk Big Reward

I bought it Dear Readers with a stop $3 below from here, my purchase risks only $1. You may or may not want to enter as market recovered. Good Trading


Dear Readers. Limits for today
qqqq 43.67 - 44.18(.28, .45, 0.56)
gld 63.49 - 64.09(64.2,64.4)
zeEURO 130.06(.86,.67,.43) - 130.42
uso 45.29 - 45.68
gg 26.01 - 27.27
Good Trading

QQQQ Sell Pressure Extreme

Dear Readers QQQQ Sell Pressure is at extreme low. We would love for QQQQ not to respond to it, but so far in the futures the response is immediate and strong NDX futures are up ~1000 ( probably 15-20c on QQQQ ). Well, you can not fool the market it will do what it wants to do. GOLD is within striking distance from GLORY. EURO has firmed but undecided and Energy firmed, though I am not fully committed, I would rather miss the bottom at this juncture and catch it later if necessary. Good Trading

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad Brew

Dear Readers, Some bad Brew is brewing here for Stock market, and it could materialize very soon, like in couple weeks. Notice Gold is attempting to break. Interest rates are moving up, Stock market is not able to break on the upside. Euro has jumped up. Yen has a support close by here and could jump from here, Energy may have bottomed finally. What does all of this mean? It probably means higher inflation and interest rates ahead of us. That is a very likely scenario and I would like you to be ready for it. The first sign will be the GOLD cash above 653 on Jan 31. We are only six Dollars away from that moment. Watch carefully... Good Trading


Dear Readers, please obsreve the limits:
qqqq 43.64 - 43.88
gld 63.67 - 63.93(64.0)
fxe 130.51 - 130.69
uso 44.29 - 44.61
gg 25.81 - 26.21(26.33)
Good Trading

Close To Decision Point

Dear Readers, Markets are close to a decision point. Are they going to make it, hopefully soon. We need the breakdown or we will go higher. Yesterday's move was in the right direction for a long term forecast, down, but not yet enough and not confirmed. Real confirmation will be if we get a weekly reversal in any/all of the indices. Gold Is breaking on the upside, but feel that until 463 is broken on the cash bases, there is no confirmation of the breakout. EURO firmed up today. It is either the last effort to suck few more on the upside or if it persists for a day or two and goes above 131.50 we could have seen the low in EURO for a while. Remember we are neither bull or bear until we take a position in one of these markets. At this moment indices can still go anywhere up or down. Just be ready and careful. Good Trading

Monday, January 22, 2007

Forget QQQQ short order Below

mental stop 43.68 out

Dear Readers got only 5c out of this trade. It should have been executed better, but perhaps next time. Now the QQQQ is at 43.80 and if you still long put a real stop at 43.68 and ride it . GOod Trading

QQQQ at 43.60 now

Dear Readers. Looks likea reasonable buy at 43.60 with 43.57 stop or sell at 43.49 with a 43.55 stop. all stops mental Good Trading

Time To Short QQQQ

Dear Readers, that time was 4 days ago at 45.30. We tried with patented tiny risk and ended up with 2c loss. Had we taken a bit more risk 15-20c we would have been short. Which means what? We do not care... We either go short/long on our own terms or we will not. We do not Chase the markets. We had the direction right on a short term bases, market did not give us a low/no risk trade. That is it. That short term bearishness could and still may turn into intermediate term good trade, but at this moment we are out of and waiting for a temporary strength after some more weakness to enter the short position. If things do not develop that way we pass! Good Trading

ARE QQQQ/DJI/SPX all proving?

Dear Readers, what we see in the markets is the correct action for Jan19 as depicted the "beginning of the end" to prove correct. We need some more of this. Not hurry, remember. We like the market to get "knocked down" and get up a bit. Then look it in the eye and say: "sucker here is one more for you " and place the shorts against it. Repeat no hurry. Wait for a "knockdown". These markets have played dead too many times. Please remember mantra, until we take a position we are neither bull nor bear... as simple as that. Good Trading


Dear Readers, below are the prelimninary lmits fo today
QQQQ 43.75(43.60,43.36)- 44.47
GLD 62.79 - 63.45(63.58)
FXE 129.6 - 129.72
USO 44.4 - 45.15(45.30)
GG 25.34 - 25.97
Good Trading

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Buy Pressure Growing

Dear Readers, buy pressure is growing( not extreme yet), cautioning us that we could see rebound in the markets( remember if instead we see a breakdown, then we may say a top lasting few weeks/months arrived). We also display another one of our studies. We call it "transitions". It is a study of stocks being in various phases of their bullish development and seems to have an uncanny ability to spot the tops and bottoms, even better than( sometimes) than the pressure charts. As indicated it is calling for a bottom being close, if not at hand. So, what is poor trader to do. As I often described the stock market, like anything else in life, is an expectations game. One develops indicators that create expectations and observing market reaction according or discording with expectations we make the decisions to trade. If this is not enough, then I would say that person wanting more will self destroy. market will never present itself fully so that you and I can have easy home runs. If this level of uncertainty is unacceptable then one should not trade the markets. Now there could be only 1 max 2 days left for market to break down and it must make a sharp move down. A strong move up or weak move down would be another sign the market is not ready to go down. Good Trading

Friday, January 19, 2007

Things could move 10:00 Michigan survey

Leving for Another Site

In 15-20 minutes, Dear Readers, will leave for Another site. Can be reached again in 1.5 hours approximately. Good Trading


Dear Readers
QQQQ 44.15 - 43.75
GLD 62.65 - 62.26
USO 43.49 - 43.33
GG 25.65 -24.89
Not A lot of a volatility...
Good Trading

The Begining OF The End?

Dear Readers, Dear Jebsuskrite comments in the post below that this market has been hard to crack and that we are approaching 18-23 Jan time frame which often produced the turns down ( 2000 being one example). Look at the pressure chart it needs to go extreme by QQQQ collapsing below last weeks low, that would be a good sign. The Projection S(P)ELLTOP chart says there is no more room, is there? Remember the idea of projections is to have a benchmark not to be married to it. If we do not meet the expectations, we need to reprogram our views, but so far so good. We still need confirmations by DOW/SPX/TRAN etc. GLD could survive the January, all resource related staff may have some more work to do in testing the downside ( hopefully confirming between now and end of FEB). EURO remains weak until proven otherwise. Good Trading

Thursday, January 18, 2007

QQQQ, Made last stand at 44.04

Dear readers QQQQ has made a last stand at 44.04. Good Trading

No, It is attempting to tail

QQQQ did not break down and seems to have made a tail at 3:00pm, It could still surprise and spring back like a Phoenix. If short I would trail stops by 15c max.
Good Trading

44.04 QQQQ cuts like butter

QQQQ 44.04 Take Some PRofits

Dear Readers Take Some PRofits Now! It is exceptionally rare for QQQQ to break the 4th support and if it does we will go to fifth at 43.66 Good Trading

Ok If You are so Smart?

Dear Readers, If I am so smart, why would not I tell you right now when will this stupid OIL bottom? Wow... No I am really pressured(: :). I have no Pressure types of indicators for OIL the way I do for the S&P. Nevertheless, here is what I think... The Arrival Time for bottom ( at least the local one, is 1/24/2007 - 1/25/2004. That also seems to be a good time for OIL/ENERGY complex stocks to be purchased. Remember now, I can change my mind, this is not a promise, but an educated guess. Good Trading

Did We Say, GOLD/OIL top today?

DId we say for almost 4 days now that GLD will toop 19/1/2007 ( local top ) and OIL was having a temporary lapse from COMMA. I hope BLOOMBERG ( my former employer will write about this one day ). We all want something right(: :). Actually who cares. Having you audience see the light come out of my brains and transferred to you in it's purest form is what drives my comments. I could not care less for fame, where it is not important. To me you an average guy that got something for nothing for a change is who is important, cause we are all average what makes some of us above is how much we give and how authentic we are. I am a WYSWYG ( yeah, what you see is what you get). And you know what? I see in each of you, myself all WYSWYG's of the world. Thanks for being with us. GOOD TRADING.

Sorry For OIL bulls

Dear Readers, OIL may yet reach the 5th support at 42.19 today! HA.... Good Trading
OK, this is from BLOOMBERG.
By Wendy Pugh and Yasumasa Song
Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Oil will resume its march toward $100
a barrel after a ``correction,'' said Jim Rogers, who predicted
the start of the commodities rally in 1999.
``I'm just not smart enough to know how far down it will go
and how long it will stay, but I do know that within the context
of the bull market, oil will go over $100,'' Rogers said in a
Tokyo interview. ``It will go over $150. Whether that is in 2009
or 2013, I don't have a clue, but I know it's going to happen.''

Do not get me wrong, I love this man I learned a lot from people like him and himself in particular. I would nvertheless like to say the following:

Bill Rogers is a genious, of course. One becuase he was comanager of the first hedge fund ever "quantum" with Geroge Soros and two he never says when. So , he is safe after 100 yeras when OIL is 150 people will say he was a genious. Meanwhile I had to predict that at $80 OIL was to be sold. Exactly at the date and at the price. August 3. 2006.

Do you really think people after many months/years will remember anything inside this article. No... AHA... but they will remember perfectly the title "oil will go over $100,'' Rogers said "

Good Trading


Dear Readers, We have told you for few days now that 19 looks like a date for GOLD to turn, well today is 19. Watch and act accordingly. Good Trading

Look at former posting

Lighten up! Leave some short.
USOil just hit the Forth! support at 42.91 10:39ET
Good Trading


GG 26.43 - 26.08
QQQQ 44.98 - 44.54
GLD 63.17 - 62.81
FXE 129.68 - 129.55
USO 44.78 - 43.90
ALL QQQQ short, lighten up and tighten stops on what you leave in at a secondary
support 44.44, if broken goes to 44.30 and then 39.90.
10:05 ET
Good Trading

Right Direction, Enough Strength?

Dear Readers the pressure has been working to dampen the up move capability of the US market, but has not caused them to break, by any stretch of imagination. We need to be careful or even think long if/when the buy pressure reaches elevated status ( not yet). You know by now, how to interpret this chart. Bears need for the market to break hard, so far that is no the case, but we have 1-2 days to see it comes. GLD is holding up and OIL( could be temporary) firmed up, while DOLLAR is on rampage and may continue so for few more weeks. Good Trading

Right Direction, Enough Strength?

Dear Readers the pressure has been working to dumpen the upmove capability of the US market, but has not caused them to break, by any strech of imagination. We need to be careful or even think long if/when the buy pressure reaches elevated status ( not yet). You know by now, how to interpret this chart. Bears need for the market to break hard, so far that is no the case, but we have 1-2 days to see it comes. GLD is holding up and OIL( could be temporary) firmed up, while DOLLAR is on rampage and may continue so for few more weeks. Good Trading

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How Do You S(p)ell Top?

Let This One Speak/Show For Itself(I am sure you know, that this is a month old projection). Dear Readers.

QQQQ is going right

Dear Readers, QQQQ seems to have finally understood that world ( and especially our indicators ) expects it to go down, at least for awhile ( At this moment the move lower may continue into EOD 1/22 to BOD 23 ). While we missed by little the turn before last. The last turn was caught almost perfectly and hope that for shorts among you the move will be good enought until AT(arrival time ) above. Good Trading

QQQQ's living upto expectation

Dear Readers QQQQ, so far, is living up to our expectation of a correction due to the elevated sell pressure and timing of it. We have for 2-3 days now pointed to EOD yesterday BOD today as the timeframe for a turnaround and the pressure char was warning as well with 1-4 days ( today is second or third day depedning where you count the sufficiently elevated pressure started, both days would qualify) for a correction to start. So far so good. Good Trading


Dear Readers.
FXE 129.57 - 129.41
QQQQ 45.26 - 45.02
GLD 62.27 - 61.83 higher level limit 62.83 just hit 11:20ET
USO 43.88 - 42.81
GG 26.11 - 25.28 higher level limit 26.28 just hit 11:20ET
Good Trading

Dear Readers, Please note we are showing today, first time, the allbreakers chart. Which is also derived from the same basic breakout concepts ( which remain proprietary ). It shows a intermediate term picture a bit more clearly than the pressure charts. The averageallbreakers is the average of all SPX breakers ( cyan line ). Earlybreakers are just a those breakers that are just breaking out. This way one can see the ratio of now(early) breakers with allbreakers that have broken a while ago. Which is to say, we see a new fire in earlybreakers and allbreakers include earlybreakers as well as old leaders. Thy cyan line shows the narrowing of the number of allbreakers, that is less stocks are moving the SPX higher. Not a good sign over time, but like the market breath readings it can diverge with indices before the indices themselves start breaking down. Good Trading

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

QQQQ short term topped?

Dear Readers, it seems to me, that QQQQ may have exhausted the rising potential stemming from the high sell pressure ( it usually takes 1-4 days to top ). So, we may have topped this time in 2 days ( Friday and today counting from already very elevated measure of selling pressure). The timing we said all along could be the EOD today BOD tomorrow. So shorts may be anticipating some down move starting sometime tomorrow. That is the good news. Bad news would be if that down move turns out to be shallow. Let us observe... Good Trading

Oil to Boil

Dear Readers, if this support on USO fails look for 43 and 43.42 or lower 41.90! I hope note so. Good Trading
Yes, this is what was said in the comments of the Limits posting today. Take a look. So, we are now at 43 and hit 42.91. What is next if not held here? Well, you see up there! it is 41.90. Good trading

Wanna Know Why End's Near?

Dear Readers Look at the chart of MALL ( PC MALL COMPANY ) Any time this sucker goes up, you know what? Last stages of the tech and market rally is under way. Study this stock and see how it can lead to market top? Some time ago I stated in an article on , if there is a second act to this bull market it will belong to TECH and specifically mentioned CSCO and SUNW. Well... Take a look yourself. Meanwhile do not be surprised if this one goes to 30 in 5-10 weeks!!! Good Trading

Question To all

Dear Readers, I often encounter the situation, where I can not place a stop 10c or closer to the market. Are you ever given this BS by your trading software. If so what is the reason given for this? This is important to understand for me. So do not spare your time/energy to let me know if you know something about it. Good Trading


Dear Readers inital limits below
QQQQ 45.48 - 45.14,NextTrun EOD/NBOD
EOD - endofday,NBOD - nextbeginingofday
GLD 62.41 - 61.82
FXE 129.84 - 129.42
USO 45.24 - 43.40
GG 26.63 - 25.84
Good Trading

Monday, January 15, 2007

No Stinking,Most Volatile Stocks

Dear Readers, please note column 4 and 5, first is a difference between high and low for January and second is the percentage of that swing compared to the high of the stock. Dear Cobbense quoted "Never short a dull stock". Well never short and/or long without consulting this chart. Thanks and Good Trading

Friday, January 12, 2007

If not Down Then Up

Dear Readers, the market that will not go down, will go up. That is just a bit of a truth that was creeping in our latest commentary of the market pressure readings. Just as well. That is the value of the tool it keeps us honest about ourselves and our investments whatever our natural biases.

Is it possible, yes

It is possible that market has used the 11:00AM AS A FACKE short lived low, not high! in that case the top will come late 16/12 early 17/12. That is the market for you. Lessons can be learned everyday. Good Trading

out QQQQ, with 2c donation

I would like to see this market at another time. It does not seem want to break yet.
Good Trading

This is a moment of truth

We either hold here 25.28 or we jump higher. This is it. Good Trading

Sell QQQQ, 10c mental stop

Stops at breakeven , Mental. Must have sold from 45.24~45.28. If you paid attantion.
Good Trading 45.09 right now 10:16am ET, And I hope rest of the QQQQ puts you wanted to buy went here. Of course, you are not obligated to sell any more than 40% you already would have.


GLD 61.50-60.20
QQQQ 45.28 - 44.85
FXE 129.57 - 129.23
GG 25.92 - 25.18

Euro Revcovering, Bad sign for Stocks?

Dear Readers, EURO is recovering, from yesterdays 129.00 to 129.30, right on time with our turnaround time of midday yesterday. I presume much of huffing and puffing in the stock market was the EURO dumping and if that is the case QQQQ may have a harder time going higher next couple days. It is interesteing how things seem to happen... as we say!? Good Trading

Picture Problems, Pressure Builds

Dear Readers having a problem today with the pictures, but situation is clearly "pressured". QQQQ SELLPRESSURE, while elevated remained there and the BUYPRESSURE dropped even farther. This should cause at least some slowdown here, if not a fall. The SPX SELLpressure went even higher than last time and BUYpressure fell as well. So the expectation is to have the markets slow down and/or fall within 1-4 days. It could start today. The days top is scheduled for 11:00Am ET. Gold managed to stay above water and EURO is trying to catch a breath. We shell see what develops here, but GOLD is showing good signs by advancing in terms of EURO. OIL may find some support here as well. Good Trading

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some anticipation

Dear Readers, there is some anticipation involved here. We all saw today that the SELL PRESSURE was elevated and we needed to see the response of the market. Well, it is not what bear would have expected. It was more of a what a more bullish outlook would call for. Nevertheless We all know sitting here today that the SELL PRESSURE will be even... HIGHER( you guessed right!), cause market was higher today. That means that with 1-4 day delay we expect a market digest ( at least) or fall due to that pressure. So, that is when I saw today's pattern develop the way it did today, it was becoming clear that we/i must wait for tomorrow, as a minimum. I hope this is all crystal clear Dear Friends. Good Trading

QQQQ Put,Buy another 20%

Timing of this second sale is 15:10 ET, GOod Trading

Dear Cobbense, NFI is AOK!

Dear Cobbense, Congrats NFI is doing fine last couple days.

Time to look at the big picture again

The big picture looks interesting. GS Goldman Sacks ( target 244) has recovered. QQQQ broke new highs. TRAN is moving higher. So underpinnings of the bear picture could be crumbling right in front of us unless stock market undergoes big damage before the end of this month. That is why I ask you to be careful about shorts here. Very careful and very calculated. QQQQ shorts positions if any may have a short term nature only. If market does not respond to elevated sell pressure we could be off to races up again... Good Trading

Time to look at the big picture again

The big picture looks interesting. GS Gold man Sacks has recovered. QQQQ broke new highs. TRAN is moving higher. So underpinnings of the bear picture could be crumbling right in front of us unless stock market undergoes big damage before the end of this month. That is why I ask you to be careful about shorts here. Very careful and very calculated. QQQQ shorts positions if any may have a short term nature only. If market does not respond to elevated sell pressure we could be of to races up again... Good Trading

This is the turnaround time, we expected

Now, a QQQQ turnaround could be temporary and real turn is destined 12/1/2007(tomorrow) 11:00Am. EURO started creep just about hour ago. Gold seems to have made its turn yesterday and keeps going into tomorrow 11:00Am at least. Good Trading

Do you want QQQQ put options?

Here's how I would do it? I do not trade options, just a strategy for those who do.
Buy 20% of positions now. 20% End of day.

EURO and QQQQ Vertical

In opposite directions. Do you think change is coming? I think so. Good Trading

Limits for GG

GG 25.54,2588,26,23 - 29.94,24.62, Giving 3 levels on upside, seems to have the volatility to make the distance. Good Trading

hit first Limit zone 45.05-45.12

EURO is being dumped

Like there is no tomorrow for EUROPE. We need this to pass. All the EUROpeans are buying USA stocks and GOLD ( a bit). The turnaround time is 12:00Pm +- 30min. We are alomst there (ET time). Good Trading

sell again if 44.78 is printed

You know now, not to risk anything that is more than a movie ticket price. If you do more I do not want to talk to you again(: :). Good Trading

we are at new QQQQ highs

Need to respect, until weekness develops, Gave market 5-10c that is a good price to pay for trying. GOod Trading

alert, abort anything above 87

If you can not risk 10c, do not trade yet

Need to learn, go to school.

Critical,minute 10am

Pay attention, Dark Bar is the begining. Be mentally ready to abort under any circustances with the 10c risk. Do not fear, Boris is Here. Good Trading

Out with 2-3c loss, apply short again

On any black 5 min Bar, with no more than 10c risk, GOod Trading


QQQQ 45.06(45.20)-44.50(44.30)
GLD 60.93 - 6.40

Sell 1/3 rd position QQQQ 43.84OB

Stop 10c Mental 43.79 was a mistaken print. Be ready to abort anything above 43.88. Remember we can go short again, but if you give market a chance to take you up you being short, that is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

TA100 SICK?,Shekel Topped

TA100 can not get over 950 no matter what the effort. SICK market, we said so for 2 months now. Shekel has topped around 4.16, just around our 4.10 projection Good Trading

In Sickness And In Health,In Sync

Dear Readers, Finnaly SPX & QQQQ are in synch, both at elevated, not extreme, sell pressure. By respoinding to it( going down in 1-2 days) markets would prove: First that it does not take enormous pressure to cause the down move ( ha? path of least resistance down) and second that now they are all in sync/agreement that time has come to stop BS and head down. Good Trading

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did You see FXI, Oh Tulip China

Dear Readers, did you see FXI lately. Ha! Chindia( China and India, of course). Suckers always like, something they did not see. So look at FXI it was run in speculative franzy 25% up and down in 2 weeks time. I begged people to stay away from this ( my article at , "China Stops Here"). People never learn. Every advisory was pushing Chindia. From Tycoon, to DailyReckoning to WeissResearch to InvestmentU to Dailywealth ALL! pushing CHINA and INDIA. I wonder, have any of you seen them tell us to sell FXI near 120! Stupid world of investments. Who would they listen to next time. Those zombies at CNBC did their work too and now, are you holding the bag. So, come to us and be protected from the sharks. In 2000 it was Analysts that were discredited, perhaps next time it will be Newsletter Publishers. I was only one? who warned that FXI may have max10% (Ok it was 25%) little time to "tulip mania". Do you wonder, how did they all get on Chinida at once? Well,to some this may appear as groupthink, but you lose nvertheless..

Has anybody seen/hear James?

Dear James, buddy , where are you... We missed you. We hope you are well. Let us know. We will be happy to just know that you are fine. Good Trading

Limits, who cares, I am late(: :)

My apologies Dear Readers, I had an incredible day today, but who would not if they are trading today. I will tell you about it later, meanwhile the limits.
QQQQ 44.11(44.36) - 43.66(43.43) (high volat in brackets)
FXE 129.98 - 129.77 ( 129.53) (high volat in brackets)
GLD 60.69 - 60.19 ( 60.09) (high volat in brackets)
GG 25.64 -24.20 nowhere near as volatile as Currencies.

I am sorry, to be late, but I was so busy, I felt like truck has hit me. I am fine and even made money, but the battle reminded me the movie of "gladiator" Good Trading
Dear Readers. Look at the picture and draw you analysis, if you will. Interesting how you would interpret it. I will do my interpreation later. GOod Trading.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Preliminary limits

qqqq 43.66 - 44.34 Low So far 43.63!
gld 60.22 - 60.77 Low So far 60.06 close
fxe 129.79 - 130.76
wuso 45.86 - 48.87, 46.16,low vola low
gg 25.14 - 26.04, so far low 25.01 close
Good Trading
group strengths
altenergy 0.83
banks 0.62
brokers 0.57
china 0.67
dji 0.53
energy 0.87
etfs 0.62
gold 0.70
master_lps 0.67
nano 0.55
pipelines 0.50
uraniums 1.00
water 0.50
sp500 0.63
qqqq 0.32

Pressure Points

Dear Readers, S&P, So Far, was not able to rally significantly on the elevated pressure. It has 1-2 days to prove it has the strength to go higher on a high volume. let's watch. Gold/Oil basing may be temporary and may continue into the Feb. Good Trading

How Do You Spell Top

Gold Could Be Explosive

Dear Readers. Gold Jumping this morning. If Gold Can make it above 650 we could see a run to 1000 or more by March. I bought some this morning. With less than 1% stops. Good Trading

Monday, January 08, 2007

Preliminary Limits

qqqq 44.18 - 43.48
gLD 60.75 - 59.45
uso 49.70 - 47.26 or 48.90 - 47.76 if low volatility
fxe 130.23 - 130.01
gg 26.50 - 25.50 or 26.25 - 25.65 little volatility
GOLD/OIL/GG are at the support 11:07 ET
We have rallied from about 11:20 ET time in gold/gg EURO and OIL. Took some GOLD longs, sorry could not mechanically manage to get you on, but warned the approach for you to take you own action. Please note my GLD action was intraday not to be carried overnight.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Market looks for direction

Dear Reader, Markets are searching for direction here. Best way to look at them is via prism of group strength. If Golds/Oil are looking strong and indices are not looking so strong this could be clue together with elevated averagebuypressure(cyan) line. The path of least resistance has been lower, but the market refused to give up much of a ground. So it has either unfinished business on the strong side as the "how to sell the top" DOW projection suggests or even stronger rally if QQQQ breaks a new high. XOI and GOLD are in for better days early next week judging by their group "ready to jump" status. What will be the trigger?. Good Trading


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Losers Frst Week 2007

Dear Readers, Please Note Groups Depicted Are Yahoo Groups. You can follow groups/stocks via I use these to zero in on stocks within the groups. Good Trading

Gainers Frst Week 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

Why Are not we short QQQQ

Dear Readers, good question, we have tried with the parameters of risk we like and did not work. We were taken out of the game. Just as well, we will only play by our rules not others. As we say here, there is a train every day in this market we just have to wait and jump on it. Remember we took over 3% out of QQQQ as it is gyrating within 2% range for a month. Ok . Good Trading

Initial Limits

GLD 600 - 610 Went to lower support,bounce
QQQQ 43.50 - 44.17 HA! the low was 43.48
GG 25.02 - 26.27 26,18 high, 9c from projected
This is a hard time to trade, Best thing is to lay low or write options to make the money on this volatility. Or the other way straddle cheap options.
Good Trading

Group Pressures

Dear Readers, Below are areas with various market pressures. anything above 1 means positive pressure and below 1 negative pressure. More important, though is to see the chart of these as days go buy and compare relative values. Good Trading
altenergy 1.7
banks 4.0
brokers 4.0
china 1.0
dow 0.6
etfs 4.5
gold 1.5
mastr_lps 1.0
nano 1.0
pipelines 0.5
uraniums 0.0

To Pressure Or Not To Pressure?

Dear Readers, This is the first time QQQQ was able to respond to the elevated pressure. Let's see if this is a one day strangle_the_shorts rally or more. At this point there is a room for 1-3 day of consolidation and move lower. Sooner QQQQ moves lower and makes one more attempt to highs next week better it will correspond to the outline in the "S(P)ELLTOP" chart. GLD could find a bottom here, but be careful with JOBS numbers today, DITTO EURO/DOLLAR and BONDS. Good Trading

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buy GLD , 61.72 on stop, risk 11c

Dear Readers, This is not valid after yesterdays market close. Good Trading

Shorts Are Toyed By QQQQ,GLD Turning?

Dear Readers, QQQQ seems to want to go down, but can not really do it without throwing away bunch of shorts. They got us out (: :) .
GLD could be turning here. We have tested a support of 60% of the recent run up. If QQQQ is looking to go down, could GOLD be looking to go up. Very possible. Strategy could be to buy with a very tight stops.
Good Trading

Sell 1/3 rd position QQQQ 43.79OB,

Stop Mental 43.86; stop at 43.79 mental , free trade, OUT Even


QQQQ 43.74 - 42.85 ,Correction 43.65 - 42.95
GLD 61.65 - 62.65
GG 26.31 - 27.79 wide range. May not go to any
XOI 1117.50 - 1116.59
By Rules of Alternation, Should get quieter day?
Good Trading

Buy Sell Pressure, Damn the Blog

Dear Readers Can not post picture, but Here is summary. QQQQ pressure is elevated, but QQQQ has not been able to respond for a month now. This leaves the intermediate signal in place... Direction of QQQQ is down, until proven otherwise.

What worked Late 2006?

Hope you understand the info. Please email me if you want/need the EXCEL file of the industries. GOod Trading.

Still Unable To Post Pictures

Dear ReadersMiracles Never Stop Happening, Uploades the industry movers charts. Good Trading

Just a test if I can post text

Dear Readers Test to post the text, I was not able to do this all day yesterday. Good Trading

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Get Out QQQQ 1/3 if still short

We, have reminded few times, last Friday, for day traders to get out of 1/3 QQQQ positions with profits. If you did not and have access to futures markets, get out. If not, wait till the premarket QQQQ starts trading and get out. Chances are, they are running stops, but there is also a chance that a powerful early January rally maybe in the cards. Still should be able to get out around break even if the current futures prices persist. That is one lesson to be learned. If you can help it, do not carry trades overnight and especially over loooooong weekends. Good Trading