Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Were You Reading This July 19 2010 ?


john said...

Great work Boris

boris said...

Dear John
Thanks Dearest Friend

john said...

The pols are at it again Boris. They will attack social security in their own way-- remember you writing about it a few years ago. Now it is an adjustment to the price index mechanism. Nice call

boris said...

Deae John,
Yes, you are absolutely right.
They will adjust Seniors to death.
From one side - Social Security, they will INDEX them to Death and from the other side - Medicare they will speed their death by taking away services.

In 10 years, when most of the people that were to last till 85 will die before reaching 75 age, they will say that the problem has been SOLVED!

That is exactly what happened in RUSSIA/USSR and you were right, that is what I called for, some 5 years ago.

THanks for remembering Dear, Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Yes Dear JOhn,
Just another small prediction.
Once they have indexed Seniors out of inflation, there will be nothing to stop the inflation. Right now, they hide(in reporting) an/or , actually hold back on inflation, because, if they create one, then they would have to increase the the Social expenses.

Once that is out the INFLATION will kill seniors income EVEN MORE.

So, I suggest that folks that are with us pay really good attention when we speak about protecting themselves against that.

Good Trading Dearest Friend

john said...

Remember the comment " dollar down and stocks down" --

boris said...

Dear John,
The Term is also called
Because Bonds did not too well while stocks declined either?

Who would Have Thunk it!?

Good Trading Very Dear Friend