Saturday, October 31, 2009

Frankly Dear Buffet, I knew it, You have a problem

Frankly Dear Warren, I always knew there is something wrong with your folksy Image. You are the one of the biggest SOPITALISTS. Beneficiary of Dollar Depreciation and bigger than life Corporate America Insider.

"While many complain about taxpayers’ burden in bailing out banks, investment legend Warren Buffett points out that so far, taxpayers haven’t paid a cent.
“The taxpayer literally hasn’t bailed out anybody,” he told BBC. “We haven’t had a tax increase in the United States.”
So who’s paying for the bailout if not taxpayers?
“The lenders to the U.S. government have been bailing them out,” Buffett says. It’s really the Chinese, Japanese, and other foreigners buying Treasury bonds who have financed the bailout, he says. "

Dear Reader, notice how the above, cleverly, sidesteps the National Debt part of "Degree of Sopitalism" Formula, I presented just couple posts before this. Notice the statement part "we have not had tax increases". Of course, Dear Buffet, because we hid that by increasing the National Debt. Hallelujah! And then notice the part "So Far". That means Dear Buffet knows the existance of that gworing National Debt. But He did everything he could, in this article/interview to avoid the fact that it will eventually be payed TAXPAYER. Leaving less initiated to think: Perhaps foreigners will continue to pay for all of this. Yes, I am President of China

Really Dear Buffet?
Who pays for diminished Dollar Purchasing Power? Not your companies, they are the major benefcieries and bigger bonuses due to US losing purchase power! As they translate weak Dollar in higher, BOGUS profits Dear Warren!

Who will have to pay for more than 64 Trillion Gove debt ( for you math to get straight, foreigners only have less than 10 trillion of it, unless , of course, Dear Warren always saw most of US as foreigners in his imaginary world(:-). So, how could the same Man Dearest Warren, can say on one hand ( in WSJ just few weeks ago) that we are mortgaging our kids and say the above after only few weeks.
Senior Moment Dear Buffet? I always knew SOPITALISTS cannot keep the truth straight. Even if they are as smart as Dearest Warren Buffet.

Of course, catching the Bonanza of CRASH results helps to modify the history a bit( GS warrants made him Billions , so far, which he picked up at the height of collapse, at the same time he was , very wishy washy about the prospects of quick recovery!) There is nothing like couple Billion Dollars to change one's historical perspective of things. And that is true even for multibillioner like Dear Buffet.

No! now, I can agree , with you Dear Buffet, we got a lot foreigners that we SCREWED and I can see you laughing about that or at least not losing sleep over it. But, from there to say that USA public does not pay for what goes and pick and chose the parts(bank bailout) as offset able by DUPED foreigners is a mistake. Because Dear Buffet, Chines and Japanese are also laughing all the way to the bank, for , for all of those SCREWED up Dollars we cheated Foreigners out of they say to themselves... " these stupid Americans" we sold to them worthless toys and clothes for real money with which we can buy the OIL in Africa and resources in South America and Australia etc.
I know from your and Wall Of Shame Street Point of view the last who laughs are SOPITALISTS all over the world( including you and wall street), because , in the end loss of Dollar Purchase Power is what ordinary US will/is suffering and more of it coming! Pretty soon an American will be working for the same wage as his/her Chines counterpart!
Now, again, this was and inevitable process in the world where boundaries broke down. American car assembler could not continue making 30 times of what his/her Chinese counterpart gets, but still the loser is the loser. Who was not told that this is what is coming and they should do something about their Dollars, cause they are DISAPPEARING! Especially this is true for Savers, People On Social Security etc. Instead we fed them with "STRONG DOLLAR POLICY" BS to keep your types ahead of the curve in Dollar Depreciation. Oh, I know you are not planning on living on Social Security and it is hard for you to understand what average US is talking about(:-

Well, that is OK, Dear Warren. We have never thought you had it all straight. So, we will not hold this against you , because we already did in the pasts.
OK, I will give to you one more thing. "So far" is so cleverly added in your statement is MASTERFUL. You know it will , eventually paid by US taxpayer. You do!
Well, you then should read, may have read, my "degree of sopitalism" formulas, because that "so far" addition in your sentence , apparently encompassed the National Debt part, currently hidden from population.

Liers Loans, Fraud At The Top

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

87 SPX pts,30 days, 400+ pts since 3/2009

Please note, these profits would have been achieved without buy and hold, which can devastate anybody, as 2008 bear market has proven. Not only that, these none leveraged trades, can you imagine, what leverage would have done? You ask what leverage , of course(:- , why not take the 40:1, Goldmans Used (:-.
Please do not calculate the number, it will not fit on this page!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Degree Of Sopitalism, Measure Of Freedom

I have , humbly, developed the measure of system/country , therefore citizens , ability to survive and I call it a degree of SOPITALISM.
DS=Degree Of Sopitalism( degree of survivability)
TX=tax as a percentage of personal income
ND=national debt as a percentage of National income

This is based on the assumption that one's government taxes directly or indirectly
Direct taxes show up in the personal taxes
Indirect taxes, show up in national debt

National Dept grows, apparently mostly, because government wants to blind people to the fact that they are taxed, so the taxes are reduced(BUSH) or kept low( OBAMA) and the HIDDEN TAX ( national debt) is let to grow.

On this bases, currently the the countries that are most restrictive in the freedoms and rich in SOPITALISM are JAPAN,UK, UNIED STATES, ITALY and few others with national debt being out of the sight for all of them.

Of course distinctions should be made about who does the country owe money and in which currency? which has its own advantages and disadvantages, but I am not sure it makes the difference to individuals freedom and survivability.
So country default swap(CDS) , otherwise called the DEGREE OF SOPITALISM(DS) is simply the highest of the taxation rate and national debt to income ratio.Now you know , how free you are. No matter where you live(:-

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back, Getting Things ready

I meant, subscribers were told to watch the POSSIBLE failure at 1086
Of course, I meant blue Oscillator at nyear 7 years extreme.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dylan Ratigan On Sopitalism

Ratigan On Sopitalism
Or How Goldmans Are Robbing US Blind
Dear Dylan,
I totally support your fight to bring Honest America back to Honest Americans. As former Bloomberger I like to tell you , a former Bloomberger( same time we woked there) that keep on , we need people like you. Now to just help you simplify the nomenclature, Cronie, Capitalism, Corporate Communism etc. are not simple and memorable and frankly, do not convey what they need to. As someone growing up in so called Communist Society(USSR) and Living under so called Socialism( ISreael) and after 35 years in USA, I can tell you none of them describe the truth about the way the entire world works. USSR was not Communist, Israel was not Socialist and USA is not Capitalist( at least, not free capitalist). What they all are is SOPITALIST regimes. SO(cialsm) for ca(PITAL)(I.E. RICH) only.So, you get SOPITAL , Ha, if Marx saw the Communism as practiced in USSR he would have changed his landmark work from CAPITAL to SOPITAL. Ok no that we got the systems right and know that they are all SOPITALISTS, the real difference between them is the degrees of sophistication of how the STEAL money from average citizen that is all. Of course, there is no GULAG in USA either, so there are some more nuanced differences, but not much at the end of the day. Now, if people would ike to learn more about SOPITALISM they can visit my site and and learn more about it and how to deny the GOLDMANS their ability to make money. Because when we know how markets work , we will not give them chance to make money on US.
Good Trading Dear Dylan

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to Critical Levels

Market is now back to critical levels from which it has fallen on Sept 24. As the picture below indicates though it is exahuasting the good will of UPSIDE GODS and burning its upside potential fast( blue oscillator).

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Still In the War Zone

Market Shaped UP , but market is still in the war zone. Its faith unclear. War , usually has casualties

Monday, October 05, 2009

Shape UP or Shape DOWN

Note: Due to high Correlation/Anti-correlation between the markets, this chart is not just a currency prediction! Far from it. This is a prediction of ALL Markets. Stock Market, as an example, had the same outline/shape as this chart has. No Questions about it. So did Gold. As an anti-correlation example, Dollar was exactly opposite, going down until mid September and turning up after that. This chart, presented here, is priceless and not obtainable anywhere at any price even from likes of Goldman Sacks , Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch or anybody else. To prove it, ask them!(:-. See what the answer will be

Thursday, October 01, 2009