Sunday, May 27, 2012

YBR-Yellow Brick Road On Steroids/UPDATE 6/29/2012


rfhjr said...

Something interesting when CRB commodities index falls officially well below 280 it was the trigger for QE easing each time.

CRB/10-Year Price = 281.95/100.281 = 2.81

Boris do you follow copper as a market indicator. It seems to be leading the markets lower.

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Congratulations on the amazing accuracy of your recent asset projections.
Great work!
Good trading, dear friend.


john said...


I see you are still knocking them dead. Been over 5 years now.


boris said...

Dear Rfhjr

Appreciate the excellent input.

As to our ways of predicting markets:

We have universal ways to predict anything( outlines) and copper is one of those things we can predict via our tool.

In that sense, we do not follow copper as we follow something that itself can predict copper and all other things with a reliable precision.

That does not detract anything from your excellent insight.

Obviously, COPPER is not called "PHD of Economics " for nothing(:-

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear John
Dear Bert,
You have been with us
for a long time and your opinion
is most precious.

If after so many years we still do well, and innovate even better ( indluding the price aware outlines), then we must be doing something right.

As it seems We seem to be all surprised together, with how far this service has come.

I can only attribute it to two things

1) GOLDs Powers
2) Your powers of inspiration and friendship that drives to me to
keep and improve the best of our achivements with innovations that Could be viewed outlandish.

I say this as humble servent of you and GOD, for he seems to be giving me powers that I could only dream about.

Pehaps he uses you , my friends, as intemediary to keep me inspired.

I cannot complain, whatever is causing my drive fore excellense to continue bringing fruits, I am resigned to accept without questions.

Just know that need to keep innovating and doing so. Inspired by you all.

Thanks Dearest friends
John and Bert

rfhjr said...

Should be an interesting weekend coming up if Greece votes in Syrza the anti bailout party and leaves the Euro, it will cause the ECB’s capital to vanish. As the ECB can't just print euros to bail itself out. It needs to be recapitalized by the member countries. This means Spain and Italy and the other countries of the Eurozone will have to bailout the Central Bank lol. Here is another crazy thing Italy borrows at 7.00% to bailout Spain who pays them 3.00% for the loan. Wow and I used the think the US government was screwed up.

rfhjr said...

For those who follow these things new moon is scheduled for 06/19.

boris said...

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having difficulties with
bulk emailer

I will be posting here for short while

boris said...

Please see
dot org for VB update

boris said...

135.41 135.56 135.80 136.19 136.69 SPY 134.69 134.54 134.30 133.91 133.41
64.22 64.29 64.40 64.58 64.81 QQQ 63.89 63.82 63.71 63.53 63.30
591.88 593.36 595.75 599.65 604.67 AAPL 584.71 583.23 580.84 576.94 571.92

See the 5 min data at Dot Org also

boris said...

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if you did not receive message
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also,if any info is incorrect let me know.

Sorry, for this Bulk Eamil problem
but I think we got it under control now

rfhjr said...

NYMO +83.5. 3 prior situations were NYMO readings were this high. 1) July 2011 High 2) Late August/early September 2011 High 3) Late October 2011 Low

rfhjr said...

Oil and Copper put in lower highs in the spring of 2012 vs the spring of 2011. Negative divergence condition with respect to the SPX.