Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Dear Readers today's Limits
QQQQ 42.78(almost hit,partial profits now) - 43.72
GLD 65.69 - 66.83
DIA 121.65 - 123.58
GG 26.00 - 27.41
Good Trading

Off The Chart

Dear Readers, see the buy pressure out of sight and sell pressure in the basement, there is first time for everything. OK those that are short in this market can try and collect at the bottom of today's "limit" range ( posts later) or just tail the stop above those points if attempting to retain the short positions. This decline may be short lived as there is a possibility of new top in Apr/June period. Gold may look for a bottom around 5/6 March. Currencies as well. Ditto energies. Longer term picture calls for GOLD higher into end of March, less so with silver and energies. Currencies higher also into the April and JPY stronger than anything else. I am not at very bullish on GOLD/ENERGY stocks. Just the "real thing". Good Trading

Euro Currencies 2% Vulnerable

Dear Readers, Please note that EURO/BP/SF etc currencies survived yesterday, but they will respond to GOLD being down by their own 1.5-2.5% decline before moving up again. JPY may also decline same magnitude before restarting the gains on all major currencies.
Good Trading

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Dear Readers Limits for today
QQQQ 43.78 - 44.68
GLD 66.72 - 67.62
USO 49.71 - 50.62
GG 27.20 - 28.33
Good Trading

No Yen To Fight

Please read yesterdays update, still in force.
How about them Currencies,
Gold indeed getting hit.
Just reread the that update. Still good
No YEN TO FIGHT. The Rising Sun OF YEN send all the "smart" investors to covers like
a chiken without a head. These people are so smart that they could not even smell coming YEN rise ( see our statments about currencies , past couple updates ). Yes, virginia there are traders and there are 30 something "chiken littles" who think thay know markets or how trade them. Perhaps you should also read my article " China Stops Here"... Please do not get carried away, the sell pressure is diminished and market can stage another "hooker" high into Apri/May period. We must make sure that market does/can not recover here any more than 61.8% of the decline at any time in this decline.
Good Trading

TA100 and Shekel

Dear Readers, TA100 index has crossed 1000 and now heading down. Last year our limit for TA100 was 940 and market has struggled with it for 3 months, finally in the new year the range was broken on the upside and new projection is now 1020-1050 and 1100 by April/May 2007 top. Shekel will probably break the 4.0 level and end up at or below 3.78 by the end of this year, but initial top will come before June and it could may only be 4.10 ( our last years bottom forecast). Good Trading

Monday, February 26, 2007


Dear Readers. Limits for Today
QQQQ 45.02 - 45.75
GLD 67.75 - 68.39
USO 49.97 - 51.42
GG 28.47 - 29.13
GOod Trading

Time to do it is now

Dear Readers, time for Stocks to come down hard is now, or one/two more days of trading range will bring us to the upside possibility again. So, we shell see if the markets have it in their power to go down. Gold is up relentlessly and I stick with the 700-730 target as a minimum and 900 as the best we can do until the end of March. This rally though may stop in next couple days and sharp correction may occure into the mid/early March. Ditto Energies, need to be alert bull. Dollar may exeperience a sudden rise as the Gold drops and go down again into April. Interest Rates seem to be still in the trading range, but I believe they will move slowly higher into April/May. Good Trading

Friday, February 23, 2007


Dear Readers, Limits For Today
QQQQ 45.16 - 45.60
GLD 67.40 - 68.29
USO 50.65 - 50.90
GG 28.33 - 29.14
Good Trading

Market ripe for sell

Dear Readers, Market is within 1-4 days of "ready to be sold" state. Also note the Cyan line, which is an average buy pressure , longer term indcator for pressure. It shows that the path of the least resistance is to the lower side, as long as this line starts heading up. We are very close as the absolute location is at the extreme.
Gold.... What can I say , just keep your stops at 4 day low trail for a ride to 730. Ditto Energy and Currencies higher against Dollar. IRates higher, but slowly so far. Good Trading

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Dear Readers, Limits for today.
QQQQ 45.26 - 45.55
GLD 67.04 - 67.46
USO 49.39 - 50.04
gg 28.15 - 28.93
Good Trading

Sell Pressure Elevated Everywhere

Dear Readers, I believe that Markets are ready to correct(at least). We need to look for intraday limits and attempt to sell against them. Must use other short term confirmation indicators to take this trade. I am not sure of the TOP yet, cause the breath of the recent move up was pretty good. So, sale could be a short term or none. For GOLD we are now projecting Move up into Mar 05 +- 1 day(or Feb28 at least). So, plan accordingly and please keep at a minimum a 4 day low stop. Similar energy, but to lesser extent. Please note I am not as bullish about GOLD/ENERGY stocks, but obviously they will follow gold. Dollar is stronger last couple days I am not completely sure of currencies(trading range), but prefer eventual lower Dollar into Mar/April. Good Trading

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dear Readers as often stated here GOLD the worst enemy of FED will force FED's hand by FED trying deflating GOLD and raising interest rates. Byproduct of that will be the death of the Stock Market. Unfortunately that could continue Apr2007 or even June 2007 before Fed has killed the GOLD( for a while) and that means the GOLD at 730 soon and 900 not too late!. Nevertheless do not mortgage home and get into GOLD.
Good Trading

Shallow Correction, GOLD!

Dear Readers, Does anybody remember our prediction that GOLD will correct into 19 Feb and correction will be shallow? Thanks... So, we had one day scare to throw all the disbelievers out and here we go again, We did think this morning that it would rest, but it looks like One day was it has needed to "rest".
Good Trading

My apologies, I will be late today

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Dear Readers , here are the limits for today.
QQQQ 44.35 - 44.89(reached 44.98 second resistance)
GLD 65.46(going for 64.90? fourth support) - 66.00
USO 47.00 - 50.35 Too Wide range?
GG 26.81 - 28.19
Good Trading

where do we stand?

Dear Readers, We came from very high sell pressure in the markets. So, we have couple days to see if this market comes down hard, or we will be looking again at the possibility of move up to new records for this cyclical bull market in stocks. Gold looks like needs at least some rest here as it has created an heavy overbought condition the same goes with energy. For currecies and bonds I believe we are in a trading range that could resolve into lower dollar into April/May period and somewhat higher interest rates as FED attempts to slow down Dollar Decline?. Yes, I changed my mind about Dollar going higher in the immediate future. Good Trading

Friday, February 16, 2007

QQQQ stop at 44.80

QQQQ stop at 44.74 mental please
Was hit we are out, with +-1c in QQQQ for our two day effort.
Good Trading


Dear Readers today's limits.
QQQQ 44.50 - 44.83
GLD 65.72 - 66.08
USO 47.92 - 49.21
GG 28.01 - 28.82
Good Trading

take 1/3 profit 44.51(if hit)

QQQQ stops at 44.85

QQQQ stops at 44.83
only safe stop at this point seems to be
QQQQ stops at 44.87
QQQQ stop at 44.83 mental please.

No Fear, Right Here

Dear Readers, this last uptick in stocks, anticipated perfectly by our pressure gages, was one of the more powerful ones we have seen in last 7 months. Nevertheless, this should not scare us from doing what we need to do. Keep shorting the market at the daily resistances, in hopes that it will turn into a bigger waterfall ( or we make some or lose very little money). Gold is trying to shake of the needed correction without giving much back. There is still time for it to give some, but it certainly is indicative of strength to make very shallow corrections. Energy seems to be correcting a bit more, but not much also. Bonds moved higher and EURO moved higher, while BPOUND is down and YEN is up. This is transition time and as such YEN and POUND moves can be trusted, while the EURO and BOND moves are still suspect. Good Trading.

Dear Rent see answers, post below

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Potential TOOOOOP?

Dear Readers, 12800 is an extremely important level for DOW and we have hit it today. SPX at 1455 is also pretty good level where advance can stop. BKX has come around levels 21.60 we projected since our article "biggest bank heist". And the Sell Pressure is now conducive to sell off to start within 1-4 days. At least a local top is at hand, but has a chance of being the TOP as well. GOod Trading.

Reshort QQQQ 44.80, stop 44.85

Dear Readers, If stopped at 44.85 reshort again. 44.84 ,
It seems to me that our stops are gunned. So do not show the stops and take as much stop loss as you can/want to afford.
Good Trading

mental stop at 44.80

Stop at Breakeven 10:25ET
Enjoy Free Ride!
Lower Stop 44.76 Mental11:01ET
Lower Stop 44.78 Mental11:56ET
Lower Stop 44.81 Mental13:02ET
Good Trading
Good Trading

Sell QQQQ at 44.77 OB Stop 44.84 mental


Dear Readers, Below today's preliminary limits.
QQQQ 44.40 - 44.82
GLD 60.00 - 66.46
USO 48.00 - 48.80
GG 28.35 0 29.21
Good Trading

Quick Turn, SPX Sell Pressure Grows

Dear Readers, There was a quick change of Pressure from buy to sell in SPX especially and to a lesser extent in QQQQ, which starts countdown of 1-4 days for markets to turn down. This has all happened quickly and could cause a quick downturn as well. Let us be attentive here. GOLD same story should top here and bottom around Feb 19 or so. I believe the EURO and BPOUND had a last jump for now. Bonds should decline as well. Good Trading.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Todays Summary

Dear Readers, We are really proud to have made a good money for investors and our calls on Stock market were correct all along. We did well with calling the GOLD top on Feb 13-15 and still could go down into our target low date 19 Feb. We did not trade currencies and bonds, but our calls, so far were not entirely correct. Euro rose and bonds rose, but it is still our thinking that this is happening in the context of trading ranges for both and it will resolve into these markets going down next week or two ( perhaps all the way into March/April ). Those that could still hold GOLD 1/3 position please keep the stops below the low of 2days ago. Good Night and Good Trading


Dear Readers, Please see the Preliminary Limits for today.
QQQQ 43.94 - 44.24
GLD 66.00 - 66.51
USO 48.44 - 49.83
GG 28.11 - 30.17
Good Trading

Benign Pressures, changed momentum

Dear Readers today's pressure readings indicate the benign readings on all sides, but momentum has shifted to the upside, I would say though, that this change was not unifromly strong, so, it is suspect. Wathc the EURO and GOLD today, I think they could be putting in a temporary top, at least. Only a strong breakout here by GOLD will change this thinking. Especially bearish on BRITISH POUND, for an intermediate term. Energy seems to be locked in a narrow trading range, which for a while should resolve on the downside and then up again. Good Trading

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Night Dear Readers

Dear Readers, Appreciate your attention. We are out of QQQQ shorts with nice average of over 35c profits. and we should be out of NFI longs with a 7% profits and some people on their own initiative could be holding 1/3 of GOLD position. Good Night and Good Trading.


Dear Readers, Here are the Preliminary Limits.
QQQQ 43.61 - 44.12
GLD 66.02(65.94,65.83) - 66.39
USO 48.30 - 49.15
GG 28.16 - 29.14
Good Trading

NFI stops at 15.99, $1 for 5% gain.

Dear Readers raise NFI stops. If you did not take 1/2 profits, take it now.NFI=16.60 almost 9% gain in less than 24 hours without leverage.
OUT QQQQ at 43.89 last 1/2 pos,prft 44c.
Should still hold 1/3 GOLD,stop 65.39 GLD,profits unknown. Not my recommendation.
If you still have NFI get out. 16.31
Good Trading

No Sell Pressure, Going UP?

Dear Readers, the selling pressure has evaporated from the Stock Market, but the decline, so far, has been modest. Another bear trap for shorts? Well, All I can say is that unless we have a quick follow true on the downside, we are probably moving higher again. Gold As yesterday, unless new highs above 2 days ago are made we look for lows on 19 Feb. Same pattern for energy. EURO and Bonds we look for the to go down. Especially we are bearish on British Pound. Good Trading

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stock Market Survives?

Dear Readers it appears like Stock market may escape the death one more time. The volume on today's decline is not high and it will produce the growing buy pressure for tomorrow. Keep the short position stops in and prey that there is a follow up tomorrow or we go start up again( which could happen today as well if market can mount a rally in here. Good Trading.

Out of Gold 2/3 at least

Dear Readers. I hope that you are out of tradable gold positions at least 2/3's. I had suggested this already Friday. The rest if you are in should be liquidated as soon as todays low broken (65.40 on GLD). Good Trading

NFI, 42 c profit so far, stop break even mental

Dear Readers, raise stops higher to 15.19 mental. GOod Trading
13:13PM. If you bought too much of NFI, take profits on 1/2 of them now. 15.54


Dear Readers, Limits for today.
QQQQQ 43.70 (hit, next 43.62,43.50) - 43.98
USO 48.82 - 49.79
GLD 65.62 - 66.04
GG 27.92 - 28.77
Good Trading

QQQQ 1/4 position stops at 44.15

NFI is a good buy at 15 with a 14.49 stop

Dear Readers only few shares,,HA.. Or we do not talk.
If broken 15, 14 is quickly possible, that is where we buy few more shares. and then the stop is at 13.49. Again Only few shares less than 1% for me. I bought mine at 15.02, stopping at 14.89
Good Trading

Buy Pressure Grwoing

Dear Readers, the buy pressure is growing, but not entirely extreme. Will markets respond to this level and rise or go down and increase the buy pressure to extreme. In the later case, we could see the top in place. So watch today an important day. Be careful with GOLD. Either collect 1/3 profits immediately or trail the stops on all 2/3 remaining GOLD positions. Same with energy. Bond and Currencies are dropping as forecast. Good Trading

Friday, February 09, 2007

Good Night Dear Readers

Dear Readers, Good Day, we collected few cents on our QQQQ shorts. And those that were long even though, I have not specifically said to be long (on a trading basis )in GOLD ( just on a core bases). So, Those in GOLD collected 1/3 of profits and look perhaps to collect 1/3 on MOnday and trail the rest profitably. On QQQQ we collected about 27-28c on 3/4 of our positions and have 1/4 position left with profitable 44.22 stop, while QQQQ settles at 43.91. Good Trading and GOod Night dear friends, I am glad to see you all in good spirits.

New, NFI

Dear Readers.
New hit a support 16.99 `17.00 , which could last, one could buy few shares with the 15.99 stop.
Good Trading

Energy and Gold turning Down QQQQ struggles

QQQQ struggling with 43.88 level as ENERGY and GOLD turned down.

Good Trading

take 1/4 profits below 43.90 QQQQ

Resell 1/2 QQQQ position at 42.99
You should, for now have 1/2 of QQQQ left
QQQQ has hit our 3rd level support 43.88 and rebounding
GooD Trading

On QQQQ remaining 1/2 postions Stop 44.25

Stop Lower 44.22, QQQQ now at 43.96 13:34 ET

Dear Rent GG&GLD hit upper limit

Dear Rent, taking some profits here is a must and smart. I am not sure about the right shoulder idea, though, frankly I am not using these patterns. Congrats and GOod Trading

Take another 1/4 profits 43.86

Changing the level a bit, take another 1/4 profit 44.00(at market)
stop remaining postions(1/2) at 44.29

Take 1/4 profits 44.15

Stop the rest 44.29 Take A RIde

QQQQ stop down to 44.34 Mental

Free Trade!
QQQQ now at 44.21 12:52 ET

QQQQ stop to 44.41

Stop is Mental, Enjoy Almost Free Trade

Sell QQQQ, with a 17c stop

Issiued at QQQ 44.34, move stop to 44.45
Good Trading

If Long GOLD/ENERGY, take some profits

Dear Readers, If long ENERGY and GOLD, I would take some profits, at least 1/3 of long positions should be liquidated and 1/3 On Monday and rest should be followed strictly with a close stop. This would be my strategy. Good Trading.


Dear Readers , Limits are:
QQQQ 44.39(was hit, next 44.29, 44.14) - 44.87
GLD 65.54 ( hit) - 66.33
USO 49.61 - 50.84
GG 28.27(hit) - 29.01
Please be careful here as GOLD/ENERGY could be reaching
an initial high point from which they could fall.
Monday is 13Feb. So we are close to our date.
Good Trading

Nasdaq Has No Buy Pressure

Dear Readers, As you can see the Buy Pressure disappeared again for QQQQ and it is totally neutral for SPX ( No chart today ). So, I do not see anything exciting coming for the bulls, but I do not get excited for bears either until this lack of buy pressure gets remedied by QQQQ sharp decline. GOLD has shown that indeed it wants to go for the highs by 13-15 Feb. I hope it does not change it's mind again. Energies as hoped before are tracing the GOLD tail ( or visa-versa ). EURO could finally start down today, as the options matured this morning. Good Trading

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stock Market Under Assault

Dear Readers, Stock Market is coming under assault, from Commodities ( read inflation). Grains up (1-2)% Metals up ~1%, OILS up (2-3)%, Does anybody think the inflation will show up in FEB and more so in MAR readings. Well, if this does not break the markets I do not know what will. The only wild card remaining is BONDS. So far, I do not see the IR rising, but I think they will, or alternately, perhaps they will create a Safe Haven to a big drop in the Stock Market. This is an important juncture, break down here is possible in The Stock Market ( Should Goldilocks turn into Goldiblocks). Good Trading

Dear Cobbens, NFI,NEW

Dear Readers,Dear Cobbense, Just a reminder of our discussions about NFI. Well As I suggested this thing will be below 19 soon ( this was around early January). We are there. Are these stocks a buy, perhaps soon. 14.56 is a real possibility on NFI and NEW could be nibbled under 20( Teenager again)(: :). In any case if any of you are interested in positioning into these communicate with me about status then. Good Trading

Gold On FIre

Dear Readers for a while now we had few statments about gold. 1) it is vulnerable into FEB/MAR, 2) we are going fo a high Jan31 and 3) we have a good chance making a higher high into 13-15 Feb. Well So far so good, but GOLD is doing it tortured way, so far. That is what it does usually... 64.48Ha ( go down few posts and see ) that was the Maginot Line yesterday. OK Good Trading


Dear Readers, Limits for today:
QQQQ 44.12 - 44.26
GLD 64.30 - 65.38
USO 47.75 - 48.88
GG 26.85 - 27.81
Good Trading

Nasdaq Raises Sell Pressure

Dear Readers, Not a lot is new, markets are in a very very narrow ranges. And a breakout out of there will be the direction they will take for next few weeks. I for one to not think the upside potential is high and will be very careful with longs, just as I am with shorts. OUR PRESSURE indicators have kept us out of the market for last 2 months, Even floor traders are complaining that they are not making money in these markets. So far so good. GOLD is giving mixed signals here, but if new highs are not made before 13-15 Feb, we have to reconsider the fast rise now. That does not mean collapse either, but perhaps some pullback to 630 area towards the end of FEB. Our readers will remember the vulnerability of gold to these dates, we pronounced numerous times, last 3months, before. Energy will probably will follow similar pattern. EURO and BONDS, I still expect them to go down towards March. Unless they make a quick and strong gains next 2-3 days.
Good Trading

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Crucial Support in GLD 64.43

Dear Readers, Just below todays projected low 64.48 is a crucial support for gold.
I would not risk more than that if you are long.
Good Trading

GOLD in the GEAR

Gold Finally maybe making the move we expected We bought it again n the futures market and have a very tight $2 stop. (well, not really, I gave $1 on this trade) there is a stealth move up in gold with higher lows and higher highs, but no breakouts. We could go close the lower limit today, where there is also Moving averages support. OK, the strategy now should become the one where GOLD must break 6778 ( futures ) or watch local retracements that do not go below 648.3 to position long and see if it can turn into a long term trade.Good Trading


Dear Readers, preliminary limits for today
QQQQ 44.05 - 44.50
GLD 64.45 - 65.11
GG 27.02 - 27.80
GG 49.32 - 49.63
Good Trading

Dear Readers. SPX has worked off some of the selling pressure without much of a decline? I do not like this and would give max 1-2 days for SPX QQQQ to decline hard or we are heading up again. Remember "markets that do not go down, will go up". GOLD still has my benefit of doubt and less so with energy and even less EURO ( Euro is between 129-130.50, remember where the options are?) GOod Trading

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am out of GOLD for now

Dear Readers, leaving GOLD alone for now, after being up $4 on gold, I followed it down $4 Dollars and finally came out at break even just 3min ago. Still thinking it has upside potential, but I need to get my own conditions before taking long again. By the way, I have not abandoned the belief that Interest Rates are poised to rise and help $dollar some more, at least by Mar 2007. It may take a day or two more before this is cleary apparent.
Good Trading

QQQQ just supported at 3rd support 43.75

Dear Readers, BReak that and we see 43.55, Good Trading


Dear Readers, here are the Preliminary limits for today
QQQQ 43.97 - 44.35
GLD 64.91 - 65.18
USO 48.46 - 50.39
GG 27.41 - 27.92
Good Trading

Pressure data, maybe late today

Dear Readers, self made disaster struck me today, deleted lot of important files accidentally. "rm *" is a dangerous command under UNIX, especially if one types fast, like I do. In any case, From the market moves Monday I assume there was not a big change in configuration of BUY and SELL pressure. Gold Must move higher or lower... Yes, there is no option doing nothing at these levels, GOLD is on the bicycle, it either moves or falls. Energy may follow to a lesser extent. I bought GOLD in futures market 659.6 and now we are at 663.2. Good Trading

Monday, February 05, 2007


Dear Readers, These are the Preliminary limits
QQQQ 43.98 - 44.32
GLD 64.39 - 64.84
USO 49.04 - 50.30
GG 27.18 - 27.81
Good Trading

pressure points

Dear Readers, As you can see the pressures are at the a point of 1-4 day consolidation after high sell pressure, which should produce, at least, some down move. Depending how low market moves in next 2 days will show if the market still has the strength for next stage up. Gold, likely to keep up until 12-15 Feb and then go down. Same with Energy and less so with EURO. Good Trading

Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing Doing For Stocks

Dear readers, with everybody calling Goldilocks for stocks, not hot not cold. They have not done anything to write home about today. I presume that due to a bit of a rally, SPX got deeper into the Lowbuy, HighSell Pressure situation. Will report this weekend. Good Trading


Dear Readers, preliminary limits for today.
qqqq 44.01-44.33
gld 64.22-66.22
fxe 129.62-130.86
uso 47.84-48.6
gg 27.47-28.15
14:25 ET, I believe USO is heading for top in next 5-10minutes
Ok, I admit it turned out a mistake not get on board of early Energy rally. Believing, we can do it later. Not always that is possible. Neverthertheless, I can not not nor should you question a strategy you have, If it works you stick with it. It may not work sometimes ( that is the life ), but it will work more times than not. There is always "another train(trade)" coming everyday in the way of a trader. The secret is choosing right. GG and Gold Continue to rally, that is another example, I do not regret getting on( just nibbling ok).
Ok,USO acceeded our time for making top looks very strong, but still we think we are closer to the trend exhaustion here.
Good Trading

EURO now Down

Dear Readers, EURO started at 130.50, before announcment and jumped to 131 to come back down to 130.25 few minutes ago. And Bonds are now down after jumping up a lot. Gold is down 1%. Good Trading

Jobs Report, Not Hot, Not Cold

Dear Readers, None of this changes our mind about markets, We stick with the outlook in preceding post, perhaps with some delay, instead of immediately developing those trends we may take few days to do so. Good Trading

Nothing To Buy, Nowhere To Go

Dear Readers, Considering the SPX buy pressure at record lows, there is no other way to describe, but the title above. If the end was ever near, it is now nearer. We expect some retracement in GOLD and ENERGY as well. Especially we will be careful investing in stocks ( even, ENERGY and GOLD). We believe Dollar should strengthen in short term and IR should rise, which should reverse by midyear. Good Trading

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Has anybody noticed QQQQ topped 44.40

Dear Readers, only 4c away from our top and now we are 50c down from there. HA?
Has anybody noticed that bonds have also erased almost all their gains. I expect them to erase last two days gains tomorrow upon empoyment number announcement.
Well, IR's are up on the day.
Good Trading
Note: breaking below 43.80 could be the KISS good by for QQQQ. Strong support here.


Dear Readers. Limits for today.
qqqq 44.08 - 44.44
gld 65.3 - 65.66
fxe 130.15 - 130.45
uso 47.65 - 48.73
gg 27.88 - 28.6
Good Trading

No Buy Pressure, S&P High Sell Pressure

Dear Readers, Yesterdays rally has not advanced stocks much ( especially QQQQ), but did wonders to reduce the buying potential in the market. So, act accordingly. I believe yesterdays reaction in the markets was premature and will reverse in coming days, EURO seems to have reversed some already. GOLD, ENERGY may withstand better the correction. I still believe Interest Rates will move higher starting next week. Only a strong Bond Rally here could change my mind on this. Good Trading