Sunday, September 30, 2007

Darth Vader, MIning Stocks?

Dear Readers, please look at the three important GOLD indices GOX, XAU and HUI, the are showing signs of exhaustion. They all are at the old high resistances, only XAU got new highs. Next Annual resistances ( Blue Medium DOTTED lines) are just passed or nearby and Decennial(RED DOTTED LINE) resistances are even higher. There was a substantial retracment too from the top( see tails on candles). Looking at Gold itself ( see chart two posts down), we see that we may need couple days to arrive at SELL signal, which could happen any which way by Mining Stocks just meandering a bit around here. Considering the run on $USD, we are either at a quick turn here, or a complete collapse of $US which will lead to GOLD to 800-900 area and Gold indices to new highs as shown by red solid lines above current prices. Stay tuned, this is shaping up as a week of destiny for $USDollar. In any case, I call the patterns in all three indices a "DARTH VADER PATTERN" Imagine these long candles like the sticks out of the Head of Darth Vader.
One quick Note: see the RED DOTTED line at 120(XAU) and at 287(HUI). Yes my dear friends this line at 121 was the one that allowed me to call the XAU support 11/2006, as a survival at the battle of STALINGRAD(VOLGOGRAD). Search for STALINGRAD in


Dear Readers, Perhaps it is high time to define more precisely what our goals are.
ANTI-SOPITALIST does not think it can change the world. World is and forever will be controlled by the groups of SOPITALISTS, that may or may not like each other. SOPITALIST does not have to be money hungry, sometimes they are strong Ideologists, like early COMMUNISTS, LENIN, STALIN, ORJONIKIDZE and others. Sometimes they are RELIGIOS FANATICS , Israel few years ago had large number of them and IRANIAN Mullahs are examples. But once they come to ABSOLUTE POWER they become TRUE SOPITALISTS who go after MONEY, as the MONEY is what keeps them in POWER. Sometimes these GROUPS join and become international in NATURE, but I do not think as of yet, we have arrived where ALL SOPITALISTS are on the same Wavelength, therefore, my stand as ANTI-SOPITALIST does not prevent me from understanding the complexity of the world. Things could get even more ugly as the POPULATION of the earth is growing fast and the dwindling resources are used up or stockpiled by SOPITALISTS.
So, what can we do to help things. We must concentrate on the SOPITALISTS in our own locales, countries , states or even cities. We need to make sure that people know the existence of SOPITALISM and mostly defend themselves FINANCIALLY. This is our focus. All else leads into here "SURVIVE FINANCIALLY" by understanding SOPITALISM. We do not believe in the causes of PACIFISTS and/or ANARCHISTS. We are not UTOPIANS. This ANTI-SOPITALIST stated often, we are not OPTIMISTS and/or PESSIMISTS, we are REALISTS. As such we understand that there may/will be wars, sometimes clearly just sometimes clearly unjust and somewhere in between. However started, Many SOPITALISTS will (re)discover war to be profitable! It will eventually work out when the population becomes so disgusted that it forces the SOPITALISTS to stop it. We can and should contribute to such process and discussions and we will. Please see the statement below. SOPITALISTS WILL GO TO CHURCHES,SYNAGOGUES OR MOSQUES, THEY MAY PRAY IN ENGLISH, ARABIC, OR HEBREW. In Short:

1. SOPITALISTS may differ but they have two GODS, MONEY & POWER, and they will often use one to get the other - Boris Chikvashvili

2. The modern work of the Powers that be is essentially an all out war against 'ethical monotheism.' They got to the Jews and Christians- now they are after the Muslims - Joseph Ehrlich

3. Pacifism does not prevent war, it invites one. Being aware of SOPITALISTS work and keeping them in check is a much better way to prevent the war. - Boris Chikvashvili

4. Government is empowered by PACIFISTS who want protection, cause they will not fight for themselves and then PACIFISTS blame government for wars, after empowering them with such powers. -Boris Chikvashvili

5. War is scary as hell, like skydiving, but you magnify chances of dying in it, cause you refuse to prepare for it - Boris Chikvashvili

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Ford, Comments on Gold, chart above Ejnoy

Comments from Mark A. Lytle:Hi Boris, This is my rough Elliot wave count for the $SPX..I believe we are in wave 4 of the move uo from 2002-2003..The big crash is a couple or few years ahead when we complete wave 5...My personal guess as to year of the top is 2010..but who knows? Regards, Mark L.

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is now closed for weekend. We had few short attempts and one small loss -3c. This is smaller than grain of sand compared to money we made in the drop and rise from 19Jul to 18Aug and up to 15Sep.

Actually I am even more proud that with the HUGE difficulties of bridging across the political views and divides, race and wars, we have been able to discuss and agree and disagree on issues that would not even be discussed in other blogs/events. I sincerely hope that with all the differences we have ( this is an international site like any other) we are able to see the real goal, exposing SOPITALISM and helping poor people. Thanks you all for active participation. Good Trading

With regard to the graphs above, I look at my graph of DEFLATEDSPX and I do not see what is visible on Marks' chart. I see, perhaps an ABCDE completed June this year and Market is down for good from there. EINSTEIN was right, it is all relative. So, what do you need to do to see an alternate picture. Just leave USA for a while...

Dear Nikolay, see the chart of $XEU , you requested in the post below.

Is anybody making money

Dear Readers, has anybody taken any short positions? If you did keep stops above todays high, or breakeven, there should be not much difference

expressing myself

Misc Musings and Thoughts said...
2. The modern work of the Powers that be is essentially an all out war against 'ethical monotheism.' They got to the Jews and Christians- now they are after the Muslims.

Now why the hell I could not write this, cause I am stupid and I need this BLOG to learn ENGLISH. No Joke. Still, no joke either, SOPITALISM is the base on which "GETTING MUSLIMS" will happen.

14:14 ET Ok, most of $US beating is coming from EURO at a fresh high 142.60. SWISSY only marginal new high 1.1643.

14:19 ET IF CFH does not stop at 1.163X we could see 1.1574 shortly!

Ok to examplify the usefulness of numbers. In 2002 Corporate Earnings were in the dumpster. Government Panicked and SOpitalistS enacted Tax reduction, which actually translated into tax increase on poor ( whose relative expanse on OIL is huge ) compared to rich.

If you do simple math and multiply average $500 a month spend by family fo OIL and could up all the taxes ( STATE/FEDERAl etc) . What do you get, about $TRILLION that went to SOPITALISTS and left poor people. Now poor also got $1000 Tax deduction but it was all eaten up by tax increase. Ok, nobody can argue with that. It went into supporting Corporations , such as Dear DXB mentions and much bigger ones. Such is life under SOPITALISM, no wonder nobody is thrilled with it. I would like very much to stick to info that is verifiable from source and then the veracity can be argued. Personal experiences are also very useful and we should not deny anybody express their feelings. At the end of the day, though we all agree that SOPITALISTS exist and we need to do something to counter them, if for nothing else , for our own economic well being. If we can stick to that, I think we can make useful contributions to this blog and each other. There is absolutely no need to make this personal, even as some people may chose to and then they may have to make their own decisions about presence on this blog.

Appreciate every bodies contribution. For me, I think all of us have learned something we did not know before this all started today. Let the chips fall where they may. I am not bashful about it. I know it is good to argue, cause it educates.

Anyone who sold, stop TopOfDay

Dear Readers, anybody who sold markets, stops at the top of the days high. Good Trading

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi Jim,
Bounce off 13866 now ending.Probable TEST of:13807 2692 BY 11:30 PDTHave a nice weekend.Jim
9/28/2007 8:39 AM

One thing I want to make sure of that most of readers understand. USA is not in IRAQ to defend Israel. It is there to defend OUR/USA Living Standrds or what is left of it...

Do I like it, hell no, do I undestand some of it, hell yes, is it destroying life in USA as we knew it, hell yes, Is it creating more SOPITALISM? hell YES, do we need the technology miracle, HELL YES ( to get new energy )

Limits coming up

watch for these levers on Q
51.8292 UPSIDE

51.1808 DOWNSIDE

Look Guys/Girls if you want to sell in the upper band be my guest, just do not tell me and use all the "sex, sorry trading, protection rules I taught you". You may not hear from me. We can not give our secrets to SOPITALISTS anymore.

N QQQQ 51.71 - 51.47
N SPX 1529 - 1534
N RUT 813.3 - 815.3

Here is an idea, You do not have to sell all at once. Try selling 1/3 of what you would have sold. Again do not announce please.

10:15 ET NYA 10076. turned back. Important!
10:16 ET DJI 13927.50 tripple top?
Watch these levels if/when you go short, these will be levels to watch.

How can anybody deny AHMEDINE-JIHAD standing there where he whips people up in FRENZY and they all shout under his orchestration, DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL.

Please Dear Greenie, this stops here. Nobody is blind. I am not going to make this site into futile discussions. If I am wrong burden of proof is on others.

This is not academic and charade stops here. His IRANIAN made ZILZAL rocket hit 10 miles from my house in HADERA. That is after 7 years of Israel leaving Lebanon. Is this enough proof that he as destabilizer? I do not need any more proof Dear Greenie. This man AHMEDIN-JIHAD has created illegal ARMY within the independent country of LEBANON... hahaha you need the proof? Then you are hard man to convince Dear Greenie and let us live it there. Millions of Lebanese Christians Ran fearing Genocide and never returned. And what is the CHARTER of this illegal "country within country" called HIZBOLLAH, "DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL". I read them on every rocket send to innocent populations homes.

Now you get the facts. I got them I do not need stinking media to tell me what is going on. Now Nobody needs to read FARCI, it is known in ENGLISH.

Dear DXB says, it is all ABOUT OIL, well what you took you so long. You just need to beat me up to this fact out. I never doubted this and said so. It is amazing how people forget things when they are all worked up. If Saudi kings for generations did not allow this it would not happen. It takes two to tango. Is ALCAIDA having legitimate grievance about OIL being looted, HELL YES. Do we need to argue this at this late in the game. This is why you want to call me "whatever". Crazy Dear DXB. We are thinking alike and your shouting hard not to realize that.

Look Dear DXB, I do not know exactly where I have offended you , but it could have been where I said that ARABISATION/ISLAMISATION is coming. Cause I have learned that we think lot a like in human terms. Sorry Pal, that is a fact. I do not know what it means. I surely hope that ISLAM can live within it's limits and Christians too, cause the truth maybe that the JEWS are the most susceptible to ISATION of sorts than other religions...

So long My good Friend.

2. The modern work of the Powers that be is essentially an all out war against 'ethical monotheism.' They got to the Jews and Christians- now they are after the Moslems.

AMEN, posted see inside.

Actually, I think more of what is disturbing the MUSLIM/ISLAMIC world is exactly that, I would call it SOPITALISATION. I think Dear DXB misunderstood that perhaps the fact of ISLAM/MUSLIM spreading is actually myth. Perhaps what is spreading really is SOPITALISM and once you are SOPITALIST it matters none who you are. YOu all get along stealing from poor, My COMMENTS/BORIS.


Dear Readers PACIFISM and ANARCHISM have no part in ANTI-SOPITALISM. No discussions will be entertained that all wars are wrong and borders should not exit and other such nonsense. Not on this site. We fight for HONEST-CAPITALISM in this one and only beautiful country (USA) we have. With all ugly problems this is still the country to live in. Any other BSers not on this site please. Let us just make sure we put up good fight for a better USA, one that loves it's ( not always shiny) past so that it can build it's future on that foundation.
Markets, as you can see the GOLD and SP500 OSCILLATORS are not in the sell. If anything they drift towards buy rather than sell... Ha.. Yes Virginia. If you come here then listen to the markets. None of us can sound better than it does and it loudly says... "Perhaps soon, but DO NOT HURRY TO SELL ME YET ". Mininum Condition for us to enter SELL ALERT is that YELLOW OSCILLATOR drops sharply DOWN. So, watch it.
Good Trading

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, The National SOPITALIST Casino is closed for today. Appreciate the active participation. No opportunities today, just as well, who said we can not have fun without trading.

Dear Greenie,I was hoping you found in the link I gave you what is wrong with AHMEDIN-JIHAD.
1) There could be nothing wrong with you, but when BIG BOYS RUSSIA/USA are on your back...
2) It is unbelievable that in this day and age a COUNTRY leader comes out with a definitive Jihadist statement that said "ELIMINATE ANOTHER COUNTRY"
There is no precedent for this except HITLER's and you know what happened when the sucker was allowed to go on take initial sacrifices and then went on the mother RUSSIA itself. Thanks to the HERIOIC RUSSIAN peoples Stand he could not win. Nobody would bother to discuss him if only he parked his tongue in his own A. And not inflame.
You tell me you find it hard to believe that something is wrong with AHMEDIN-JIHAD?
Or perhaps you do not know that by UNITED NATIONS charter no member of that organisation can come out with that statement.
I hope you can bring me an argument for your disappointment.
Yes, I think ALCAIDA needed to be hit, but not reconstruction of IRAQ. I do not believe in this part of the war.
You disagree? would love to hear why?


The same sense of justice that makes me fight for honest CAPITALISM, is the one that will make me killer machine when threatened, I am no PACIFIST my friend. Readiness for just war and citizen protection is the only function that is legitimately governments. Should BUSH have been given sweeping war powers? Absolutely NIET.

Good Trading


N QQQQ 51.43 - 51.71
O SPX 1521.00 - 1528.01
Old readings on limits so far
PreMarket ; Focus on 51.70 - 51.78 area early morning in Q's

9:54 ET Had we hit the high for today this morning on the open. Possible! What can I say it was 51.67 or something very close to our targets. Now, the only way to play is to go long at the 20 day MA. 51.40 or low limit 51.43 with very small risk. I can not sell this market at this price
10:03 ET (@51.50) Bounced exactly from 51.42, must hold or long way down

Dear LagScrew, In short: I think, neither RUSSIA Nor WEST want Nuclear IRAN. All singals are given for Deranged Ahmedinejad? to stop. If he Does not... Either he is one of the (INTERNATIONAL SOPITALISTS) playing game ( very profitable OIL game) with all of us. Or he is just about to be blown out of his AH. How do we, usual Mortals get to differenciate? ( Longer he lives more chances of him being the SOPITALIST ) READ MY ARTICLE ( "UPDATE" ) at I do not think anybody has articulated my stand on this early and clearly enough As I did ( will take any corrections )
10:21 ET 51.40 area held? heading to the top area 51.70ish

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, HI JD,

End of 3rd Quarter tomorrow will bring heavy selling.Now at Major Cluster:
10051 NYSE
2094 NDX100
813 R2K.Jim
9/27/2007 12:44 PM

Voltaire said...
There were several days around 10/3/1937 that were not much different but just a couple of days either side of the 10th.3/9/29 to 10/3/37 was 2745 cal days.That gave us the target for July this year which turned out as14/1/2000 - 19/7/2007 as 2743 cal days.That was for the Dow but SP500 had its high on 24/3/2000.24/3/2000 + 2743/5 cal days is 27-29/09/2007.About to find out.Even if Sp500 doesn't make a new high it can still be valid as a peak.Nasdaq and NDX both had highs on 24/3/2000 as well.NDX is at a new high and so certainly does qualify and Nasdaq is so close.
9/27/2007 12:49 PM

Dear Malcolm,
1539.58 is my 3rd Annual Resistance for SPX500. Pwerful HA... HAHAHA... What was the recovery high of 19 Sept? Evnelope Please...
1538.74 sorry to be so precise. All other numbers mean nothing to me, you know, but I must mention GANN number at 1540.24. HuH...

How Many Ways. Ba-Ba, ba-ba-baa

Dear Readers, So as the song says, how many ways to skin the cat (or please the lover?). Well, it all depends on the CAT and the TOOLS one has to skin the cat with. Right?. Ok, Ok, so let us go back and see the Pressure Charts became wishy-washy on us, the summation chart lost the direction, but hey look at the SP500-Oscillator, it is sane and it still says the same, what Pressure charts said couple days ago, there is no real way to sell this market yet, cause the YELLOW is refusing to take a hard dive, same with GOLD YELLOW does not want to go down. Do you listen to the markets? Sometimes we do not. I did not yesterday when trying to sell QID and today I do not go out for coffee, no money left... Yes, Oscillator was saying that BROKERS were strong(with 9 languages I could not translate that into B(uffet) B(buy) B(ear), shame on me), remember that? See the weekend GROUPSTRENGTH Excel table... You see if we listen, it is there, if we do not we will lose. But sometimes losing is fun, we must remember how it feels right? OK, really I think it is really incredible that we have so many ways of looking at markets and something always makes more sense than the other. GO WITH IT DUMMY Me, of course. Another day to have fun in our SOPITALIST NATIONAL CASINO, just remember keep giving.
Energy, We had a weak sell ( RED oscillator did not join other two down). We need the real line up for final nail in the energy coffin.
$bottomed(temporarily. BUCK STOPS HERE) Yesterday, SWISSY topped exactly at our 1.16.50 and Brutish Pound also. Today it is EURO turn to top, uless 1.4191 ( strongly resistance projected for today between 1.4191-1.4195) is aceeded that is it.
Good Trading ( from now this will change to Keep Giving )

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, Appreciate your active participation in today's session. The National Sopitalist Casino is closed for today. Another attempt to short, this time coffee money lost, well considering tens of thousands of Dollars we made in major July August Trades down and up this is just a recreation time. We love to have fun. Now who said trading can not be fun. $rose as suggested, Bonds Have lost a ground, as suggested and while Gold does not want to die, I am not sure it wants to live(: :)
Good Trading
The chart above is courtesy of Mark P. And Here are Marks's comments
The fifth wave is a leading diagonal and Elliot wave does allow for the upper trendline to be broken to the upside on the last leg, but upside is usually limited before reversing. If my count is correct, we should be near the end of the line. For now, I'm sticking with my Oct 3 turn date.

How does that fit into my annual Forecast for GOOGLE? My Limits are 566 and 598. Well 566 is right here is not it( today's high 571.xx and close 568.16 ). While at it EBAY annual first resistance, envelope please...., 39.18, actual this months high 39.40 and today's close 39.18 HMMM... Vamos Aver Amigos!


N QQQQ 51.06 - 51.51
N SPX 1521.00 - 1528.01
Notice 1521 is the low and MA also there, could be going higher from here? If supported
On the other hand if Q this mornings high is really where the stop should be for shorts. I can not place this kind of a stop on the QID especially, cause it would have been 20 cent. I do not risk that kind of money even as it is small. Notice with inital stop placement QID will be in profit still, Do we care? Not, remember Rule Number 2 Of trading, "do not worry about what you could have made". Important thing is to stick to losing none or little, so that you can come back and think straight, instead of trying to revenge, market will not like it and you will lose more.
51.42 - 51.51 represents another storng band of resistance for Q's if 51.51 not reached it could turn down hard.

GOLD does not want to die, YELLOW osciallator never came down(see chart), Nor Does S&P
Q's reach exactly 51.51 if broken 52.22 possible!
13:07 ET, we have spend a good part of the day sitting in this range of 51.42 - 51.51. Hahaha.
13:45 ET Even though our favorite sport is to short, GAGES knew it better they said up day(s)!

SOPITAL Feast, Rising Market?

Dear Readers , observe the summation chart. It shows close analogies to the current situation that I could see on the chart. They both indicate the continuation of the upside move. Downside potential may have been exhausted at this time. The Pressure chart also shows the SPX buy pressure not huge but respectable. Caution on the short side, please. Does this seem to coincide with Stronger $US and weaker YEN( as we suspected)?
09:55 Buy QID 39.04 stop 10c. Brave Only
10:01 stop mental 38.99 do not risk much
10:08 stops at 19.01 risk even less
out -3c, coffee money, but needed to try, too bad did not catch it lower on the open

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, The National Casino is closed for today. Appreciate the active participation. Another attempt to take short positions was foiled by SOPITALISTS. Well, as long as they can not take my money, I do not care what they do... Well, you still want to be trader or settle for Investor. In your place I would... go for INVESTOR(: :)
Good Trading
04:32 ET We thought $US will bottom last couple days. After SWISSY hit 116.50. We think we did it again?


O RUT 769.93 - 795.40
N SPX 1507.00 - 1510.57(1515-th,1517.5-5th)
N QQQQ 50.21 - 50.64 (50.90-5th)
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50
Gold is up ~$5 since hitting 721 area. any guesses?
Swissy hits 116.50 we wanted, Good Boy Swissy...
$USD hit the low?
Yen hit the low area 114. and rocketed.....................! 114.56 that is how important this level is now. If it is not broken, we are moving up in the stock market and YELLOW line rules for now. Forget the even big decline, let alone crash.

13:43 ET If you can risk 10c, sell Q at the market(50.84 now) with 10c stop. I am not doing it.
13:49 ET Q stops 50.86 2c risk, 50.90 is 5h top. Nowhere to go, but explode above that.
13:54 ET Stops at BreakEven 50.84. No Risk, Risk takers 50.91
13:58 ET Those with low capital, Please no risk...
14:09 ET, Sorry Low capital guys/girls. You SOPITALISTS( large capital) are still in lower the stops down to breakeven and those with large positions ( super SOPITALISTS) take some money to raise the breakeven point.
14:15 ET , do not give more than BreakEven this market has not rolled yet
14:49 ET, I hope nobody is trying to improvise here. I said this market has not rolled over yet.
14:52 ET, if this not the top here, then next one is at 51.25, see you there... that would be equivalent of 39 QID ( something tells me we will be there today or tomorrow)
OK all you want to see who is moving NAZ again. Usuall Suspects AAPL CSCO etc ( see chart above)

Powerful Crash Now or Never?

Text Color

For chart explanation search "ChartReading"
For limits explanation search "LimitsReading"
For Osicllator Explanations search "OscillatorReading"
Dear Readers, all systems are go, we either get the crash in next 2 days or never again(: :) . The latter is an exaggeration. This configuration is so reminiscent of the March and July Crashes. The only significant difference is that it is coming after relatively shorter number f days(1 month) of rally , while the other two were long time distribution rallies ( 3+ months). I do not care. We missed the yesterday's shorting opportunity, now what. We will try again, but here is what I say buy few cheap/worthless put options, either you will be rich in two days or you would lose practically nothing or little. One Caveat, Sentiment is not exactly on our side. PCratios are not the same. Market never gives perfect signals though. It must confuse many to make few profitable.
GOLD , was she warning about something for last couple days? SHE better support at 721 cash ( 07:08 ET), if she does we could explode upside soon.
$US, poor creature, could be getting ready to rally today, tomorrow? Would be nice to get SWISSY to 1.1650 first
Bonds, follow GOLD down?
All these things May Hinge on JPY posture today. Topped 114.35? break much below 114 and Collapse is almost guaranteed in GOLD/STOCKS/BONDS etc.

Eseence of Sopitalism

Dear Readers, SO(cialism) for (ca)PITAL , rich, is the definition of SOPITALISM. It is expressed in unholy alliance of POLITICIANS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE to keep Workers/Seniors enslaved, via Lies on Inflation, Illegal Border Slavery and Outrageous Outsourcing, all facilitated by FED printing money(debt), while we protect the same BUSINESSES via USA taxpayers. Anti Anti-sopitalism is a HONEST CAPITALISM. PACIFISM is not PART OF HOMEST CAPITALISM.

Money is like an energy. The total of it, is constant at any point in time. So, unfortunately when somebody gets more of it, agree that it must come from somebody else. Now, Do not get me wrong in none totalitarian society the money will move, from one person to another, depending how aggressively one follows it versus the other. And that is the way it should be. The problem starts when More money is created via illegal/unequal distribution ( FED anyone? ). That is where the connected and powerful get first dibs on it and money loses value and honest savers are screwed. Very simple, I hope, i am no genius and I understand it. That is why SOPITALISM is defined as SOCIALISM for RICH( CAPITAL). That is how the wealth is syphoned away from ordinary people and into the pockets of this unholy alliance of Politicians and Capital. Now Wall Street is just a wonderful mechanism making this happen as the BANKS and BROKERS, are all too eager to recycle ( enrich themselves ) in this process of recycling money from BRIDGES to NOWHERE to ordinary folks within the country or across the sees. No wonder WALL STREET WELFARE state loves the SOPITALISM. They then go and BUY the politicians , so that the process will not stop. Once that sort of a power is located there the possibilities of CORRUPTION are exponentially magnified ( subprime, LTCm, Thrift Crisis and just everyday plain manipulation of the markets). Hedge funds fraud , ready to take any risk necessary to make 2/20(2perc managment 20perc profits above 10perc). Do you think they have Mortgage or two in their portfolio and waiting for the Year to be over, of course they do not want this staff to be marked to market, kidding me ( that is where BERNANKE saved them , KAPISH?). Once they pocket their 2/20 we could see a true explosion.

It is not so hard to understand this... The absolute power bestowed upon this alliance makes all other CORRUPTION possible, cause the ABSOLUTE POWER, ABSOLUTELY CORRUPTS. It leads to a defacto slavery ( illegal slavery with intentional Lax Border Controls) as the means of production ( human and capital ) are absolutely controlled.
There is nothing new about these kind of SOPITALISTIC societies, that is what USSR has become, with COMMUNISTS mutating into SOPITALISTS and then dismantling country as it did not suite their needs. Now the entire world is either SOPITALIST(90%) or TOTALITARIAN(10%) that is it. The EMPEROR is Naked, and nobody to blame USSR is gone, yet the life is getting worse. People are waking up, slowly but surely.
Now, while this could look like BS to some, Think about how much better Person/Trader you become when you start adopting this framework. You will know where to point finger and guess market moves better, Guaranteed. SEE THE GREEN?.
FED is a manipulator, their own admissions, hack you think I am crazy? Listen to BERNANKE, his main goal is "to reduce INFLIETIONary(search vocabulary on this site) expectations". With my limited ENGLISH I read "Cold Calculated Manipulation"...

Well that reminds me an old joke. Breznev ( you know old USSR Premier) was told by Kolchoz(farm) Chair that Cows were lean , cause the grass they ate was dry. Breznev replied, Idiot, just put the GREEN Goggles on those bastards.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, the National CASINO, of our wonderful SOPITALISM is closed for today. We had two attempts to short the market and came up mostly EVEN. Well the only strength in NASDAQ is spooky. Here are the usual suspect that move this market. Another weird distribution day. NDX100/QQQQ up 6 points and 5 pints belong to AAPL. Manipulation anybody? If you sold SPX when we recommended Q's you would have been in good money. That is another lesson, when I say sell here, smartest of you need to look other indices, to confuse the SOPITALISTS.

Good Trading


O RUT 769.93 - 795.400
N SPX 1520.00 - 1528.87
N QQQQ 50.36 - 50.71 ( probably too far?, 50.60like it) (51.2,51.21)
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50

9:49 ET Initial very small short position in Q, possible with 10c stop from 50.60
9:53 ET, Drop Stops, at 50.60, exact top of today!
10:00 ET, STops at 50.55, Guaranteed Profits, free trade, those with large position collect 1/3 here, use profits to raise stop.
10:06 ET, Some of you are out. with profit, some in with stops above 50.60

You see the hazard of open book operation, we are an open book for SOPITALISTS TO GUN, US. I still have not figured what to do about it. They stopped exactly at 50.55, which in some ways implies, we need to get smarter. Like use mental stops, not placing stops, acting on them when the level reached... Try to beat them and collect some profits quickly and use the proceeds to raise the stops ( of course, you do not declare where that stop is) etc. Need to outsmart the SOPITALISTS, who think we are DUMB.

10:22 ET, We are all out now. Large Trader made money, small one even

Please, Dear Readers I am not pessimist or optimist, I said before these words are for losers to classify themselves. I am a realist. I love life and good things it offers and if we must be a RAT RACE running in the RAT race then at least remember that when you win some do not forget to save yourself and others from the total Degeneration...

14:56 ET Alert, 50.50 can be sold with 3c stop
15:00 ET stop 50.50 breakeven
Jim Taylor, JD said...

Hi Boris,Hi JIM

Double Top at R 13866 SHORT.
Down wave accelerating after breach of 1521 39 sq.
Projected Lows this week:13315
9/24/2007 12:12 PM

15:30 ET out second time. Well, another unsuccessful entry. But who is counting. I do not. You notice every time we enter we have a capability to end up profitably or even. Which means that when we win and we win BIG ONES. it will be all profit. This is the only way to survive as a trader

Some More Distribution, Please

For chart explanation search "ChartReading"
For limits explanation search "LimitsReading"
For Osicllator Explanations search "OscillatorReading"
Yes, I think we are undergoing some more distribution. Usually strong markets take time to distribute, unfortunately for crash expectations I mentioned the "strong markets". Yes the move up was strong, no ifs and buts, but nobody says that after distribution, strong markets can not make a devastating move down. They indeed can. Look at how the collapses in February and July started. Good Trading

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Name Has Changed

Dear Readers Our Name has changed, We are now called SOPITALIST. Now, Dear readers, I looked a bit more and found that the CITADEL of "FREE" CAP(SOP)italism that Wikipedia is , it has so many SOPITALISTS supporters ( see list of donors), no wonder they shake in their boots seeing the word SOPITALISM. They were so smart to say that "moral hazard better describes what SOPITALISM implies". You are the judge, who am I, I just understand 9 languages, but to not know any(: :)
Dear Jim Rogers, Nice man, I learned a lot from you, So I owe you one or two or SOPITALIST. You know what I mean, On Bloomberg You said many times, that what FED/USA Government was doing was not CAPITALISM ( must allow failures). Well, Dear JIM, instead of saying "this is not CAPITALISM" you could just say, this is SOPITALISM, we have been thought to think POSITIVISM hahahaha...

SOPITALIST for Wikipedia

Dear Readers, Word SOPITALISM was initiated into the the WIKIPEDIA and somehow somebody decided the word does not belong, which is pretty SOPITALISTIC when you think about it. So, I wrote this:

"I believe,know that SOPITALISM is a much more inportant word than "moral hazard".While Moral Hazard describes all kinds of moral hazards, SOPITALISM is very clearly addressing the issue of degenerative CAPITALISM/COMMUNISM and all other social systems, which left to themselves devolve into SOPITALISM. There is not a word on the Internet that describes what SOPITALISM describes and on that only merit it needs to be accepted. I see all other arguments totally useless in this regard.Of course, you can do whatever you please, but nothing will change the fact of SOPITALISM's not existence and the word will grow in usage, like it or not.Thanks for your time.Good Trading , Boris Chikvashvili"

When/if you have time/desire, please log on to the Wikipedia and tell them the word is important and stand alone and will grow in usage regardless.

Good Trading

Some Muzings

Dear Readers Looking at the GroupStrength Table we see that Financials BANKS/BROKERS near top ( buy ) area. HA... crazy Boris? Also we see the Mortgage and Subprime near bottom (sell ) area. HA... is this all consistent, with what? Market itself is closer to the bottom (sell ) area. You tell me what this means. Here is what I think, Unless the Banks and Brokers break hard ( being on near buy does not guarantee anything, builders where there for one year now. buy must be confirmed) on the anticipated decline, kiss goodbye to CRASH concept.


Notice, this table(GroupStrength) represents a curtailed representation of Yellow Oscillator(22days) and Red Oscillator(13days). It shows the groups near buy(top) and near sell(bottom)
Dear Readers, together with ChartReading and LimitsReading, we now have "OscillatorReading" text as follows:

Oscillator is of the same nature as the pressure graphs. While Pressure Graphs are of absolute nature, that means they show the absolute buy and sell pressures, the Oscillators are a relative pressure indicators. Like you may have both pressures low and that would look little confusing on the pressure chart, but if you take the difference between them that has a more meaningful reading on the chart. So, the Oscillator is nothing but a pressure chart presented in difference, not in absolute, therefore it has only one YELLOW pressure line, which goes above and below 0.5 line. The RED and CYAN oscillators are just moving averages of the YELLOW line and indicate a bit more longer term view of the markets state. When all the oscillators are on the same side and CYAN oscillator is in the 97 % of last years readings( high side) you know that this market is ready to be bought( pending price confirmation). When the same happens on the lower side, you are ready to sell this market( pending price confirmation). One last thing ... when the oscillators are all pointing up, ideally you would want the YELLOW oscillator to hit the 1 reading, that could a final nail in the decline and will start the up move for the security. Opposite is true on the downside. YELLOW is important in those critical moments as it may indicate a last ORGY on the upside(YELLOW ~1) or downside(YELLOW ~0), where the "little guy" is given one last push off the boat( leaving his/her correct position, with a loss and market turning where he/she hoped it will go, without him/her on board. IRONIC HA,). Why do we take so little risk in our trades, one of the most asked questions... Now you know the whole story, cause at that moment of final ORGY market has no strength to fight US... alternatively it shows the unexpected strength( for the situation) and you find us out with a small/no loss. If you understand this, you are on the way of becoming a successful t trader, cause trading is nothing but finding low risk/reward trades and executing them. THAT SIMPLE.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Gold looking for trouble, or trouble looking for Gold.
O RUT 769.93 - 795.400
O SPX 1511.76 - 1537.87
O QQQQ 50.56 - 50.11
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50

Last Of the Bohicans, $USD

Well, Dear Boris, for this the day of YOM KIPPUR to come in, where the hell did you find the name BOHICA. One day, when I have time, I will tell the story. For now... BOHICA means (Bend Over Here It Comes Again)... Well, did we ever get it? this was a mother load of $USDollar Semi Collapse on the World Markets. Well they say MR BEN BERNANKE,(too bad his name is like mine BEN in Hebrew, Boris In Russian) will not be praying in the same Synagogue( physically or literally), where I do, and He will not be saying the same thing to our mutual Creator. AMEN. Sorry to have put the YOUM KIPPUR with this story, but hey It was not me who did it. I was ready to display something more appropriate for this day, If he could only display minimal respect/compassion for the purest/neediest citizens, but this is all I/we got from the HEAD SOPITALIST. I tell you, compared to people/money (mis)management even BOLSHEVIKS look like less red than the SOPITALISTS.

Well, another BOHICA is in Summation Chart. Yes it is coming. Hope you will know what to do, but notice, in this position it could still take day or two for sell to materialise.

Please Be active and make as much noise as you can, I will have something to read Sunday Morning...

With SOPITALISTS in charge, there is plenty BOHICA!
For anybody reading this to assume that we are angry, cause we are bearish on the market. Please make sure you know WHAT BLOG/PLANET are you on. Cause, we make money UP/DOWN and call it the way we see it( actually we are so blind we let the charts see for US). Yes, Virginia , there are such People, and it is US.

Happy Holidays to all.
Good Trading

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear John, That is idea.I want "little guy" to stop being a sucker to the SOPITALISTS everybody is welcome here to learn as much as they can/want.
Dear Readers, everyone who helped with John, god bless you and please keep doing a good thing Remember, the fact that we are here is a proof that the "END OF THE WORLD HAS NOT COME YET" and there is a hope...
I will be late tomorrow in observance of the day of YOM KIPPUR
Attempt will be made to post the charts.
Good Trading


GOLD UPDATE, upper picture. Trading is not about "knowing" it is all about executing, just like at the job in the factory( quote me). Gold is inching to a strong sell, look the final thing needed is the yellow to join longer olscillators down. It is coming. Careful, today tomorrow. So, where is execution, Upto now you bought and trailed and watched, now you trail and watch with all energy you have.
N RUT 806.93 - 823.400
N SPX 1517.78 - 1531.67
N QQQQ 49.81 - 50.31 ( corrected )
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50
9:50 ET Cover 1/3 , or .5 of QID or any positions you may have SHORT, Stop Rest at Break Even

Please note Tomorrow, YOM KIPPUR, day of atonement, I will be out , chance of having some time late into the day. We shell see. Happy Holidays to you all. Please give helping hand to John, int terms of the best tools he can use to accomplish , what I told him to do. Do not be bashful, add your own advice as well. He is going to catch and surpass all of us anyway, so it is better to make friends with JOHN now(: :)

Comiserate With $US America

For chart explanations Search "ChartReading"
For limits explanations Search "LimitsReading"
Dear Fellow Americans, Commiserate with you about our $USDollar. Have seen this morning? It is down to 78.86 -0.46. While you were asleep, SOPITALISTS thieves robbed you again. Now, do not think I am laughing about this. My pensions(not getting them yet, ever?) are IN $USD... How about that?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thanks For being with us

Dear Readers, National Casino Closed for today. Thank you all for active participation. So How do we trade... Quick Primer.
1) watch the gages, know if you are in sell/buy zone
2)watch the limits. and play against them.
3)you may need MACD/ADX or some other short term 5 min indicator
this indicator will help confirm the process of slowing or acceleration of the security around the attraction points.

Those short, congrats.

Simple enough, YES, if you have the gages and limits and some trading platform you are set... Dear John we will discuss what to watch for in detail.

Good Trading


Gold Update, Gold needs to be careful here
O RUT 769.93 - 795.400
N SPX 1511.76 - 1537.87 ( Dave, SO Correct)
N QQQQ 50.56 - 50.11
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50

BOY JPY IS ON LEASH, these couple days. You be the judge, could not they do this before. There goes manufactured Crisis!

10: 44 ET $RUT CAN BE SHORTED with 820. stop. I am not doing it though same for INDU 13844 stop

So that you know my hesitation comes from... The day after very strong Tuesday is seldom a lasting short as the Thursday after usually( 60-70% of times, depending on the size of Tue move.) makes higher high than the Tuesday itself...

If I did not respond, give me some time(: :)

11:20 hitting high limit SPX, one may want to sell Q buy QID, not following myself, no more than 7-10c stop above top

Yes, Unmistakable Sell

Dear Readers, The sell signal just got stronger. There is a good news ( for bears) in it and bad news. The sell signal is coming on the kind of strength that has not been seen in 2 + months( bad news, implicates the market could be stronger than many thought). The signal is now more unmistakable than ever ( good news, but will it yield a real strong down move?).
Well, that is where we are and we must respect markets wishes, even as we may not respect those that manipulate it. If we came to play there is not choice, we must play.

Good Trading

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks For being with us

Dear Readers, we had a bad day today. No, we did not lose money( gained on the initial trade, lost on the follow up), but what transpired was despicable. NATIOANL CASINO IS CLOSED FOR TODAY. SOPITALISTS sold honest savers/earners of America again. Looking in their EYE'S they have spet in it and said, "here rat, you deserve to be our slave, and you are, just keep working and living rat's life and transfer your savings to us". I can not explain the pain I feel for, SENIORS/STUDENTS/SINGLE MOTHERS/FAMILIES WITH MODEST MEANS. Hear the celebration on wall street, SOPITALISTS, keep spitting right in your faces REAL AMERICANS, when will you wake up...

1) Start by selling the $USDollar, we warned you for months that SEPTember will bring acceleration of $US decline
2)Buy and hold forever Core holdings of GOLD 5/10% before final and total confiscation, SOPITALISTS plan for your money.
3)Learn hard to invest ( not trade , that is harder and takes longer time) and let your money grow.

Sell them Q's

Sell QQQQ at the market stop 20c
15:18 ET , SOld at 49.92, would stop at 49.98
Let us not forget, we got our sell signals even stronger today( we shell see this tomorrow). The only question now is are we going to have follow up on the upside or is this day where it stops. Remember, that our sell signals are dynamic. That it is not final until the pressure turns. For now it has turned up... We/I can not argue with the system. Must follow it.

15:33 ET Stopped 6c given to market

lagscrew said...
buy TWM at 66.10
9/18/2007 12:52 PM


N RUT 775.93 - 781.00 ( 790 fifth esitmated)
N SPX 1471.26 - 1491.27 (1513 fourth estimated, 1526 fift estimated)
N QQQQ 48.80 - 49.22
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50
11:25 ET Short Q's 49.15 upto 49.20 with a 5-10c stop the most.
11:27 ET Stops 49.21 at most. Should not lose more than 5 c anybody(mental)
11:30 ET stops down to 49.17, even for most, no more than 2-3c loss,(mental)
11:39 ET those that can not afford any loss stay at breakeven, those that can stay 49.21 mental
11:40 ET with the large position holders may want to take partial profits at 49.03 or better and have a nice free trade for the rest
12:05 ET Do not like 49.15 if printed. I will be out Mental(49.07 now)
13:05 ET now 49.13 is the point of exit. No negotiations . if Hit, we are out
13:07 ET , have very large position? take some profits 48.98( 1/3 profits taken for everybody)

We are out for now. Profits for 1/3 of the positions should have done well for us with the rest not losing anything... Now need a reset and watch for next entry.

Fed did what THE SOPITALIST would do. Cut the rate to save you know what of their friend SOPITALISTS(SPECULATORS, all the same).
Ok, we need to do what we need to do... Just wait and wat and watch
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,SHORT AT:1360226271502Jim
9/18/2007 11:24 AM
DXB said...
9/18/2007 11:28 AM

Dear Readers, this is nothing but treason, the nation looters(SOPITALISTS) and against savers. SOPITALISTS( Thieves) won one more time. I wonder how long before average JOE/Jane understand that the are slaves.

With a straight face the SOPITALISTS( thieves) are telling you Joe/Jane. You are a rat. Just go dig more, live rat's life and supply us with your savings. You are not human, understand? not human. Just a slave RAT.
Is this what you live in USA for? Do you see what is going on with $USDollar? There goes your life and life savings

Jim Taylor, JD said...
SHORT NDX100 at 2025 45 Sq.Jim
9/18/2007 11:37 AM
Blaine said...
Anyone see the dollar index (DX)? Just hit a 52-week low under 79.20. I'm so angry, depressed, numb, etc. right now. I don't want to be in a bread line and burn my dollars to keep warm. What can we do to stop them? This is getting utterly absurb. Boris, you said it best: they are committing TREASON.I won't even feel good if we short the market all the way down eventually. So many of our middle class and seniors are going to be destitute. I'm so sick.
9/18/2007 11:43 AM

John said...
Boris,It is depressing. I spent 30 years at a job, saved money and expected a little better life. Savers are penalized . Old John
9/18/2007 11:48 AM

Dear Readers, SOPITALISTS that hijacked this country will stop at nothing. I told you this a while ago. That is why at this time of mourning the US and US currency, we need to understand that we can not go down with the dead. This is not going to help. The only way to defeat the Treasoners is, to deny them profit from their actions. This meant to buy gold and diversify into other currencies. There is no choice, we can not let them to annihilate our future... These are the reasons I kept saying to have core holdings of 5/10% in GOLD...

waldo said...
gold is at a 28 year high. I'm going in tomorrow and sign up for welfare. If the govt. wants my money, what little I have left, they can just keep me til I die.
9/18/2007 12:08 PM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
13689=117 SqJim
9/18/2007 12:17 PM Font size


GOod Trading.

More Distribution Days?

Dear Readers, we got the sell signal no doubt, the question is are we going have to sell after few more distribution days or a bit of upsurge before the real powerful signs of sell signal emerge. Obviously, signal coming just day before the fed announcement is a only making it more susceptible to wiggles. Summation Line turned down ( for good or just to turn up couple more days, market up?). Not clear, we need to be alert to all possibilities in the world. One thing there no doubt about is a sell environment we operate in. Only question is ... is the market strong enough to cause this sell Delay and allow market to go even higher, in which case, the "crash scenario" will look more distant, as the sentiment would have changed to favor longs and SELL would only cause minimal damage.

Bottom Line is that price action must confirm the sell before it is a final and we must look for a chance to position on the short side. We are already positioned on the long side, remember?

Like a clock work just before markets open the JPY is send on leash... and down on its knees. How do you like that for conspiracy?
Ok, no need to get excited. We maybe getting what we would have hoped. A day or two of more distribution, which will begin today if we get all the expectations washed out of the market, via whipsaw day.

Monday, September 17, 2007


O RUT 769.93 - 795.400
N SPX 1476.26(72.26,74.65) - 1483.27
N QQQQ 48.76 - 49.26
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50

Normal Volatility, noticed
10:37 ET GOld Dangerous at 715.50 area, dive through or explosion? or just meandering some more?
11:04 ET what we see is what is suggested by pressure Oscillators, Q's are much more under pressure than SPX

Uranium Update, Sorry to tell you... MGA is up another 9%, I told you to sell with 20% gain. Well now it would have been up 30%, But, remember rule #2 and you are keeping free MGA and LAM certificates with Boris & Company engraved on it. Right?

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi Jim,
Resistance:13428 2601 DIVE MODE 1483 Support:13399 2588.5 1473.5
Projected LOWS this Week:13232 2569.6 1461.8
Bungie Ben will dissapoint.
9/17/2007 6:45 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
NAZ at Double Resistance:50 DMA 2590.4 2588.5 Bounce Fizzles at 10:37 PDTJim
9/17/2007 10:17 AM
Jim Taylor, JD said...
NAZ at Double Resistance:50 DMA 2590.4 2588.5 Bounce Fizzles at 10:37 PDTJim
9/17/2007 10:17 AM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let the Superbowl Run

Dear Readers, without much more suspence, here is how I view this. It is a Superbowl Finals game, The ball is at the One yard line, the Raiders are on the offense and my beloved Steelers have raised the curtains to defend the do or die situation. This is where we are. The market is against the goal line, like STEELERS, the only way it gets out of there by performing the WhoDone it escape. Will it?. It must now run everyday away from a sure death, which simply means that it can not allow itself to go down and stay down more than 1.5% any day or it would have stumbled fatally. That is where we are. Sell signals from gages is just the beginning of the sell ritual, where we will be looking for the limits against which we can take the low risk sell positions. Remember gains mean nothing if they are not consistent and they never are if you are only one trade away from suffering the debilitating loss, high risk. It can/will never happen to us. We do not care ho much money we make ( we make more than anybody) we care how much risk we take to make the fortune. If it is too much we pass, or take a small loss and adios! That is the spirit... before the battle begins at the one Yard line..

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris, Hi Jim,
Projected Ranges for This Week:
13232 - 13679
2569.6 - 2645.3
1461.6 - 1512.1
9/16/2007 10:43 AM

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Live

Dear Readers, Considering the Configuration of the Gages, I expected a worst market today. The fact that it did not happen is encouraging. Nasdaq May have dodged the bullet. Let us see what the weekend update says. National Casino Closed For today. Long live CASINO.
Thanks all for good spirited participation. Good Trading


Of course, you can/should bring up any issue, but I am very interested exploring Idea Banks In different Countries. If you have an Insight , Opinion, please share with us. Does not matter where you are from ( NORTH-SOUTH AMERICAS,EUROPE,ASIA, MEAST,STATES , CITIES). Please share with us the impressions about Real Estate, Banks and Currencies. Let us see what we can learn today, like are they going up, down, what is the anecdotal evidence etc.


Dear Paul Energy Update
O RUT 769.93 - 795.400
N SPX 1467.26 - 1485.27
N QQQQ 48.54 - 49.14 ( 49.22)
O GLD 69.80 - 70.50

Gold HUH... here is the hazard of selling a Strong Market, which we never suggested. But we do suggest to wait still to buy. GOLD did support exactly, almost at 702/CASH!
STOCKS with the same logic, could this be another serial shakeout BIG BOYS play on the market? That is why I did not/could not yet recommend either abandoning Longs or selling short. This is a Michugina Market

None of above changes the fact of bad oscillator readings, but bad readings need confirmed by prices actually making a strong and violent move in that direction. That is why I am waiting for those.

Uranium Update. If you sold most of MGA/LAM great now keep the rest for the rest of your life. You should have 25% of Lam Free and 10% of MGA free Do not forget to write BORIS & COMPANY on the certificates

10:55 ET SPX hits the second level Limit
Jim Taylor, JD said...
Hi Boris,HI JD

Early Bounce off:13341 1473.5
Now AT Resistance:13428 2601
DIVE or Big Bounce
9/14/2007 9:15 AM

Jim Taylor, JD said...
Weakening at 50 DMA's13417.525921481.5Jim
9/14/2007 10:01 AM

Not Thrilled Anymore.

For Reading Charts, Search "ChartReading"
For Reading Limits, Search "LimitsReading"
Uranium Update, LAM up 27% MGA up 12%

Dear Readers, as we approach the date( perhaps fatal) Sept 18, the market is showing signs of being tired. While not on outright sell, we could be there in a heart beat. Who knows , maybe we already are there. Things are so confused that even a Small JAWS opening could turn into the big CROCODILE BYTE here. I would suggest immediate Long liquidations on the break below last weeks low and perhaps some profit taking now. It is entirely possible that we get to the day being in the buy mode, not sell mode. All it would take is a couple days of not so nasty sell off. In short. Not in the market? Neither Bull/Nor Bear be at this point. But being long from the depths of August, we can afford to sit and wait with the caveats above. Bulls Need A strong day NOW!
With Interet Rates Rising
$US declining and
GOLD losing momentum/liquidity?
No need to take big chances. Sometimes it is OOOOK to wait aside.
Dear DXB, next Do/Die line for GOLD 702/Cash. Oscillators confused, but sell off will suggest more sell off.