Sunday, August 07, 2011

YBR Knew August Crash 5 Years Ahead

Our Yellow Brick Road( Yellow Curve on the graph) Knew the August 8 2011 crash, 5 years ahead( actually thousands of years ago, before I discovered the YBR(:-). Enjoy


john said...

You did it again Boris

john said...

I would imagine now that someone big shot over at S and P will take a pinch for some wrong doing. It will be like Elliott Spitzer all over again. Remember Elliott-- FBI went to all of that trouble in getting a wiretap for a call girl operation just to tarnish old Elliott. Someone at S and P will pay for this misdeed.

boris said...

Dearest John,
Thanks, my longest time subscriber and dear friend.

Yes, you are correct, these markets have become totally political, as if they were ever devoid of politics.

Still this is the most POLITICALLY driven market , I have seen in my lifetime.

So, if there ever was the adage, you must predict politics from markets( YBR example) and not visa verse , then this is that time

Thanks Again Dearest John

gorli said...

good morning, Boris.
what is your opinion abut US treasury bonds?

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
Answer will follow at
the private site.

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

gorli said...

thanks, boris,
"late but first rate!"

boris said...

always at your service
Dear Gorli

(:-, rhymes well!
your staff , I mean

john said...

Knew they would go after S and P. What a joke

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good day.
Some very nice calls of late - well done.
I see that John is as sharp as ever too.
Good trading.


boris said...

Dear Bert
Dear John
Great, long time friends

Good Trading
Very Dear Friends