Monday, January 05, 2009

Attraction Points

Dear, Readers, Sorry being late
Enjoy today's Attraction Points

920 918 916 913 $spx 926 927 930 933

Dear Readers/Subscribers, from all the stocks we recommended, I have the biggest gains in

goldoil spread 150%
NOTE: After making this huge gain, we have recently advised to build the inverse position USO-GLD and it is progressing very nicely, thank you.

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petrochina 45%
HNP houneg power 36%
FPL florida power 29%
CHL chinamobile 29%
FAX aberdeen asia/australia 23%
LQD investment grade corporates 13%
COP conoco philips 8%
GIM templeton global income 8%
BGR blackrock energy 8%

These were recommended about the week or two from the actual bottom of the stocks market. Now please understand that average DIVIDEND on these is above 7.5 % that has also given us a nice dividend. Can not complain. We had some stocks which did not gain too much, but practically there is no stock from that list of 30 or so stocks that are in minus, in fact probably none.
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Good Trading

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boris said...

Dear Readers, you would ask where did all our subscribers go?
Here is where


They like there very much.

We invite you too. There must be a level of subscription services , we offer, that suites your needs.

Good Trading