Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our services are as follows:

1) Shakers Service $250/Year, ranks 8000 stocks according to our proprietary ranking system
weekly Report
2) SeeFuture Standalone Document That Charts the Future of ANTIDOLLAR ( OIL, GOLD mostly)
one year into future $1500/Year (one time pay)

3) YellowBrickRoad( YBR) Standalone Document that charts the Stock Market indefinitely ( in general)
into future. 1Year future chart $1000/year ( one time pay). Longer term stock market predictions are priced at special request.

4) Tailored Service $250/Quarter subscription that includes
-ANTIDOLLAR projections 3 months into future
-YBR projections 3 month into future
-Attraction Points for intrady/day/annual longevity ( first two daily and Annual weekly)
-MDS ( Million Dollar System, SPX SISTER, SPX BROTHER and NAZdaq ). Generating signals on a 5-6
day period bases. ( intermediate signals suited for swing trading)
-Comments/emails as often as one or more a day depending on the event density ( Daily Attraction Points.)
-Turn dates often placed on BIZsite(protected site) or emailed for possible market turn dates. This is in addition to what SEEFUTURE and YBR generate

Customer Service Coordinator

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