Tuesday, February 21, 2012

anybody not receiving messages?

Please respond immediately!


rfhjr said...

For those who follow the LTRO programs which are the Europeans QE program LTRO 2 ended on 02/28/2012. If you follow the history of the ending of the QE and LTRO the stock market tends to correct after these programs end. So this may be a heads up for the next two weeks.

sharon said...

dear Boris,
these are the guys you trade against


take care

boris said...

Dear Sharon,

Algorithms mean nothing.
GIGO - means garbage in garbage out

If a person does not know how to trade, computers will not help.

As far as algorithms go, i have been writing them for 30 years now

So, nothing new under the sun.

It is people that write the algorithms, which means I am still trading against people. And some advantage GS s of the world have on us, do not bother me. If had their kind of money, I could fight them too, but for now, I stay away from that MICRO HF( high Frequency) trading.

Good To hear from you Dear Friend

rfhjr said...

For those interested the full moon on 4/6 will be at perigee, closest point to earth in its orbit. Just to note the last one of these occurred on the new moon of 11/25/11 US stock market bottom and 10/26/11 which was close to a top in the US stock market.

rfhjr said...

Intereestng stat $10,000.00 invested in the Dow since 1950 between November and April, would now be worth $801,587.00. The same $10,000.00 invested between May and October each year would now be worth $9,605.00.