Saturday, September 07, 2013

QQQ , Short Term(ST) +1559!, SWING, +210, EURO, +910PIPs, Profits,Over less than 9Months Near 850 Cents Gains In QQQ ST trading over last 13 Weeks


Kelly Blaine said...

Thought you called early November top ?

boris said...

Only those who know little about
markets think that target day is
a real target day and not the place where the ALERT sign comes up.
I gave here alert sign, and i only
hope some people took it to the heart and started selling off the assets in time before this drop.

I am sure those that know little would not know when to start buying either, but that is what makes markets

boris said...

I am sure
a lot of people would
prefer for me to update
them free with exact timing.
But I would/could not do that
as some really honest people
pay for this service(:-

boris said...

Please note
we have stopped all/most
short term trading
last September.

Our research in HFT systems
and ALGOS, did not/does not allow
us to renew short term trading
That is the reason you do not see frequent updates
for ST( short term ) trade info