Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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rfhjr said...

From the 04/2012 high the SPX fell 43 days to the 06/12/12 low. The SPX rallied from 06/12 to 09/13 70/71 days. From 09/13 high to the 11/16 low was 43 days. Guess what 43 x 1.618 rounds off the be 70, pretty amazing.

rfhjr said...

The Mayans Were Right CNBC just had a guest on advocating not buying stocks. The End Is Here!

rfhjr said...

The problem with retail sales this holiday season is that Bernanke doesn't fly his choppers to Main Street.

Kelly Blaine said...
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Fawad Tariq said...
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boris said...

Dear Kelly

"As our YBR-Yellow Brick Predictor depicts in the chart below the good times seem to be coming to an end. At least, temporarily so"

Above is what I said in that article.
on May 2nd

On May 6th we had a FLASH CRASH


So, 1) I said this is , AT LEAST a temporary trouble , to be evaluated after big down move, that happened
2) There was a possibility upon farther analysis that it was more

I got 100s of thank letters for that article with people profiting from that call.

Further analysis showed to us that markets had ups and downs and it would not be all down, even though, if one does not think we are in trouble , why in the world is Bernanke printing TRILLION dollars a year TODAY.
Is it because he agrees with what I said?


As to me advising and not trading that is wrong and you do not know how much i trade and/or manage money.

You do now( see posts) know that in that span of time we made over 600 SPX points trading up and down.
You do not know that we have just completed 770 PIPs in EURO within 60 days.

Dear Kelly, one upon a time friend
Please, make sure you do not make yourself any more FOOL even though internet and my site(being open) allow you to do so

Stay well.

boris said...

Kelly wrote
couple weeks ago


Was that a 50% miss on your projection ? Now I know why you advise rather than trade your own money.

boris said...

Dear Kelly
One More time

You must be really desperate
to raise a phony subject for discussion under the actual desire
to promote your site

Shame on you , if you asked that would have been better.

You really justify my point of bad times in that article by being so desperate.

God Help you, but he will not until
you improve your moral and try to
act like a real human not a cheat trying to use my site for your own
gains, at the same time spreading the eval rumors like above on me.

Really shame on you