Tuesday, March 26, 2019

We are interested in your Product !


Located in the United Kingdom, the famous brand John Lewis PLC, is UK's largest multi-channel retailer with over 50 shops furnished by European products. We are looking for new products to attract new customers and also retain our existing ones, create new partnerships with companies dealing with different kinds of goods. 

Please send us your catalog through email to learn more about your company's products and wholesale quote. We hope being able to order with you and start long-term friendly, respectable and solid business partnership. Please, we would appreciate if you could send us your stock availability via email.

Our Payment Terms is within 15 days net in Europe and 30 days net in UK as we operate with all our suppliers. Send your reply to purchasing@johnlewis-trade.co.uk for us to be able to treat with care and urgent.

Best Regards,

Tony Lambert
Senior Purchase Department.
Purchasing Department.
John Lewis Plc.
Direct-Line: +447781514233



Registered office 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN
Company registration number.- 233462 - VAT no. GB232457280

Monday, March 18, 2019


We got your email contact from a web business journal and we have no intention of wasting your time.
We give out loans to individuals and companies. The interest rate will be 3% annually. We have investors who are interested in financing projects of large volume and we give out loan without any upfront fee.  Contact me with the below information so we can provide you with the terms and conditions:
Full name:
Loan amount required:
Payback duration:
Mobile phone number:
If you need a loan or an investor, reply us for more information.