Sunday, September 02, 2012

is Yellow Brick Road Gold Paved?


john said...


thanks for everything. I get very little time now to look at market but if you get a chance during your hectic days, overlay the mxn/usd and the spy.


boris said...

Dearest John,
Good to see/hear you.

Yes, I am sure you mean that
USD/MXN would look like SPX
chart, that is because
MXN, is ANTIDOLLAR, just like SPX

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

rfhjr said...

Something interesting there has been tracked a dry bulk shipping cycle. It appears every 13 years shipping rates make a cyclical low: 1973-1986-1999-2012. After the low is in place rates generally rise for the next 9 years, then decline 4 years into the next cyclical low. During the 9 year bull market, rates rise for 5 years, decline for 1 year, and then rise for another 3 years into the cyclical peak. In addition, in the early stages after the cyclical low, rates typically triple during the first 2-3 years. This is the recovery stage for the shipping industry.
With three months left in the year, it appears the 4 year down Cycle should bottom before year end. When it does we would expect shipping rates to triple over the next two to three years

boris said...

Dear Robby