Friday, December 12, 2014

Mini Crash Continues

                                                            UPDATE 12/13/2014

Monday, December 08, 2014

(mini) crash may have started, keep the stops above today's high

We have posted to our subscribers the exact day the markets will top, which was the day of Thanksgiving ( +-1) trading day.
That is exactly what we got in broader indices like NYA and IWM, while the deception of new highs by DOW/SPX/NASDAQ has "CONFUSED" / "PUT TO SLEEP" everybody into belief that this market will never go down again.

Well, we posted our last article at as well where described the likely top in November. Now, all that is left is to place stop above the highs of yesterday and let it roll.

The top being in place is not guaranteed, but for those that shorted it around / above 1970, things look easier, as risk is minimal. We are not recommending shorting markets now, just protective stops to those who , are already short from higher levels.


Blue Real Dow, Black Predicted Dow

Monday, February 03, 2014

State of the site

Please note,
Due to HFT ( High Frequency, Algorithmic Trading ) Infrastructure research, including infrastructure setup and programming, We have suspended short term trading advice on this site since September 2013. Hopefully, in future, we will come back with even better tools to improve the excellent results of the past. Meanwhile we continue to provide the daily automatic projections for 30 most frequently traded securities and a longer term projections + trading ideas. You could ask our subscribers how wonderful our latest forecasts have been and they shall attest.
How would you have liked to be told, that June 2013 will mark first , but not the last bottom in the GOLD market. And that 21 December 2013 ( only 2 days apart from real low date) would be secondary and perhaps final bottom, in February 2013!!!. Is this amount of up front warnng important for you? Only you can decide. Was it imprtant for you to know that , stocks were getting to take a big drop down into February 2014 , even if we were 4-5 weeks away from the real high in stocks ( projected in November , but came In December 2013)?