Friday, January 02, 2009

Attraction Points

Courtesy Our Dear Subscriber Vin


I can announce to you that today after almost 3 months, we see one and only one CHINESE ADR NTES( Netease) as a SHAKER entering the AST( At Stardom Status), Good Sign or what?

OK How many stocks at the stardom(AST) on our Shakers ranking?
475 ast20080720
511 ast20080727
517 ast20080802
455 ast20080809
509 ast20080816
496 ast20080823
523 ast20080829
400 ast20080906
406 ast20080913
472 ast20080920
339 ast20080927
173 ast20081005
113 ast20081012
110 ast20081026
133 ast20081101
125 ast20081108
113 ast20081115
103 ast20081122
122 ast20081129
111 ast20081205
108 ast20081212
113 ast20081219
112 ast20081226
141 ast20090102
This means that not since Oct 5 did we have so many star stocks. If we treat this number as STOCK value, we must admit that right now we have the BREAKOUT in it!(:-

Dear Subscriber, Our Private Site now is please go there and claim your freedom of speech. Everything we could not say here can be discussed there

902 900 897 893 $spx 910 912 915 919
896.42 893.42 888.54 882.50 es 909.08 912.08 916.94 923.00

13:46 ET, we just hit 923 on ES FUTURES, If we go higher the dailies must be used, subscribers have them.

WE HAVE COLLECTED 5% PROFITS ON OUR 40% long holdings and stand now at 35% LONG

90.941 90.861 90.731 90.570 jpy 91.279 91.359 91.488 91.650
869.56 866.21 860.76 854.01 xau 880.34 883.69 889.12 895.89
29.65 29.55 29.39 29.19 qqqq 30.07 30.17 30.33 30.54

boris said... As Dear Dave told us the other day...Are not we lucky to be reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL of TOMORROW?
boris said...Dear Readers, Subscribers, Actually , I think Dave was little too modest, cause we had the WSJ of Tomorrow four over 3 months now and I had it for over one YEAR!
So, would you like to be reading WSJ of tomorrow or next month or next YEAR?
OK, then you need to subscribe to one of these:

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boris said...

Dear Arak said

Dear Boris,

Is this what you are expecting?

1/02/2009 7:49 AM

boris said...

Dear Arak,
Not necessarily the same way, in the shape and form , but the level of retracement, more or less, yes. I do not expect history to repeat exactly, it never does. And I do not know that we will have 90% decline even though can not rule out in 4 years. I stick what I said.

Never we had the market go down more than 50% without retracing 50% the other way.

I think this is very clear statement, but does not imply any more than it does.

Thanks Dear Arak

Good Trading My Dear Friend

Aboot-Bull said...

dear Boris,

looks like treasuries bottomed didn't they ?


boris said...

Dear A-B, they may have bottomed exactly at the next support levels we gave a long time ago to our subscribers.

For 10 year it was almost exactly around 2% and that is what we did. If the market bottomed, for now, which we maintained a long time ago, but never made it 100% certainty,then more so, those 2% look like the end of the BOND move.

Of, course not to confuse, we do not think stocks market bottomed for next 10 years, but it seems to have for next 3-6 months. Break of 920 on the es mini today will prove that almost with not doubt whatever.

Good Trading Dear A-B.

YOu may know we have a private site where our subscribers can freely discuss things we could not here. So, this site may become a but more quiet, but will keep it up.

Good Trading Dear A-B

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,
Just for the rest of the gang.

Sold the rest of HOU.TO up another 15%

go oil go

boris said...

Good GOing Dear Hopper,

Good Trading

lagscrew said...

sold my USO as well today

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Congrats. Good Trade.

Good Trading My Dear Friend

lagscrew said...

VIX has come down quite a bit (half of what it was at its peak) but the Jan futures have a premium, suggesting another decline awaits

boris said...

Thanks Dear Lag,
Good Trading

boris said...

13:46 ET, we just hit 923 on ES FUTURES, If we go higher the dailies must be used, subscribers have them.

Hopper said...

Hi Boris, Jan 10th is a full moon

lagscrew said...


I sent Waldo some info he can give to the guys

boris said...

Thanks Dear Lag,

Good Trading

johnboy said...

Dear Boris,

I am impressed with the performance of the MDS. But I couldn't work out if it is still available, because some posts on your site mentioned that the system is SOLD back in May 2008 and is no longer available.

Can you please clarify?

If it is available, can you please clarify what the appropriate quarterly subscription price is, because in one place it is listed as $250/qtr and elsewhere at $150/qtr

Many thanks in advance,


boris said...

Dear JohnBoy,
Thank you very much for your interest in MDS.

Please Note MDS comes in several varieties. 2 SPX based models and 1 NAZ based model.

For the best approach we use all 3 signals, due to the lags between them that seem to have interesting regularity.

As stated the system makes/made money without any discretion. AutoPilot mode.

We use it in conjunction with other tools and use it as a guide, but not a direct trading vehicle, even though we could just that.

Ok, It is still available due to the fact that we have redesigned and improved on the original that was sold to large investor group.

The pricing is $250/Quarter included in the TAILORED-Service. Which also includes all our Attraction Point services, ( Daily/Intraday/Annual/Decennial) and Bigpicture analysis etc. Tailored Service is a total package, with access to the private site. Which has been recently redesigned by our team of 6.Five of those people are Former and Current IT ( info tech ) professionals with many years of Tech Finance background.

Dear JohnBoy, we appreciate your interest in our work and thank you again.

Please Email me at if you find further questions need to be answered and/or apply at and give them my email as an ID.

GOod Trading to you Dear Friend

KBSC LP said...

Hello Boris....I thank you for your prescient comments last year. Look forward to this year with you.

I still remain a beleiver in the Nikkei November 1998 model which is when they first saw ZERO interest rates. There markets did retrace to /near lows within 2 months, however, it subsequently moved moved up 63% within 12 months.....then a 10 year slump. sadly, this seems to be a very likely reality to me...

Comments ?
I am still looking for partners for you.
Best regards.

boris said...

Dear KB,
No Problem,
Good Luck,
Hope all is well for you. My Dear friend.
1998! could be , of course.