Friday, July 28, 2017

Fwd: Update for today: do not miss on markets, because you wanted to buy at the bottom

REMINDER: There are CORE POSITIONS that must be held all the time
Especially that is true, when we think GOLD could be entering explosive period of 2-5 months.
So, you should not COMPLETELY RELY on trading. You should have CORE POSITONS
that will make you enjoy the GOLDEN PERIOD, even if you missed the good entries for trading.
So, do not wait please, bit by bit over next 7-8 weeks make a program of gradual purchasing PM's and PM Miners

I would say , to some extend same thing about the NATGAS and even ENERGY. Most all of you know 
natgas plays( UNG, UGAZ) and especially the more reliable stocks  ( EPD, CHK, LNG, GLOG, SWN, CQP, etc).
Some of these are Nice Yield stocks ( EPD, CQP about 5-6%). XLE covers entire energy space for easy participation.

Do not have to buy at precised bottoms, can buy in parts on a dollar cost average bases.

Do not have much new in terms of the projected timing. It looks like September may present best
trading entries on most of these discussed above( if only precise trades are planned)

We are not neglecting hi tech, but these are scare valuation times for them and we want drops to start buying them
You so the pandemonium in the markets yesterday when NASDAQ dove like it was a 2000 again(:-.
Unlikely we crap out like that, but at the same time, please , be patient with tech it is great builder and even grater 

So, waiting for Dollar to turn higher and push most everything down for us to come and make PURCHASES with MERCHANDISE we 
want being ON SALE!

Boris Chikvashvili

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Hi All,

Amazingly enough the extreme highs on EMINI (SPX futures) today are
YES, exactly what we projected for months 2485-2486( INCREDIBLE)
Today is FED day and I think, we will get there. But then Please Portect
Please Protect

Dollar seems to be trying top turn corner and EURO lost 1% from the top 117117 so far

All is as projected and anticipated.
We could have Dollar turn up , but not until Early AUGUST we can expect it to run up
So be patient with all else, because All commodities depend on Dollar at the end of the day
Gold shall and seems to have began a correction as well as all else.

ENERGY perked up , because this is THE ONLY BEATEN DOWN sector in the whole world

Bought UGAZ keep stops at break even, real run in GAS may start in Mid/late August
look at the table again, and marvel with those numbers

Boris Chikvashvili

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Hi All

Market outlook changed none.
See yesterday's comments.

NATGAS did drop and closed below last weeks low.
I have issued the accumulation versus trade update on facebook, please see it
Look at the table if you are going to try and snap up something
Good Luck

Boris Chikvashvili

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Subject: Update for today

Hi all

Quick Survery

1) Stocks Should top this week, Max next
2) Gold Should top this week, Max next
3) Euro Should top this week, max next
after Dollar gets up out this SWAMP
It is likely to sink all boats.
I mean ALL ( maybe Natgas try survive)

Until October Dollar strength may devastate almost all commodites
and stocks

Within that context and timing above please use the daily table
for favorable entries/exits

Remember we anticipate the GOLDEN AGE after Dollar is done 
strength late September/Early October

Please do not hesitate to as questions either via email or chat over the facebook
Boris Chikvashvili

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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Boris Chikvashvili

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

From the BOOK OR REVELATIONS, 3 weeks before the fact, 100% to the day pinpoint of bottom and 20% explosion in UGAZ

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Boris Chikvashvili