Friday, January 09, 2009

attraction points

892 887 879 869 $spx
913 918 926 936
892 887 879 869 $spx 913 918 926 930


lagscrew said...

Just ran some math on a formation I watch and they all point the same

this just for fun but does work many times

Rut 475
Xrans index 3339
SPX 867
QQQQ 29.27

lagscrew said...

this the area of dec 26th or the 29th which is a spot on the charts

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Thanks and
Good Luck

lagscrew said...

banks &reits (iyr) leading the break so far as of a couple min ago

jimww said...

Hi lag thanks for your view ,always good. And Boris thanks for your comments and AP always the best. It is amazing how we have two markets trying to find support with all the fibs and gann lines ...two market rallys 747 to 944...858 to 944 ...I need a super computer...hehehe.

lagscrew said...

just sold all shorts