Monday, July 02, 2012

More Securities. You can judge how well our predictions anticipate future market moves
Blue,Major Market Prediction,Red, Alternative Market Prediction


rfhjr said...

Just thinking if the Federal Reserve starts buying mortgage backed securities next instead of treasuries would that not be a big surprise probably not too good for the reits though. Good for the big banks.

boris said...

Dear Robbie,
As you know very well, we do not do fundamental analysis.

Out technical approach guarantees us speed and efficiency in scanning the opportunities among many securities.

If/when FED buys mortgage securities we shall see many( especially ) commodities perk up and we shall go with it.

Yes, perhaps mortgage reits will not as well as now. Those are not major parts in what we invest though

Thanks Again.

rfhjr said...

For those interested in US Presidential Cycles. The first two weeks of August are the most positive month of the year during the 4th Year of the cycle for the SPX.

rfhjr said...

Full moon on 08/02/2012. Moon phases have been very good lately calling tops and bottoms. With this one it looks like it will be up to the Europeans on which way it will go.