Saturday, January 21, 2012

Very Successful Projection Record For YBR/WBR

This picture validates the forecast made by YELLOW/BLUE BRICK ROADs below( yellow-YBR, blue-WBR,green DOW).


boris said...

Dearest Klaaty send us this message

YEN- Biggest drop since Oct. New low for this year! Great Call Maestro


I, appreciate the message, but
I am no MAESTRO, of course(:-

boris said...

Sorry, Klaatu, is the name
of course(:-

john said...


I see that you are still making great calls. Klaatu is on of the old timers

boris said...

Dearest John
Great to have
friends like you
Good Trading Dear John

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Great work these past few days.
A lot of hard work to keep risk REALLY low and get some good positions on.
Thanks a lot.
Good trading.