Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today is YOM KIPPUR 9/28/2009
Mid MOnth was ROSH HASHANA 9/18/2009
Sell Rosh Hashana Buy Yom Kippur Worked This Year.
Be warned, It does not always work.

Julian Robertson was recently interviewed by CNBC.
The U.S. is going to "pay the piper" in the form of higher interest rates, so short bonds.

Now we do not consider ourselves as great as Julian, but we adviced to buy bonds Last June and we were 100% right, while he insisted on selling the bonds. Julian will be correct. It is all about timing is not it.

Nevertheless Julian is one of the greatest of investment world and pelase listen to him and
stay tuned on this subject

Friday, September 25, 2009

Down, but Not Out

Just Collected 1073-1038=35 Points(partial profits) on our trade.
Yesterday, Market had a chance to be out. It managed not to. In that weakness Market may have demostrated the strength of sorts, but it is not out of woods yet. Bad performance today could still put the market under possible mini(crash) state.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wall-Of-Shame Street invades internet finance blog space

I had tried to protect you Dear Reader, regardless if you are subscriber ot never payed me a penny. I have told couple years ago, exactly, what will happen, that the markets will be "GYRATED" up and down, so that you, the individual investor will be nausiated. Then the Wall-of-shame street boyz will you use your own money to buy the markets on the cheap and then repay you depreciated dollars from profits. I even told you that the main parts of "their" profits will be from , Yes, Virginia, Yes, Hallelujah, Yes, all their profits will come from freakin


Yes, From Trading you for trash, while they pocket Billions. Letting your pensions, endowments, assets go down to nothing, while they profit, what you lost to them was plenty for Government to make "profits" and them to make profits and you be at loss and your kids and grandkids salves as they are each in the $200000.00 overdraft even if they are unborn yet!. That is why I was telling you buy some safe(r) nice yielding stocks and stay away from it all. Even from me. Just stay the hell out of it. Did you understand. Sorry if you did not. Did you read. Sorry if you did not( that is more excusable than reading and not hearing!).

Yes by


Look at thier profits. It all came from

TRADING!!! do you understand TRADING!!!

So, you want to trade. OK, then TRADE , what I just wrote. I hope you understand one day. I do not need thank you. I will be better when the BOYZ cannot screw you any more. But, unformtunately, we are still very far from that.
I can only help you if you learn. You must


And Learn it cheap. Keep your stops close. Lose coffee money, you learned something. Lost months salary, you will never learn! I hope you understand that. When you have to think about money, you can not learn. You learn by analysing trades, not by crying about your bad luck!

click->Merrill Lynch assumes this is it, Justice has been served. Not , to my way of thinking Yet

I presume that Dear Lorimer has some original work of his own, even though, I did not look for it. But it seems to me, like the Wall-Of-Shame Street has decided to penetrate the financial blogosphere and flood it through, so far, mostly this one person, who publishes this not so original work ( I mean of his own) at tens of sites. If this is not the all out war by Wall-Of-Shame to get the little guy/girl hooked on the long side, I do nto know what it is. They even seem to have their old buddy, the Herry Blodget, who was found ( from ML) to have hooked millions onto the DOT.BOMB companies in late 1999 and early 2000. We all know what happened then. I do not blame anybody for anything, just ask you to think, how timely is this information for you when the stocks are already up 60+%. If this research so original( of course it is not, as Lorimer admitted) to ML, how come they did not tell you on March 6 to BUY, BUY, BUY.

I just read this article Dear Ivan,And Lorimer Wilson,Who appears to be either self elected spokesperson for the ML and GS and MS and others or these big companies use him to disseminate "Right" information at "Right" times has at least, pretty gentlemanly has acknowledged that copyright and mentions my name. Do you wonder though, where were all these bullish articles On March 6 or before. And do you people feel the Internet is now not free any more.If All these , VERY, SELF CENTERED and INTERESTED Parties like Who is Who on Wall Street is going to use Internet like their own mouth peace, what is left of the Internet for a little guy/girl.Is not it hard for them to find the "TIMELY and/or LEGITIMATE" research?As I said before. People on This site are seasoned enough. I wonder how/where is public lead again with this invasion of INTERNET financial space by WALL-SHAME STREET?

You have been warned.
I ask you to do me a reverse favor: whenever you see these, sort of suspect ( some way) publications, let us know all.
Thanks Dear Readers

Yes, Perfection is impossible, but one must try

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

War Zone

The market is entering the war zone, there are so many mines on the field that nobody can tell you when and where one will explode, but we are patient and would like to see signs that explosions are there. This war zone can stretch few days and weeks and few purcentage points, but we are in the zone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Did You "See" The Gold Rally Coming?

What we say below is not immidietly dangerous for the market, as the blue line may have to pull down at least a bit more before market is ready to exhaust the "bullish fuel" but short term just about anything can happen here, which includes quick spike up or down, with some preferrence to the down move in next few days.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We May Be Upto Something Good(:-

Dear Subscribers, Our postions in Dollar and Stock Markets are in a good shape. Just keep stops at Brakeven and let them run, if they can(:-

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Boris's Forex Church

I'm not going to act like ML and not give the credit here. The credit for the name goes to Dear Xerxes. He suggested the Boris's Forex Church As a name(:-

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Merrill Lynch, Bank Of America, You are challenged

Dear Researchers at Merrill Lynch, Bank Of America, referred in articles in previous post, You are challenged to stand on your duty of recognizing the rights of others. You are challenged that you may have violated my copyright by publishing without credit the groundbreaking research, from paper by myself published at Sorry To Blow Your $u$$le.
Please either provide proof of originality of your thoughts or cease publishing any/all information relating on this subject and perform other remedies on this subject to be spelled in agreement between us. I strongly suspect that Merrill Lynch does not have support for statements proving that this is their original research. So prove otherwise please
Now Some very interesting observations I learned while looking into this possible copyright violation by Merril Lynch/Bank Of America.
It appears like there are people that act like investment advisor, writers that seem to get information from larger companies, such as ML/BOA that is intended to be "blasted" across the Internet. I am not sure what this means, but is it possible that financial web sites are becoming mouth peaces of few and powerful. Sounds Familiar?
Do you wonder what information you get from these "bigger" sites and what do they aggregate and how are they really payed for their "services" , while making you think , they are for little guys/girls?
You ponder those questions Dear Friend. I do not really depend for my living on this site, but some people are dependent on their sites for their living and they seem to have succumbed to strange forces

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I am sure this was unintentional

From: BChikvash@aol.comTo:, lorimer.wilson@live.comDate: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 05:27:32 EDTSubject: Notice Of violation of copyright
Dear Lorimer,Dear Henry
Please note that your recent articles at
and at
use the original research conducted myself, at,

providing for the first time , as best as , I know the DXY*SPX versus Nikkey I ask you to immediately publish on your respective sites and at safehaven a corrective article, that shall point out that this is an original research by boris chikvashvili of http://www.borisc.blogspot/ (Anti-Sopitalist) and not original research of Merrill Lynch. I understand , that this is simply an ovesight on your part, and no other actions are required from you to rememdy this case. Thank you very much. Please provide as soon as you can the email contacts of the Merrill Lynch Researchers, so that I can advise them , as well, that theirs is not the original reserach.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting upto speed

Dot Net is Updated

Tuesday, September 01, 2009