Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chronology of "Flash Trash"


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks for The Big Picture.
Good trading everyone.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
Good Morning
Dearest Friend
Enjoy your trading day

john said...

They got the head of S and P-- he is moving on. Funny how that works. He just resigned.

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,

Interesting, the YBR waves(from low) looks as 5 waves up, and 3 waves down.

Good Trading

boris said...

Heads Roll At S&P

Dearest John, was and is pointing to what is going on.
Thanks Very Dear Friend John

boris said...

Dear Ofh writes

"Thanks Boris. It just shows how patience can pay off big. I had order at 1917.50 and just sold it for 20% gain in one day! I recognize there can be much more down side but can't argue with that kind of profit in one day! Thank you dear Boris!"

I assume Dear O used futures contract. I wonder where did he get the idea to sell at 1917.50 from?

Then again, this number was in front all of us for over 7 months now(:-, It is called AHAP4( annual high attraction point number


john said...

very nice call

boris said...

Dear John,
Thanks very Dear Friend