Thursday, April 21, 2011

Were you reading this on March 23?

One can see a lot of claimes in the market of trading success. Well, I can tell you one absolutely uncontestable fact. With these predictions given below , subscribers all over the globe made money in currency trading even if they have never known single currency trade before and they knew they will be winners for years ahead. That is what I call trading, the rest does not even come close. If somebody has better ideas for making easy money, let me know pelase, I am ready to sign up

On March 23 2011 , our subscribers, got this outline, of the GOLD turning times and priced directions between those points. The fit is nearly( if not) Perfect for last 30 days.


boris said...

Dear Readers,
This is from
I would have hoped that FOX, BLOOMBERG and CNN/FN and the rest of the Court-Yard media would find the time to report and investigate, instead of calling on fat cats to express their opinions about economy. Banksters and their employees see everything through the green goggles as for them bonuses are flowing, while the REAL AMERICA(n) suffers. Do you think anybody cares? Not in the corrupt society that we have become. But, I find hope that TEA party will persist and prevail and/or true media will prosper, in place of the corrupt one. It is either that, or SOPTIOLATIS will lead us to another war with more suffering to enrich the same fat cats.
Well, it is the Good Friday and least I could do is to read and share the stories of fellow Americans who have been lead to the cliff and pushed down without anybody caring for them. The Important thing is SOPITALISTS are better off for it, while these people and seniors are suffering from all the ills which American society has never known for last 70 years.

Well, suffering is manage-able, when one feels the shared sacrifice, but SOPITALIST, enjoy life , on the backs of those fallen and I hope this changes, sometime, somehow.

Hope springs eternally. Please Follow the link below

Maybe there Is Hope For None Corrupt Media

Good Friday and Good Trading To all

boris said...

Kelly Blaine, writes

Hum...what about the TOP call for SPX in August 2010 and again in jan 2011...WHOOP

I have only issued two SELL SIGNALS based on our Option based signal.

Article sell IN MAY ( AT SAFEHAVEN)for April 2010 and another one recently ( internally only) for February fall.

Now, I have no ideas what this AUGUST TOP or January tops are, but There seems to be no limit to your lies. How do you know what I called
. I asked you to produce the documentation and you could not. Shame on you.

I will keep the blog open because do , far your idiotic out bursts can only hurt you.

You, man, are out of his mind, you has nothing to do apparently or more sinisterly, you cannot get anyone to subscribe to his services

Judge yourself. Dear Reader,

He is a Dishonest Freak.

Dear Blaine, let me call you deaf, because you apparently do not understand that I do not call anything , unless I come up with a buy or sell call and then we use risk that is less than coffee money

It is not what I call, it is how we trade. And you maybe dying to know what our signals are but never get it. Subscribe and it will be yours

I hope this is clear and I will leave this message here to show what a A man devoid of any honors you are.

Good Trading , once upon a time, friend

boris said...


Dishonesty will not be tolerated.
Individual Blaine, former Subscriber
is engaged in made up stories and attempts to keep placing nonsense here, for one DISHONEST purpose only.

To advertise his own site.
How desperate is this man.

I feel pain for him. And will allow him to place comments, but his LINK will be removed from now on and his will be exposed for what he is.

Fraud, who, raises NONSENSE issues under the guise of DISCUSSION, to
promote his own business.

I had repeatedly asked him to produce documentation for his statements about me and all he can do is come up with another MADE UP Stories.

Site remains Open, he has a chance to place here any/all justification for his statements about us and our service.

Even dishonest need a chance to redeem themselves. Until he does that, he will be subject of ridicule as everybody knows that Our trades are internal and sometimes we place them for public at

Internal he does not know( should no know) and externals contradict everything he says.

OK, sorry, to take your attention with this nonsense, but there are these kind of people among us.

I hope he changes and brings facts or apologizes.

boris said...

Says Dear Blaine,

Boris....your showing your hand. Didn't you know those who have the most to hide are those who are most defensive ?

4/29/2011 2:50 PM

I am showing that you are very troubled individual, with no values to go with you.

boris said...

Dear Blaine,
Do not waste anybody time.

Just present facts and everyone will listen and see.

Otherwise just go do your own thing
if you have anything to do.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Blaine writes

"I have slung ZERO judgements on you ! I simply referred to your PUBLICALLY available prognostications. You are the one who is name calling and being judgemental. You call me a FRAUD, DISHONEST, TROUBLED, previous subscripber and even advertising my own site. So, you tell me who is judging who ? I find it amusing that you hide behind your supposed faith yet are the first to judge. Think about that Mr Boris as you look in the mirror.

4/29/2011 5:54 PM"

OK, thanks, just proven my point.

Our record on public , actual, signals, is superb. That nobody can even come close.

Internal records are even better.

Some predictions are outlines, that we either take or not take, and our opinions about them can and do change.

One obviously wrong prediction we made was about buying FXP, but we did not act on it, because conditions for such setup have not proven in life.

All the rest of 20+ predictions have all come true.

So that is a pubic record and it is only stellar.

Internally we did even better, as real money was at stake.

We are invested in best security in the world, SWISSY, better than stocks better than gold.

So there. You have nothing to base your statements of our "bad performance" on.

Now, it is time that you leave this site and not appear any more.

Good Trading Once a good friend

tim9lives said...

Hello dear friend Boris,
Although I have not been trading any futures for a while, I have been following your posts. I still find your calls on currencies the best in the world. Incredible would be a good description and even that is not good enough IMO. You have a fantastic track record and have enlightened me beyond description.
That said,,,I notice you now have a basher on your blog site. Sometimes these bashers are paid bashers and their only purpose is to create confusion. If Blaine is one of these paid bashers,,,,I would suggest you just remove all of his posts,,,as he will never listen to reason and his ulterior motives are only to disrupt your blog.
Good trading my dear friend, Tim C

boris said...

Dear Tim,
Very, Very Long time
and Dear Friend indeed

Good To hear from you again.

I take your advice kindly.

Yet, I am unable to close my site and even remove the posts, because, it makes me look coward, and I do not like looking like that.

I would rather fight than go down to coward path.

If I am down to my last strength, I hope never, I may do that.

Nevertheless, you concern, I know, is genuine and EXTREMELY appreciated

Good Trading Very Dear Friend