Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Subscribers Got Free 7 day Extended Service

Dearest friends
Sorry to report, another failure of local telephone company leaves me without internet, hopefully, only until tomorrow early ESTER TIMI

please find short essential update at .org

I feel awful, trust me But I shall compensate everybody with one week extra subscription time
for every day I fail to serve you fully!

As you noticed, Net/I came back early EST hours and was serving everybody on time, but my offer stands still. I shall grant everybody 1 week free subscription time extension, ENJOY.

Good Trading Dear Friends


rfhjr said...

I think the US stock market is best described by Jesse Livermore. He said that the market was all about money flows. If the money flowing into the market was net positive, then the market would move higher … and, if the money flowing out of the market was net negative, then the market would move lower.

boris said...

No Problem with this statement
Dear Jiffy

The only problem is who has the best money flow measure?

Considering how many ways BIG money flows can be hidden from market participants, it is not trivial at all to find out where the money flows from whom and how much.

On the other hand prices and resistance and support based ON APS allow one to express themselves in trading.

Forecast cannot be traded. Only trader can trade.

Good Trading Very Dear Friend